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 440)~  Wade sat behind the camera, which resembled a torpedo in shape. Alex and E.G. flanked him. Alex reached over to the transceiver and flipped a switch.
   “This is Blue Heart Gate to the Outpost for the Rescue Operation.  How do you read?”
  “Outpost to Blue Heart, we read you five-by-five.”
   “Blue Heart to Outpost, we are commencing our ConFab with the scientists on the other ISV’s.  Can you monitor us, or shall we record for playback?”
   “Negative.  We might need info as you attain it,” replied Major Tai Tai Ao.  “Patch us in, we haven’t started receiving feedback from the Rescue Operation, as of yet.  Our Rotors departed from Eastern Sea Clan an hour ago.”
   Just at that point, the sonic double boom was heard of the Fuel Tanker Shuttle entering the Pandoran atmosphere.
   “The Tanker just broke the atmosphere and will be in position within ten minutes.  Pxati Fenwick is coordinating the Refueling Operations, Colonel Schroeder is coordinating the Flight Operations.”
   A static crackle was heard as a microphone broke squelch.  “This is Colonel Schroeder.  We are one hundred and fifty miles out, inbound. Full stop to pick up Na’vi. Will top off fuel stop enroute to Sanctuary Island. Colonel Schroeder. Out.”
   “This is Patricia Fenwick.  I’ll be a little busy, but I have Deborah Webb monitoring your frequency.Inbound Flight Leader, the refueling sight will be operational when you arrive.  Patricia Fenwick. Out”
   “This is Blue Heart Gate.  We copy and acknowledge.  ISVs; this is Blue Heart Gate.  How do you receive?
   “Blue Heart Gate, this is the Inbound ISV. Major Hill speaking.  We receive your audio and video five-by-five.  Be advised. We have a two minute delay-in-route of radio signals between forces stationed on or over Pandora, and our station.”
   “Blue Heart Gate, this is Colonel Tamas’.  We read your video and audio, five-by-five.”
   “Blue Heart Gate.  This is Colonel Douglas Simmons, of the New Earth ISV.  We read your audio and video five-by-five.”
   “Blue Heart Gate.  This is Colonel Shirlta Tams’.  How much radio lag time do we have for the incoming ISV?”
   “This is Colonel Simmons.  Colonel Tamas’, they have, probably, a two minute lag time.”
   Wade Lutzow looked over to Alex Gomez Gordon and shrugged.  “Then we should wait until we get a response from them before we continue this conversation.” Wade looked into the transceiver and stated,  “I think we need a ‘traffic cop’ for this conversation to make any sense. From now on, once we receive a message from the Incoming ISV, Colonel Tamas’ will answer first, Colonel Simmons will answer second, and we will answer last.  We will then wait until we receive a message from the Inbound ISV.”

   In short order, all the units on Pandora received Major West’s reply from two minutes previous:   “Blue Heart Gate, this is the Inbound ISV. Major Hill speaking.  We receive your audio and video five-by-five.  Be advised. We have a two minute delay-in-route of radio signals between forces stationed on or over Pandora, and our station.”
   “Major West.  This is Colonel Tamas’.  We are receiving you five-by five.  Be advised.  We have our transmissions of video and telemetry in live loop, as previously established. Major Tamas’. Out.”
   “Major Tamas’.  This is Major Simmons.  Be advised. We are also in the loop and we Stand Ready to assist you with the Mining Tools and Explosives that we have on board.  Major Simmons. Out”
   “Inbound ISV.  This Wade Lutzow, Lead X-RDA Geologist, awaiting your next transmission of questions or data.  Wade Lutzow. Out.”

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441)~ The intervening minutes were filled with conversation that was monitored from the Rotor Wings flying over the Great Water. “Ma Tsayri’el.” mentioned Colonel Schroeder over his shoulder.  “Fkol syaw ngeyä spono?”  (How does one call your island?)  It was a matter of fact which he had either missed or was never mentioned.
   “Spono Meoauniaea.”  She choked and tears filled her eyes.  The word meant Living in Balance and Harmony with All Things.  The irony of that name struck her to the core.  Schroeder had Mo’at seated next to him, and Tsayri’el just behind her.  He noticed her distress and nodded solemnly. 
   “Tse ayoeng pivähem ye’rin” Well we will arrive soon.  He checked his watch.  It would not be for over an hour.  They each had their engines screaming, Flat Out, at three hundred miles an hour.  “Mawla fya’o tsatseng.  Half way to that place.  He glanced back at her.  Her purple fists and lips were clenched so tightly that they appeared white. He only wished he could go faster.
   “Mawey livu ngeyä txe’lan, Ma Tsayri’el.”  May your heart be calm, Tsayri’el. Mo’at could sense the young woman’s anxiety and sought to comfort her.  “Ayoe zene lam ‘efu mawey.”  We must appear calm.  “Topx peya sutel liyu.”  There are many people who will be afraid. “We must be their strength.”
   Colonel Schroeder remembered all the previous Bug Outs he had ever flown.  There could be a mob scene, once people realized that the chopper could take them away. 
   “Ma Tsayri’el,” said Colonel Schroeder. “Tell the people that there will be many, MANY,lefngapa ayikran for them to get on.  “Peng ayfot fwa nìwotx swivayon ne zong steng.”  Tell them that they will all be flown to safe place. 
   Ma Krekori!”  Mo’at  spoke.  “We will get off and wait until all the others have gotten into the Ships.”  (She used the word for Gunships, even though this one, was obviously, far from it.)
   “Txansana sämok, Ma Mo’at.”  (Good suggestion. Mo’at) Gregory Mendelson actually thought it was a risky gesture.  He would have preferred that she stay safely in the doorway as others boarded.  But he realized that she came to be a good example to others.  He would not argue with his muntxate!

   Six minutes after their last transmission ended, the video screens on the ISVs and at Blue Heart Gate came to Life.  Major West was on the screen saying,
   “Blue Heart Gate. This is Major West.  Did you notice the Undersea rift north, north east of the Island?  And is that a prototype underwater camera in front of you, Wade Lutzow?
   “Colonel Simmons.  Thank you for the kind offer of your mining equipment.  If we can pull off what I think we might, we may lower the danger to this Island, significantly.  Major West awaiting your replies.”
  Wade Lutzow exclaimed.  “Säfpìl asteng tìkan ateng!  Great minds think alike!  My apologies , Ma Kapteyn Srralta! Txoa livu!  Go ahead!”

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 442)~  Dr. Wade Lutzow blushed, deep purple, when he heard the stunning red-haired Captain laughing at him from the viewscreen in the Blue Heart Gate Control Room.
      “Incoming ISV, this is Colonel S’ralta Tamas’.  I guess our Geologist got so excited, that he forgot his own rule!  We are sending you a navigational beacon to give you the shortest distance to our location.  Contact us when you begin your de-acceleration sequence.  Colonel Tamas’. Out.”
     “If you are going to be reprimanded in public, doing so by a gorgeous Red-Head, kind of softens the blow,” commented Alex Gomez Gordon, with a mischievous grin.
  It was definitely a lapse in his own protocol.  But what was more important was that the people on the incoming ISV had also noticed the rift in the undersea geography.  Relieving magmic pressure underwater could possibly prevent the need to detonate explosives on the volcano itself! 
   He was congratulating Alex Gomez Gordon and Empty Glass and their team for the successful  design and construction of  the underwater camera.  Everyone in the control room was excited about the the rapidness of the plan coming together.  Their excitement was interrupted by another incoming video message:
   “Incoming ISV.  This is Colonel Simmons.  Contact us when you ascertain if you need pressure vessels for the explosives.  Colonel Simmons.  Out.”
   Wade was pleased to see that his minor gaff didn’t cause any disturbance of communication among Starships.  He indicated by gestures that he wanted to address those other ships.
    “Incoming ISV, This is Blue Heart.  I guess I got a little excited when I heard that you had come to the same conclusion as quickly as we did, down here.  Yes, it is an underwater camera capable of twice the pressure that it would be subjected to at the depths involved for a survey of that location.  The device is also fitted with sonar, and chemical sniffers.  We will lift the device to your ship via our shuttle as soon as you arrive on station.  Blue Heart. Out.”
   Asking no one in particular, he asked aloud, “Are all our shuttles at the Eastern Sea?”
    Someone on the other side of the Control Room informed him, “Kehe!  We only sent one for transporting refugees.  We thought you might need the other shuttle to deploy your camera, so it is sitting on the tarmac.”  The Air Traffic Controller pointed beyond the huge windows.  “You don’t get out much, do you?!”
   Wade looked out the Control Room windows.  At the edge of the tarmac sat one of the Shuttles, awaiting its mission.  His kxetse twitched in annoyance.  NO, he hadn’t noticed.
   “Nga lu eyawr!  You are right!  I’ve been holed up in my office, poring over maps and charts.  Why don’t we box up this puppy and have her ready when the incoming ISV gets on station? ”
   The camera was wheeled away by the Cargo Handlers, to be boxed up for transport.
“That’s my Baby we’re talking about.” blurted Alex Gomez Gordon.  I want to personally inspect the packing process of this equipment.  Scott Comstock, take the Comm until I return.”
   Wade Lutzow did not know when, exactly, the camera would be needed,  but it would be crated up properly for the long flight out to the rendezvous point.   He walked up to the window, gazing at the Shuttle beyond.
   “Hey! Who is at the Shuttle right now?  I’d like to talk to that pilot about our plan.  Can someone take me over there?”
   “I’ll order a Transport Tram and drive out with you with you.” offered Aud Traher.  His duties were easily relegated to another.  Indeed, Most of the former Avatars were available at their former duty stations.
     As they arrived, a Na’vi in a flight suit called to them.  “Kaltxì!  Oel ngati kameie!”  The familiar gesture from the forehead was extended by way of greeting.  “Oe lu Captain Harold Scott Reams.  I’ll be flying this out when I get the coordinates.  We are just performing our Runups to double check all systems.”  He accepted the electronic clipboard from a crew member.   “All systems nominal!” And handed it back while addressing the visitors.
   “I was wondering,” said Wade, “how our camera would be delivered.”
   “I’ll be your package delivery,” assured Harold Scott Reams.  I figure they will let me know when the Incoming ISV is on station in geosynchronous orbit over those islands.  From the two minute delay in Comm time, I would guess about two weeks.”
   “TWO WEEKS!” exclaimed Wade.  “I had no idea!  I had figured a few hours.  How far away are they?”
   “Tse,” said the pilot rubbing his chin thoughtfully.  “In Earthling terms, they would be as far away as Mars, I guess.”
   “In that case, I’m the technical expert for the camera.  I should come too!”  Alex Gomez Gordon wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to get into the thick of things.
   “Tse, it couldn’t hurt to have him on board. And you could come as well.  I need to get back to duties. Hayalovay.”

   It was good timing as well, because Aud Traher was receiving a message from the Control Room.   “Dr. Wade!  There is an incoming message from the Incoming ISV. We need to boogey!”  Wade Lutzow was barely in the transport vehicle as Aud Traher accelerated into a U turn and sped off for the control room.
   The sticky sweat felt as ice on his blue skin as Wade entered the Air Conditioned Building.  He toweled off as he walked toward the Control Room.
   “OK.  Play it back for me!” he said as he pulled up a stool.”

   “Geo synced ISVs and Blue Heart Gate, this is Major West, Duty Pilot of the Inbound ISV.  We are aware of your material stores, and the aide and assistance that we can offer each other.  We would like to open a second channel with Captain Pamela Wright, in charge of the Operation of the Channel.  This channel will be strictly for the mechanical and electrical engineering teams, to discuss and share designs of both equipment that is proposed or under construction.  We will be ready to deploy all assets within eight hours of your delivery of the underwater sensor array.  We welcome all data and eyewitness, as well as historical accounts of the volcanic activity in the region of the volcano in question.  We are monitoring this frequency constantly.  Major West. Out.”
   “So ha’!” That’s great!”  Ma Alex!  You will have a direct channel with their Engineers!!”

