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460)~  The Na’vi stood across from the “landing field” cliff and watched as the  three shuttles lifted off and turned toward the rising sun.  
   “Not volcano ash on tsa‘awk, that cliff.  Lefngapa pxeikran have blow all ash away!” exclaimed Ateyo.  It was true.  Whether by design or circumstance, the directional thrust nozzles had blown much of the ash off the flat cliff top.  Ateyo was trying to imagine an ash disposal method that involved less bending and scraping than they all had been doing.  “Them should fly on top of village and blow away all ash!”
   “Them would blow away all our tents!” laughed Ka’alani.  She illustrated her point by using her expressive arms and hands to show the peaked structures being blown away.  Ateyo was not discouraged.  
  “All must staying in cave while blow away ash,” she pouted.

   Their footsteps had been leading them all to the natural amphitheatre where all the meals were shared communally.  The ring of people closest to the ylltxep were the ayeyktan sì aysahik.  Ateyo was pleased to see JakeSully, Neytiri, and old Mo’at.  Mo’at leaned heavily upon the arm of her muntxatan, Mendllzong.  Her very presence seemed to give others encouragement, no matter their ages.
   “Za’u nìprrte’ ulte lawk ayoenghu, ma Eylan.”  (Come pleasureably and confer with us, My Friends.) said Jake as they all approached.  “Ayoeng lu perllte teri aytseng rey fpì ayNa’vi sponoyä.” (We are speaking about places to live for the sake of the Island People.)
   “Srane!” interjected Tsayri’el, the daughter of Ekytan Fayri’el.  “We plan to start out on ikrans to search  along the coastline. We need to set up a temporary home until it is safe to return to our island.  Eyktan Tai, I understand that your village is south of here.  Do you have any recommendations?”
   Tai had followed the conversation until the word for Recommendations.  Ateyo translated this as suggestions.  It pleased Tai that she had been consulted.  
   “Srane.  Slä ayoeng zene run tseng fpì tute äo txampay nìteng.” (Yes. But we must find a place for the Undersea People as well.)
  This time, it was the old Ketemenvi who spoke;  “The Laughing Sea Creatures have shown us an image of a place with a narrow cave opening in a lagoon.  I did not understand all that I saw, but I wonder if you have seen such a place?”  Ateyo translated to Tai.  She in turn, directed the question to Eyktan Atumopin.  Who considered this for while and responded,
   “I too, saw the vision shared by aytolfìn.  The place does not look familiar to me.  I shall ask my ayswayonyu(flyers) if any have seen such a place.  When we all have finished eating Rewon Wutzo (morning meal) we should mount up a searching party.”
   This created a buzz of excitement among all within ear shot.  It surprised everyone then, when Mendllzong stood up next to Mo’at.  It took a few moments until respectful silence was attained.  

   “Ma Mo’at has a worry.  We must hear her!” He sat next to her once more.  Her voice had lost much of its volume, but none of it’s intensity.
   “The Undersea People showed us moving pictures of long ago upon ‘Rrta.  There was a great wall of water that descended upon those people.  Should we not be concerned?”
   Mendllzong repeated the question loudly enough for all to hear, and repeated the question in Inglìsì, as well.
   “Ma Nawma Mo’at.” said Tai respectfully.  S’rron spoke with me about this, because Ma Ateyo had the same question.  The Mountain of Fire is much smaller than the one shown in the Moving Pictures.  The Wave will be much smaller, these cliffs are much higher, like this: she illustrated the cliffs with her upturned hand.  “The Wave” of her other hand simply splashed harmlessly at the bottom of her wrist. “Also, the Wave will not travel in this direction, but away from us.  She gestured out to sea, far to the northwest.
  All who were seated nodded, satisfied with Tai's explaination. Jake turned to Mo'at. 
   “Ma Sa’nok. Srake nga ‘efu nìmwey nì’ul, set?” (My Mother, yes/no you feel peaceful now?)
   “Srane, Ma Jake.  About this Wall of Water, I have no more fears.  I thank you for this.”
   There was a flurry of activity as the ayswayonyu of all clans hurriedly finished their meals and prepared for a new adventure.  Others, though, returned to the domestic duties of cleaning up and maintaining the campsites.  Ateyo almost felt guilty to be running towards her ikran.  Almost.
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461)~ The wind could be felt pressing upon Ateyo’s body.  She experienced the wind, also, pressing upon HER wings.  She experienced the exhilaration of Atanvi, pleased to be in tsaheylu with his rider.  She realized how he had longed for the Bond with her.  She petted and fed him each morning, of course, but they hadn’t flown together lately, except for the short trip last night from the lagoon to the spit of land where they all had bidden the sun farewell.
   It had taken much convincing for Ateyo to be pried away from Tai’s side.  But Tai had convinced her that they could each serve the People best by splitting up.  For the day, at least.  The ayhumon were setting exploding things into the rift, today, so Tai had remained behind at the Comm Shack, and Ateyo had joined the scouting party.
   They were a rather large party.  Tsayri’el, the daughter of the eyktan of the Island Clan had her large ikran.  Ateyo wondered how many ikran riders were from that spono. (island).  She wondered where the other ayikran were now.  Atanvi picked up on her idea, but he had no information to share. 
  Ka’alani, who usually rode behind her muntxatan on his ikran, Atanzaw, had opted to ride upon the back of a tolfìn. Ateyo could see her below, riding astride the sea creature, wearing a wide smile across her face.  The pod of aytolfìn were swimming to a place which Eywa, seemingly, led them towards.  They were fast swimmers, but the ayikran easily outpaced them.  The ayikran compensated for the difference by executing maneuvers that took up space.  Riders were in synchronicity with their ayikran, so they were not startled the by loops and chandels.
   Ateyo wondered how far they had travelled.  They were already passing the village that she and Tai established.  She was remembering Pxepxi’s Coming of Age Ceremony.  It still astonished her to realize that her adoptive daughter was now sailing in the stars above Eywa’eveng in an Ay Es Vi.  She wondered if Pxepxi was looking down from above.  She wondered if she was busy watching the lava under the sea.  She wondered how the mìpa ayuniltìranyu could have lived under the sea.  She had not noticed gills on them.  Maybe they swam like aytolfìn.  She recalled an image from yesterday’s vision.  Aytolfìn and ayNa’vi face to face with a strange  barrier between them.  Yet the aytolfìn were in the water and the aysute, the people, were standing inside a cave. 
   Atanvi was annoyed at these random thoughts.  He sent Ateyo an image that included himself and Pxìwopx Srewyu perched on the cliffs above that cave.
   Ateyo blushed to realize that her fantasizing had excluded her beloved ikran.  She was sending assuring thoughts to Atanvi when she experienced a thrill of discovery which was rippling through the air.  People were shouting joyously. 
   Her sister Twiti Castillo and her Vronko, swooped over to Ateyo and Atanvi calling out, “We found it, Ateyo!  Just like in the vision we all shared!”
   Ateyo followed with her eyes in the direction Twiti was pointing.  In fact, everyone was now pointing toward a slotted mountain which sat far from the shoreline. The vertical crevice was at the back of a sheltered cove separated from the sea by a reef.  Ateyo felt Atanvi searching the reef for a break, an entrance to the cove.  Waves were pounding dangerously against the reef.  Ateyo’s heart was in her throat to see the aytolfìn charging headlong toward the reef with Ka’alani riding in front of them all.  A flash of fear pounded in her head.  They would all be killed!  But before she had time to develop a full panic, she watched as the aytolfìn formed a double column, and surfed their way safely through the narrow opening through the reef.
   Aytolfìn were leaping in the air.  Ayikran were wheeling in mad circles above them.  There was reckless joy as the dolphin-like creatures raced around the deep lagoon.  Ayikran headed directly for the slotted cave, establishing perches for themselves where their riders could safely disembark.
   Eventually, all the people were standing on the beach in front of the cave entrance.  By the marks along the cliff face, it was easy to see that the cave would be completely covered at high tide.  How could this possibly function as a home?   
   “We couldn’t use this cave during high tide,”  mentioned Twiti.  Tsayri’el and some of her Islanders seemed to be discussing the same idea.  They were pointing out the high tide water marks along the cave’s exterior.
   “This is a simple thing,” Tsayri’el exclaimed.  “No one would live here.  This would be the ylltseng fpì ulta si.” (communal place for discussions)
   It was midday.  The sun was illuminating the white sandy floor of the slotted cave, beckoning for exploration. 
   The ayketse of Ateyo and Twiti  flashed as they ran together down the length of the cave. The cavern was more spacious inside than it appeared from the outside.  It seemed to Twiti that it had been formed by an enormous gas bubble.  The walls curved far overhead. 
   “Kaltxì!” shouted Ateyo and Twiti from high upon the walls.  They had ascended one of the many natural trails.  Although they were  twenty meters away and ten meters above the others, they sounded immediate and proximate.  Twiti appreciated the sonic dynamics of the natural dome. 
   “Srake, ayngal oeti tsun mikun sivi set?” (Can you all hear me now?) called out Twiti to the Na’vi whom had started to climb the various trails along the inner walls. 
  “Srane!”  they all replied in astonishment.  They each had heard her voice as though she had been standing beside each one personally. 
   There were many indentations, alcoves, niches, nooks and crannies along the walls.  Most were large enough to seat three or four persons, some disappeared into darkness as they bore into the cave walls.
   “Nari si!”  Taifa’anae pointed to the far end of the cave, high upon a trail.  How you fella say ESCAPE HATCH in Na’vi?!”  By this time, Ateyo and Twiti had scrambled to that location and stood at the mouth at the back entrance.  It was wide enough that five or six could have stood shoulder to shoulder.  The two both proceeded out the opening and out of sight, but quickly returned. 
   “Za’u nìprrte’.  Fìtsenge lu alor!”  (Come pleasurably.  This place is beautiful!) They both left excitedly, without waiting to see who had followed. 
   Before them was a series of tiny waterfalls, sparkling down the surrounding cliffs.  Luscious, colorful foliage, and many Trees of Voices decorated the walls.  The voices of singing creatures filled the air with splendor.  Soon, other Na’vi came out and joined them. 
   Ka’alani was almost in tears.  Her muntxatan, Taifa’anae took her into his comforting arms.  “Why you fella cry?” he cooed into her ear.
   “It is just so beautiful!  I wish my Tutu could see it.  She always mourned the death of the Beauty of Hawai’i.  She thought I would never see anything that resembled the old photos.”
   The Island People hardly took notice of the Two.  They were excitedly speaking to one another and gesturing all about them. They all agreed that this would make a wonderful place to settle, either temporarily or long term.
   A cooking fire was set up.  Quickly, seafood was gathered from the tidal pools in front of the cave.  A meal was eaten to fuel them all for the return journey. 
   “ ‘O’! This is excitement for telling Ma Tai!” exclaimed Ateyo.  Twiti gave Ateyo one of her spontaneously joyful hugs as a statement of agreement.
   “To arrive at the Clan of the Eastern Sea by nightfall, we should leave soon,” suggested Tsayri’el.  Her voice had a commanding tone, but her eyes betrayed a wild excitement as well.

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462)~ “Nari si tsapìwopx!” (Look at that cloud!) exclaimed Taifa’.  They all were standing atop the slotted cliff.  All eyes followed the direction of his pointing arm.  A towering cloud was building rapidly to the north-north-east.
   “Yrrap? A storm?” asked Twiti.
   “Kehe. Oe fpìl kea.  No. I think not.” replied Taifa’.  His hair was loose, as usual, and was fluttering in the breeze.
   “Srane, oeru lu pom rrpom” (Yes/no, to me is the sound of thunder), contradicted Ateyo.
   “Fpìl tsnì tsapom lu aypor’uä.  I think that that sound is of exploding things,” commented Taifa’, translating for himself  in case his Na’vi was incorrect.
   “Nìlun!” (Of course) agreed Ka’alani.  “The UnderSea People said they were going to crack open the undersea rift.  That is the steam, Lu yapay, caused by the hot lava moving through the colder water.”
   Words of assent came from Those of the Island Clan.  Some of the Elders had previously described such a phenomenon, having viewed lava flows from the volcano in times past.
  Tsayri’el informed them all, “Oeyä Sanok pollte, San: ‘Krra tskxe atxep slu wur, tsatskxe slu atxkxe.’ SìK” (My Mother has said, QUOTE: ‘When the stone of fire becomes cold, that stone becomes land.’ UNQUOTE).   
   Ateyo was about to scoff at such a preposterous notion, but Ka’alani was agreeing with her.
   “Srane, oe tsole’a nafi‘u nìteng krra Oe ramey mì Hawai’i  ‘Rrtayä.” (Yes, I have seen such a thing when I lived on Earth’s Hawai’i.)
   “Tse, ayoe rä’ä ‘ì’awn fìtsenge perllte’ teri fì’u. Makto ko!” (Well, we mustn’t stay here talking about it.  Let’s Ride!”)  Taifa’ana’e grabbed Ka’alani by the hand.
  “Sweylu ayoeng win säpi. It is best if we all hurry,” he said, remembering how much slower the dolphin creatures swam.  Ka’alani must have agreed, because, happily, she swung up behind him atop Atanzaw.

