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Robert Nantangä Tirea:
YES! They finally made it  :D

HISHE published their AVATAR "How It Should Have Ended" this week!

*Any know how to embed non-YT vids on the forums? Damn BBCode.*

NOTE: This is NOT MINE! "HISHE" (How It Should Have Ended) is a web cartoon/comic site dedicated to movie humor. They take funny/incomplete concepts from movies and attempt to recreate how the movie WOULD have ended had all the lose ends been tied up. They have a GREAT sense of humor ^^

Haha, that was funny^^ I liked it.

Txura Tirea:
Really funny, good find!  :)

My favorite part;

"This ain't over while I'm still -" SMASH!

Fya'o Tskoyä:
honestly, wasnt some of his better stuff, i laughed at the aliens reference, that was about it


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