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443)~  The rescue operation was proceeding well. All of the Islanders had been evacuated to rocky island over the past two days.  It was far from ideal, lacking a decent utral for a hometree.  But there was a freshwater stream on one side and dense brush covering the surface with much fkxen, (fruits and vegetables), as well as small game.  The rocky crags above the waves revealed many nesting ayyayo, or, feathered birds, and farther above, ayikran.  A few of the islanders were going down the cliffside to see what morsels could be found among the tidal pools, while others tried to devise shelters from available materials. 
   JakeSully and Neytiri were a calming presence to the islanders.  All had heard of the victory at the Well of Souls.  Even two of their warriors had flown aerial attacks along with the Ikran Clan of the Eastern Sea.  And to have Toruk Makto and Nawma Tsahik Neytiri among them was heartening. But presence of the Great Mo’at was most encouraging.
   But things were still progressing as to a solution to a pending volcanic eruption. The Recovery Tasks were interrupted often by incoming messages from Blue Heart Gate and from the ISVs in Geosync.  Mostly, he let the science guys discuss stuff among themselves.  He had sent some of the Elders to speak with Neytiri and Neytiri, to speak of the history of the volcano.  Some of those tales were translated to Inglìsì and transmitted to the other parties. 
   The last story/legend that he had heard, was of a Na’vi couple with tswin on both sides of their heads who communed with some sort of benevolent sea creatures.  Or became sea creatures.  They seemed liked seals, or dolphins, or whales, from their description. And the islanders considered all these sea creatures to be descendants of these two ancestors.  He was told that these creatures often rescued fishermen who had gotten off course, and saved children from drowning.  He wondered if these legends were familiar to Atumopin and the others of the Ikran Clan of the Eastern Sea. 
   “Ma Nawma JakeSully,” JakeSully smiled tiredly and lifted his eyes to see an awestruck young Na’vi man in front of him.  He never had much time to simply rest and reflect.
   “Ma Nawma Toruk Makto!”  The messenger was an eager young fellow.  “You are wanted at the Talking Place.  The Stars are calling you.”  He had obviously misunderstood the translation, but he allowed the young man to give him a hand up, and walked with him back to the Talking Place on Sanctuary Island.
   “Ma’Teyo.  Will you, please sit down?!  You are driving me crazy!.”
Tai was trying to relax on the seaside cliff of the Eastern Sea before returning to the “Command Post.”
  “Txoa livu oer, Ma Tai. Forgive to me.”  Ateyo stopped pacing but her kxetse was still flicking impatiently. “Frapo kola spono alahe alu srung sivi.  Everybody have go to other island for helping.”
   “Za’u nìprrte’, oeyä hona muntxate.” (Come here, my adorable wife,) said Tai as she drew Ateyo in by her side.  “Srake, nga tspìmang meyerik fpi ayNa’vi.  Tafral nga srung soli, nìteng.”  (Yes/no, you just killed two yerik for the sake of the people.  Therefore, you have helped the People, as well.) “Ngaru sweylu lefpom, kefyak? “ (You should be content, shouldn’t you?)
   Ateyo nodded agreement and buried her head against Tai’s shoulder, and slipped her kxetse around Tai’s leg. 
   “Oeyä ‘ìte lu nefä, nefä kip sanhì.  My daughter is go up, up among stars.  Ulte fìtsenge oe lu.  And here I am.”  She spread out her hands in a helpless gesture.
Ngaru lu tìn wawe sulìn.”  You have important business.
   “Srake, ngaru lu vrrìn.”  (Yes/no, to you is unproductive business)  asked Tai.
Ateyo only frowned at the ground and made a hiss of displeasure, not at Tai, but at her sense of helplessness.  Tai’s response was to pull her into a gentle embrace.  She rubbed her back until she felt the small body sigh and relax against her own.  With eyes closed, they simply drank in each other’s presence, and joined meswin in tsaheylu.  For a short while nothing existed except their pounding hearts and the pounding surf far below.
   “Ahem, Ma’am.”
Someone had approached while they had shut out the world.  Ateyo sighed and pushed away slowly as their meswin disentangled.
   “I hate to bother you, both, but the aysahik are looking for Ateyo and we have incoming messages.”  Melvin’s Australian drawl penetrated the dim air.
   “Are you feeling any better, oeyä Muntxate?” asked Tai, searching Ateyo’s eyes with her own.
    Ateyo took in  a big sigh and nodded.  Together they walked from the cliff’s edge to the Command Post. 

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444)~  Ateyo allowed herself to be dragged away from the Command Post by the aysahik.  She felt good to know that she was needed elsewhere.  The things that Tai and the other faces were discussing were a mystery to her.  There was an off chance that she would speak or at least see her daughter, but everyone seemed rather intent on conveying other information about the volcano.  No one considered visiting as a priority.
   Tsahik Meykir and Meykir’ite flanked her as they proceeded to the small Tree of Voices perched on the cliffside overlooking the Eastern Sea.  The path was worn smooth by years of blue feet seeking guidance and connection.  Tsahik Lamu’ite greeting them as Meykir and Meykir’ite escorted her within the canopy of softly glowing tendrils.   
  The moss was cool and her tswin eagerly sought out the connection.  She sighed as waves of peace filled her soul.  Outside, she could hear the booming surf as it crashed upon the rocks below.  The sound was muffled, though, and seemed more like Eywa’s heartbeat than anything else.  Except that when the water receded from the rocky shore, it sounded sad to her ear.
  Someone’s voice was chanting, “ ‘Ia oe Eywa eo, ‘Ia oe Eywa eo, ‘Ia oe Eywa eo.” (I lose myself, spiritually, before Eywa)  She recognized the voice as that of Liri’el, though she might be at Blue Heart Gate with Norm, and most likely was at the Tree of Voices at Spuwina ‘Awm at this very moment. 
   Ateyo allowed her mind, her spirit, her soul to follow where Liri’el might lead.  Down, down, down, she seemed to travel, into the water, as though she were a giant, gentle sea creature.  She sensed tsaheylu, the Bond, with this creature and wondered how that could be.
   The surprising sensation of warm water around her, caused her to feel buoyant.   Ateyo was aware of other sea creatures around her, they seemed to be soaia. family.  There was an urgency, though.  A need to escape to the depths, to safety.  She had a distracting thought, that nice sea creatures had no place in Na’vi concerns about evacuation of a volcanic island.  But the idea was dismissed as warmth surrounded her.  The water was deep and pressed upon her, though she did not feel smothered.  The water seemed hotter on her thick skin than was comfortable.  It felt like Pxepxi’s sweat lodge.  Though hotter.  Her mind perceived red hot danger.  But she was not afraid.  She turned and travelled with her family away from the danger.  Ateyo felt that some disaster had been averted.
   Slowly, she regained awareness of her surroundings, beneath the Tree of Voices near the Eastern Sea.  Others were regaining their bearings as well.  She could sense the change in awareness.  Sound was not quite as muffled.  Tsahik Lamu’ite’s voice was now heard:
   “It seems that we have shared an experience with others who are also in tsaheylu.  I sensed that Liri’el, muntxate te Norm, was with us.
Did everyone else experience being among gentle sea creatures?” 
   “It seems that Eywa is reminding us again, that the Omatikaya Clan is very much related to the Ikran Clan of the Eastern Sea.  Is not Liri’el’s name patterned after those of the Island People?  We experienced this before when we met the Kawnga Swirä Txampayä, the Evil Sea Creature.  But it also seems that Eywa has reminded us that we are, all Na’vi, related to these gentle sea creatures.  The Na’vi of the islands are not the only ones affected by this volcano.” 
   “But it seems that Eywa is sending them a warning to move away to the deeper portions of the sea, to safety,”  blurted Ateyo.  “Kefyak? Isn’t that right?”
   Tsahik Lamu’ite spoke. “Through our histories, it is thought by the Island People, that the sea creatures are direct descendents of a Na’vi couple who were lost at sea.  These creatures always come to visit them and allow the Na’vi swimmers to ride upon their backs.  You would know these things, ma Ateyo, if you spent more time listening to the voices of our Ancestors. It is necessary for the good of the People that you remain connected to our histories!”
   Ateyo acknowledged the gentle reprimand, yet was grateful that in the darkness, her skin was not visible.  Her skin had flushed hot purple. 
   “Ma Ateyo,” soothed Tsahik Meykir.  “Perhaps you have forgotten that your role is Tsahik.  You do not need to worry about being a hunter, or a rescuer, or a learner of tek-nol-o-gee.   Your muntxate and your daughter seem to have that calling.  It is important that you learn to be comfortable with this calling.  In that manner, you will not waste energy feeling useless among the People!”
   Ateyo nodded vigorously.  “Fayli’ur irayo seiyi ma Tsmuke. Oeru lu ‘ipuyu.”  (For these words, I thank you, my Sister. I have been the Silly One.) 
  “We all know that you are the Silly One!”  Meykir waited for the soft giggling to fade.  “But to you also is wisdom.  You are BOTH, and you must ask Eywa to help you find a way to be BOTH of these things!  Do not fear this!  And do not fear about Pxepxi!  She has her calling.  And you will see her during the changes of the seasons.  No one stays on the AY ES VI for all times.  They all coming back to Eywa’eveng!”
   It wasn’t alarming that Meykir had perceived her thoughts and fears.  She had been part of her soaia since Meykir had become cousin Ikxeru’s muntxate.  (Though that seemed to be merely a formality.)  Meykir was closer than Ateyo had imagined.
   “You need to see yourself as One of the People, Ma Ateyo.  Not as a Syaksyuk!  You are of the family of Ikxeru.  His sister was your Mother.  You are of his family.  And you will serve the People, by being both ‘Ipuyu and Tsahik, as you already have been doing!” 
“Säsngumìri fpil oer, oel irayo seiyi, Ma Meykir.”  For your worry about me, I am tkankful, Ma Meykir.  “Slä ayoeng zene lawk sponoyä Na’vìri.”  But we must discuss about the island Na’vi.
   “Mllte oe, Ma’Teyo.”  Meykir patted Ateyo reassuringly on the knee, knowing that her admonition had been heard. “Mllte oe!”

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445)~High above Eywa’eveng, shift changes were occurring on the ISV which was captained by S’ralta Tamas.
   “Oel ngati kameie, Ma Tsmukan!”  Lt. Dale Garbacki greeted the young tech at the Communications Console.  He gave the familiar gesture from the forehead, instead of a salute. “I’ll take over from you,” he said informally, and then more formally, he stated, “Ensign Owen Wicks, you are relieved of duty.”
  “Lt. Garbacki, I stand relieved!”  responded Owen, perhaps a little over enthusiastically.  His brother, Zach and long time friend, Joseph, known as ‘Joey’, were off their respective shifts at the same time and were looking forward to spending time with Pxepxi and Kofi.
   The three young men met Pxepxi as she was relieved from her position at the Undersea Geographic Imaging console.
   “Ma Pxepxi!” said Owen.  “Ultxa seiyi oeyä tsmukan, Zach, sì oeyä Tsmukan, Joey.”  (Meet my brother Zach and my Brother Joey.)
  “Nìprrte, Ma Tsak, sì Ma Tso’i!”  Pxepxi tried carefully to pronounce the strange names.  She could not distinguish the J sound from the Z sound.  As the four young folks drifted down the corridor towards “Little Pandora” the conversation centered upon pronunciation.  “Kehe, Joey, like Jake!” explained Owen, emphasizing the J sound, twice.
   “Zho ee”
  “Kehe, not Zoe! Joey! And Zach, not Jack.”
  “Tsak!?” Pxepxi frowned as they reached the portal of “Little Pandora.”
   “Zach!” corrected three voices at once, but Pxepxi had already vaulted headfirst downward from the portal.  Just as she reached Kofi’s outstretched arms, Owen, Zach, and Joey descended feet first carefully avoiding the laughing couple as they tumbled toward gravity.
   As they all landed smartly on the surface of “Little Pandora”, Pxepxi began the introductions, and soon the party was laughing over pronunciations.
   “Fìtxutan lu oeyä muntxatan, syaw Kofi.”
   The young men addressed Kofi with the familiar forehead gesture, though they couldn’t hide their confusion. 
   “I thought muntxatan means husband.  Do you mean boyfriend?” asked Owen.
   “Srane! Po lu ‘eylan oeyä nìteng! Nìlun. Him be friend mine as well. Of course, “explained Pxepxi, wondering why they needed to ask such a self-explanatory question.
   “Srane! Poe lu oeyä muntxate ahona tì’ievay krra! Yes! She is my wife adorable for all time. Forever!” Kofi placed his arms around her somewhat protectively, to demonstrate their relationship.  And wondered also, why they had asked if he were a BOY friend.  Were they challenging his age?  They certainly weren’t challenging his gender.
   “We are surprised that you two are a mated couple.  You are much younger than any of us.  It is an unfamiliar custom to be mated so young, in our culture.” explained Zach.  It took a little while for the translation to be understood among them.
   “Moe omolum fìtsap takrra moe lolu meprrnen!” stated Kofi, somewhat defensively.
   Joey puzzled out the sentence aloud, “We two have known each other since we two were babies.”  His face brightened.  “Owen sì Oe lolu meylan krra moe lolu prrnen nìteng.”  Owen and I have been friends since we two were babies, as well.  The two had grown up together, and had signed on with the RDA as soon as they had finished their schooling.  They were more than pleased to be serving aboard ship even though the RDA had been drummed out of existence.
   “Menga lu muntxate si fìtsaphu?”  (You two are mated with each other?, asked Pxepxi matter of factly.) 
   “No NO!  We are just friends!  Just friends!”  The outburst of denial was so sudden and vehement that Pxepxi regretted that she had asked, sensing a breach of protocol or something.  But embarrassment was replaced with laughter and Pxepxi invited them all to join her under the tiny Tree of Voices.

