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Avatardation - Na'vi speaking skit

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Reiey fpi Sìtaron:
Me and my friend got bored...

Yes, I know the pronouncation is awful!

Toruk Makto:
That's great! I almost fell out laughing (not at your pronunciation, but the oeru txoa livu bit)...
Yep, you were bored! :)

I liked it! The pronunciation didn't seem bad to me, but I'm not that great at speaking so I can't say for certain, but the ejective consonants sounded nice.


Ftxavanga Txe′lan:
Oh my god, I loved it! :D I also liked your ejectives very much, and the whole concept is simply hilarious and great. :D Good job!

Bahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahha.
Brilliant. I didn't listen to it though, I'll have to do that later. I only watched it.


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