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Nume fpi sänume:
Yeah, the gear was top of the line not too long ago, and still better than most clubs that don't upgrade their gear regularly. Now its just about using it all to its full potential. But im getting there, im still new in the production area, but you can check out my remix of Jakes first flight in the other thread. Current version was 0.3 when i was writing this, but working on 0.4 as we speak with the current feedback.

Kaltxì ma "Nume fpi sänume". Mind if I join you?

Nume fpi sänume:
Not at all, i would be happy to have some others working on music :D my actual goal is to get a couple people working on music, and then upload them to the site, get a little flash based music player and a bunch of different Na'vi inspired songs in it so that people can listen to original pieces made by members while they are here. Please join in!

Cool. I'm actually a producer/ songwriter of Industrial and Electronic music in a band Heresy Theory, so it might be interesting to see what happens.

Nume fpi sänume:
Awesome, yeah, give it a shot. Put your own spin on Na'vi music :D i do trance and progressive, so my songs will have that feel to them, im very interested in what a more industrial/electronic sound adds to it.


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