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446)~ Many pairs of blue feet extended radially from the tiny Tree of Voices.  It had become a well used nexus within the ship.  Each person allowed their neural braids to extend and seek connection among the roots or the dangling luminescent tendrils of the Tree. 
   Pxepxi was aware with the familiar presence of her original parents.  They were killed when she was a toddler, at the the Battle for the Well of Souls.  They each sent loving energy towards her.  She wanted very much to relax and learn more about them, but she also felt the urgency of the situation on the Spono.  The Island of the Volcano. 
   She was aware of the wonder experienced by Owen and Joey and Zach.  There was a confusing array of sensations and information, and she had a momentary thrill of recognition.  Those three were RELATED to her!  As ayuniltìrantokx, their blood had been combined with that of her own parents, which was how she understood the process of gene splicing that produces Avatars.  The information nearly distracted her, but she sensed now, that she was underwater, travelling with a friendly sea creature by means of meswin. TWO neural braids.  She wondered at that information.  How could a Na’vi have TWO tswin?  Whose life was she experiencing? Was this current? Was this ancient history?  There was a wordless message that there was danger in the depths.  A message to flee.  She sensed a mass migration to safety.  She could hear the words of the Ancient Way being sung, Ram Atxep mì Txampay.  Mountain of Fire in the Great Water.  She sensed the presence of Ateyo and Meykir and other aysahik.  She experienced anew the images of the Volcano as she had during her Coming of Age Ceremony, and she SAW lava boiling in the depths of the ocean.  Slowly, she seemed to ascend into the shallows near an island, a safe island.  She became aware of Kofi and her new friends around her at the Tree aboard the ISV.  And she felt the need to discuss these visions with her new friends.
   She sat up, rubbing the sides of her head, alongside her tswin.  And she noticed that everyone else around the tiny Utral Amokri were doing the same.  They started talking quietly about that experience.
   “That would be cool to have two tswin when I fly my ikran!” stated Owen, enthusiastically.
   “YOU have an ikran?” said Pxepxi, more than a little jealous.  They had all gotten up and were walking toward the communal eating area, just a few yards away.  Kuki and the Mess Hall troops were beginning their descent with the afternoon wutzo.
   “Kaltxì, Ma Pxepxi!”  Kuki called as she descended alongside the food canister.  “Fyape lu ngeyä volkeyno?” (How is your volcano?) asked Georgia Barnes, as she dispensed tsngan sì fkxen mìayrìk. (Meat and veggies on leaf platters)
   “Ke’u amip. Nothing new.”  Pxepxi had been surprised that the volcano seemed to experience small variations in expansion and contraction.  She hadn’t memorized the words in Inglìsì to describe the phenomenon, but had been assured previously, by Lind and Jaggers, her mentors, that these were occurring closer together but were not intensifying.  “Not danger yet. Ke spule nefä. Not propel upward, Ma Kuki.”  Georgia smiled at the name Cookie, remembering how difficult was her name to be pronounced in Na’vi.”
   “Stum, stum, stum!” Enough, enough, enough, exclaimed Joey as Kuki absently doled copious portions onto his leaf.
   “Stum ke!” (Barely enough) declared Kofi, and happily received a large helping.
   “We won’t be eating much more yerik, kids.  All the shuttles are being used for equipment to hunt for underwater lava, or something.  So eat hardy.  We will be eating synthetics after this.”   It took a long time to decipher her meaning, but soon, everyone was enjoying their food.

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447)~ “Ma Pxepxi,” asked Linda Smith, “What have you learned about the volcano?”  Linda Smith had studied Geology while in college, but had also achieved a second major, specializing in the study of trees.  She spent a lot of her time now in Little Pandora, overseeing the growth of the flora within their onboard paradise.  She had become close friends with Kofi and often joined the two for meals.
   “Ma Linda, nìwotx sutan sponoyä holum.”  Pxepxi spoke slowly and distinctly and waited for Linda to process and translate.
   “All people of the island have left. Kefyak? Isn’t that right?” responded Linda.
   “Eyawr! Volcano is make noise and smoke.  Pressure grow more and more. All fly to other Spono with not volcano.  JakeSully lu fitsenge.  Him say, SAN: must move people more far. SìK.”  Linda remembered that SAN, SìK meant QUOTE , UNQUOTE.  She had wondered whether a Tsunami could also affect the Islanders.
   “Srake, fìvolkeyno iveyk txana pay nì’ul?”  Yes/no, this volcano can cause big water much? 
   Pxepxi frowned as she tried to decipher whether Linda was trying to say TXAMPAY, literally, Big Water, which is how the Na’vi  referred to the Ocean. However, Ensign Jaggers answered the question.
   “We are only a day away from sending down probes into the ocean to measure the tectonic plate movement.  Their movement will determine whether we will experience a tsunami.  We are coordinating efforts between Blue Heart Gate and the other two ISVs.”
  “Tsun-nami?” interupted Kofi. “Tsun nam’ake? That meaning ‘can be confident.’”  He wondered what tsun-nami meant.  Mostly he was surprised that a tsatute word sounded like a Na’vi word. Sort of.  But a scowl from Pxepxi reminded him that he was NOT allowed to be silly or make a distraction.
   “Is the incoming ISV getting that close?” asked Linda.
   “Srane!” confirmed Ensign Joe Wicks.  “We just came from the bridge before wutzo, meal, and Lt. Garbacki said that he had just gotten ‘upxare, a message from the Incoming ISV, that they were ten hours away from joining the other spacecraft in orbit.  Lt. Garbacki plltxe, SAN: ‘Tsa’sip pìyähem fìtsenge nemfa mawl trrä.’ SìK.”
   Linda gave Joey one of her dazzling smiles.  It was merely a way to distract him while she deciphered Lt. Garbacki’s message. 
 “‘That ship will arrive within half a day.’” She exclaimed triumphantly, but secretly wondered whether she would ever be able to construct a sentence in Na’vi fashion.  The Lieutenant was light years ahead of nearly everyone on the ship, when it came to speaking Na’vi.  “Half a day!” mused Linda, as she twirled a lock of red hair through her fingers.  “Will they be sending shuttles to help with the evacuation?” 
   “Kehe.” announced Zach, who was seated by his brother Owen.  “There are shuttles from Blue Heart Gate moving people to the Ikran Clan of the Eastern Sea, as we speak.  The shuttles on the incoming ISV will be used to deploy electronic equipment underwater.”
   “The idea is, that they can use explosives to open a rift underwater and relieve pressure, so that the top of the volcano isn’t blown off,”  explained Owen.
   “Being more safe äo txampay, under the osun” exclaimed Pxepxi, even though she could not quite pronounce ocean.  But Pxepxi was not quite finished; “Kapteyn West make drop ‘xplosives into osun.  Oel new ultxa seiyi Kapteyn S’rron West talunta poel tamìran mì Eywa’eveng alahe.”  (I want to meet Captain Sharon because she walked on the other Eywa’s Child.)  Everyone exchanged grins.  It was well-known that Pxepxi dearly wanted to explore the other moons of the Alpha Centari system, in search for other Na’vi.
   The rest of the conversation centered around the anticipation of meeting the Newcomers and the promise of a shrimp feast.  Though Linda had difficulty explaining Shrimp to the young Na’vi couple, is wasn’t hard to explain Luau.  In fact, Kofi knew all about Luaus from his mother, Ka’alani.   Kofi, the clever fellow, had fashioned an ukelele of sorts. He began strumming.  It surprised Linda Smith and the others when they were dragged to their feet. The young men were about to protest, but Kofi exclaimed, “You fella need for dance hula for all the girl ma’ke ma’ke you!”  Ma’ke ma’ke, of course, was a Hawaiian word for courtship, which he illustrated by suggestive movements of his hips.
   Laughing, they all joined together in a likely simulation of  hula.

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448)~  Ateyo and the other aysahik, sat outside the Comm Shack looking up at the stars.  They had concluded their meeting, their ultxa under the Tree of Voices. Utral Amokri.  They we speaking together about the undersea creatures and the experience of double tswin.  But Ateyo was transfixed skyward. 
   There were two ‘stars’ overhead, beaming large and exceedingly bright.  These were the two ISV’s that were in geosynchronous orbit around Pandora.  One had brought the “New Earth Mining Consortium”, with Patxi and the Blue Heart Gate people.  The other was the resupply ship, captained by S’ralta Tamas’.  Ateyo like gazing up at that one each night, knowing that Pxepxi was up there. And Kofi. 
    Tai Tae Ao stepped away from the Shack and approached the aysahik.
   “Srake, tsun hiveyn oet mengahu?” Yes. I may sit with you two?
    Tsahik Meykir was the first to speak, “Nìlun! Ma Tai! Za’u! Heyn mìkam moe tsatseng!” Of course! My Tai.  Come. Sit between us two!”  She made room between her and Ateyo and patted the ground between them.  After a quick kiss,  Ateyo positioned herself between Tai’s knees.  The smell of roasting payoang, fish, and burning wood could be smelled in the air.  The pounding surf below, seemed somewhat subdued.
   “Srake, ma frapo,” (Tai had noticed a small crowd growing) “Srake aynga new nari si tanhìsìpil alahe 'awstengyem hu mesìpit, kefyak?” You want to see one starship join the other two ships, right?  “ 'ì'awn ulte nari si.”  Stay and watch.
Everyone craned their necks skywards. 
   “Nari si, ma frapo. Tsatanhì  zerupa!”  (That star is falling)  Ateyo was quick to point out a third brilliant light which had appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and streaked toward the other two.  Ateyo was nearly dancing with delight. But as they watched, it slowed its rate and settled neatly between the other two stars; or rather, starships.  Everyone, Na’vi and Mipa Na’vi, alike, gazed upwards, murmuring sounds of astonishment.
   “Set, lu pxeya tanhìsìp ‘awsiteng! Now there are three starships together!” exclaimed Twiti Castillo, seated behind Ateyo.  They were of the same blood, and even though the Na’vi blood in Ateyo was diluted, the resemblance was uncanny.
The exuberance of the two was contagious, and soon everyone was laughing and talking.
   “Srake, We going up for see oeyä  ‘ìte, Kefyak?” blurted Ateyo.
   “Kehe, Ma hona sa’nutsyìp. (adorable Little Momma)  Tai acknowledged the longing her mate had for their adoptive child.  Being herself from military family, she had become accustomed to long separations at an early age.  But she was aware of the anxiousness experienced by Ateyo and even Ka’alani. She hazarded an observation; “Pxepxi must be really busy learning about volcanos and electronics.”
   Ateyo almost commented that Pxepxi was probably too busy to miss her, but instead asked, “Pel’iu lu LEK TRON IKS, Ma Tai?” (What word is Electronics?)
“Keli’u mì Na’vi lìfya!”  (There is no word in the Na’vi Language) “Slä poe zene nivume ivinan tsau a peng volkeynoteri.”  Ateyo pieced together Tai’s explanation and decided that she meant, ‘but she must learn to read those things which tell about the volcano.’  Ateyo tried to visualize the many instruments she had seen on her visit to the Ey Es Vi.  “She using LookFar?”
  “Kehe, slä fìu tse’a nemfa atxukx txampay.” No but this thing looks deep into the ocean.  “Krra nìwotx sute lu akxuke, moe tsun sop nefä Ey Es Vi ulte Pxepxi si Kapteyn S’rralta tsun tivìng säwìntxur.” ‘When all the people are safe, we two can travel up to the ISV and Pxepxi and Captain S’aralta can give a demonstration.’  Tai wondered to herself how many more trips the shuttles could afford, fuel-wise, but decided now was not the time to mention it.  The shuttles were going to be used quite a lot. Which brought up her next announcement:
   “Jakesully plltxe, SAN: nìwotx sute sponoyä perähem fìtsenge rewonay: SìK.”  (JakeSully says QUOTE: All the people of the Island will be arriving here tomorrow morning: UNQUOTE)
   “Slä Ma Tai,” spoke Eyktan Atumopin.  “Our strongest fliers have been far across the water and have not reached this island easily.  How will we bring them all here?”
   “Mìfa ‘rrpxom sìp!”  Inside a thunder ship!  Tai spent some time explaining about tsunamis that might occur from underwater movement.  The sahiks had glimpsed some of that danger, recently through the Tree of Voices.  Eyktan Atumopin assured everyone that there would be a Hunt, early in the morning to feed all the newcomers and suggested that everyone try to get some sleep.   

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449)  They exchanged Txon Lefpoms and hugs.  But Tai was distracted by voices on the Comm and Ateyo followed her to the Comm Shack.  She listened to the voices speaking the language of ìnglìsì.  She could not recognize much of what was said, but Tai and Taifa both made exclamations of satisfaction.  Ducking from beneath the canopy of nets, Tai took Ateyo by the hand and pointed to the three ISVs.
    “Moe 'ì'awn ulte nari si.”  We will stay and watch.
   Ateyo didn’t mind watching the three starships, especially with Tai’s arms wrapped around her. Tai rested her chin on Ateyo’s head, although that little strip of hair on top kept tickling her nose.
   “Tsatseng! Srake tsun tsive’a nga?”  ‘There! Yes/No, Can you see?’  Tai spoke in a loud whisper as she pointed out the phenomenon above.
   “Srane!  Oel tse’a  mipa mesanhìt ahì’ì, zera’u ftu metsanhìsìp alahe!”  ‘Yes, I see two new little stars, coming from between the other two starships!”
  “Mesanhì lu merrpomsìp.  Liyu nìkllte mì sponoyä volkeyno.”  The two stars are two Thunderships.  They will come to the ground on the Island of the Volcano.
“Slä nì'awve, ayfo zene yivem ayu nemfa taw. Ayu a Tse’a Alìm.”  But first they must put things in the sky.  Things that look far.
   They watched in silence as the two lights symmetrically curved away from the Starship and tracked away from it. 
   From the cliffs above the Eastern Sea, they had a wide expanse of sky to view.  Tai kept an ear towards the voices in the Com Shack.  She told Ateyo when they deployed their payload.
   “Oe nari sängi.  Slä oel tse’a ke’uti.  I watch (with disappointment). But I don’t see a thing. 
   “Kehe.”  said Tai as she nuzzled her Yawnetu.  Moe luke nari si ayfo.  “Ayu hì’ì nìhawng lu.”  Tai had hoped she said Those things are much too small.  She must have been close enough, because Ateyo nodded beneath Tai’s chin.  The two watched until the two lights disappeared.  Perhaps an hour, in Earth Time.
   “Mefo makto neto tsengo, srak?”  Those Two have rode away somewhere, yes/no?”  She didn’t know why Tai referred to them as two people, mefo.  She used the word makto, ride, to demonstrate that she understood that they were objects, ships.
   “Mesìp tswerayon pxaw Eywa’eveng, ulte nìkllte ro Sponoyä Volkeyno.” The Two Ships are flying around Pandora and come to the ground at the Island of the Volcano.
   “Tsun oel nari si ftu fìtsenge?” I can see from here?
   “Stum ke.  Barely.  Slä zene hivahaw set! But you must sleep now!”
     Ateyo realized that she would be needed early in the morning.  But before she left, she gave Tai another long hug and said, “Txon lefpom, Oeyä Yawnetu Alor.  Oel ngati tsive’a rewonay lisre teraron ayoeng.”  Good Night my Beautiful Beloved One.  I will see you tomorrow morning before we go hunting.  After a long kiss, Ateyo padded off toward the fire, to catch some sleep. 

