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Avatardation - Na'vi speaking skit

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Aylrrtok ngaru! :D Fì'u lu txantsan nìngay!

AHAHA txantsan! ;D

Eyawng te Klltepayu:
Love it!

sevina tireaioang aean:

--- Quote from: Karatakos on April 12, 2011, 07:53:13 pm ---Me and my friend got bored...

Yes, I know the pronouncation is awful!

--- End quote ---

i LOVE it! hahahahahaha this is realllll fun hahahahah well  i can say : if you and your friend are bored again : watch avatar and drink beer :P hahah love it !  well done !

Tirea Aean:
HRHRH This was really good! The pronunciation wasn't THAT bad ;)


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