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Avatar Nation presents a parody single: I'm on an Ikran

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DJ Makto:

Explicit version
Censored version

Da skxawng is in da kelutral!

Yes thats right, it's time for some gangsta Na'vi rap! Aspiring uniltìrantokx rapper Jake Sully belts out some beats about his new ikran.

A parody of the popular song "I'm on a Boat" by the Lonely Island. Stay tuned for more Avatar themed song parodies of popular songs.

We are also open to suggestions and requests. Suggest them here.

In the meantime be sure to check out the all new Avatar Nation podcast and website.

This made me laugh so hard when I listened to the podcast earlier ;D

I just have to tell you though, the one thing that bothers me is the pronunciation... "eekrän".. for the rest, great job!

nice one :D very nice idea ;D I love this song even in the original version ^^
is there any way you can put it as download here?

oh more than the "eekrän" I'm missing the Ejektive in the word "sKXawng"  :-\
but otherwise it's fine ~ at least the part I listened to at the moment  ;)

Txonä Unil Stä'nìyu Rolyusì:
Yeah, I talked with them about that and those are actually intentional mistakes. It's supposed to be "gangsta Na'vl" lol. Plus remember it's Jake rapping  ;)

Tho, I'll be honest, it still bothers me...being a karyu and all.

-Txonä Rolyu

'Oma Tirea:

--- Quote from: Txonä Te Unil Stä'nìyu Rolyusì on March 29, 2011, 02:01:03 am ---Tho, I'll be honest, it still bothers me...being a karyu and all.

--- End quote ---

...and oddly enough ther have been times where I've corrected your pronounciation in TS.


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