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Tìkangkemvi alu Rusola Ayeltu Lefngap (Project Singing Computers)

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--- Quote from: Blue Elf on May 13, 2017, 10:22:20 am ---About the project - it sounds interesting!! It would be useful for translating songs, so even non-singers like me could produce something and fine tune translation, as on could hear how it fits into original music. But.... Vocaloid is paid SW (and it would be good to try first before spend money), UTAU seems to be free, but download site is written in Japanase, huh.
And if I understand well, these vocasynths consists of two parts - editor (which is useless alone) + voicebanks (which are also paid for Vocaloid). So first we need some Na'vi voice library, without it we can't do anything - am I correct?
If there's any progress, I'd would try - it is too tempting to be able to create song and hear it.

BTW - is there any simple tutorial ho to get and use UTAU? That Japanese really blocks me..

--- End quote ---

I think there are demos of voice banks for Vocaloid somewhere, but, if I remember right, the editor has to be payed for. I could be wrong, so don't quote me on that.

As to UTAU, here's a tutorial link for acquiring it in English

Here's where it gets a tad tricky, though...

In Vocaloid, it is possible to change around the phonetics of a note to get it exact or a close proximity to the Na'vi pronunciation. The only part I'm having issues with are the stressed consonants (then again, haven't tried going through all the syllables yet.), but I'll fine-tune that part eventually, I think.

In UTAU, the voicebank has to be recorded by another individual and added to the program. There are several techniques that it uses (most I'm not entirely familiar with, but I think it has something to do with the IPA phonetics system). As a result, it gets confusing and highly experimental for users to do (especially if they started out with Vocaloid stuff).

Tsutey Leghasi:
use Samoan text to speach it works quite
arabic kind of works if you transcribe into arabic script
zulu might work


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