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"I See You"

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Yeah  I got the rights to do it...
Now's that finished.. :P

From me to all of you! ;) It could be a better recording and mixing but it was 1AM in the morning and I was bored. (Yes I have home studio)

Wow. This is incredible. I started listening and ... I like this version of song so much better. I'm guessing you're doing music professionally?

Nìwotxkrr Tìyawn:
I thought it was beautiful, this coming from a guy that didn't like the original.

Oh my good. I was counting with response from you all but not in this way. I am glad you liked it and I can admit you both made me blush a bit. if there was any blushing avatar-smily it would be here -> :) instead of that one.

Seabass: I do work with music. I am releasing an album soon with one song inspirated by the movie Avatar. The text never says "Avatar" but the text is about a wonderful place where the nature has a own heart and bond to the other living creatures. It's about loving and bonding in respect and life. Rest of the songs is more goth-rock music. :)

Nìwotxkrr Tìyawntsaheylu: I love the song but not how it's done. A r&b song is not representing pandora for me. The song should be holy and full of power. It should give this "echo"-effect wich I added and the fact that I made the "And my spirit's never free...." different from hers it's cus I don't wan't it to sound lika a normal chior. I wan't it to be in the feeling of a praying or whispering na'vi, dead or alive. :)


--- Quote from: Nìwotxkrr Tìyawntsaheylu on February 02, 2010, 05:35:39 pm ---I thought it was beautiful, this coming from a guy that didn't like the original.

--- End quote ---

THIS! I thought the original was 'okay' but this is really, really good! Really, really wonderful stuff here.


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