   “YAWO” (air launch!)  The voices of ayNa’vi crowed triumphantly as their ikrans climbed into the sky.  The ikrans protested being headed toward the growing steam cloud and muffled explosions, however distant.  Reassuring thoughts from their riders eased their concerns.  Yet the ayikran were conveying a sense of DANGER!, so the riders also sent reassuring images of the sheltered lagoon near the Eastern Sea.  Reluctance became sureness, and soon everyone was flying back to the Ikran Clan of the Eastern Sea.                                                                                                       
   The sun was only one hand above the horizon when they returned.  Already people were assembling upon the narrow spit of land to say Farewell to the Sun and Greet the Evening.  The riders all scrambled from their ikrans once they had landed on the cliffs, and joined the crowd.  The people of Tai’s clan were drawn toward the Underwater Clan of Mipa Ayuniltìrantoxk.  Ateyo was nearly vibrating with excitement as she stood near Sharon.  She maintained a calm exterior as she thanked the Sun for its warmth.  But she could hardly wait to share the news of their discovery.  She motioned Sharon to bend closer and whispered loudly;       “Ma Srron! Ma Pamlala!  We have finding of good place for a new village! I telling more later!”   

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 463)~As the People returned to the ylltxep, the communal fire, Ateyo excitedly described the Slotted Cave to Tai and Sharon.  She walked hand in hand, with her muntxate, Tai.  And even though her she gripped Tai’s hand, her kxetse whipped about in an excited and expressive manner.  Her animated telling was interrupted by the smell of wood smoke and cooking food.
   Yllwutzo, the communal meal, consisted of roasted fish, accompanied by roasted fkxen and spxam. (fruits, veggies and mushrooms) Ka’alani and Ateyo took turns describing the slotted cave, between bites of food.
   “Srane! Ayoeng zene nari sivi fìtsenge!” Yes we must see this place, agreed Wendy, who had forgotten the word for Cave.
   But as the meal came to a close, Neytiri stood up and gained the attention of all.   
   “Ma Nawma Tsahik Ateyo.  Fì’u lu txantsan fwa aynga rolun steng suteru äotxampayä. (It is well that you all have found a good place to live for the Undersea People.)   Ngian, lu letsranten fwa ayoenga nume ftu faysuteru nìteng, lavateri äo txampay.  (However, it is important that we learn from these same people, about undersea lava.”)

  “Nìlun, Ma Nawma Tsahik. Nìaw’ve peng aynga nìsweylu.” (Of course, Great Tsahik.  It is best if they speak first.)  She felt her muntxatan’s kxetse tickle her waist as Tai wrapped her tail around her.  Looking up, she caught a bemused smile upon Tai’s face.  The Great Story Teller Ateyo had been temporarily quieted!
     JakeSully reminded everyone that Sharon and her UnderSea People had just completed their task of breaking open the ocean floor, as one splits a rotten log in search of seylu, grubs. (The analogy was useful to the Na’vi who had each performed this task with wedges and stone hatchets) allowing much lava to boil up from the ocean floor. “Ngerop ayspono amip.” (Creating new islands)
   “Fnu volkeyno mì spono ayngeyä. Silent volcano on your island”, explained Sharon.  A great cheer went up from the crowd, especially from the Island Na’vi. 
   Sharon could hear the word, PEHRR and was puzzled.  She had forgotten that PE indicated a question and the KRR was modified as HRR.  By the time she had figured out the word, she realized that people wanted to know WHEN, WHAT TIME, they could return, TäTXAW, to their SPONO, island.

   “Tì’efumì ayoengä,  syeylu pey sì nari sivi pekem hu lava sì volkeyno pxetrr ftu set.” (In our opinion, it is best to watch what action with lava and volcano three days from now.)  The wording was awkward, but after a few moments, Ateyo came up with a satisfactory translation. 
   “Srake.  Tätxawìri lu kukx pxetrr?” (Yes/No. Regarding the return is safe in three days?), asked Eyktan Fayri’el.
   “Kxawm. Slä nì’aw txo volkeyno ‘ì’awn fnu.”  (Perhaps.  But only if the volcano remains quiet.) cautioned Sharon. “I imagine that Blue Heart, and the ISVs will have a lot of work for us to do over the next two days concerning our work with the volcano rescue mission, and then the members of our ISV will need to be brought down here so that they can all join their olos.”
   There was excited murmuring from the crowd, though Neytiri soon gained the attention of all as she addressed the Undersea Renegades.
   “By your efforts, you have made the island more safe for the People.  For this, we are all grateful. Kxawm, Eywa tiving ayngaru Na’viyä aytokx akrr aynga lu alaksi.”
   Ateyo, ever helpful, added a translation.  “Perhaps, Eywa give to you all Na’vi bodies when you be ready.”  She grinned in anticipation of the pleasure this opinion would convey.

   Sharon raised her hand and was recognized by Neytiri.  Sharon stood up and said,  “Oe kerangal tsnì mok Eywaru kemsi fìkem ne oe srekrr.  (I don’t wish that suggest to Eywa to do this thing to me before time.)  Oe nì’aw rangal tsnì oe lu pxan uniltìirantokx vaykrr tsat lu eyawr.”  (I only wish that I am worthy Dreamwalkerbody until time that is correct.)
  From the look on Neytiri’s face, it was obvious that she had to struggle with Sharon’s awkward phrasing of the Na’vi language.  Eyktan Atumopin glanced over at Ateyo, who was obviously juggling the words around in her head. 
   “Ma Ateyo,” spoke Atumopin, “Fpi ayNa’vi nìwotx, Nga kar S’rron, sì Pamlala, sì Yon, sì Wendi Na’vi lì’fya aswey.  Fya’o sweylu nga kì’ite sivi ayNa’vi.”  (For the sake of the Na’vi people, you teach Sharon, Pamela, John and Wendy the Na’vi language best.  In this manner, you may best serve the People.)
   Ateyo beamed with pride to be chosen for this task.  She and Tai had already made fast friends with these four.  “Oe kem sivi fì’u nìprrte’! I will do this thing in pleasurement!”
   JakeSully clapped his hands together in a gesture of finality.  “Tse!  We have that problem resolved!”  There was polite giggling from the crowd.

    “Hey!  Aren’t we going to host a Shrimp-Fest!?” asked Pamela as way of a reminder.
   “Srane!  Nìlun!,” reassured Sharon.  “We can bring down the Shrimp Shuttle and host a party.  The Shuttle can be used to transport the Island People back to their Spono.”
   “Ma S’rron.  What is Tsrimp Fest?”  asked Ateyo, carefully attempting to say the word, yet lacking familiarity with the SH sound.
   “Hì’ìa ayswirä txampaya fwa ftxilor!  (Tiny sea creatures from Earth which are tasty) explained Pamela.  She wasn’t sure how to explain that they raised them on board as they travelled across the stars!  “Ayoe zamunge fayswirä ftu ‘Rrta.”  (We brought those creatures from Earth.)
   “We can have a great ftxozä!” exclaimed Sharon. “Colonel Hill said that he would like nothing but a skeleton crew on the ISV, to run the link chambers and maintain life support systems in about 72 hours,” added Sharon.   

   Ateyo was clever enough to have remembered that SKELETON CREW was a term that caused much confusion when she had first heard it.  She motioned for Sharon to bend down and whispered, “A party of sets of bones?” Ateyo was picturing the grounds where all animals were skinned before cooking.  She wondered how this could be relevant.  It took a long time to sort out the proper translation.  Eventually, it became known that everyone from the ISV’s would be coming down for the ftxozä.
   “Ma S’rron!  Srake, nìreng oeyä ‘ite takllte sivi yer’in?”  (Sharon!  Yes/no. My daughter also will come down soon?)
   “Srane, Ma ’Teyo.  Oe fpil fwa nga lu eyawr.”
   “YAHOO!”  No one had to translate the exuberant response!

   It was only a short while later that Ateyo watched Sharon and Pamela approach JakeSully and Neytiri.  She poked Tai in the ribs to be certain that she, too, was watching.
   “I wonder what they telling?”  she asked her muntxate.
   “Fmawn asìltsan lam, Ma hona Yawnetu.  (News which is good, it appears, my adorable Beloved), replied Tai as she wrapped her wife in her arms.

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      464) As soon as Sharon and Pamela had returned to their seats, Ateyo was upon them;
   “Yes/no? Daughter mine to home will return soon?”
   “Srane!” replied Sharon.  “Ulte ayngar lu ftxozä nìteng.  And to us all a celebration as well.”
   “Tsrimp fest!” exclaimed Ateyo.  She was proud of herself to have remembered the term.  But mostly she was excited to know that her adoptive daughter was returning from her trip to the ISV.
   “We will show everyone the moving pictures of the volcano island. “ explained Sharon, wondering how to say SHOW in Na’vi.  “Ayrel arìp sponoru volkeynoä.”
   This announcement was met with a delighted response from Ateyo, so Sharon was pleased that her phrase was understood, though probably inaccurate.  She and Ateyo began fielding questions from the ayNa’vi about the island and about the moving pictures.  Some of the Islanders expressed dismay and confusion at viewing the video feeds.  Other Na’vi were able to explain this phenomenon of tek-nol-lotsi.  The Islanders were appeased to know that they would soon be seeing images of their island.  Some even suggested that they be shown the images now!
     “Ayoeng kempe sivi tsau set.  Ayoeng zene tätxaw ne ayoengä Ay Es Vi.  Tanhìt-sìp.  Ayoengä aytirea zene tätxaw ne ayoengä aytxok alahe.”  (We cannot do that thing now.  We must return to our ISV. Starship.  Our spirits must return to our other bodies), explained Pamela.  The concept was still disquieting for the Island People to conceive, and they began to murmur.
     “These Star People have helped to save our island,” explained Eyktan Fari’el to her Islanders.  “It is clear that their tek-nol-lotsi has helped us.  Their tek-nol-lotsi causes them to live in other bodies, as JakeSully once was.  Their ways are strange, but they have already demonstrated their love for the people.  Let them do what they must do.  We can return home when the island and the ocean is ready for us to return.” 
   It pleased Eyktan Fari’el to see that some of the Islanders joined a small entourage which accompanied the Shuttle Crews back to their  Comm Shack.  As they walked, Sharon assembled a sentence and shared it with the crowd.  “Ayoeng tivatxaw hu eylan alahe fte ayforu tsivun ulta sayi angeyä soiaia.” (We will return with friends so that they can meet their families.)
   “Srake, ayngal tswivayon nemfa Rrpom-sìpit.” stated Ateyo, who, at this point, was showing off her knowledge of things technologic.  (Yes/No, you all will be flying inside the Thunder-Ship.)
   “Srane!” laughed Megan.  “Tivatxaw ro fìtsenge maw tsawke za’u nefa.”  (We will return after the sun comes up.)
  Ateyo nodded enthusiastically.  “I will take these people more safe far.”  She gave Pamela and Sharon hugs.  And Wendy and John.  Several minutes elapsed while hugs were exchanged.  But eventually, Ateyo and Tai led the Na’vi across the footbridge and back to the ylltxep.  A long while afterward, the shuttles were seen to lift-off and slide away under the moonlight.

