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Project 14 (Bonus Track in na'vi)
« on: August 08, 2010, 01:41:37 pm »
Hej Sweeties!
As you all know I am a swedish pop/rock singer and I've been working with a lot of music. Some for the album and some, just for fun. Now it's time to involve you guys in to my very special project wich I have named Project 14.

All of my 13 songs are finished, written by me and my songwriters and as they know and you all know, I AM a pruod Geek when it comes to Avatar and the Na'vi colture. I got free hands to  make the last song by my own and it's going to be the bonus track. The song is build up as a story, about a young girl falling to sleep and wakes up at a fantastic place where all the hate and suffering is gone. It's about walking long ways and climbing high mountains to get to there and that every creature of it's own has a responsability to creat this uniq "paradise". Basicly it's about "the flow of energy from every living thing that runs through the nature to provide suffering and pain"....

Now I need your help to write lines for a chior to sing in the background. I'm thinking a "Avatar crosses The Lionking"... with native sounds and voices and a sumphony orchestra in the background to higher up the energy. Every example is welcome and I will write up everything and then put in the best for this song. Please write a translation for the sentence. The result will be posted here together with the lyrics of the song. And later on, the song will be out in stores together with the other songs of my up comming record "Dream of Tomorrow".

Thanks for your help and glad to have you involved!
Love Jordan Cansington

Adding the lyrics, at least some... (cus I can't make the song official until it's done :P)


In a world so fragile, there's a girl
She is walking on the land of the sun
Surounded by light, she is dreaming for tonight,
to beacome the greatest night of all

In her dreams, she awakes in a world
Where all, becomes one and unites
Living wild and free, happy as can be
She opends her eyes to see


There can be freedom
There can be sunshine
There can be hope and faith surrounding our hearts
If someone listened
If someone shared

We can change the life, forever come unite
If everybody cared


On the road where she walks, silently
Theres a light shining on, tenderly
Taking chanses in the new, knowing what to do
She opends her eyes to see

..... and a lot more :p


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