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Hello. I wanted to share this thing that I just finished. It's an orchestral piece (I posted this on ToS (I'm Icu) earlier as well but there isn't exactly a "Fan Music" section).

I'm not sure anyone will find it particular exciting if they don't already like this kind of music, as it wasn't really written to contain catchy melodies or anything . But okay, I've got to share with someone.  There are also about 10 aspects of it that are somewhat inspired from the Avatar score, some subtle and some pretty obvious.  Try to find them :)

Also, first person to name it wins...something.

Adding a link:

It sounds good! It's like a blend of , and something Mozart. Sprinkled with some early video game music. I'd find a way to connect what sounds like a series of mini-songs.

Are you classically trained?
Whats your DAW?

Early video game music? O_o.  If you say so  :-\
I have some training but nothing too extensive, at least not yet.  And it's just Finale.  

Ftxavanga Txe′lan:
Wow, I really love it! :D Great job. :) It must sound awesome with a real orchestra!

Thanks.  And as far as the "real orchestra" thing goes, well it looks like I might be able to get it played/recorded by a University orchestra this August.  So hopefully that's true!  :)


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