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A Pandora Story: Attn Readers of Fanfic! (Looking for feed-back)


Hello everyone,

I'm DrowElfMorwen on deviantArt, and you may or may not know me from my 3D Avatar fan art. I've had another project in the works for a while--a story that takes place before the movie (and before the PC game).
I would like to share the journal I wrote on dA, as this is also an ideal place for some feedback.  :)

(Copied from my dA journal)

I am not one for writing fanfics, nor reading them. However, I have been fooling around with a story line that takes place on Pandora, in James Cameron's Avatar. I suppose then I must classify it as a fanfic. But as this is usually not my area, the question now comes--where to publish it? Recently I finally got enough inspiration to continue and actually get some substance in my story, and have enough that I should start looking. On one hand, some people seem to publish writings on dA, but I am not sure this is what I want to do. I'd love to put it in more of, well, a book format, just online. Ideally, I'd love to simply distribute chapters as downloadable PDFs, but the problem with that is I cannot make PDFs, as I don't have the software (and I'm going to have to refer to Google to see where I could even begin).

With all of this being said, I'd like anyone who might be interested in reading it, to comment on how they like to read such stories. I'm actually going to do a dual-presentation with it; one will be the book, and some select scenes will be rendered as a "comic" here on dA. But I digress. I'm looking for some feedback--how many would be interested, and how you would like to read it.

I would read it. Sounds cool!  :)

Niri Te:
 I would read it, I am writing the "Last Flight Out" fanfic, and I have read the "machine" fanfic. My wife is writing the "Ateyo te Syakayuk tsulfatu" fanfic.


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