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465)   As the txonä wutzo was finishing up, people started discussing the upcoming ftxozä.  A recurring topic of conversation was heard:
   “Many people will be here to celebrate the Quiet Volcano and Island Newcomers and Star People.  What kind of celebration can be had without Kava!?  We should go to our clans and return with plenty Kava for celebrating.”
   Ayeyktan and aysahik of the clans spoke with JakeSully.  It was decided that, in the morning, several ayswayonyu (fliers) would be dispatched to those clans which were not present, with invitations to join the upcoming ftxozä. (and a message to bring many skins of Kava.) 
   Excitement was high within the camp and it was many hours before people began to wander off to find snomo, a personal space, for sleeping.  Many chose to sleep in the sparkling sand under the stars, with the surf pounding on the cliffs below.  Naringä ayNa’vi, (forest Na’vi) being accustomed to sleeping under a canopy of leaves, created  lean-tos of driftwood and nets.  Among those encamped near Ateyo and Tai were some of the Island People who had traveled with the expedition to the Slotted Cliff.  New friendships were forming.
   “Srake, fpìl ngar tsnì faysute sponoyä ftivey ‘iv’awn ro mìpa tsray, Ma Tai?”  (Yes/No, do you think that island people will choose to stay at the new village.), asked Ateyo of her muntxate.)

   “Kxawm.  Ni’aw ‘awe tute, fu mune.  (Perhaps.  Only one person or two.)  Ateyo was thinking of inviting Syulang Aean to join their village.  She was from the Island and it was surprising to see that she travelled alone.  She and Ateyo had become friends while searching for the mipa kelku, new home, for The Undersea Renegade Star People.  She was one of the few Island People who had an ikran large and strong enough to have made the long flight to the Ikran Clan of the Eastern Sea.
   Ateyo had an idea:
   “Ma Syulang.”  she whispered hoarsely.  “Srake nga lu hahaw?” (Yes/No. Are you asleep?)
  A sleepy voice replied,  “Stum ke.” (barely)
   “Srake nga new tsivwayon fte ulta seri merrpomtsìp rewonmì?”  (Yes/No, do you want to fly for the purpose of meeting the two thunder ships in the morning?)
   “Srane! Tsa’u lam ‘O’!  Nìlun!  Oe new kivä!  Oeyä ikran lu txur!”  (Yes! That seems exciting!  Of course I want to go!  My ikran is strong!)
   “So ha’! (That’s great!)  “Nìtram oe tsnì new nga za’u ayoenghu!”  (I am happy that you want to come with us.) said Ateyo.
   “Oe new ulta si tsasute rey kìp sanhì nìteng äotampay.”  (I want to meet these people who live among the stars as well as under the sea.)
   “Ma Syulang?”
   “Srane, Ma Ateyo?”
   “Tivätxaw nga ne spono ngeyä fu rey ayoenghu?” (Will you return to your island or live with us?) asked Ateyo.

  “Oeru nìprrte’ rey awsiteng ayngahu!  (I would like to live together with you all!)  “Txo alahe sute mllte.” (If the other people agree.)
  “Mllte oe!” said Taifa’ and Ka’alani simultaneously.  “Ayoe sponoyu zene ‘ì’awn awsiteng!” (We Islanders must remain together!)  Everyone who had been on the excursion realized that Ka’alani and Syulang had already become acquainted, using island living as a point of commonality.  And Taifa’ had made her acquaintance through Ka’alani.  Tai had met Syulang briefly, during the evening meal.  (She had been in the Comm Shack when everyone had returned from the excursion.) 
   “Ngal ulta siyi Suteti ftu äo Txampay rewonmì.”  (You will meet the people from UnderSea in the morning), reassured Ateyo.  “Ayoengal tsun atxele sivi aynga trray.”  (We all can ask them tomorrow.)

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466)~ The morning light was sudden on the horizon, immediately awakening the sleepers from their warm beds of sand.
   “Tìng pom * Tìng pom * Tìng pom” was heard between the couples.  Mendllzong, in his nest with Mo’at, was delighted at the memory of the cuckoo clocks from his childhood.  He wondered which uniltìrantokx had introduced that tradition.  He was rewarded by Mo’at’s curious smile when he awakened her in like fashion.  Emerging from their netted hideaway, he carried her in his arms to the finger of land what reached into the waves.  He was glad of his younger, stronger, avatar body.  It made carrying her an easy task.  He was grateful also, that the spit of land was tall enough that the waves didn’t splash them much.
The shell horn was sounding as he placed Mo’at upon her feet.  It startled her to hear two loud sonic cracks.
   Immediately, the younger aysahik gathered around her.  He noticed though, that Liri’el was also spending more time with Koaktan Ketemenvi, Sponoyu.  He wondered if she and Norm would be spending time with the Islanders.  Perhaps, eventually.  The one called Alekxsi was very close to Mo’at.  She was the muntxate of the humon called Wayd Lutzow, who studied rocks.  Alekxsi was always sharing the energy of pretty rocks with Mo’at.  He believed that Mo’at drew strength from those experiences.  With a shudder, he wondered what all these tsahiks would do once Mo’at had passed.  As though in tsaheylu, Mo’at reached for his hand reassuringly.
  She wondered in what manner Eywa would care for her sweet, funny, and deeply spiritual muntxatan once she returned her energy to Eywa.
   The morning ceremony, this time, did not contain pleas and supplication.  Instead, the air was filled with wordless humming, tìng lawr.  Before he knew it, Neytiri and Jake were kissing them each on the cheeks.  They bid their, ‘Eywa Ngahus’ and trotted together across the footbridge toward the Comm Shack and Landing Field.  AyNa’vi and Ayuniltìranyu were heading toward their ikrans.  He wished that he could fly an ikran, but he had chosen another path.  Again, Mo’at’s hand rearched out to his.  She smiled at him with gratitute and love.  Ah!  He had chosen THIS path: with Mo’at!

    Jake and Neytiri were beating their way back across the footbridge from the Comm Shack.  Quickly, Jake surmised that people were about to disperse.  “Fo lu za’eru!  Makto ko!  Fo lu za’eru!  Makto ko!”  (They are coming. Let’s ride!)  Syulang Aean was running down the jagged slope with many other ayswayonyu.  Laughing, she leapt through the air and landed upon the shoulders of her beloved ikran.
   “YAWO!” she shouted. Air Launch!  The others were crowding into the sky.  She hoped that her ikran had warmed up his wings in the rising sun.  That was one of the things she missed about her island.  She could see across the small inlet and watch all the ayikran warming their outstretched, colorful, leathery wings.
  “ ‘O’ ” Exhilaration!

   She had heard the two sonic cracks.   This, she was coming to learn, meant that two thunderships had entered the air around Eywa’eveng.  She was pleased that the strange thunderclaps had not aborted the Kaltxì Seiyi Tsxakeru, Greeting of the Sun.  But now, they were all flying to greet the thunderships in the sky.  She grinned to herself as she quickly recalled how much her life had changed since the StarPeople had come to her island. She had even flown inside of one of those metal dragons. Trä-con.  She tried out the word she had learned.
   She looked around her and saw Tai on her big ikran, followed by Ateyo upon her smaller beast.  She recognized Taifa’ and Ka’alani, and Twiti and her muntxate, Zina(?) She couldn’t quite recall the name.   But her thoughts were interupted when the fliers around her began to cheer.
   Two tiny specks on the horizon rapidly grew in size.  The thunderships had circled around once they had entered the atmosphere and they could be seen approaching quickly.  Elation!  She was confused by the flood of energy.  It seemed like tsaheylu, but her ikran was as pleasantly puzzled as she.  Ateyo and Tai seemed especially excited, as well as their ikrans.  Syulang could not explain exactly what she was experiencing, but it seemed to her heart that she was recognizing old friends.  Elation!
   Jake and Neytiri took the lead as escorts.  Syulang could see the ayuniltìrantokx within the Lefngapa Träcon.  The One was gesturing Oel Ngati Kameie, to Tai and Taifa’.   Syulang was almost disappointed.  She had hoped to catch a glimpe of a tiny humon!  But, she remembered offering fkxen, fruits and vegetables, to this same person.  She was elated when the woman who was flying gestured to her. There seemed to be a moment of shared recognition.
   Syulang Aean met Ateyo and Tai as they dismounted their ikrans on the cliffside.  They all followed Jake and Neytiri across the footbridge toward the Comm Shack and landing field.  Great clouds of sand were whirling around.  She noticed again how matter-of-factly, the ayNa’vi reacted to such a phenomonal arrival.  Those were such loud things.  She doubted if she would ever get used to those.
   They seemed to wait for centuries for the sand and dust to settle, but eventually, part of it dropped down.  She joined the surge of curious onlookers.
Peering upwards she could see within.  Seated along the walls were many ayuniltìrantokx.  But no ayhumon.  She didn’t have time for disappointment.  Everyone had begun to gesture Oel Ngati Kameie, but the Na’vi were also creating a path for Jake and Neytiri.  She watched but could hardly hear the exchange.  HER flyer was standing next to another uniltìrantokx who obviously held some rank, perhaps the Eyktan of the Tanhìsìp.  He was making a long speech to Jake and Neytiri be means of introduction, she supposed.
   Eventually, Jake and Neytiri turned and walked down the metal path.  The Eyktan of the Tanhìsìp turned to his ayuniltìrantokx and made a speech to them.  He turned and began to walk down the metal path, followed by pukapa awswayonyu, six flyers, one of whom was HER Flyer.  She thought that she might lose sight of these newcomers, but Ateyo rushed forward and even ran backwards as she invited them to sit closest to the ylltxep, communal fire, where all guests and ayeyktan would sit.

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467)~ Crackling fire and wood smoke combined with the savory smells of roasted meats and fish.  Scrumptious morsels were wrapped in seaweed and passed around on leaf platters and in large seashells.
  More Na’vi had entered the Meeting Place, for the most part, sitting by clan. 
   People were exchanging names and becoming acquainted.  Ateyo was certain that her new friend, Syulang Aean, would join their olo’.  However, Syulang had stated her curiosity and admiration for The UnderSea People who had also lived among the stars.  Although Pamela was muntxate of Eyktan S’rron, she was not trained as tsahik.  Syulang, having been trained by Tsahik Ketemenvi, could act as advisor, or surrogate. She was asking Ateyo how she should broach the subject when, suddenly, things got quiet in the natural bowl that formed the Community Meeting Place.
   After a minute or so, those on the front row saw Mendelson carrying Mo’at to just in front of the Ylltxep.  Though she was being carried, she had not lost her dignity nor graceful power.  She motioned for Neytiri to stand next to her. Mo’at, and her ‘ìte stood solemnly, while Atumopin, and all the ayeyktan, and aysahik sat on the front row.
   Once everyone was in place, Mo’at gave her muntxatan a kiss on the forehead, and he also, sat down in the front row.

   “Tsa tutee lu Nawma Tsahik Mo’at, sa’nokä Tsahik Neytiri,” informed Ateyo in a hoarse whisper.  (That woman is the Great Tsahik Mo’at, mother of Tsahik Neytiri.)

