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Ateyo and I will be restarting to write our fanfictions

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Niri Te:
After one Hospitalization each to each have our gall bladder's removed, and then several oral surgeries each, we are both wanting to go back to writing our stories. Give us ten days to two weeks, and we should be able to start adding chapters to each of our parallel stories. Each of us will pick up exactly where we left off.

Ateyo Te Syaksyuk:
 ;) kaltxì
ATEYO RO KELKU!  (Ateyo is in the house!)
  My apologies for dropping off the planet for so long.  As Niri has explained, we each have encountered some health issues and hospitalizations.  But we are now preparing to start up our fan fictions. 
Give us at least 10 days and we will each have a new chapter to add to our sagas.
  I am apologizing in advance for our loss of language skills.  I am sure that our syntax and grammar have suffered, as well as our vocabularies.
But you will now have a chance to catch up with our old chapters while we write our newest ones, with the latest version of the Na'vi-English dictionary on hand!  We will post on the same day, so that you may read our stories in parallel.  And we will try to add new chapter every week to ten days.
  Niri has already begun to flesh out her next chapter. teaser:  It will begin at the bottom of the sea in the newly constructed undersea lab.  As usual, Niri's chapters will be heavy on the scientific end of things.  My chapters are heavier on the interpersonal and cultural aspects of being Na'vi. For instance, Pxepxi will soon need to earn the trust of an ikran!
  Also note: I won't be making announcements on Face Book.  I was ousted for using my Na'vi name. I don't know if I can remedy that, I have tried several times before.

Tirea Aean:
Hi there! Welcome back, you two! :D

No need to apologize for being gone. It's good to have you back though!


Yeah, welcome back you both :D
Good luck and inspiration for writting your fanfics!

--- Quote from: Tirea Aean on August 21, 2017, 04:30:05 pm ---No need to apologize for being gone. It's good to have you back though!


--- End quote ---
Exactly this :ikran:

Niri Te:
Irayo, ma soaia.


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