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LAYON YAYO - ayrel apuseng nìNa'vi (a webcomic nìNa'vi)

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Eana Unil:

Kaltxì ma oeyä eylan,

I'd like to introduce to you... my webcomic Layon Yayo, based on James Cameron's AVATAR, but not featuring any characters you may know from the movie(s), but my own OC's (original characters) and a different story on a different area on Pandora and also in a different time.

The webcomic is being published constantly (more or less), so it's not completed yet. New pages will be added whenever one is done - due to my time and energy consuming work, I can't make promises on how often that will be. But I'm trying my best. You have no idea how time consuming all those details per page are ;D

Available languages are Na'vi, English and German. If you love Na'vi, Pandora and the language, please take a look at Layon Yayo, maybe you'll like it :) At least I hope so :3

Layon Yayo @ Facebook

So yeah, please have a look at it if you want to and like the LY-Facebook page in order to always stay up to date. Also you're always welcome to gimme feedback of any kind, especially if you got any advice or find a mistake or whatever :)

Irayo nìli ulte Eywa ayngahu :3

Blue Elf:
Well, that looks hopefully, awaiting another parts :)

Just one things which appears to me as strange is "Susalewa zìsìt" for age. It means something like "running years" (active participle). IMHO passive participle would be better, but in Na'vi, when speaking about age is used construction "Pori solalew xx-a zìsìt" (as for him, xx years run out).
So I'd probably used Pori solalew: ?? zìsìt. Just idea.
Fìtìkangkemìri ngeyä etrìpa syayvi!

Whoar ;D

Fì’u *txankosmanyeio’ lu :P … ulte win fìtxan :)
This is amazing … and so soon :)

Oel tsat asyinan nìpxi!
I will definitely be a regular reader

Eana Unil:
Irayo ma meylan :)

Ma Blue Elf,
yeah, I wasn't quite sure about this, slä ngaru tìyawr. I changed it :D
Irayo nìtxan, oe sìlpey tsnì oeyä tìkangkem layu sìltsan. :3

Ma Plumps,
irayo seiyi ngar nìtxan :)
Don't forget, I'll need your help (proofreading), though I guess/hope that I'll have many proofreaders in the future ;D


--- Quote from: Eana Unil on July 24, 2012, 07:43:17 am ---Don't forget, I'll need your help (proofreading), though I guess/hope that I'll have many proofreaders in the future ;D
--- End quote ---

Kea tìkin ;)

Ke layu kea tìngäzìk :)


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