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450)~  The two sonic booms were lost amid the sound of crashing waves.  Most Na’vi were already awake.  Some, mostly children, had seen the two  Shuttles enter the atmosphere.  Their arrival was announced over the radios at the Comm Shack, but was otherwise unnoted by the Na’vi camping near the Clan of the Eastern Sea. 
   It would be a busy day.  The Island people would be arriving, and they needed to be sheltered and fed until it was safe for them to return to their island.  Ateyo wondered if some would settle among the her encampment with Tai and Taifa and Ka’alani.  And Kofi and Pxepxi, she thought wistfully.

   When she had been awakened by Tai, she was surprised to see that Tai looked rested and refreshed.  (She had said something like Catnap, which she had translated as, hahawtsyìp.)  But Tai was excited, because she had said that the two shuttles had landed on the Spono Volkeynoyä.  Island of the Volcano. 
The Two were exchanging cuddles when the morning conch shell was sounded.    “Tsawke polähem nemfa vawma taw!”  ‘The Sun has arrived into a dark sky’, remarked Ateyo.  The sky to the east was filled with a cloud of ash illuminated red in a ghastly fashion.
  Greeting the Morning Sun was accomplished and Atumopin soon divided the camp into teams; those who would hunt, those who would prep and cook, and those who would set up shelters for the newcomers.
   “Za’u awngahu, Ma Tsmuke.”  ‘Come with us’, shouted Twiti, Kristi Castillo.
Aleyo gave a parting kiss to Tai and ran off with the hunting party.

  Ateyo was happy to be riding her ikran, Atanvi.  Atanvi was happy to be interacting with his Na’vi.  He was so desperately happy to see her that he nearly knocked her down with his head.  Eyktan Atumopin was not engaged with the hunting, but the old hunter from Vawma ‘Ora, Opan, was taking charge.  He appointed three teams of ikran hunters, skilled in the use of nets.  Atanvi was too small to participate but he and Ateyo were appointed to be among those who encircled the schools of fish.  They fished in the lagoon on the lee side of the peninsula, where the fish like to linger overnight. 

   It was cooler on the lagoon side, the sun had barely crept over the edge of trees on the ridge.  The Eastern Sea ikrans used their iridescent wings to mesmerize the fish and herd them in the correct direction.  Many times, though, the schools simply dove deeper.
   “Tse’a! Ma Ateyo!”  Twiti called.  Ateyo looked to where she was pointing and noticed a boiling commotion at the surface.  Suddenly fish were leaping out of the water.  “Fayoung tuswayon!”  Flying fish!  It was soon apparent why the fish were flying when a very large set of teeth also surfaced, thrashing about and filling its gullet with fish.  It lunged from the surface and snapped at the ayikran circling above the water.  The riders were having a difficult time trying to control their frightened ikrans.  Atanvi was shooting skyward, but Twiti’s ikran was trying to attack the giant toothy payoang!
   With the frontal attack of ikran, no one noticed the swift approach of the fishing canoe.  From her vantage point, Ateyo could see a figure crouching in the front of the canoe, holding a looped rope.  Cousin Taifa’! 
   Atanvi kept trying to escape, but Ateyo kept turning him back, to watch, if nothing else.  The brave paddlers came swiftly upon the toothy fish. As Twiti’s ikran kept it occupied, Taifa’ managed to loop his rope around the tail of the creature.   

   Shark fishing in this manner was a common tradition among the Samoan people of his heritage.  He, himself, had never done it but had listened to his grandfather’s stories many years ago.  Taifa’ did not know what this creature was called.  He remembered seeing many of them ripping hunks off the sea creature they had fought against  “a year ago?” he wondered.  But his childhood practice of roping imaginary sharks came into play and he was committed.
   The rope was burning through his hands, but he managed to snub the line around the prow of the canoe.  The shouting of others hadn’t occurred to him until now.  The “shark” was now in a panic and was dragging the canoe.  It tried to dive, but the line was snubbed too short. 
   “PO LU MERìN!” Taifa’ was translating in his head, ‘He is Turning’, when the “shark” turned direction and lunged at the canoe.  Ateyo and Atanvi were too far away for a clean shot, but Twiti and her Vronko were just above the canoe.  As the teeth lunged forward and upward, she released her arrow.  It skewered the beast through its open maw and out the back of its head.  Its snapping teeth broke the shaft in half.  Maddened with anger and pain, the creature lunged toward the canoe, trying to capsize it and destroy the ones who had attacked it. Taifa’ produced his mighty Nifo ‘oti, his Samoan warclub.  He was unable to deal a striking blow because the canoe was rocking so violently. 

   Meanwhile the paddlers had turned in their seats and were paddling in the opposite direction.  This was part of the plan to drag the exhausted fish backwards to drown itself in non functioning gills.  With an arrow through its skull and a smash of the club, the giant payoang became suddenly docile enough to drag back to the shore.
   “Oel ngati kameie, Ma Tsmukan.”  I see you my brother.
   “Nga lu wätu apxan.”  You are a worthy opponent.
   “Ngeyä tokx ‘ì’awn a kìt’e siyi nìwotx sute.”  Your body remains to serve all the     people.
   “Slivele ngeyä tirea hu Eywa.”  May your spirit swim with Eywa.

   The paddlers had turned the words into a singsong cadence.  Along the cliffs above, the people had emerged to greet the returning fishermen.  Some joined in the singing along with the fishermen, others were cheering.  Children came paddling up on their sea monster scales, to see the mighty fish which was the same size as the canoe.  Two other canoes tossed their ropes and helped to tow the “shark” boat.  Exhausted paddlers were exchanging places with swimmers.
   The “shark” was towed to the shelter of one of the giant “cabanas.”  There were several on the lagoon side, formed of rib bones from the previous sea monster
and skinned with it’s hide.  They cleaned the apxa payoang.  Taifa distributed teeth to the paddlers and Twiti were presented with a big tooth as a symbol of his gratitude, and to honor the spirit of the worthy opponent. 
   There was a procession leading up the cliff from the lagoon.  Baskets of fish and seaweed and other seafood items were carried up to the top, where an umu had been dug as an oven. The few fish which had been caught, were braided into palm fronds, Samoan style, and placed on the coals. Roasts of “shark” meat were wrapped in seaweed and added to the coals, as were the coconut flavored roots which Ka’alani was pleased to have found.
   The food was left under supervision of the ayemyu, the cooks.  Others returned to their assignments of preparing shelters for the Island Refugees and the Shuttle Crews who would also be arriving.  Taifa’ was too excited to sit down. He wanted to let Tai Tae Ao, his cousin, know of his accomplishments.  He knew she would be busy at the Comm Shack, and although he did not intend to interrupt her, he found his steps leading him toward the Comm Shack.  He also found, Ka’alani and Ateyo following him there as well.
   “Oel ngati kameie!” he called out as they approached.
   Sergeant Rivoir poked his head from beneath the nets and motioned for them to be quiet, but to come in.  Tai was seated in front of the radio listening intently.

    “Eastern Sea Base. This is Major West, leading a flight of two shuttles, twenty-five miles out.  Ten thousand feet, descending to two thousand feet. Request Parking Slots.”
   Tai picked up the mike and keyed it, saying, “Shuttle Flight, this is Major Tai Tae Ao.  There will be Ground Guides to park you, and you can shut off your NAV instruments.  An Honor Guard of Ayikran will lead you here. WELCOME HOME!”
  That was Taifa’s cue.  He would be among those of the Honor Guard.  Out of the Comm Shack he burst, shouting to his canoe team, “Aynga zerau set!  Makto ko!”
They are coming now!  Let’s ride!

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451)~   “Ma Tai!”  Eyktan Atumopin had poked her head into the Comm Shack.  “Srake, oeyä soaia amip perähem set?”  (Yes/No? My new family is arriving now?)
   “Srane, ma oeyä Sa’nok.  Ye’rin”, replied Major Tai.  (Yes, my Mother. Soon.)  It had become a standing joke.  Tai referred to Atumopin as Mother, though they were roughly the same age. Atumopin scoffed as usual.  But she was clearly distracted.  With a dismissive gesture, she addressed her true concern.
   “Tse, lu fìtrr pxaya ayfrrtu.”  Well today, there are many visitors.  She was referring to the refugees from the islands. “Slä oel new ultxa sivi mipa soaia pxiset!”  (But I want to meet my new family right now!)  She was clearly excited with anticipation. 
   Tai regretted that she could not immediately leave her post.  She was curious to meet the OTHER refugees from her own planet. the late, great planet Earth.  She had been busy all morning monitoring the air traffic as helicopter ferried refugees here from the volcanic island. Her task was not yet done.
   “Oel tsun kiva ngahu, Ma Atumopin!”  Ateyo was excited about the prospect of making new friends from “Rrta.  Besides, they were coming from the StarShips, somewhere near her daughter!  “Oe tsun kìte’e sivi ralpengu fpì ayzima’uyu!”  (I can serve as translator for the newcomers!)
   Tai smiled as Ateyo skipped off with Atumopin and some of her clan members.  She watched as the “welcoming committee” walked across the “landing field” which was now occupied by three Samsons and the two recently landed Shuttles. 
   The dust and sand settled and the loading ramps were lowered.  Curious ayNa’vi were swarming the loading gates, as the newcomers appeared.  Tai could not hear what was being said, but noticed that the tallest of the three made the proper hand gesture.  Good.  They seemed to know the protocol for proper greetings.  However, when Eyktan Atumopin met them on the ramp, she could hear distinctly, the words, “TEN HUT!”  She nearly laughed when the Tall One snapped stiffly to attention.  Military Decorum!  Tai grinned to herself.  It had taken her so long to overcome her own military training.  She wondered if she would regain her Military Bearing when the newcomers integrated.  “Nah”, she laughed to herself.  “They will loosen up, too!”  It occurred to her that they might become members of her own olo’.  They were Oceanographers on ‘Rrta.  They would fit right in!
   She wished she could hear the conversation, but as she watched, three figures from one shuttle were escorted to the other shuttle.  After a short time all the figures turned to the Comm Shack, or more likely, towards the ylltxep Atumopinä. (Atumopin’s communal fire)  Nìlun!  Of course.  Atumopin would feed her guests first!  She realized that she, too, was hungry, when the delicious smells of the ylltxep reached her nose.  She wondered how long she would be needed on this radio.  She didn’t need to wonder for long:
   “Eastern Sea Comm Shack.  This is Commander Reams.  Mission accomplished!  We have some fine undersea imagery of the volcanic rift.  I have transmitted said imagery to all three ISVs and to Blue Heart Gate.  Mind if I join the party at Atumopinä ylltxep?  I am one hour out, requesting full stop.”
   “Inbound Shuttle.  You WOULD NOT WANT to offend Atumopin by NOT attending this ftozä!  Approach permission and full stop landing approved.  I will be away from the Mike for half an hour.  I will reestablish contact when back in the Comm Shack.  Eywa Ngahu.”
   It couldn’t have been timed better.  Ateyo had rushed forward from the oncoming “Welcoming Party” and eagerly dragged Tai toward the ylltxep and the upcoming feast.
   “Ma Ateyo”, cautioned Tai, once they had been swept up by the crowd.  “I must return in half an hour.”  She pointed to the ancient Timex watch on Ateyo’s arm.  “Krra tsyokil apxa sarìp kä ro fìtsengit.”
   “When big hand move across at this place?!”  Ateyo was delighted to have a new task as Time Keeper.
   Tai explained. “ ‘Awa alahe ‘rrpomsìpil ziva’u fìtsenget.” (One other ThunderShip will come here.) Tai continued.  She was grateful that Commander Ream’s ship did not have to refuel.  Apparently, He had already discussed that with Patxi Fenwick and her crew.  They had returned here hours ago.
   As the walked toward the ylltxep, Tai couldn’t help but notice that the Tall Figure who had shouted “TEN HUT” was female and that the small person beside her was also female.  “Another female bonded pair?” she wondered.  Taifa’ was going to feel outnumbered again!  But no, they were followed by a hetero couple and two single people who did not seem to be a couple.
   There were a great number of Na’vi crowded around the newcomers.  Atumopin caught Tai’s curiosity, and indicated with a nod and a turn of her chin, that introductions would be made at the ylltxep.
   The ylltxep, community fire, was situated within a natural rock formation that proved to be a natural amphitheatre.  There were well over two hundred people gathered.  They seemed to be gathered into clusters, perhaps ayolo’ ulte aysoaia.  Clans and Families.  Atumopin lead the way through the crowd toward the “ampitheatre stage.”  Seated there were JakeSully, Neytiri, Mo’at (looking more frail than anticipated by Sharon and Pamela).  Next to Mo’at sat a male, unidentified as yet.  There were others seated there, probably ayeyktan from other clans.  Oel Ngati Kameies were exchanged.
  “Fìtutan lu Nawma Toruk Makto, JakeSully.”  Sharon had, of course, already spoken to him on the radio and video, several times.  But here they was in person.  Tokx au tokx.  Face to face!  The magnitude of their accomplishment was immediately brought to reality.
   “Ma Nawma JakeSully!  Oel ngati kameie! Ayoeng lu aysopyu.  Awnga solop pukapa sìzìt.  Ayoeng atxele si meuianga kìte’e sivayi aysutan, ay Na’vi.  (My Great JakeSully.  I SEE you.  We are travellers.  We have travelled six years. We request that we may honorable serve the people, the Na’vi.)
   JakeSully grabbed both of her hands in his.  “It seems that you have already started.  I hope that your efforts can lessen the effect of this volcano,” he said in Ingìsì.  Ateyo was quick to translate these words to the People seated.  A murmur of approval went up from the crowd.  Sharon turned to the masses and addressed them personally.
   “Awnga lu aysopyu ulte ayoengal rerun zongsteng ‘ì’awn ro.”  We are travellors and we are looking for a safe place to stay at.) 
   “Poe plltxe SAN:”  Ateyo hardly needed to translate.  Sharon West had rehearsed this phrase and was close enough for accuracy. Besides that, Ikxeru had stood up.
   “Oe lu Ikxeru, Eyktan Olo’Zongtseng Alorä.  You stay my olo’ All of you! Well Come!  Some you people be of my blood!”
  He recognized Dan and others, from their video introductions a month previously.
   Atumopin was quick to remind;  “These may be yours, Ma Ikxeru.  Slä pxaya alahe lu oer!”  People giggled who remembered the possessiveness of Atumopin of her UnderSea People.
   “Fì tutee lu muntxate Sa’rron Wetsä. Syaw Pamela Rayt.”
   Upon heariing her cue, Pamela unwound her tail from Sharon’s leg.  She didn’t realize that she had be cowering protectively behind her.  How she hated crowds!  She smiled to hear Ateyo announced her as Pam-la-la, pamtseotu. Musician!  Apparently she made a joke a of it, because everybody seemed to be laughing.                                                       
   Introductions continued as someone handed each Pamela and Sharron a leaf platter of food.  They politely waited to eat as the others were introduced.  After that was accomplished, Ateyo turned to her partner Tai and and pointed at her Timex.  Tai turned to Atumopin and JakeSully requesting to leave for a short time.  Tsahik Lamu’ite handed them each a skewer of seylu and sent them on their way.
 landing strobes were bothersome to Ateyo’s Na’vi eyes, even with the colored renten, goggles, that Tai had provided. The sun was low on the horizon, and it seemed to Ateyo that the lights were unnecessary.  But later, as the down blast from the vectored thrust nozzles nearly knocked her off her feet, she grudgingly admitted that torches would not had sufficed.
   The shuttle engines were off and the cargo door was lowered.  Three people emerged, Mipa Na’vi, Ateyo assumed.  They gestured Oel Ngati Kameie from their foreheads.  But after the brief formalities, the pilot, Harold Scott Reams said, “I’m glad that you could tear yourself away from the ftxozä, long enough to fetch us!”
  “Well, I’m not going to stay gone for long, Ma Eylan.  I suggest you follow me!”  Mission Accomplished!  Time to Party!” 