   Mo’at swept her gaze across those assembled in the Ultxayä Tseng, and began.
“Ma S’rron. Rutxe oeyk kllkem nefä ayswayonyu apukap”. (Please cause to stand up the six flyers”.
   Mo’at turned slowly, and graciously toward the six mipa Na’vi, who crewed the two Shuttles, whom Sharon had urged to stand.
“Faysute swolayon lefngapa ayrrpomsìp asawl, ulte olek ram atxep slu snu.”
Mo’at nodded to Neytiri, who translated for her.
“My mother says, Quote, ‘These people have flown metal Thunder Ships and have caused the mountain of fire to become quiet,’ Unquote.”
Mo’at continued, “Hufwa ayoe lamu kelaw fì’u pe kem sayi, aynga wotìntxu fwa TEK-NO-LO TSIìri  lu lesar nì hawn ayNa’vi. Sponoìri set lu zong tseng ta rey. Ulta mawkrr ayoe yolom wutzo ayoenga sponoìri wintxuayrel arìp.”
   “Mother says, Quote, Although we were uncertain how they would do this thing,
TEK-NO-LO-TSI, is useful to protect the Na’vi.  As for the island, it is now a safe place to live, and later, after we have eaten our meal, they will show moving pictures of the island, Unquote”.
  A sudden low, short, conversation in somewhat hushed tones of both surprise, wonder, and joy, erupted from many in the crowd gathered at the Ultxaya Tseng. Understanding the mood of the Na’vi, Mo’at allowed it to go on for a few minutes. Two Na’vi brought out a handmade chair for her to sit on, which she accepted, raised her hands for quiet, sat down,  and continued.
  “Faysute apukap oleyk Eywar ‘efu prrte’. Oel omum fì’u talunta nìwotx ayikranit omum fì‘u! Nìwotx ayswayonyu omum talunta ayikran ayngeyä tsaheyl sì awsiteng!”
“Mother says, quote, ‘These six people have caused Eywa to feel pleasure. I know this for the reason all ikran know this. All Flyers know this for reason they were in the bond together,’ unquote.”
Mo’at continued speaking, “Ulta pukapa faysute ‘ìpuyu fpolìl tsnì ayoe keomum fì’u!”
The crown EXPLODED in laughter that lasted for half a minute, until Neytiri quieted them down, and explained to the mipa Na’vi, and ayuniltìrontokx;
“Mother said, quote, ‘And these six silly people had thought we did not know this thing’, unquote.”
   Mo’at smiled at the six flyers in a manner as would a mother, at a young child trying to hide something from her, and said, “Eywa lrrtok soli mì faysute, ulte ma S’rron polltxe fwa aytokxìri Humonä tolerkup fo lu Na’vi ningay! Oel ayngati kameie!”
  Before the crowd could get wound up, Neytiri translated, “Quote, ‘Eywa has smiled upon these people. S’rron has said that their humon bodies have died. They are Na’vi only! I see you all!’ unquote.”
   Neytiri now paused for the crowd to respond. There was a spontaneous eruption of “Oel ngati kameie” and “Seykxel sì nìtram”.  People were reaching for, and touching these six, welcoming them as newcomers.   
   The Islanders, unaccustomed to ayuniltìrantokx, were confused about the significance of the loss of human bodies. Once they realized that these people no longer had to share one soul with two bodies, they too, marvelled, and joined in the happy congratulations.
   “Ma Frapo!”  JakeSully asked for everyone’s attention.  He spoke in both languages, sentence by sentence.  “Each of these uniltìranyu have blood from Na’vi here among us.  Please help them find their clans.  I’m certain that there will be ceremonies in the near future.  But for now, FTXOZä KO!”

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468)~  “Ma S’rron. Fìtute lu Syulang Aean, ftu sponoyä Na’vi.  Poeru lu syaw tstxo nìteng na oeyä sa’nokä tsmuke.”  (Sharon. This woman is Syulang Aean, from the Island People.  To her is called the same name as my mother’s sister.) 
   “Oel ngati kameie, Ma Syulang.” said Sharon, gesturing properly.
   “Smon nìprrte’ , Ma S’rron.  Oeru nivew ulta seiyi ayfkxo a rey kip sanhì sì  äotxampay nìteng!”  (Pleased to know you, My Sharon. I have been wanting to meet those who live among the stars and undersea as well!)
   Before they could begin a conversation together, Kristy Castillo interjected,
   “Ma Ateyo, Oe fpolìl tsnì pum syaw Tsahik Meykir, kefyak?” (My Ateyo, I thought that that One was called Tsahik Meykir, isn’t that right?)
   Ateyo had already introduced Syulang to Twiti Castillo while on the excursion to the Slotted Cave.  So she drew her by the wrist into the conversation.
   “Srane, po lu syaw Tsahik Meykir, ngian tstxo angay lu Syulang Aean.”  (Yes, she is called Tsahik Meykir, however, her true name is Syulang Aean.) 
  “Lam tsnì fìtstxo lu etrìp takip Na’vi sevina Tsmukeru!” (It appears that this name is  favorable among the Na’vi for a pretty Sister) said Pamela, who was obviously not flirting.
   Syulang blushed a lovely magenta hue at the compliment.  She did not know exactly how to respond.   Luckily, everyone was distracted by the distant calls of watch keepers.  Their voices soared from above the treetops inland, blending in an oddly discordant fashion.  It was not a warning call of danger, but rather an announcement.  The ground rumbled with the sound of approaching hooves. 
   “Ayfa’li zera’u!  Olo’ Tìtxikx Tìpxen za’u.”  People started to call out.  (The Dire Horses are coming.  Clan  Tìtxikx Tìpxen has come!) The gathered clans looked across the open fields behind their encampment.  Thundering out of the Na’ring, a large group of aymaktoyu fa’liyä appeared at full gallop.  The riders could be heard whooping and hollering to each other.  In the clearing outside of the encampment, the riders began showing off, crouching or standing upon their mounts, depending on the lengths of their respective ayswin, neural braids, and their skill levels. At a given signal, they all slowed to a trot and formed a circle.  From the midst of this circle emerged two stately riders, who traveled at a pace more sedate than the others.  Directly behind these Two were a small contingent of travois, devices which were strapped to the backs of fa’li with which to haul luggage.  The other aymaktoyu fell into place behind this group, deferring to their Eyktan and Tsahik, and the gifts which the fa’li were pulling.
   The riders dismounted at a polite distance to set up their encampment.  As Eyktan Rolkxu and Tsahik Avatu'ite rode up to the ylltxep, the crowd parted before them.  Eyktan Rolkxu was resplendent in ayoio, ceremonial garb, which included, of course, ontsang, a bone ornament through his nose.
   “Oehe ngati kameie.”  They each greeted JakeSully and Neytiri, and Mo’at and Mendllzong.  “Rutxe ayngati mll’ivan ‘olol ayngä faysteli ayyerikur apukap,  ayoeng tspiyang fpi ayziva’uyu ulte ftxozä. (Please accept from our clan, this gift of six yerik, which we have just killed for the sake of the newcomers and the celebration.)
   JakeSully graciously accepted the yerik, which were quickly offloaded and carted to the ylltxep. Eyktan Rolkxu then announced, “Ulte rutxe, ayngati mll’ivan ‘olol ayngä faysteli fayta’lengur teya soli Kava fpi ayziva’uyu ulte ftxozä.”  (And please, accept from our clan these gifts of many skins filled with Kava!)
   Spontaneous cheering went up from around the encampment.
   While Rolkxu oversaw the erection of the encampment for his ‘olo, Tsahik Avatu’ite sought out Mo’at.
   “Ma Nawma Tsahik Mo’at.  Oel ngaru zamolunge fmawn akeftxo,”  (My Great Tsahik Mo’at.  To you I bring sad news.)
   “Srake, Sa’nokteri ngeyä, Ma Tsmuke.  Oel omum li. Peyä tirea rey Eywahu.” Moa’t spoke in quiet, comforting tones.  (Yes/No, about your mother, my Sister. I already know. Her spirit lives with Eywa.)
  The two women grasped each other by the arms and held each other’s gaze for a long while.  As was customary, Mo’at offered her tswin to the distraught daughter of Avatu.  The loss swept over them both, the daughter and the old friend.  The comfort of the spiritual presence of Avatu was overshadowed by the grief of the physical separation and the tears could no longer be held back.  They embraced, and Neytiri joined them, adding her arms to weeping women.  She could only guess what had happened.  She too had sensed the presence of Avatu amid the leaves and within the ocean swells. 
   Mendllzong and JakeSully exchanged knowing looks.  Gregory allowed some time for the women to mourn, and knew instinctively what had occurred and how to best address their needs.
   “Tsun miväkxu hìkrr srak?” (May I interrupt for a moment?)  “Oel tsun zamivunge ngal a klltxe ne hì’i txampay.” (I can bring you down to the Little Ocean.) The term was used to describe the tidal pools and lagoon.  He sensed that many aysahik would be called forth to join.  Mo’at nodded and offered up her arms to her strong, young-bodied muntxate.
   The gaity of the ftxozä continued, as a small procession carefully made their way to the welcoming silence of the lagoon.

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469)~  The closest moon was bright and had illuminated the path to the water’s edge.  Immediately upon hearing or sensing the approach of feet The Laughing Sea Creatures sounded their greetings.  The silvery sand sparkled with  iridescence.  Sparkling seaweed swayed and fayoang ahì‘ì, little fish, darted from their legs as they sat themselves in the warm water.     
   The Laughing Sea Creatures sensed the sadness as the ayswin of the aysahik fanned into the water. The Laughing Ones positioned themselves close to each tsahik.  This was a new experience for Avatu’ite. Not Tsaheylu, of course, but tsaheylu with these sea creatures.  The creatures swam in lazy circles or simply floated alongside the People.  They began a low moaning dirge as they sensed the sadness and loss.  The crooning became soothing. a lullaby.  The voices of departed ones, of fizayu, ancestors, were added to the ocean song.

   “Oel ngati kameie.  Oel ayngahu. Rä’ä ‘efu tsopu.  Ayoe rivey Eywahu.  Ayoe lu sekrr. Hufwa, aynga ke tse’a. Ayngati ayoel kameie mi.”

   “I SEE you.  I am with you.  Do not be afraid. We live with Eywa. We are present, though we have shed our bodies. We are here, though you cannot see us. You can still SEE us.”
   The Sahik, male and female, young and old, embraced each other and comforted each others sorrows.  It was a truth that every Na’vi knows deep in their Heart.  The body may be gone, but the spirit lives on in Eywa.  Tsaheylu provided the connection between past and present. There was no life and death.  Just an absence of body.
   The big moon was low on the horizon when the sahik climbed ashore. Tears were gone. Slowly, they made their way back up the path.  The fire watchman greeted them with the familiar gesture, but no words were spoken.  The aysahik each made their way to their respective sleeping spaces.
   Ateyo found Tai sleeping in their nest near the Commo Shack.  Wrapping her arms and her kxetze around her muntxate, she was soon asleep.
   It seemed that only a moment later, the conch shell horn was sounding the        wake up call. She gave Tai their customary kiss.
   “Tìng pom! * Tìng pom! * Tìng pom!”
   Syulang, nearby, sat up with an arched eyebrow, wondering why she was hearing such a strange phrase and kissing sounds.  To her wonderment, many other couples were doing the same as Tai and Ateyo.  Ateyo only shrugged and laughed when she saw Syulang’s puzzled look.  Soon everyone was on their feet, splashing cold water on their faces, and walking toward the spit of land from which the sun could be seen rising over the sea.  The were joined by Pamlala and S’rron of the ISV, and many other people whose faces were becoming familiar.
   The aysahik gathered toward the center of the group and simply faced the sun with their arms outstretched.  They hummed and sang wordlessly, Tìng  Lawr.  The song had no melody but voices rose and wove together creating an intricate pattern of sound that swirled around, rose and fell.  Each person filled their arms and heart with the warmth of the sun.  Eventually, the humming and singing died down and people began to hug each other, and greet each other.   
   As they were all walking toward the ylltxep,  four sets of sonic booms were heard.  It was odd to see everyone’s ears rotate flat against the sound.
Ateyo looked up excitedly at Tai. 
  “Oel stawm rrpomsìpit atsing!  Srake set pähem Pxepxi sì Kofi?! ” (‘I hear four thunderships!’, she exclaimed. ‘Yes/No, now arrive Pxepxi and Kofi?!’)
   “Tsinga rrpomsìp?” asked Mendllzong as he set Mo’at on her feet next to Ateyo.
“Why four ships?  How many ISVs are out there?” he muttered to himself.

