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Allthough im totaly new here, i wanted to offer a music project... or better, i would like to ask for help :)

Like i said in my Introduction Post, i play guitar, drums and produce my own music... my electronic stuff would mostly fit Dubstep... but im not a fan of the extremly filthy dubstep, i like the harmonic pieces :)
So... i started mixing about 4 months ago and im still very new to this way of doing music, but i improve myself everday.
My request: Any Instrumental, Accapela or full Avatar songs and the permission to mix them. For now i tried to mix the orchestral track of "Becomin one of "the People" Becoming one with Neytiri" but i was not happy with my results... the piano doesnt sound too good and the bassline is also crap. I would be extremly pleased, if someone would pick one of his favourite songs and would play the single piano parts (i also have the basics of piano, but it would take me months to play the avatar pieces correctly^^). For example, i could need the vocal theme of the "Becoming..." track.
If you have any questions, simply ask me, i´ll try to answer them properly :)

Well, i hope i´ll get some hints, ideas or tracks... I´m open for everything... simply tell me, what you would like :)

Eywa ngahu

Night Raider:
The Avatar chords are pretty simple actually. There's a post in here somewhere with the chords in it. Once you've got those in, it shouldn't be hard with doing the piano parts (as far as I remember, the ones in avatar are simply arpeggios of the chords).

Look around this forum to find stuff, you will be surprised on how much stuff you can find. As far as the movie voiceovers/acapella goes, you can try extracting the soundtrack from the official trailer (which is free for all), and using an EQ or the mono trick to cut down the frequencies of the background stuff.

Good luck!


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