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452)~  As the three newcomers were escorted to the ‘dias’ everyone was startled when Alekxsi gave a muffled shriek and sprang from her place next to Mo’at.
   “Ma Weyt!”  It had not been revealed to her, that Wade Lutzo, her muntxatan and lead Geologist at Blue Heart Gate, had accompanied Alex Gomez Gordon, the underwater camera designer, on the Shuttle, which had just landed.
   JakeSully introduced the newcomers to the crowd, with Ateyo translating.  The pilot, Harold Scott Ream, was introduced as the Flyer of the Thunder Ship.  Alex Gomez Gordon was introduced as the Man Who Watches Under Water.  Ateyo knew Wade as the Man Who Finds Spark Stones and Arrowhead Stones.  As a geologist, he knew where to identify the locations of flint and obsidian.  Ateyo shared her knowledge that Volkeyno makes Arrowhead Stones, and surmised that Wade Lutzo was responsible for locating these stones for the Good of the People. 
   As the newcomers were fed, the UnderSea Renegades and the three from Blue Heart Gate  were acquainting themselves with the ayeyktan and aysahik who were seated.  Those from the Island were interested to learn from the Star People when it would be safe to return to their Island.  Atumopin addressed the question to Sharon West, whom she had identified as the Eyktan of this new Underwater Clan. 
  “Ma S’rron? Srake, nga lu tsun pivlltxe ta aysute sponoìri?”  (My Sharon, can you speak to the people about the Island?) “Ma Ateyo tsun ralpiveng ngeyä aylì’u.” (Ateyo can translate your words.)
   “Hu nìprrte’, Ma Sa’nu.” (With pleasure, Mom.)
   Atumopin smiled graciously, yet turned to Tai and rolled her eyes. She wasn’t as troubled with the poor grammar as with being identified as Mother, to yet another person of her own age!  Only Tai and Lamu’ite had seen her expression, and stifled their amusement. 
   Sharon nodded as she finished a crispy teylu, and stood to her feet.
   “Ma Frapo!  Ayoe tsolam fwa ayngaru lu yawne ayngeyä spono.”
   “She say, Quote: We know that to all you is love for your island. Unquote.” said Ateyo in Na’vi.
   “Ulte ayoe tsolam fwa, um, tsnì,”  At that point, Sharon gave up her attempt at communicating in Na’vi. “It is worrisome, when you all can return to your island.”
   Ateyo chimed in.  “And we understand that, that…”  Ateyo wondered why the Star People had difficulty when using Fwa and Tsnì.   Now Ateyo could translate from English to Na’vi, rather from strange sentences to properly worded sentences.  She continued Sharon’s translation.  “Lu sngumtsìm akrrìri ayngaru tätxaw ayngati ta spono ayngeyä.”
   Sharon continued, “We have just received images and information about the volcano…”
   “Ayoel tirmel ayrel volkeynoru ulte aysäomumil volkeynoìri…” translated Ateyo.
   Sharon waited and then continued.  “We will study the images tonight and we will decide how best to make the island safer.  We want to make the volcano explode under the water,” continued Sharon.  She sighed as Ateyo translated.  She recognized the words, San, and Sìk, volkeyno, and pxor,or actually, pxeykor, cause to explode.  She wished she had become more fluent and smiled gratefully at her translator before continuing.
  Unhappy voices caused her to toss aside her self-admonishment.  Apparently, the People were upset by something she had said.  The eyktan of the spono, the Island, stood up to be recognized.
   “Oe lu Eyktan Fayri’el te Omnakir, ‘Ite Ketemenviyä ftu Sponoyä Meoauniaea.”  She was adorned with various shells .  She spoke passionately for a few minutes.  Her Kxetse lashed the air in irritation and her speech was punctuated with harsh glances at the newcomers from ‘Rrta.  Her speech, however, was addressed largely to Nawma Eyktan JakeSully.
   Sharon West reached over to her translator’s arm.  Ateyo leaned toward her and whispered harshly.  “Her saying San: Sky People always bringing more things for explode.  This is bad, very bad, for Eywa’eveng.  People have living on island with volcano many long time before Coming of SkyPeople.  Na’vi on Big Land liking these SkyPeople.  We do NOT.  SkyPeople always destroying Eywa’eveng.’ Sìk.”
   “Ma Eyktan Fayri’el.”  Jake was dismayed to have to regain her trust.  He thought this had been established with her daughter, Tsayriel, quite well, already.   
“Ayfo solar fayu apxor sre krra mì ‘Rrta, tìftang sì ayvolkeyno kxeykuke nìhawng.
 (“These Ones have used the exploding things before, on ‘Rrta, to stop volcanos from causing more harm.”) 
   “Tì’efumì oeyä, Eywal ke new fwa Na’vi sponoyä terkup. (“I don’t think Eywa wills it, that the Na’vi Sponoyä, should die.”) 
Fayumonit polähem fìtsenge ulte ayfoti nerew srungsivi ayoengil. (“These humans have come here and are willing to help.”)

   As Ateyo translated these words into Inglìsì, the faces of the visitors registered dismay.  Sharon was the first to speak;
   “Ma JakeSully.  We understand the fear and distrust of Technology.   But we fear for the safety of the People.  All our studies indicate that this will be a massive Blow, and that no one on that island would be safe.  The People are safe here.  I urge her to remain here with all the Islanders for a month, if you could translate that.”
    Neytiri, who had been conferring with Mo’at, was next to speak.
   “Oe lu Neytiri te Tskaha Moat’ite.  Oe plltxe fpì oeyä Sa’nok. Poe pltxe San: Ayoengur solop alìm nìhawng.” (We have traveled very far.)  She continued with Ateyo translating.  “Returning now would not be wise for those who are old and frail.  I urge you to wait with all of your people here, with the Ikran Clan of the Eastern Sea.  YOU may return now, if you wish, and bring them back when it is safe.”
There was a murmur of amusement and consternation, as her words were shared.
   “Ma Tsmuke.”  Norm’s muntxate then rose to her feet.  “Oe lu Tsahik Liri’el.  I suspect that my relations were once from the Island.” (She had mentioned the similarities of name construction earlier)  “I would like very much, to share tsaheylu with you and others from your Clan so that we may hear the words that Eywa has to share with us about this matter.”  She spoke in Na’vi, in urgent, hushed tones.
   Eyktan Fayri’el, sensing that her tsmuke had given her a reasonable cause for delay, and a way of retracting gracefully from a stubborn stance, nodded solemnly, causing the myriad shell beads in her hair to clatter softly.
   “Fìsämokìri oe irayo seiyi, Ma Tsmuke.”  (For this suggestion, I thank you very much, My Sister.)  Ateyo was about to translate but Eyktan Fayri’el stood and spoke to the others of her Clan.
   “Oeyä Tsmuke, Liri’el, kem sami tìmok alu ayoeng sweylu run Mokri Nawma Sa’nokur.  Oe new kem sivi fwa lu nìswey fpì oeyä sutan.  Tafral, fìsämok oer finanfya a sìltsan.”
   Ateyo tapped her wrist politely, to remind her that her words needed a translator.  Fayri’el stepped back a little and gave Ateyo the floor.
     “Ma Eyktan Fayri’el piylltxe SAN:’Our Sister, Liri’el, has suggested that we join in tsaheylu to hear the words which Our Great Mother would say to us.  I want to do what is best for the People.  So this makes sense to me.’ :SìK.”
   “My Daughter.” A very wizened, old man had spoken, and had paused politely while Ateyo translated his daughter’s words.  “Oe lu Tsahik Ketemenvi, Sempu te Fayri’el.”  He grinned at Ateyo as she translated.  “I may be old, but I walked down to the lagoon after the sea creature had been hunted.  I sat in the tidal pools and spoke with the ancient creatures whom we know as brothers.  They will be here tomorrow in the lagoon and promise to chase away any other dangerous and hungry creatures like the one caught today.  They have much to share and wish for us all to join them tomorrow.”
   He grinned to see Ateyo’s puzzlement as she translated his mystic message.  When JakeSully heard the words, he was reminded about the legends that were shared with him as he waited on the Sanctuary Island.  The dolphin-like creatures he had seen near there were said to be descendants of the Islanders.  It surprised him, yet made sense, that the Islanders simply used tidal pools of sea water to convey information through Tsaheylu.  Even Norm’s Liri’el realized how efficiently this would work.  She and the other aysahik exchanged glances, as if to say, “Why hadn’t WE thought of that”.
   JakeSully then rose to address everyone assembled.  However, the flicker of lightning in the East distracted him.  Indeed, everyone rose to their feet and began to move outside of the “amphitheater.”  In the distance, in the exact direction of the volcanic island, a towering cloud of ash was growing, illuminated eerily by red, orange, and even blue gaseous eruptions.  Lightning seemed to emanate from one point on the horizon, even snaking upward.
   All Peoples stood slack-jawed in awe of the show of force from Eywa’eveng.  Mo’at hobbled near toward Eyktan Fayri’el and murmured loud enough for her to hear; 
  “Oeru nìprrte tsnì Eywal kxeykuke sutel nìwotx.”  Eyktan Fayri’el nodded solemnly, as she turned the words in her mind; “I am pleased that Eywa caused all the people to be safe.”  She was beginning to understand HOW Eywa caused their safety.