   Mo’at greeted the members of Tai’s clan as a whole, and they all gestured back.  But to Ateyo, she bent down and caressed the younger woman’s face and said,
   “Ma ’Teyo. Ngeyä ‘ite pivähem yer’in.  Sweylu kä ulta seyiei. Ayoengä ewana fkol livek ayoenga fya’oti.” (Your daughter will be arriving soon.  You should go meet her. Our Young Ones will heed our Way.”)  Ateyo was surprised by this intimate expression of concern coming from the Great Tsahik.  She wondered if the loss of her old friend, Avatu, had softened her.  Was she referring to Pxepxi?  Was this a warning?  But she was grateful for the small intimacy she had expressed.  The joy in Ateyo’s heart did not prevent her from embracing both Tsahik Mo’at and Mendllzong.
   “Fayli’uìri oe irayo seiyi, Ma Nawma Mo’at.  Slä Mefo lam merakto mefa’li fa awa txìm!”  (For these words I thank you very much, my Great Mo’at.  But These Two seem to be riding two pa’li with one butt!)
   Everyone within hearing range laughed at the odd image, but knew that Ateyo was referring to the two Na’vi kids living in both worlds.
   “Slä rä’ä tsngum, Ma Sa’nok.  Oe ketivung mefo sleyku  SAWTUTE!” (Don’t worry, My Mother. I will not allow them to become SKY PEOPLE!)  The word created giggles.  SkyPeople was the term reserved for the greedy RDA types from the recent past. While everyone was laughing,  Ka’alani, who was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kofi, her adopted son, touched Ateyo’s hand impatiently yet politely. 
   “Ma Hula Ka’alani!” smiled Mo’at.  She liked to refer to the woman’s dance style by means of identifying her.  “Munge fìpol set, srekrr menga pxor talun ‘O’!   Kä ka set!”  (My Hula Ka’alani.  Take This One now, before you Two explode because of excitement.)

  “Irayo, Ma Nawma Mo’at!” exclaimed Ka’alani as she grabbed Ateyo’s hand.  The two mothers rushed across the rope bridge toward the landing field, with others barely able to keep up. The bridge could only accommodate three people at a time.  Others took the long way around.     
   Mendllzong took Mo’at into his arms.  They paused to watch the the Two run across the bridge.  “Oe ‘efu ngeyn, Ma Hona Muntxatan. Oel kin klltxay.”  (I am tired my sweet husband.  I need to lie down.”)
 Mendllzong carried Mo’at away to their snomo, their private place, before the first of the ships scattered the dust.

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470)~ As Ateyo hurried past the Comm Shack, someone called out to her.  It was the man called Rick and his muntxate Anna.  She remembered their names only because their names sounded like Rìk and ‘Ana. Leaf and Vine.
   “Ma ’Teyo! Rìk called out.  “Ftang fìtsenge!  Rutxe.  Petsenge lu Tai?”  (Stop here. Please!  Where is Tai?)
Ateyo turned, running backwards, pointing behind her. 
   “Po lu uo oe! She is behind me!”
   “Stop Ateyo!  Ftang. Nga zene pivey. You must wait!”  cautioned ‘Ana.  The last thing they needed was to injure an impatient Na’vi whilst landing the shuttles!
   Ateyo danced in place impatiently and anxiously. 
   “Tam, tam, Ma Ateyo,” reassured Ka’alani, as she patted the smaller woman on the shoulders.  “Moeru lu meveng.  We both have children coming off that shuttle!”  Ateyo tried to maintain a semblance of calm as Tai arrived with Jake and Neytiri close by.
   She listened as Tai spoke into the Talk Far.  She recognized the voices of Fritz Meullar and Hehaka Sapa.  Then she realized that she and Ka’alani each had a death-grip on each other’s hands.
   They heard the thunderous roar of engines as the four shuttles were spotted on the horizon.  They hovered off-shore as the ikran aymaktoyu flew ahead of them to land on the other cliff face.  The shuttles each landed, ponderous yet controlled.  It seemed forever for the dust to settle.  The aymaktoyu had all traipsed across the rope bridge even before the enormous loading ramps were lowered.  Syulang Aean, Twiti Castillo, and Twiti’s muntxate, Zina, came bounding up to Ateyo while gesturing to their foreheads. 
   “Oel ngat Kame!” panted Twiti who also gave Ateyo a big bear hug.  “Tse’a?!  Nga ziva’u aypuhu!  You could have come with us.   Aysìp lu pì’ak seri stum!  The ships are barely opening.”
   Ateyo could hardly catch her breath let alone answer.  But her main concern was seeing her daughter. Tai emerged from the netted door of the Comm Shack.
   “Pesìp lu Pxepxiä, Ma Tai? What ship is Pxepxi?” 
   “Oe ke omum,” she admitted. “I don’t know.”
   Ateyo watched carefully as the queue of blue-skinned people shuffled down the ramps.  Most of the faces were unfamiliar. Ateyo’s heart dropped to her belly in dismay.  How would she ever find her daughter in this writhing mob?
   A flash of red hair pointed out Kapteyn S’rralta.  Ateyo knew that Pxepxi was on S’rralta’s ISV.  But she did not know that each ISV had sent down two shuttles.
   “Srake, ngal oeti lolu lom, Ma Sanu?”  (Yes/No, you have missed me Mom?)
   “Pxepxi!” shouted Ateyo and threw her arms around her daughter.  “Oel ngati kameie, ma ‘ite.”  She managed to say through her sobs.  “Oeri nari lu tsngerawvìk!”  (My eyes are weeping) murmured Ateyo as she tried to wipe away the intrusive tears.  She realized that they were not the only two people on Eywa’eveng.  Tai had taken Pxepxi in her arms and Kofi appeared in her arms. 
    “Oel ngati kameie, Ma Kofi.”  He had grown noticeably in the past three months.  Her head rested against his chest, though she had seen him eye-to-eye when he had left.  “Ngar lu tsawl slolu.  (To you is growth!)
   “Auwe!” interjected Ka’alani, in Hawaiian.  “You fella looking BIG!  Tung oer tse’a menga.”  (Let me see you Two)  The Two stood beaming, side by side.  Kofi had broadened about the chest, and Pxepxi had broadened across the middle.
   “Ma Pxepxi!  Srake Eywal ngaru molunge prrnen?!” (Yes/No, Eywa has given you a baby?)  It was Ka’alani who spoke.
   Pxepxi grinned shyly and placed her hand reflexively over her belly.  Kofi added his hand over hers protectively.
   “Srane!  Slä oe srung sami!”  (Yes but I helped!)
   Everyone was laughing and congratulating the two.

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471)~ It was surprising to Pxepxi to find Kofi spirited away from her.  The other young men were congratulating  him for his great accomplishment, much to her annoyance.  However, she was quickly surrounded by many women, all Mothers, filling her ears with advice and congratulations.  Ateyo could hardly spend any time near her daughter, Pxepxi.  Those Two had spent time greeting Toruk Makto and Tsahik Neytiri and Nawma Tsahik Mo’at.  They seemed to be enjoying their celebrity status and were now seated near the fire, yet facing the Newcomers from the ISVs. 
   Ateyo grabbed onto Tai’s elbow, to avoid being trampled by the enthusiastic crowd. The two sets of parents were standing behind the young couple.  Ateyo was listening as her daughter asked questions of the ISV people of S’rronä olo’, the Reneygeyts AoTxampay.  Pxepxi, as always, wanted to know about the other moons near Eywa’eveng, and many of these people called Renegades, had walked upon one of those Night Suns as well.
   “Ma Pxepxi,” interjected Ateyo.  “Sweylu tsnì prrnen ngari lu ongokx sì terìran srefwa kä nga,” she teased.  (It is best that your baby is born and walking before you go.)  This drew a loud knowing expression of “AHHH!” and “ìììììì” from those who were listening.  The thought of the baby caused Pxepxi a moment of pause.  It suddenly occurred to her that her adventuresome ways might need to be curtailed.  The one called Wendy hadn’t noticed the look of dismay that had quickly crossed Pxepxi’s face.
   “Ma Pxepxi!” gushed Wendy.  “Oe ke tsun ongokx prrnen mi ISV.  Slä set oe tsun tivongokx mìEya’eveng!  Moe tsun livu mesan’ok awsiteng!”  (I can not  birth baby on ISV.  But now I can give birth on Pandora.) Pxepxi smiled meekly.  She didn’t know whether this Wendy person was currently pregnant, (she didn’t seem to be) or how she could give birth now.  She really didn’t know what to say.  Being Mothers Together didn’t seem like it would provide as much adventure as exploring the other moons.  She wished she could feel as excited as the other women seemed to be.  She was grateful when Kofi’s father asked, “Is anyone hungry?”  It occurred to her that she felt ravenous.  And it pleased her to see that both Kofi and Ateyo brought her a smoked fish which was braided into a palm frond, Samoan style.
   “Ma Pxepxi!” said Ateyo.  “We find new place for S’rronä olo’.  That place having slär asnep, narrow cave, but big inside.  Ateyo had placed her fingertips together and demonstrated the slotted opening.  The gesture caused Kofi and his young friends to guffaw, having visualized female anatomy instead.
   Simultaneous with an elbow to the ribs from Pxepxi came an admonishing smack from a wooden spoon, from Ateyo, across his head.  As the laughter died down Ateyo presented the wooden implement to her daughter.
“Oel ngolop fìsä’o fpi ‘erem, slä, kame ngat sìltsan. Fì’u lu tìkan alahe nìteng. Srak.”  (I created this tool for the sake of cooking but you See, it has other purpose as well. Yes/No?)
   The attack with the wooden spoon was funny enough to the Newcomers.  But the significance of it was truly appreciated by those who knew the history.  The other layer of significance was The Handing Down of the Scepter of Admonishment and Control.  Pxepxi felt this gesture was almost as important as the elaborate feather headdress which she had worn during her Ceremony of Womanhood.  She gave her mother a heart-felt hug.  That hug was the high point of Ateyo’s day.  Her daughter still appreciated her!  Or the spoon.  Either one,  It mattered not.
   The roasted fish commanded a lot of attention.  Kxukxi, the steward from S’rralta’s ISV, (the same ISV as Pxepxi was stationed in) had never seen fish braided into a palm leaf, and Taifa’anae was quick to explain.
  “The leaves look similar to palm leaves on Samoa.  My grandfather taught me to do this.  You come stay at our olo’ with Tai and Ateyo, and I will show you how to wrap fish!”
  “We have named our clan Olo’Samoana, in honor of our heritage”, explained Tai.  Taifa and I come from the same clan on Samoa.  His name means Outgoing Tide.  My name means Incoming Tide. This place seems very much like our homeland, before it was polluted by Sawtute!”
   “Ma Tai!”  interrupted Pxepxi.  Moeru sivunu fwa ngal mll’an nìwotx eylan amip nemfa olo’ ayoengeyä.” (We Two would like this thing that you accept all our new friends into our clan!)
  “Moehe ätxäle sivi tsnì!” added Kofi, using the most polite form of address for their request.
   Tai and Taifa’ took note of the eager faces of their companions.
   “Nìlun! Of course!  When we first arrived in Pandora, our clan leaders tried to keep us together.  We will have ayuniltìrantokx AND ayNa’vi in our clan, so we will have good teaching and learning opportunities.”
   Ka’alani added, “Ateyo and a group of us found a large cave only five miles farther away from our current olo’.  The aytolfìn like it too, and have given their approval.  I can’t wait to show you all this place and let you meet our dolphin friends!”
   JakeSully took that opportunity to step in.
   “Ma eylan!  Ayngaru lu tìhawl asìltsan. Slä ayoeng zene taron set.  (My friends! You all have a fine plan. But we must hunt now.) The hunters will go with Taifa’ and Neytiri, including Ma S’rron sì Ma Pamlala.  The others will go with Ka’alani who will show you how to find other things to eat.”
   Throughout the encampment, people were forming task groups.  Aytaronpongu (hunting parties) were seen seen departing, some carrying two passengers.  Ateyo was pleased to be working with Pxepxi and Ka’alani gathering food and firewood.  Some of the food was to come from the tidal pools.  As they hiked down the trail, Ateyo was reminiscing.
   “Remember that time we came here and found blue squids coming on shore?”
“Srane!” laughed Kofi.  “I remember that I wore one as a hat!”
   Everyone was laughing as they came to the tidal pools.  Their beauty was more breathtaking than anything that John or Wendy had ever seen on Earth.  And as marine biologists, they had seen quite a lot of colorful creatures.  Ka’alani named Pxepxi and Kofi and Ateyo as guides and instructors.  It would be very easy for someone to become injured here.  What is more, some of the creatures were good to eat, and others were poisonous.  Ateyo had many handwoven bags strapped to her belt.  She soaked them in seawater and helped the newcomers place their finds in each basket.  From out in the lagoon, the Ayswirä Ahushangham, Laughing Sea Creatures were calling their greetings.  Ateyo was left guarding the baskets of food as everyone abandoned their task and splashed over to the lagoon.  Not wanting to be left out of the experience, she hauled together all the baskets by their strings and waded toward the cavorting aytofìn.  She was grateful that only minnows followed her rather than something more dangerous.
   The aytolfìn were delighted with the morsels which, they assumed, had been brought as gifts.   This made a wonderful interactive game. 
   The food was now gone, but all the Laughing Sea Creatures turned their attention to Pxepxi.  Ateyo encouraged her daughter to commit tsaheylu with a tolfìn who was beckoning with excited noises and reaching meswin.  Ateyo watched as Pxepxi’s eyes reflected wonderment.  She had, of course, experienced tsaheylu with Kofi, and fa’li which she had ridden.  She had even violated Ateyo’s ikran by trying to achieve tsaheylu with it.
   This creature was different.  It sensed the unborn child within Pxepxi’s body.  It projected feelings of wonderment, joy, and hopefulness.  It transmitted images of aytolfìn giving birth to ayprrnen. Babies. Underwater.  And it projected images of a Na’vi woman giving birth to an infant.  Underwater!  What Pxepxi came to realize is that the dolphin-like creature was offering to be present for the birthing of Pxepxi’s child.  Having only one tswin, Pxepxi was unaware that the message was being shared simultaneously with all the Laughing Ones and their Riders.
   “I wonder if they can perceive the unborn infant like an x-ray, much as the Earth Dolphins could do?” wondered Ka’alani aloud.
   “It seems possible, Ma Tsmuke,” offered Wendy.  “They seem to have developed a melon on their foreheads, the same as ours once had.  But we only supposed they had x-ray perception, if not vision.  Probably more like sonar, or a sonogram!”
   Pxepxi had been claimed by this one older female tolfìn.  Other Laughing Ones surrounded Pxepxi and her new friend.  They and their Riders were participating in an improptu dance of celebration.  It seemed to Pxepxi that discovering another moon could wait.  There was adventure enough for her,
here on Eywa’eveng.

