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I See you (Oel ngati kameie) in Na'vi

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Is there anyone willing to attempt to sing Leona Lewis' song I See you in Na'vi? I am not a good singer or very good at Na'vi right now. I would love to see the song in actual Na'vi.

Ikran Ahiyìk:
I'm waiting for at least the word "breathe"... it's proposed in LEP last month..

I hope it works I mean I would love this song in Na'vi

I like singing but my Na'vi is still very basic. If there's a good translation I may attempt to cover it :)
I am working on a translation myself, but the irregularities of both English and Na'vi stumble me a lot :P

Same here my Na'vi is not very good and I tried translating the song lyrics and I stumbled a lot.


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