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453)~  Ateyo was fascinated by the presence of new ayuniltìrantokx.  She wanted to press them for information of her daughter, but realized that this was not the time.  Pxepxi was on a different Ay Es Vi with Kapteyn S’rralta,  Pam-la-la informed Ateyo that she was aware of her daughter, but had only met her ‘fa video.’
  Ateyo  needn’t worry about finding sleeping quarters for the New
Ones. Atumopin had insisted on that honor!  They were to sleep in a thatched hut with the Elders, with Watch Guards posted to keep them safe.
   Many of the Islanders were given shelter in the cavernous tents that were made from the hide of that giant sea creature that Tai and Taifa’ had killed years ago.  Ateyo herself, had set up a double sized sleep-leaf in the back of the Comm Shack.  She busied herself by weaving palm fronds to cover the netting. Ash was continuing to drift down from the sky.
   The ashes had stirred up many unhappy memories of Tìska'a Kelutral Omatikayaä. (the destruction of the Omtikaya’s HomeTree)  Neytiri and Mo’at were quite distressed.  She herself remembered that she had participated in the recovery effort.  She had found a toddler, wailing piteously near the corpse of her mother.  Or her hand at least.  The mother had been crushed by by a large tree branch, perhaps even while holding the toddler’s hand.  The bewildered toddler remained by her hand, covered in ashes and seriously dehydrated.    She had protested when Ateyo carried her away.  Pxepxi had remained shell shocked and withdrawn for years.  But now, nothing could hold her back.  Now she was visiting the other Star Ship.  VISITING.  Ateyo held on to that thought.
   Ateyo was surprised to find weak sunlight filtering through the netting and palm fronds.  It was morning and Tai Tae Ao was kissing her.
   “Tìng pom*Tìng pom*Tìng pom”
They both knew the phrase was incorrect, the the silly sing-song cadence made her smile.  So she replied with,
   “Pom lefpom, ma hona Tai!”  That phrase was questionable, pom not being an occasion, yet they had incorporated it into their own personal, silly, morning greeting.  She could hear the conch horn bellowing the call to Greet the Sun.  Tai shuffled with her through the ashes, across the footbridge to the narrow spit where the aysahik were gathering.  Copious amounts of ashes were drifting down, blotting out the struggling sun.  No one tried to uplift their face to the sky, unless holding a palm frond fan as a shield.
   Eywa’s name was intoned and a plea for a return to harmony was given.  Thanks was given for the safety of the Island People.
   Ateyo recognized the koaktan (old man), Ketemenvi, the father of Eyktan Fayri’el.  His voice, though thin and raspy, invoked a sense of power and mystery as he gave thanks.  The ancestors seemed to speak through him.
   Neytiri asked for comfort for those experiencing sad memories brought on by the ash fall.  Her face seemed disquieted.  But she also asked Eywa for guidance of the ayuniltìrantokx in their use of exploding things.  She suggested that they all proceed to the Tree of voices.
   “We should go down to the lagoon to seek her voice,” suggested Ketemenvi, in his dry voice.  “We have more aysahik here than would fit under the tiny Tree.  You have an excellent lagoon, and the water creatures wish to meet us there.”

   Ateyo was curious about meeting these sea creatures.  But she was torn.  She knew that Tai would be flying over the volkeyno sponoyä.  She wanted to see what was happening.  As they walked across the footbridge toward the ‘landing field’,  Tai took Ateyo into her arms and murmured,
   “Ma Oeyä Tsahik Ateyo. Fìrewon ayoe zene swayon ta volkeyno sponoyä. Oel tslam fwa ngar  new nari siyi fìspono, slä fìtsenge lu ngeyä.  Srake tslam ngar?” (My Tsahik Ateyo.  This morning we must fly to the Island of the Volcano.  I understand that you want to see the Island, but this is your place. Yes/No, you understand?)
   “Oeru tslolam, oeyä hona Tsamsiyu! (I undertand, my adorable warrior!)  “Slä oel kera pivllte’ hu ayswira atxampayä.  (But I am going to speak with Sea Creatures!)  “Kìyevame (SEE you again soon)

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   454)~  The path to the lagoon lay along a waterfall.  Quickly, the clouds of ash were left behind.  As they descended, others emerged from the many caves that lined the cliff face.  Ateyo realized that this was an excellent place for shelter.  She had wondered how everyone had fit into those tent-shelters.
   Islander Na’vi were waiting on the beach at the bottom of the cliff face.  Many offered fkxen sponoyä (island fruit) which they had brought with them on their exodus the previous day.  It was easy to see that the Koaktan (Old Man) was well loved and doted upon.  When they had eaten, everyone waded into the shallow lagoon.  It was shaded by the cliffs and would remain somewhat chilly  until the sun climbed higher.  Ateyo craned her neck.  IF the sun could even pierce the thick ashes above!
   The people were forming a circle, floating or standing on their tiptoes.  Ateyo, though, had to bob up and down because her head was, otherwise, a meter below the surface.  She succeeded in floating and was able to realize the serenity as her tswin reached into the water.  It was as soothing as connecting in tsaheylu within any of the Utral Amokri, (the Tree of Voices) or the Ramunong Avitral (the Well of Souls).  She could hear the voice of the koaktan singing and chanting:

   Stawm aymokri ayoengeyä, Nawma Sanok/Hear our Voices, Great Mother
   Stawm aymokri ayoengeyä, Ma fizayu/Hear our voices, oh ancestors.
   Syaw Ayoeng Ayngaru, tìng ‘upare ayngaru/We call to You, give her message to us.
   Syaw Ayoeng Ayngaru oeyä smukan, lu ayngahu/We call to you, our Brothers, to be with us.

   Ateyo’s ears were filled with water, so it startled her to hear a voice nearby. A cry, perhaps a voice, though not quite.  She could feel her tswin respond to the energy.  She felt elated.  It didn’t startle her when a smooth body brushed her skin as it swam past.  She felt welcomed, protected. Safe.
The ancient voice of the koaktan could be heard:
   “These creature are our ancestors.  Listen to what they have to say.”
   Ateyo lost buoyancy and pushed herself to the bottom so that she could spring up again. 
   “I wish I was taller so that I wouldn’t have to do this!” she thought. But as she sputtered at the surface, a laughing sea creature met her face to face.  It seemed to be saying something.  Unfortunately, Ateyo needed to return to the bottom.  But the sea creature dived beneath her in such a fashion that Ateyo was now astride it’s back.  Her tswin, and that of the creature’s, sought out each other, just as would a pa’li or an ikran.  The initial shock was just as startling.  Ateyo’s brain was inundated with images, sights, smells, and sounds. She was aware of the immensity of history.  She was aware of the sea creature’s identity.  She saw images much like those of Pxepxi’s fiery, lava vision, but now through the eyes of a sea creature.  She saw lava under the water and understood it to be the rift which connected to the volcano.
   The laughing sea creatures made it known that they had been guided by Eywa to leave the Fiery Place under the Sea and came here to seek out the Islanders.  They were content with Eywa’s relocation plan and conveyed that trust to Island Na’vi, that they should have no fear and to trust that Eywa will provide.
   It was obvious that many of the Island Na’vi, especially the children,  were CHOSEN by the sea creatures.  It was surprising also, that the Laughing Sea Creatures chose to Bond with several who were NOT from the Island.
   Alekxsi had a clear impression of having double tswin.  She seemed to be connected to her Laughing Sea Creature in a bond of double tsaheylu!  Alekxsi was, of course, formerly an uniltìrantokx.  This didn’t seem to phase the Laughing One. 
   Alekxsi looked around at the others.  It seemed that everyone had two tswin!   It must have been an illusion, because she knew she had only one tswin sprouting from her head.  The Koaktu caught her eye and grinned broadly.
   “I SEE you!” he gestured. “We are of the same clan!  Nari si.  Even our skin is the same!”  he said without words.  He patted the creature whom he was riding.  It was then that Alekxsi realized the answer to the question of her purplish skin.  She was of the Clan of the Dolphin!  She was elated!
   Glancing around, she glimpsed Ka’alani of Ateyo and Tai’s clan.     “I SEE you, ma tsmuke!” they said wordlessly. 
   The dolphin-like creatures swam around with their new clan members, introducing them to one another. 
Those invited to join this clan, all seemed to have double tswin.  Alekxsi thought of Mo’at and the fashion in which she wore her hair in two braids. It all came rushing to her, the tales that Mo’at told her of the grandfather, flying an ikran to rescue Islanders from a volcano.  Alekxsi’s own DNA had been combined with Sylwanin’s.  Neytiri was certainly of this blood!  How would this affect the Omatikaya Clan structure?  A voice occurred to her;
   “Ke sngum oeyä tsmuke!”  She knew that the dolphin-like creatures were assuring her.  “More will be revealed.”
   The Laughing Ones (Hangushamyu) kept circling and swimming, chattering in their high pitched, silly voices.  Wordlessly they seemed to say;
“My Children.  You have grown arms and legs instead of fins.  Your lungs are tiny, your bodies are not streamlined.  Your place is on the land, but we are pleased that you share the love of the sea.  We will make this lagoon our new home for a time.  This will be your new home as well.  Come out and play with us each day.”
   The dolphin-like creatures broke formation and brought their new family members to the shore line.  No one really wanted the magical bond to end.  Reluctantly, they dismounted.  Some of the children needed gentle persuasion.  (The creatures had to remain submerged a bit longer.)  The Na’vi climbed to the shore and turned to watch as the Laughing Ones swam to deeper water.  They were rewarded with a display of aquatic and aerial ballet.
   “Auwe!  They are just like dolphins from ‘Rrta!” exclaimed Ka’alani.
   “Only more beautiful in coloring and fin shapes,” agreed Alekxsi. “But the best thing is that we can join in tsaheylu with these creatures.”
   “And they are relations!” exclaimed Liri’el.  She had suspected that she was related to the Island People because of the construction of her name.  Now she was more certain that she was related to them.   “Ma Ketemenvi,” She asked of the Old Tsahik.  “It seems to me that the Sea Creatures referred to us as their Children.  The old tales suggest that Island People were changed into sea creatures.  Could you explain which is which?”
   “Ma Liri’el!”  (The two had become quite close over the past day.) “It seems to me that Eywa produced Na’vi to live on the land and produced Na’vi to live in the Big Water.  I cannot say which one was created first, and which one was second!  They seem akin to us.  And as other Na’vi would not consider eating ayikran, we do consider eating these creatures.”
   Everyone reclined on the shore, absorbing these words and their rapturous encounter.  The sun, though unseen, managed to warm the air and dry their skins.
   “Oeru sunu fay Hangushamyu”  (I like these Laughing Ones) stated Ateyo in a matter-of-fact manner.
   “I do too!” agreed Ka’alani.  “I can’t WAIT to tell Taifa’ and Tai!  Ka nefa KO!” (Let’s go up!)