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472)~ Kofi and his young friends from S’rralta’s ISV, were gathering wood.  Pxepxi was of little use.  She simply couldn’t concentrate on practical matters.  She watched with amusement, as Kofi trained Owen, Zach, and Joey, the most practical manner with which to carry a large bundle of twigs and sticks.
He didn’t have enough English, and neither did Ateyo, to describe “forked branches” and “interlocking”.  But by demonstration, they each soon had a pile that was easily manageable.  Ateyo and Kofi demonstrated which vines to choose as lashings.
   It was almost comical to see the six piles of sticks ascending along the path.  In fact, from the top of the path, the people carrying the wood were not visible at all, only a series of heaped sticks floating above the horizon.  Each person in the party who were not carrying firewood, were carrying damp baskets filled with various seaweeds and morsels from the tidal pools.  Lt. Dale Garbacki had managed to skewer a large eel of some sort, which had tried to steal a jelly fish sort of thing from his muntxate, Tracy Ibbitson.  He had surprised and pleased Ateyo by reciting the Hunters’ Words of Thanks when he killed it.

 Oel ngati kameie ma tsmukan/ I see you brother
ulte ngaru seiyi irayo!/   and thank you!
Ngari hu Eywa saleu tire/ Your spirit goes with Eywa
tokx `i`awn slu Na´viyä hapxi!/   your body stays behind to become part of the people!

   What was most impressive is that Dale remembered to say the words even before the excitement had worn down.  Or even more impressive was the fact that he had not killed the creature not with a long spear, but with a large metal knife. 
   Truly, Ateyo wished that she could examine the lefngapa tstal, (metal knife) and placed that information in the back of her memory.  She would need to find an occasion to ask him about this wonderful implement.  She had seen him able to pry shellfish from their rocks, without breaking the shells.  She decided that it would be necessary for the creation of many decorative items if she had such an implement.  Some how, she would get a lefngapa tstal, just like the one used by Teyl Karbaki!

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473)~The encampment was nearly empty.  Almost everyone was out hunting, gathering, collecting firewood.  A group of children were playing within earshot.  Their laughter was nearly drowned out by the sound of the pounding surf on the cliffs below.  The flaps of the tent were drawn back to admit air, and Mendllzong had rolled up the bottom edge for cross ventilation before Mo’at had shooed him away.  Alekxsi sat next to Mo’at, combing and braiding Mo’at’s slate-grey hair.  The rhythmic movements and the droning sounds outside created an entrancing experience. 
   “I have noticed, My Child, that you have taken to wearing your hair in the same manner that I wear mine.  Are you trying to flatter me? Tell me about this.”
   Alekxsi barely paused in her work, but continued in a soft murmur near Mo’at’s ear.  “Flattery would be meaningless if I sought only to appear as you do, and not to be like you in my heart and spirit.”
   “You DO flatter me, Ma Alekxsi!  You have been a very good learner and you will make a fine tsahik.  But tell me about the two braids.”
   Alekxsi smiled to herself, absorbing the compliment.  “You will remember, Ma  San’ok, that you told me that your mother’s mother came from an island people, who both wore their hair in this manner.  And you told me that their skin appeared purple, and that is why my skin appears purple when I get a lot of sun, kefyak?”
  “Srane, Ma ‘Ite. Ta’lengìri ngari fkan lam omapin ni’ul’ul.”  (As for your skin it appears purple more and more.)
   “Nìlun, Ma Sanu. Oe solele frakrr aytolfìnhu!” (Of course, Mom. I have swimmed all the time with the dolphins.)    Mo’at enjoyed being with Alekxsi.  She was of Sylwanin’s blood!  She liked to think that Sylwanin would have grown to be like this One. 
   “I think that Sylwanin would have enjoyed swimming with those Laughing Creatures, as well.  Neytiri says that they invited the People to swim with them and share Tsaheylu!”
   Alekxsi emitted a soft chuckle.  It pleased her also, that she was drawn closer to Mo’at because of Sylwanin’s DNA.  “Did Neytiri tell you that aytolfin have told us that before there were the People, there were only Dolfins.  Some of them grew curious about the world outside of the Great Water.  Some wanted to explore it, so Eywa granted them legs and arms so that they could walk upon the land.  The First People each had two tswin and had no hair.  Aytolfìn could not tell me why the People now have only One Tswin.”
   Mo’at smiled tiredly.  “Kxawm, sìltsan livu kenikrehu!” (Perhaps it would be good to be without Hair.)  I am tired sitting still for so long. Let’s rest a while.
Kxawm Tsahik Ketemenvil akoaktan tsun peng ayngarut pelun Na’viru ‘awa tswin nì’aw!”  (Perhaps Old Man Ketemenvi can tell us the reason that the Na’vi have only one Neural braid.)
   “Ma Alekxsi.”  Mo’at had awaited until Alexsi had stopped braiding and was seated before her.  “Ayoengru liyu mipa ayolo’.  To us are new clans. And there are  NEWCOMERS who do not know our ways.  It will be your responsibility to become tsahik for these people who come from Under the Great Water.  Neytiri will have her responsibilities with the Omatikaya, but because you are a person of both bloods, I think it is important that you remain and teach these Ones.”
   Alekxsi was startled to hear these words.  “Slä Ma Sa’nok!  I belong with you! Are you sending me away?”
   “Ma Alekxsi.  Would you have these People settle here without a tsahik?” said Mo’at sternly.
   “Slä Tsahik Ateyo sì  Tsahik Lamu’ite kelku sivi lok fìtsenge.”
   “Ma ‘Ite, I realize that there are other Tsahiks who live nearby.  However, they have their responsibilities.  And I have been training Neytiri to be tsahik of the Omatikaya.  She is alarmed that muntxate S’rronä is referred to as tsahik.  She needs to be trained.”
   “Fko syaw Pamlala?” asked Alekxsi.  She tried to recall the smaller woman who had stood next to Sharon.  “Ulte Tsahik Liri’el?  ulte Tsahik Syulang Aean?”
   “There are new clans enough.  Besides which, Ateyo will need help training her own daughter as Tsahik.  That one has returned from the ISV and is with child.  Ateyo has abilities, of course, but, in my role as Great Tsahik, I think it is important that You help with training of her daughter.”
   “Srane ma Mo’at.  Srake slä mivllte poe?”  Yes/No,  will she agree?”
   “Ateyo?  She will be grateful!  She doubts her own abilities.  I think that in training her daughter, you will be causing Ateyo to become more effective in her role, as well!  And…”  Mo’at looked at Alekxsi directly in the eyes.  “I will not be here forever.  I have trained you all to follow the Ways of the Great Mother.  It is now your turn to teach others.”
   Alekxsi swallowed hard.  Mo’at was stating the fact which had been avoided.  She was aware of her own demise.
   “Do not fear, Ma ‘Ite.  I will be with you always.  You know that very well!”  Alekxsi tried very hard to keep her eyes from overflowing.
    “Oe tslolam, Ma Sanu.”  she stepped close to embrace Mo’at. 
   Through the doorway of the tent came a shadow and the voice of Neytiri.  “Oel mengati kameie.  Ma Sanok.”  Neytiri allowed Mo’at and Alekxsi to share their moment and joined them for a threefold embrace.  She already understood the topic of discussion.
   “Ma Sa’nok. Zongtseng Alor has just arrived.  Tsahik Meykir would like to visit with you.”
   “Of course!  Bring her in!  And send for all the other aysahik, as well as Pamlala, Syulang Aean, Tsahik Liri’el and Muntxatan Alekxsiyä, syaw Weyt.  We all need to talk about our future.”
   “Of course, Mother.”  Neytiri disappeared through the tent opening.  Once her messengers had been dispatched, she entered the tent behind Tsahik Meykir.  The greetings were exchanged, refreshing foods were offered and the aysahik chatted amiably as they awaited the arrival of the others.

   The tent had been constructed of the cured skin of the huge swirä which Tai and Taifa’ had hunted from their lefngapa ikran, nearly ten years earlier.  Curing the skin as a whole was rather a stupendous feat, a skill which was taught through generations.  The bones of the creature had become the framework over which the skin was stretched.  The legs and tail had become smaller structures, cured in like manner, though not so elaborately displayed.  The head of the creature was never included, lest the creature’s spirit decided it was more important than other beings, alive or dead. This particular creature had been feared for its indiscriminate killing of Na’vi.  It was agreed that it was much better for the people to be within its skin, rather than within its belly.
   Into this tent, the aysahik assembled, weary from hunting, gathering, and cooking, and yet anxious to know why they were being summoned.  Ateyo greeted Tsahik Meykir with joy overflowing.  Only the circumstances caused her to set aside her enthusiasm and sit quietly near her mother’s sister, who had raised her since infancy.  It pleased her to see that Pxepxi had greeted her as Sa’nok Ateyoyä. (Ateyo’s mother, because Meykir had, in fact, raised Ateyo as her own.)

