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New song! AVATAR inspired!

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This song is about making the right choices in life and about a girl walking around in a fantastic world (pandora?)
It's not finished since an african choir is going to take it's place but it's enough finished to post.

Used James H's library for film music- sounds. Did it my self with A guy called Jesper. yrics and text and song by me :)

Wow. That song is pretty powerful. And very true.
I really love it. Suggestion! I'm not sure how finished it is currently, but an idea: around 3:50, where the 2nd half of the chorus is sung, make a build-up of bass drum and high strings, for just some... Extra oomph. Anyway, great job.

Just was I was thinkning to actually :-)
Thanks for the idea dear!

Yep yep. Overall, great song!

What in particular inspired this song? :-\

Prof. K Miller:
Hehe when I listen to it I laugh. It really sounds lame. Choior is on now and a lot mor :) thinking of posting it.


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