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Found these blasphemous videos:

Txura Rolyu:
what a great harmless little parody... everybody saw how awesome Pandora was with the fights and war but what happens after? What fun and awesome things are there to do on a daily basis? These guys sorta answereed that question. LOL in a funny way too.

Eana Ketuwong:

Hrh! I love it!

Teylar Ta Palulukankelku:
Damn, that's hilarious  ;D! The epic music to those mediocre situations is just so hilariously anti-climactic  ;D! Hmm... Jake looks a bit chubby  :P... Well, i guess that's what happens when there's nothing to do lol  ;D. And i must say Saudia Rashed (the girl who plays Neytiri) is pretty good at imitating Neytiri's accent. And she kinda looks like her too; She's got the same basic African facial characteristics.

I really liked it  :)! Iray si Redpaintednavi for posting these videos  :).


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