  “Ma Oeyä Smuke!” said Mo’at in her quiet, commanding manner.  “Ayoengaru lu pxaya mipa zìma’uyu.  Fo ke ‘ì’awn mi fìtsenge.” (To us are many newcomers.   They cannot all stay in this place.) Some are from the Island People.  Some are from the ISV’s.  To me it seems that there are new clans forming, and some do not have aysahik to lead them.  Many of the Island People wish to return to their Island soon.  Tsahik Ketemenvi has told me that he has need of a tsahik to take his place.  His daughter, is Eyktan Ayri’el and her daughter Fayri’el will be eyktan in her time.  He has asked Ma Liri’el if she would join him on his return to the Island to study with him and become tsahik in his stead.
   Liri’el had spoken previously with Ketemenvi on various occasions about this very subject.  She and her muntxatan, Norm Spielman, were both willing to relocate with him.
  “Oeru meuia, Ma Ketemenvi.”  ( I am honored, Ma Ketemenvi)
agreed Liri’el.  “Slä Nawma Tsahik Mo’at has been my teacher.  I will leave her side only at her request.”   
  “Ma Liri’el.  Nga lu alekxsi kìte’e sivi fpi ayNa’vi sponoyä. Kä nìprrte.”  (Ma Liri’el. You are ready to serve the People of the Island.  Go pleasurably.)  Liri’el crossed to where Tsahik Ketemenvi was seated.
   In his hands were an elaborate ‘are made of tiny, sparkling seashells.  She knelt before him and bowed her head.  As he slipped the woven shoulder cape over her head, he murmured,
   “Srake, nga lu mll’an fì’are a wìntxu tson fpi aytirea ayNa’vi?”  (Yes/No, you agree to show obligation for the spirits of the Na’vi?)
   “Nìlun, Ma Nawma Tsanslusamyu. Oel mll’an fi’u tson ftu ngati.”(Of course, Great Wise One.  I accept this from you.) She was referring to the responsibilities, but felt the pressure against her scapulae of the heavy cape.
  “Yemstokx fì’are pxel oeyä muntxate Yemstokx ‘awlie.”  (Wear this ‘are as my wife once wore.”) The idea occurred to Liri’el, that the purple lineage demarking her DNA, might well have come, somehow, directly from Ketemenvi’s wife.  She couldn’t imagine that she would have been present at Grace’s School, from which students’ DNA the gene pool had been derived.  However, her attention had been diverted before she could properly formulate the question in her mind.
   “Ma Syulang Aean.” spoke Mo’at.  “You are from the Island People.  Yet Ateyo has informed me that you wish to live with her clan Olo’Samoana, which Eyktan Atumopin has informed me, is situated between the Ikran Clan of the Eastern Sea, and very close to the place where the newcomers from Under the Earth’s Sea will live. 
   “Ma Alekxsi has longed to live near the sea, as well.  And it is my strongest opinion that she help Ateyo to train her daughter, Pxepxi, as Tsahik.  But it occurs to me that Tsahik Meykir could and should also help with the training of Pxepxi.  It appears that we have a tangled situation which must now be untangled and rewoven.” 
   It did not escape Ateyo’s attention, that Mo’at had fixed her gaze upon her SELF!  “Ma Mo’at.  I meant no offense by inviting Ma Syulang Aean to live with our clan.  And Ma Alekxsi knew Pxepxi when she was very small.”
   “And she sang to me when I was frightened and confused.” added Pxepxi.  “And Ma Alekxsi was trained by Nawma Tsahik Mo’at.  I have been away from my own mother for a long season and I wish to bear my child into Olo’Samoana.  I think I would like for her to train me with Ma Alekxsi, if Tsahik Meykir is not offended.”
   “I will not be offended, Ma Pxepxi.  I do not wish to travel this far.  My own daughter, Tsahik Meykir’ite,  might come along to teach you, but she has many children of her own.  My only wish is that I am present when your child is born!”
   “Oeru meuia txo nga lu ziva’u!” exclaimed Ateyo and Pxepxi simultaneously. (It is an honor if you can come.)
   “As for the number of aysahik, I don’t perceive this as a problem, Ma Mo’at.” Ateyo was yet conscious of the unresolved issue.  “Ma Alekxsi sì Ma Syulang Aean tsunslu mesahik fpi meolo’.  (It may be possible for Alekxsi and Syulang to be two tsahik for the sake of two clans.)  Meolo’ lu asìm nìtxan.  The two clans are very close.  Mountain with cave big for many clan.”
   “Ma Mo’at. ” said Pamela timidly. “Tsun miväkxu hìkrr srak? (May I interrupt a moment?)
   “Srane, Ma Pam.” Mo’at was going to say Pamlala, but stopped herself, remembering that she had pronounced it differently. “Nga pivlltxe.” (You may speak)
   “Neytiri polltxe fwa fkol tsun kar oet fya’o slu tsahik. Oe new fì’u nìtxan ‘ul.” (Neytiri has said that someone can teach me the path to become tsahik. I want this very much.)
   “Ulte ngaru lu mekaryu.” said Moa’t. (And to you are two teachers.)”Ma Alekxsi, lu alakxsi, tsrak?  Ulte Ma Syulang Aean?” The young woman from the Island rose and stood next to Alekxsi.  “Ma Ketemenvi tells me that you have much ability.  He was troubled to have to chose between you and Ma Liri’el.  However, we seem to have a solution.  You Two will need to care for the people of Olo’Samoana and of Olo’AoTxampay ‘Rrtayä.  You will need to teach our ways to Pamlala and to Pxepxi, so that they may each, in their turn, become tsahik.  It will be your task to determine when and how this will be accomplished, whether together or individually.
   “Ma Ateyo, nga lu tsulfätu.  Tsafral ngal nivngop me’are fpi smuke ngeyä.” (Ma Ateyo. You are a master craftsman.  For this reason, you shall make two ‘are for the sake of your sisters.
   “Srane, Ma Nawma Tsahik! Oel kem siyi nìprrte!” (Yes my great tsahik.  I will do it pleasurably.)
   “Ulte Ma Ateyo, ngivop nìwin.  These Two will need a proper ceremony soon.”
   “Ma Mo’at.  Had I known, I would have brought two of the ‘are which I have created for GIVE AWAY.”
   “Txantsan!  Mawkrr nìwotx ayNa’vil lamu hasey yerom wutzot txonä.” (Wonderful! After all the People have finished eating evening meal.)
   “Tsat lu hasey!”  (That is finished!)  Mo’at clapped her hands together in a symbol of finality.
   Aysahik seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief.  Mo’at seem tired. Very tired.  But she leaned forward and spoke.
   “I am glad that we are all here.  Although, I must admit, that Ma Tsmuke, Elvira, is here only in spirit, and not in body.  Her passing reminds me of my own frailty. Ma Alekxsi si Ma Liri’el. Rutxe, za’u nìprrte.”  (come pleasurably) The Two helped Mo’at to her feet when she held her arms outstretched.  “Ma ‘Ite, Neytiri.  Rutxe, kllkem eo oheru.” (Please stand in front of me.)  Gently, Mo’at placed her hands upon Neytiri’s shoulders.  “Ma ‘Ite. Ngar zene kìte’e sivi, AyNa’vi.  (You must serve the Na’vi.) Ayfko lu ngengyä aysmuke, a srung sivi ngaru.”  (These are your sisters who will help you.)  She turned Neytiri to face all the aysahik who had gathered.
“Mll’an ngati fì’are oeyä.  Kenong aytirea Naviyä nìwotx mìetnaw ngengeyä nìteng.” (Accept this cloak of mine.  It represents the spirits of all Na’vi on your shoulders as well.)
  She gestured to Alekxsi and Liri’el as she was speaking, and they each lifted the elaborate beaded cloak from Mo’at’s thin shoulders, and lifted it, with some effort, on to Neytiri’s shoulders.  It startled Neytiri to realize how heavy this many beads felt upon her own body.  She heard the loud expiration of Mo’at’s breath as the burden was removed from her. 
   “Ma Nawma Sa’nok.  Meiua oer kìte’e seiyi.” (My Great Mother.  It is my honor to serve pleasurably.)
   With tears streaming down their faces, each tsahik embraced Neytiri and then Mo’at.  It was not long after that, the conch shell was sounded, calling all for the Txon’Ong Ceremony.

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474)~ Ateyo was surprised when Tsahik Meykir dropped out of line and came trotting back.
   “Ma ‘Teyo! Oel ngat kame! Neytiri ätäle seiyi tsnì zamunge nga me’are’ alu pollte teri.” (Neytiri requests that you bring the two ‘are that you have spoken about)
   “Srane, pxiswaway!” (Yes!  In a second!) Ateyo tapped her daughter on the shoulder and they both left the aysahik before the Txon’ong ceremony had finished.  Ateyo’s last image in her mind was that of the silhouette of Tsahik Lamu’ite against the setting sun.  They doubled back to the Comm Shack where Ateyo kept some of her belongings and aysteli, gifts, which she was creating.  They raced back to the bridge and paused, to be certain of their footing.  The aysahik had formed two lines, shoulder to shoulder, on on either side of Mo’at, who then spoke in a voice remarkably strong for someone of her age.

   “Ma AyNa’vi!  I am old and I am tired.  My daughter Neytiri, has been serving as your Tsahik for many years.  She is your Nawma Tsahik.  For this reason I have given her this ‘are to wear on her shoulders.  Lu Hasey.”  She slapped her hands together in a gesture of finality. 
   “Oehe kìte’e sayi AyNa’vi, Ma Sa’nok.” said Neytiri in a voice loud enough that all could hear.  “Slä ayngaru mipa meolo’.” (I will serve the Na’’vi. But to us are two new clans.)  Neytiri watched from the corner of her eye as Ateyo returned at a run from across the footbridge, bundles held near her breast.  In the excitement, no one had seen her leave, and few had seen her return.  Ateyo and Pxepxi exchanged triumphant grins.  They had accomplished their task in time for this auspicious moment.
  “Ma Liri’el kivä ne spono hu muntxatxan alu Norm, fpi ayNa’vi Sponoyä.”   “Nìteng ayoengaru lu zamayu amìp: Sanhìtute a kelku soli äo txampay “Rrtayä. Zusawkrr syaw Olo’AoTxampay ‘Rrtayä.”
 (Liri’el will go to the island with her husband Norm for the sake of the Island People.  Also to us are newcomers, StarPeople who have lived under the Earth’s Sea.  In the future, they will be called the Clan Under the Earth’s Sea), proclaimed Neytiri. She went on to introduce them.
   “Fìtute syaw S’rron. lu eyktan.  Peyä muntxate syaw Pamlala liyu tsahik krro mì ayhrr za’u.  Zusawkrr. Slä kay Pamlala kìn srung ftu metsahik alahe.” (This woman is called Sharon. She Is Leader.  This woman who is called Pamlala will be tsahik in the days to come. Future. But from now on, Pamlala will need help from two other tsahiks.)
  “Meyharyu livu Tsahik Aleksi sì Tsahik Syuland Aean.” (The two teachers will be Tsahik Alekxsi and Tsahik Syulang Aean.”
   Neytiri gestured for the two tsahik to approach as well as the winded Ateyo, who was desperately trying to catch her breath. 
   “Sko Nawma Tsahik oehel ‘ätäle si tsnì ngati mivll’an fì’are a kenong aytirea Na’vi tson ngeyä.”  (In the role of Great Tsahik, I request that you accept this cloak to represent the spirits of the Na’vi as your duty.)
   “Srane, oe mll’an fìtson.” (Yes, I accept this obligation), replied the Two.
  Over each bent head, Neytiri , with the aid of Ateyo, placed and ‘are on each of their shoulders.  These were each beaded with tiny,glittering seashells, and appeared as either ocean, or starry sky, depending on the angle of light as it played across the surface.
   “Ma Alekxsi livu karyu Pxepxiyä fpi fya’o Tsahik.” (Ma Alekxsi will be teach of Pxepxi for the sake of the Path of Tsahik.)
   “These Two will be tsahik for both clans, together with Ateyo.  It is an unusual arrangement, yes.  But it is the will of the Great Mother, Eywa, that these People live among us to learn our ways!” Neytiri glanced at Mo’at swathed in a diaphanous orange clock made of a huge helicordian flower. She nodded her approval.
   With that Neytiri followed Mo’at’s example and clapped her hands together, signifying that it was decided.