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455)~As the aysahik crested the top of the cliff, they noticed a commotion.  Pilots were getting ready to fly the Samsons.  A crowd of people had appeared to see them off.  The Island People, in a gesture of gratitude, presented leaf platters of ayfkxen, fruits which they had brought with them.  They helds fans over the heads of the flyers as they ate, for there was still a thick ashfall.  The fruits were quite different than those found on the mainland.  Tai was grateful that she would not be flying on an empty stomach.  Ka’alani came to see-off her muntxatan, Taifa’ana’e, cousin to Major Tai.  “You fella eat this now.  When you come back, we will have wutzo.” (meal)
   Eyktan Fayri’el was rubbing foreheads with her father, Ketemenvi.
   “Oel ngati kameie, Ma hona sempul.” (I see you, my adorable father.)  “Oel zene hivum mìfa fìlefngapä ikranit fpì nari seri spono ayngeyä.” (I must leave by means of inside this metal ikran, for the sake of seeing our island.) “Slä Ma Sempul, oeyä txe’lan efu’ teya si txopu.” (My heart is filled with fear.)
   The Old Man was patting her reassuringly. “ ‘Efu mawey nemfa ngeyä txe’lan, ma ‘ìte!  (Feel calm in your heart, My Daughter.) “Eywal ayoengati vivewng!” (Eywa will provide!)
   Ateyo watched as the Eyktan Fari’el boarded the Samson with Tai and Jake Sully.  The newcomers, Sharon and Pamela, joined them.  She hadn’t realized that her experience with the sea creatures would be finished before Tai had left.
But the enchantment of speaking with the sea creatures was too strong.  She wasn’t quite ready to move from that experience to that of flying in the lefngapa ikran with Tai.
   Taifa’ana’e was taking Norm, and other ayeyktan in another Samson.  John and Wendy boarded that Samson with Norm and Taifa’ana’e. Ironically, the giant Shuttles were grounded due to the thick ash.  The scramjet engines simply would suffocate and flame out.  Tai had tried to explain this to Ateyo.  She didn’t understand much of it.  But when Tai poked her head out of the cockpit, Ateyo gave Tai a Thumb’s Up. As the engines spooled up huge clouds of ash were stirred into the air.  Ateyo stood at a safe distance, watching the Samsons depart.  She might have liked to go flying in the lefngapa ikran with Tai, but there was still a lot of work to be done.
   “Ma Ateyo!” called a familiar voice.  “Rutxe, srung sivi oeru hu mevi!”  (Please help me with these two kids.)  It was Narate Shepard with her twin boys.  She had become happily married to a young man named, Tsutey’itan, no relation to the Tsu’tey of fame.  Seeing her as a mother with children on her hips was quite a contrast to seeing her as the sniper who eliminated the commander of the remnant RDA force.  She filled both roles perfectly.
   “Tsu’tan and I are building , txula seri, a place for the children to play. Um, tsenge fpì ayevi uvan sivi.  Help me keep these Two busy while we work!  Srung sivi oeru ‘ì’awn ‘ìn mevi akrr,  po sì oe tìkangkem si. Rutxe! PLEASE!”
  “‘TEYO!  Oeru sunu oeyä ‘Teyo!” (‘Teyo! I like my ‘Teyo!) The tykes started rallying for position to be the first one to be cuddled by their Ageless Playmate.  
Ateyo allowed herself to be swarmed by the Two.  “Nìlun! Of course!  Srake, tupeti new ‘uvan seri oehu?”  (Of course!  Who wants to play a game with me?)
     “Oe!  Oe! Ftxey Oe!”  (ME! ME! PICK ME!) kids were jumping up and down gleefully.  Here she was with kids once again! She racked her brains for the ways she kept the kids occupied after the Destruction of the Omatiyaä kelutral.  Pxepxi and Kofi were, more or less, this age when she found them.  She found a stick and drew a circle in the dirt.  They were happily playing Inside-Outside until they bumped heads.  She took them down to the lagoon to build sand mountains and tunnels.  They collected seashells.  They went to the tidal pools and Ateyo showed them which creatures and plants were good for eating.  After a rest in the warm water, they brought their collections in woven bags, back to the ylltxep.  Ateyo happily handed the food items to those doing the cooking.  Mothers happily handed their children to Ateyo. Soon, a line of children were seen to be heading down the path toward the beach again, playing Follow-the-Leader behind Ateyo.
   “Pivey oeri!” (Wait for me!)  Ka’alani had decided to join the others as they walked down the sheltered path to the lagoon.  Aysyaksyuk played overhead among the luminous branches and leaves.  The sound of the surf was distant.  Very few ashes drifted down to the forest floor.
   “Are you going to introduce the children to the dolphins?”
   “Tol-fìns?” asked Ateyo.
   “Ayswirä txampayä a hangham.” (Sea creatures which laugh.)
   “Tolfìns!  Srane!  Oe fpìl tsnì eviru nìwotx sivunu aytolfìn!” (Dolphins!  Yes! I think that all children will like dolphins.) Ulte, aytolphinur lam sunu ayevi, nìteng!” (And, the dolphins seem to like the children, as well.)
   The children had already gathered near the adults and had overheard the conversation.
   “Srane!  Ayoe new slele aytolfìnhu!” (Yes! We want to swim with the dolphins!)
   The children grabbed the hands of Ateyo and Ka’alani and nearly dragged them down the path.  They waded into the water and waited.  And waited.
   “Kxawm, ayfo ke new ‘uvan si ayoehu?” (Perhaps they don’t want to play with us?” surmissed one ‘evi.
   “Kxawm, ayfo ke omivum tsnì ayoeng lu fìtseng.” (Perhaps they don’t know that we are here.) said another child.
   “Kxawm, ayoeng slu syaw ayforu! (Perhaps we should call to them!) said yet another.  Immediately, all the children ducked under water and began immitating the cries.  Some started to swim ‘dolphin-style’ with their feet together.
(Some of them, had already experienced dolphins a few hours earlier.)
   They got to their feet in sputtering disappointment.  “Kxawm, ayfo lu alìm nìhawng.”  (Perhaps they are too far away.)
   The kids looked back and forth at the adults, expecting them to resolve the issue.  
   “Kxawm, ayfo stivawm swey kepam!”  (Perhaps they hear best without sound.)  Ateyo was being indirect on purpose.  The children looked puzzled.
   Suddenly, one’s face brightened.  “Nìvingkop!” (It just occurred to me!) Ayoe zene sivar ayswin ayoengä!” (We must use our tswìns!)
   Without further ado, the children sat, squatted, or floated in the lagoon with their ayswin dangling in the water.  
   “Ma ‘Teyo?  Lu tìyawr tseheyl sivi fayswirähu? Lu tì’ì’evay akrr? (Is it correct to Bond with these creatures? Is it To the End of Time?) asked one of the older kids.
   Ateyo was flummoxed.  She hadn’t given it a second thought when she first Bonded with these creatures!  She responded slowly and carefully.  
  “Ke omum!  Ayfo lam pxel fa’li.” (I don’t know!  They seem like dire horses.)
“Pumil kefmi tsivpang oer!” (One didn’t try to kill me) Slä, tung pumil ftxey ngati.  (But allow One to choose you.)
   Ateyo felt a nudge to her ribs.  Ka’alani was pointing towards the far end of the lagoon.  Spouts of water were rising from the surface as the sleek figures were seen to approach.
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456)~ At mid-afternoon, a happy but exhausted bunch of swimmers hiked back up the trail.  The children had enjoyed imitating the Laughing Sea Creatures, swimming with their feet together and trying to leap from the water.  One ‘eveng had actually tied a large scale from the old sea monster, to his feet.  He had a modicum of success and vowed to improve.  It had been fun to watch and listen to the happy creatures.  Narate’s twins had howled with laughter each time they Bonded with them.
   It had surprised everyone when the ayikran flew overhead.  Ateyo felt guilty to think she had been neglecting Atanvi.  The ayikran had swooped low, the aytolfìn had leapt high.  It almost seemed that they were dancing together, or vying for attention from their riders.  
   But when Ateyo and Ka’alani heard the rotor slap of Samsons, everyone was rounded up and soon a procession of happy Na’vi crossed the footbridge from the landing field, eager to greet the return of the ayswayonyu. (flyers)
   Ateyo waited for the dust to settle.  The ash on the ground compounded the obscuring effect.  Collectively, they watched as the pilots and passengers disembarked and proceded to the Comm Shack.
   Atumopin was the first to approach the Comm Shack as the turbo fan engines wound down.  Ateyo had to check her pace in deference to Eyktan Atumopin.  She and Ka’alani exchanged bemused looks, both knowing how they wanted to share this new experience with their mates.  Ateyo caught Tai’s eye and was rewarded with a wink and a smile.  She knew that she must wait until MAJOR Tai was done with business to get anything more than that!
   Yet she hurried close to overhear the conversations.  Atumopin had walked into the Comm Shack saying, “Oeyä ayswayonyu tolatäw!  Peu aynga nolume?” (My Flyers have returned!  What thing have you learned?)
   Sharon of the UnderSea People responded; “Eywa volewng ayoengur” (Eywa has provideded for us)  “Set ke kin pxaya apxa pxeror ayu.” (Now we don’t need many big exploding things) “Mawkrr txana aysäpxor mifa sì äo ram.” (After many explosions inside and under mountain)
   Atumopin smiled at the valient effort to communicate and thought to herself, “Faysatute ftu äo txampay ‘Rrtayä fmeri pivllte lìfya Na’viyä.  Slä Tìrey liyu ftue nì’ul krra fo plltxe sìltsana nì’ul! (These people from under the GreatWater of Earth are trying to speak the language of the Na’vi.  But Life will be easier when they speak better.)
   Ateyo, also, concealed a smile.  It was difficult to teach these ayhetuwong (aliens)  to THINK like Na’vi, in terms of language- but their Blue Hearts taught them to THINK like Na’vi in terms of Eywa!  

   Eyktan Atumopin nodded to Eyktan Fayri’el and asked of Sharon, “Srake, Tsatsengìri lu kxukx fpì tìtätaw Sponoyä Sute?” (Yes/no, that place is safe for the return of the Island People?)
   “Kehe, Ma Eyktan,” answered Sharon.  “Rutxe pawm sute SAN ‘mawey pey!’ SìK. Ayoeng pivey nulkrr.”  (Please ask the people QUOTE be patient UNQUOTE. We must wait longer time.) “Yer’in ayoe pxeykor ayu äo txampay fpì täkxuke.” (Soon we will cause to explode things under the ocean for the sake of safety.)
   JakeSully concurred.  He explained in Na’vi, “I have told you that these UnderSea People have done as much for  Volkeyno on ‘Rrta, with much success.  They tell me that Eywa will create new islands from the sea after they explode these small things.  I think it is a good idea.”  The words of JakeSully held a lot of weight.  As a former ketuwong (alien) he had proven that some people from Earth have good hearts.  And, could serve the people in unexpected ways.  
   The Koakxtan-Tsahik Ketemenvi, did not miss a chance to reiterate the message from the Laughing Sea Creatures: “Hang-us-hama ayswirä txampayä fpole ayoengaru ‘upxare. Fo plltxe SAN, ‘Oeyä Nawma Sa’nok rolun fìtsenge akxuk fpì ayoe. ‘I’awn fìtsenge ro ulte ayoe eylan lu. SìK.” (The Laughing Sea Creatures have sent a message to us.  They say, QUOTE “Our Great Mother has found a safe place for us here.  Stay and be our friends.” UNQUOTE)
   “Hang-us-hama? Laughing Sea Creatures?” puzzled Pamela.  “You mean like dolphins?” she asked aloud to no one in particular.
   “Srane!  AyTolFìn!”  exclaimed Ateyo. “Aynga sweylu tsaheyl sivi ayfohu!” continued Ateyo.  (We all should Bond with them.)  
Tai gave her the “stink-eye” for interrupting.
   “ììììì, krra aynga tsun ziva’u, nìlun,” she murmured apologetically. (um, when you all can come, of course.) But Ateyo forged ahead, in spite of Tai’s concern.     “Fo nari soli ram atxep äo txampay.  They have see mountain of fire under BigWater. They saying water be hot very much.  Eywal send them all to this place.             Tìefumi oeyä, my feeling is, we all should listen with them soon.”  She looked apologetically at Tai, knowing she had violated some protocol, yet feeling compelled to deliver that message.  If Tai had been offended, that minor breech was soon overlooked due to the enthusiastic response of the UnderSea Renegades.
   JakeSully took the matter into his hands.  “‘Upxarìri ayoe irayo si Ma Tsahik Ateyo sì Ma Tsahik Ketemenvi!” (Regarding the message, we thank you Tsahik Ateyo and Tsahik Ketemenvi.)  Slä lesangnäi ayoel zene nari si ayrelit Ramur Atxep äo Txampayä.  Rutxe, nari si ayoehu!” (But first we must watch pictures of Mountain of Fire under the BigWater.  Please, watch with us!)
   “We have it set up now, Major Tai!” exclaimed Alex Gomez Gordon.  “We have our video tied in to Blue Heart Gate through the uplink that they have to Colonel Tamas’ ISV, Ma’am.  We are ready to roll whenever you are ready to rock. Um, watch.”
   Major Sharon West, remarked under her voice to Major John Williams, “Gee I wonder if they are going to serve popcorn with this double feature?!”  He stifled a guffaw, not knowing that Ka’alani had overheard.  She later returned with a serving of Pxornalor, ‘Jiffy Pop’ and passed it to Sharon during the viewing.
   The video, taken by Alex’s UnderWater Camera/Sensor Devise, ran for an hour and featured close up views of the many vents along the Rift, which had doubled in length since it had been first detected.  Dr. Wade Lutzow pointed out and interpretted the readouts which described the high content of sulphur dioxide.  “Txana lava ro tsatsenge!”  
   “Much lava at that place!  Aytolfìn nari soli nìteng! Tolfins have see this too!” blurted Ateyo.
   “The temperature readings of the sulfur dioxide are in excess of 800 degrees.  Indicating that the magma is exceedingly close to the ocean floor.  And notice that the readings from the devices placed halfway up the volcano, indicate that the volcano’s internal caprock is cooling and thickening.  Because the magma is no longer being forced into it’s chamber, the magma and it’s pressures are migrating directly from the Hot Spot to underneath the Rift for right now.  If we act quickly, we can permanently reduce the pressure underneath the volcano by opening up the Rift with smaller explosions acting as shape charges.”
   Ateyo, Norm, and JakeSully took turns translating these words.  
   Tsayri’el, the daughter of Eyktan Fayri’el asked, “Srake fayoang liyu skä’ä.”  (Yes/No, The fish will be destroyed.)
   “Kehe, Ma ‘Iteyä ‘ìte.” (No, my Daughter’s daughter) interupted Koakxtan Ketemenvi.  “Eywal  ‘eykärìp ayfoti, nìteng txo ayHangushamyu.” (Eywa will cause them to move, the same as the Laughing Ones.)
   “The growing heat might also be driving them to a safe distance,” observed John, wryly.  
   “Same, same.” agreed Major West.
   “Mllte oe Ateyohu.” agreed Tsahik Lamu’ite.  “Ayoe nìwotx sweylu tsaheyl si aytolfìnhu set!”  (We should all Bond with the Dolphins now.)
Sharon, ever self conscious stated, “Ke pxan. I am not worthy.  Oe lu uniltìranyu nì’aw! I am merely a Dream Walker!”
   Ateyo stated triumphantly, “We all having ayswin, Ma S’rron!  Aytolfìn will decide!”
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457)~”Oeru pxelo za’u oe ne txampay fìtrr,” exclaimed Ateyo as she hiked down the trail with Tai and Sharon and the others.
   “Pxelo?” questioned Sharon, unsure of the meaning.
   “Pxey.” and Ateyo displayed three fingers.  “Alo ral TIME.  To me is three time I go to Big Water today.  Oeru sunu frrfn aytolfìnhu.  I like to visit with aytol, ììì, umm, dolfìns.”
   Sharon grinned at Ateyo’s enthusiasm, but she was confused;
   “Fpolìl tsnì lì’u KRR ral TIME.”  (I had thought that the word KRR meant TIME.)
   “Srane!  Yes!  Nìteng lì’u ALO. same as word ALO.”  Ateyo’s explanation went no further.  She was at a loss to describe the difference in usage of the two words.  It seemed that Sharon and the UnderSea Renegade’s would have to infer proper usage from other examples. 
   “You use alo when you say HAY ALO VAY.  ALO is right in the middle; Next Time Until.” offered Ka’alani.
   “Thanks for the tidbit!  That helps a little.”  Sharon was glad to have another Inglìsì speaking person close by.
   “Oeru syaw Ka’alani.  I am called Ka’alani.  I am from Hawai’i, ‘Rrta.  I really confused everyone when I greeted them with, ALO HA!”
   “TIME - SO, IN THAT CASE” laughed Pamela.  “Hawai’i!  So that explains the Lei’s and grass skirt!”
   “That was our last duty station, you know,”  stated Sharon.  “We were actually 11,550 feel Below Sea Level in the trench between Oahu and Kawai’i.  Then we stole a  research jet vehicle from the RDA base at Dillingham, Oahu.  When we left ‘Rrta, all the volcanos around the Pacific Rim were going off.  We used that force to help propel us from the atmosphere.  I guess that makes you the last Hawai’ian, Ka’alani.”  Sharon could not hide the sadness from her voice.
   “Hawai’i had already lost much of it’s beauty when I was young.  My grandmother could barely remember when fish and seafood from Hawai’i was edible.  The rising oceans destroyed the tourist industry on Oahu.  All the hotels on the coast were becoming waterlogged!  Many of us hoped that the islands would return to their pristene existence, but the Navy had OTHER ideas.”  She shuddered visibly at horrible memories.  “When I learned about Pandora I joined the RDA Training Program with the hopes of getting here.  But the same thing was happening here to the Na’vi as was occurring to the Native Hawai’ians.  When Jake and Max lead the rebellion, I became a freedom fighter!  I had TWO homelands to claim vengence for!”  She stopped in her tracks with her hands on her hips and a look of defiance in her eyes.  And even though Ateyo could barely follow the conversation, she too stopped and gazed upon Ka’alani with a look of admiration.  Ka’alani continued, almost only to herself.
   “I might have lost my Hawai’ian home, but I’ve found home here on Pandora.” 
   “I could easily feel that way too,” agreed Sharon.
   Everyone had stopped on the trail and were gazing out over the lagoon.  It was then that they all noticed the dolphin-like creatures leaping out of the water.  They quickened their pace, anxious to emerge themselves into this new life.  Sharon hadn’t even seen Pamela become disrobed.  But she quickly followed suit.  Soon her Flight Suit was draped accross a bush next to Pamela’s.  All the Renegades tossed their Flight Suits aside and waded waist deep into the water.  They had habitually worn aytewng, loinclothes as undergarments, and stripping off FlightSuits was easy with most seams being of velcro!
   Pamela curled her toes into the wet sand and allowed the warm water to suffuse her blue skin.   “Oh my Eywa!  This place is perfection!  Fìtsenge lu kosman! Wonderful!”  she couldn’t think of the word for perfection. 
   But immediately, the group was surrounded by Laughing Sea Creatures.  They each singled out one person, and glided past them, rubbing their bodies against blue skins.  Bottle-nosed beaks broke the surface. Each creature made eye contact as is offered its tswin.
   Sharon looked around doubtfully.  She understood Tsaheylu.  She and Pamela shared the Bond during sexual moments and during other intimate occasions.  She looked up and noticed Ateyo watching her.  Ateyo touched two fingertips together and mouthed the words, Tsaheyl Si. Make the Bond.  Feeling slightly more confident, Sharon took up her own tswin and that of the tolfìn.
   The water of the lagoon was filled with the electric interchange of thought among all creatures.  Imagery cascaded in waves.  Images of Earthly dolphins were transmitted and received.  And understood.  Images of the undersea rift were transmitted.  Actually seeing the widening of the rift and the fury of rising bubbles explained more clearly to the Na’vi, the impending danger.  The alarm conveyed by aytolfìn accentuated this.  Something dangerous was yet to occur.  The safety of the lagoon was a welcome thought.

   One of the Na’vi, perhaps Koaktan Ketemenvi, was projecting an image of a village on the lagoon.  His image was embellished upon by others.  Thoughts of invitation and welcome were shared.  A strange image of ayNa’vi and aytolfìn face to face was curious.  It seemed to be embellished upon enthusiastically by the Undersea Ayhumon.  Some kind of barrier kept the water separated. And yet they could see each other!  It was unclear how this would come to be, but the enthusiasm of the Undersea People was unmistakable.  Other imagery was projected of ayhumon and Earthly Dolphins on either side of this barrier watching each other.  Perhaps an image from the past.  The Earthly dolphins were then substituted by Pandoran “dolphins”.  The Undersea Humons were exceedingly pleased by this notion.  It seemed to be their contribution to this new lagoon village.  Curiosity filled the water.  Images of aytolfìn and ayNa’vi swimming together confirmed the inclusion of these species coexisting.
   Although they were already near the surface, all experienced a change in pressure as though slowly awakening from a dream.  Aytolfìn were spouting water and air from their blowholes.  Low sunlight was sparkling on the lagoon.  Reluctantly, the Bonds were loosened.  The Na’vi slowly bid their farewells butlingered in the water. 
   Sharon sought out Ateyo.   “Teuti!  Ma Ateyo!  Tsa’u lolu txantsan!  Poru set kerame teri oeyä txe’lan!”  (Wow, Ateyo!  That thing was excellent!  To her is now seeing about my heart!)
    Ateyo was pleased.  “Lam ngaru lolu ‘eylan mipa! Mlltxe oe. Lam poru kameie ngeyä txe’lan aean nìteng.  (It appears that you have a new friend.  I agree.  It appears that it SEES your Blue Heart, as well!)
    The water glimmered with luminescent, phosphorescent, plankton and sea weed.  The water remained warm and relaxing.  People were murmuring excitedly about the prospect of starting a village on this lagoon.  But Pamela and Sharon were quietly sharing their own conversation with their ayswin dangling in the seawater.   
   The serenity of the moment was disturbed by Ateyo’s stomach, which growled loudly.  The lagoon seemed to amplify the sound.  Everyone was laughing softly, as they realized how hungry they had become.
   “Ayoeng zene voläw.  Krr yom wutzo atxon.” (We must return. Time to eat meal of nighttime.)
   As if on cue, a huge flock of ayikran descended upon the beach.  They had been watching from the cliffsides of the lagoon and were sorely vexed by all the attention that the sea creatures were stealing.  Jealously, they descended to find their riders.  The largest of them happily accepted the newcomers as passengers.  They screeched with joy as they ascended in wide spirals to the cliff tops.

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458)~  Ateyo was fortunate to be seated upon Atanvi.  From her vantage point she was able enjoy the facial expressions on each of the newcomers’ faces.  She wondered briefly, whether or when, each of these people would get their own ikrans, which also made her think of Pxepxi and wondered if Iknimaya was even relevant for her. 
   Her musings were interrupted by the sound of the conch horn; the call to KrrTxon’ong, the Sunset Ceremony.  Atanvi descended with the other ayikran and their passengers to the narrow spit below.  She could see that most everyone was assembled, waiting for them to arrive.  The sun had nearly been swallowed by the sea.  They were late for the Celebration of Krr Txon’ong!  (Time of Nightime Blossoming, Twilight, Sun Set)
   The ayikran landed near the top of the cliff walls, and the group lost no time in scrambling to the top.  When they joined the others, they were met with the stern eye of Eyktan Atumopin.
  “Tìefumi oeyä aynga polähem stum hawgkrr.” (In my feelings you all have arrived almost too late), she said with a wicked grin.
   “Stum,” replied Ateyo. “Stum.” (Almost.)
   It was then that Ateyo noticed that each tsahik was shaking a spoon at her in reprimand.  She walked the gaunlet with mock bravery and received playful swats from each tsahik as she passed.  The faces of the Renegades, and of the Island People registered at first, shock and then, discomfort.  Then realized that they had just been included in an “inside joke”, and that there was truly no harm done.

   The UnderSea Renegades imitated the others and raised their hands towards the quickly disappearing sun.  The words spoken by the Tsahik of the Ikran Clan of the Eastern Sea, were melodic and soothing.  Sharon caught the words Tsawke, sun and Mipa Eylanìri, (regarding new friends), and Hang-us-hama Ayswirä, (Laughing Sea Creatures.)  She caught the words Nawma Sa’nok, (Great Mother) and ayoeng irayo seiyi, (we thank you very much.)  There were many words she did not understand but she got the gist of the monologue.  It seemed to be a prayerful moment, and though others seemed to have their eyes closed, Sharon, herself, watched through slitted eyelids. 
   The air was then filled with chanting voices punctuated by the sound of the surf below.  They weren’t chanting in unison, each seemed to be wrapped in a personal communication with Eywa, yet the separate voices wove and blended together.  It was all very soothing to Sharon’s soul.  So she nearly startled when she felt hands upon her shoulder.  But calmed herself as Eyktan Atumopin and Tsahik Lamu’ite spoke/or chanted near her.  She struggled to understand the words which they said, and was pleased to hear Atumopin say to her in Inglìsì;
   The Great Mother has sent you and these others from beyond our stars. You must bring all your friends and eat with my family when we are finished here.”

  The UnderSea Renegades were seated near Eyktan Atumopin already, as she had clearly made her claim upon them.  It pleased Sharon to notice that Tai and Ateyo and their group were sitting adjacent to them.  Bonds of friendship were being established, which Atumopin noted with pleasure.  As they finished eating she stood and spoke to the two groups. 
   “Ma mipa soaia! To me is pleasure see that people of my blood is becoming friend with each other.  This thing is good for the reason that you all will be living together near this place.  I am told that all have share dream with ayswirä ahang-us-hama, ììì, syaw aytolfìn, for all live near StillWater.  This thing I see with pleasure for the reason that THIS clan of the Sea will teach new members our ways, and for speak more better!  Ma Eyktan Tai Tae Ao sì ma Tsahik Ateyo will teach Ma Srron sì Ma Pamlala our path.  Aytolfìn will being help for choose all people of this new clan.  Kxawm, perhaps, Ma Tai will now choose a name for this new clan!”
   A great chiding sound came up from among those near Tai Tae Ao.  She was thumped on the back.
   “Guilty as accused.  I have not yet named our tribe by the sea.”
   Eyktan Atumopin’s hard eyes did little to betray the mirth she enjoyed at needling Tai.  There was a time when Tai was so self-conscious about her role as Eyktan of reyfya (culture, way of living) that she would have berated herself at such a mild admonishment.  She simply grinned and shrugged.  Diplomatically, she responded,
   “Nìwotx ayfo zene peng aytukx teri txtso syaw sno.” (They all must tell ideas about the name they wish to call themselves.) Atumopin shook her head yet was smiling.  These ayhumon had such a strange way of leadership!
  It was long after the evening meal.  The new ayuniltìranyu had made their apologies and said their goodbyes.  Their bodies were lying recumbent within the structure which Atumopin had designated for them.
   Ateyo lay within Tai Tae Ao’s arms, speaking quietly about the future: perceptions of the newcomers, ideas about relocating the tribe and naming it.
   “Stum tsamswa’ oel ngati fwa oel pamllte hu Pxepxi fìtrr!” (I almost forgot to tell you that I spoke with Pxepxi today!) admitted Tai.
   “Pxepxi!  Fyape lu kem si?  Srake nga pameng poti fwa oel lom poti?”  (Pxepxi?!  How is she doing?  Did you tell her that I miss her?)
  “Kehe! Ayoe lamu txan ‘in.” (No we were very busy)  Slä poe lam ‘efu am’ake sì seykxel!  Oeru sko san’ok nrra. (But she sounded sure and confident.  As her mother, I am proud!)
   Ateyo nuzzled closer to her muntxate.  It was comforting to know that Tai thought so highly of Pxepxi. THEIR daughter.  What a strange world she was living in now!  As she drifted off to sleep, she wondered how an ikran could fly to an AY ES VI.

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« Reply #459 on: July 23, 2014, 10:40:16 am »
459)~  The sound of the conch shell horn awakened Ateyo from slumber.  She was alone in her sleep-leaf.  Tai must have awakened earlier and proceded about her day’s business.  Unless she was “behind the tree” doing her “business”.  Ateyo scrambled from the sleep-leaf to search her out.
   “Erf!” She grimaced as she flexed her calves.  She was fairly active on a daily basis, but those three treks to the lagoon yesterday, had caused her legs to ache.  And her back, as well.  One of those trips had been accomplished while carrying the twins of Narate Shepard on her hips!
   She must have slept like a rock.  She did not even awaken when the hunting party left.  The structure was empty.  People greeted her as she went outside. Several pointed out that Tai had been seen going to the Comm Shack.
   The UnderSea Renegades were already there when she arrived.  In fact, she nearly collided with Tai and Sharon as they were all leaving to attend the sunrise ceremony. 
   “Rewon lefpom, Ma Ateyo! Srake, nga hivahaw sìltsan?” Good morning, Ateyo!  Yes/no, you slept well?) asked Sharon.
   Ateyo was still recovering from the start she had gotten from bumping into Tai.  She batted her eyes in amazement at the question from the Newcomer, but recovered enough to exclaim,

 “Srane, oe hamahaw fya’o tskxe. Ngaru tut?” (Yes, I slept in the manner of a rock. And you?)  She had uttered the words before realizing that she was speaking to an Uniltìranyu.
   “Tsat lam eyawr.” (That appears correct) responded Sharon with a devilish grin.  Sharon did not need to explain that her Blue Body had been inert, not asleep.  Sharon laughed as Ateyo’s face registered confusion, then surprise.
   “Oe tslolam.” (I had understood.)  “I had forgetting about DreamWalker Body sleep.”  Sharon did not miss the sly exchange of smiles between the couple.  Sharon and Pamela then exchanged smiles, as well.  Perhaps, someday they would both be awarded full Na’vi bodies!
   The ceremony of greeting the rising sun was brief.  While everyone was still there, Atumopin gathered with the other ayeyktan.  Sharon was explaining to them that the pilots of the shuttles had work to do.  Jake and Atumopin then dismissed them.  They would be informed upon their return of any new developments regarding the reorganization of the clans.
   Ateyo was sad to see them leave so soon.  She had lost sleep rehearsing lines of an imaginary conversation! 
   She was able to intercept the smaller of the two women briefly.  “Sop nìkukx, Ma Pamlala. Travel well!  If you see daughter mine, tell her I saying SAN:’I love you and I am proud for you!’ SìK”  Ateyo was pleased to have remembered her Inglìsì.  There was so little opportunity to practice it lately!
   “Nìlun, Ma’Teyo. Of course! Kxawm oe tsun pivllte pohu! Perhaps I can speak with her.”  Pamela gave Ateyo a quick hug for reassurance and trotted off to catch up to Sharon and the other pilots.  She wanted to do this favor for the worried Na’vi mother.  Perhaps it would help to cement the friendship by doing so.


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