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475)~ Ateyo walked with the aysahik towards the path that lead down to the lagoon.  She was conscious of leaving Tai behind without saying, Hayalovay.  She noticed that Neytiri had intercepted Sharon, who was trying to reach Pamlala.  Walking backward, she saw Pamlala Throw a Kiss to Sharon.  Funny gestures these Star People had.  She, herself, would have gestured Oel Ngati Kameie to Tai if she had seen her.  She did not.  But knew Tai would understand that her duty as Tsahik took her elsewhere.  She had thought that the aysahik would have shared wutso ‘awsiteng. a meal together.  Instead they were descending down to the lagoon.  She sensed that something significant was about to happen.  Glancing sideways, she tried to read the faces of the women and the few men who were descending the trail.  Everyone seemed tense and withdrawn.
   As she stepped from the hardened trail to the soft sand, she felt the tug of the welcoming sea.  It glistened and sparkled as so many pretty stones in the sunlight, or stars in the sky, or syuratan na’ringä, the shimmering of the rain forest.  But even the calls of the aytolfìn sounded somber, reminding her of her own uneasiness.
   The aysahik quietly helped each other out from their heavily beaded cloaks.  The smooth rocks were large enough for all the ay’are to be laid out carefully.   Neytiri helped Mo’at removed the delicate orange cloak from her shoulders. It quickly furled itself into a tight roll.  Mendllzong again lifted her gently, and everyone silently walked into the lagoon.  The aytolfìn encircled them all in mournful swaths of sound.  Within this circle flitted hundreds of shining delicate creatures.  Ka’alani would have called them jellyfish.  Mo’at whispered.
   They seemed exactly as the Seeds of the Great Tree.  The minds of the laughing creatures all agreed.  Were they merely jellyfish, the aytolfìn would have been feasting. And though the water was very warm, Ateyo felt a shiver travel up her spine.
  They were standing up to their breasts in the shallow lagoon, and the guardians of the shorter Ateyo and Pxepxi, kept them from walking in too deep. Mendllzong supported Mo’at as she floated on her back. Mendllzong and Mo’at were at the center of this circle.  Neytiri, Alekxsi, and Liri’el were standing closest.  The other aysahik were gathered around.
  “Fra’u lu alor” whispered Mo’at.  Everything is beautiful. And everyone could hear her clearly.   
   “Oel zene kä ayfohu.” I must go with them, she whispered.  A collective sob went up. 
  “Ma ayevenge. Oel ketivtxìng ayngaru.  Oe lu Eywahu.  Rä’ä txupa.  Eywa livu ayngahu.”  My children. I will not leave you. I am with Eywa. Do not fear. Eywa will be with you.
  Mendllzong sobbed quietly as her held her lightly with his fingertips.
   “Kefpak oer. Kefyep. Oe lu alaksi.”  Don’t hold me back.  Don’t grasp. I am ready.
  Everyone seemed to see her body go limp, her heavy hair tilting her head backward into the warm water.  Tiny bubbles streamed from her nostrils. And then streamed no more.  Mendllzong pulled her to him, trying to keep her head above water, moaning, “KEHE. KEA TXìNG OEYä  HONA MUNTXATE.”   A keening went up from all throats. 
   No one could have know how long they remained.  All hands took turns holding her lifeless form in their arms, sobbing and mourning their own loss.    Eventually, though, Neytiri spoke to them all.
   “I think that mother would scoff at us.  We all know that all energy must return to the GREAT MOTHER.” They passed her body from one to the next, taking her closer toward shore.

   Neytiri turned her eyes upward and noticed that all the ayeyktan were quickly descending the path down to the lagoon.  Hundreds of other People lined the top of the cliff.  Jake came first to the water.  He did not need an explanation.  He knew.  Everyone knew and sensed Mo’at’s  departure from this realm of existence.  But her physical absence struck everyone differently, though they had each KNOWN, Kolame, Mo’at.
   He paused and let Krekori carry Mo’at past him. Jake comforted Neytiri in his arms and absorbed her wailing sobs, as he had once wished to do when her father, Eytukan, had been killed.  The ayeyktan also offered their support to Gregory Mendelsohn, who had been Mo’at’s steadfast companion since they had met over ten years ago.  He was unconsolable.  The physical loss of one so close has sweet consolation in knowing that the spirit is yet alive and well in another dimension.  But it is sensed as a loss, notwithstanding. 
   Most had experienced a loss of someone dear when the Great Well of Souls had been attacked.  Grief was a necessary part of the experience.  No one doubted that Mendllzong would spend a long time mourning. 
   Krekori Mendllzong carried her body upward.  The double row of ayeyktan parted to allow Krekori to pass with Mo
at in his arms.  Each eyktan their love and support to him, but it was clear to everyone, that he alone would carry her body.He knew somewhere in his heart that her spirit was alive, and everywhere around him.  Grief has a way of obscuring that certainty.  He could feel Jake behind him, and Neytiri, both reaching out to console him.  He knew his life would be different now that her physical presence was no longer with him.  He wondered vaguely how he would manage to go on.
   Neytiri knew in her mind that Mo’at was still with her.  She felt strangely at peace, and then suddenly grief stricken.  She was grateful for Jake’s strong arms around her waist.  She wasn’t even certain how her feet kept moving.  The face of her mother was resting upon the shoulder of Krekori as he carried her upward.  She had often recognized her unwillingness to accept his role as Mo’at’s companion.  She realized that she had blocked her own acceptance of him because she had secretly compared him always with the stern Eytukan, her father.  She had failed to understand how Krekori’s gentle spirit was truly what Mo’at had needed.  She wondered how she could be so philosophical at a moment when she should be overwhelmed with grief.  Yet the sobs choking her throat reminded her that she was not immune to that grief.
   The sounds of the funeral song filled her ears.  This was the same dirge they had all sung after the Battle for the Well of Souls.  The song when Toruk Makto appeared to them.  It was the oldest, most basic tune.  And though she thought she could utter not one syllable, some of the words came to her lips, though mostly silent.

We are all seeds
Of the Great Tree,
Whose strength is in our legs
Like the mighty trunks,
In our arms
As sheltering branches,
In our eyes
The blue-flower
Which unfolds to the sun.
We are all seeds
Of the Great Tree
Whose song is within us.  *
Utralä aNawm
ayrina’lu ayoeng,
A peyä tìtxur mì hinam awngeyä
Na aysangek afkeu,
Mì pun
Na ayvul ahusawnu,
Mì aynar
Na seze
A ’ong ne tsawke.
Utralä aNawm
ayrina’ lu ayoeng,
A peyä tìrol mì awnga.

The song brought some comfort, though she could hear the sobs amid the lyrics.


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476)~The drone of the Dragon’s rotor blades created a staccato rhythm that punctuated the overcast skies. The journey was otherwise quiet. The conversation between the two Dragon’s was reserved and respectful.  The glow of the instruments on the control panel mimicked the syuratan, the sparkling glow of the jungle below.  The Omatikaya Clan was returning to their Old Home Tree for the purpose of burying the body of Mo’at.   All of the aysahik had climbed aboard, and encircled Mendllzong and Neytiri where they sat.
   Krekori Mendllzong held Mo’at’s lifeless form in his arms.  No longer would those golden eyes embrace his soul.  Neytiri had asked him where and how they should lay her body to rest.  He appreciated this gesture of trust and confidence.
It was true that her spirit could be sensed anywhere on Pandora, but Omatikaya was the home of her body, and where Eytukan was now lain.  They would bury her somewhere near the Old Home Tree, near where Eytukan had died.
   “Nga livu seykel nìtam frrfen fìtsenge sampulit ngari lolu ro kllyem?”    (Will you be strong enough to visit that place where your father is buried?) asked Krekori of Neytiri.
   “Srane, ma Semputsyìp.”  He was both surprised and pleased that she referred to him now as Little Daddy.  It was the first sign of affection she had displayed toward him.  He smiled meekly and allowed her to continue.
   “Txe’lan oeri ‘efu keftxo, slä oe ‘efu seykel nìtam.” (My heart feels sad but I feel strong-hearted enough.)
  She stopped stroking her mother’s head long enough to touch his arm soothingly.  “I am glad that you want her buried near Oeyä Sempul, instead of …”
   “...instead of at Blue Heart where my other body is buried?  I am grateful that I was housed in that body, but I am not THERE.  She belongs with her Eytukan. With the Omatikaya.  Once we get to the Other Side, we can sort it all out.  We will all be pure spirit.”
   A huge teardrop rolled off his nose and splashed into Mo’at’s steel grey hair.  He produced a hanky made of softened hide from his belt pouch and wiped his face once again.  “Ayoe livu tirea nì’aw, awsìteng.” (We will be spirit only, together.)
   He knew he would have a long time to adjust to this loss.  His Na’vi body was still young. Two spouses in one lifetime!  Or was it two lifetimes?  He could not begrudge the spirit of his beloved Mo’at to seek the company of Eytukan.  But was the presence of a disembodied spirit any stronger than that of his own living, albeit recycled, spirit?  Would she be any closer to Eytukan now than she was when she, too, was living?  A sob wracked his body.
   “Pol lu lom ftu rey oer,” he cried.  “She is missing from my life.”   He couldn’t express the loss he felt.  He knew she was with him, but he felt utterly alone.  Then something unexpected happened.  Neytiri offered him her tswin.  The intimacy of the gesture touched him deeply.  The moment their tendrils entwined he realized that his grief was not isolated, but shared.  They sobbed together and were comforted. And Mo’at’s presence was alive between them.  They each shared tsaheylu with each of the aysahik in the cargo bay of the Dragon.  Each sharing a bit of the certainty of her presence.  He knew that after the burial, they would all seek comfort at the Well of Souls.  Her presence would be felt there strongest.  They knew, and were relieved.
   Major Sharon West did the honor of flying the Dragon to the edge of the Old Omatiya Kelutral.  She landed the beast in a clearing where Jake directed her.  She sensed that this was sacred ground.  It was the feeling that came over her each time she visited a battlefield: the collective anguish of all the souls who had fought and died at this place.  She shut down the engines and dropped the loading ramp.  She felt the humbling responsibility of escorting a huge amount of history at this moment. Jake tapped her on the shoulder and she followed him out with the procession from the Dragon.
   The other Dragon, piloted by Colonel Schroeder and filled with ayeyktan landed nearby and joined the procession as well.
   Sharon stopped long enough to grab a folding shovel from the storage compartment and returned to the queue. She surmised that a grave would need to be dug and wanted to pitch in to help. She fell into line with Pamela.  They hugged silently and walked onward with grim determination.  Neytiri drew the line to a stop and they gathered around.   Krekori sat on a log with Mo’at upon his lap, flanked by Neytiri and Alekxsi.  Neytiri slowly shook her head at Sharon.
   “Ma S’rron.  You must remember that the soil holds the thoughts of all these souls.  Help us dig her grave, but use only flat stones. Rä’ä sar lefngapa sa’o. Don’t use metal tool.”
  “Nìlun, Ma Neytiri.  I should have thought of that.”  Respectfully, Sharon joined the other aysahik and ayeyktan in carefully scooping out the rich dirt.  She didn’t quite understand how a metal edge would severe a thought any more or less effectively than a stone.  She simply accepted the idea as expressed by Mo’at’s daughter. 
   Sharon reflected on the lives that had been lost here.  She looked over her shoulder and saw that Pxepxi was looking in another direction and holding back tears.  She had lost her parents not far from here. 
   Sharon estimated that within an hour, a hole was dug to sufficient depth.  She sat with the others, catching her breath.  Sharon and Pamela joined Pxepxi and Kofi.  Someone brought water in large gourds with which they drank and washed their tear-streaked faces.  Krekori rose to his feet and carried Mo’at down into the pit. Neytiri and Alekxsi following him.  The dirge began once again, and they lingered as long as they could, but climbed out at the words of the last line:
           We are all seeds of the Great Tree whose song is within us.
   Others had gathered flowers.  Each person spent a few moments of recollection before letting their flower descend into the pit with Mo’at.  Atokirina' descended, as one accord.  It wasn’t until they all ascended that each person added dirt to the grave. And it wasn’t until then that the finality of her death hit them.  It was then that everyone burst out into loud wailing and sobbing.  Eventually, Neytiri, Alekxsi and Krekori allowed themselves to be led away.

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477)~Ramunong Ayvitrayä. The Well of Souls.  The huge tree which stood in the hollow, stretched out its welcoming arms.  The light emitted from its pendant tendrils filled the bowl with a soft, pinkish energy.  AyNa’vi filed in from the slopes above, seating themselves on the spongy moss which covered the ground.  Each person allowed their tswin, to make a neural connection to the moss, to the tree, to the Great Mother which gave them all Being.
   The aysahik had formed a circle around Neytiri and Alekxsi -the embodiment of Sylwanin, and Gregory Mendelsohn, who was somewhere between resignation and shell shock.  JakeSully stood beside him, simply because the man seemed so forlorn.  But Gregory understood this place.  He had brought Mo’at here often.  He knew that he would find solace here, if nowhere else. He allowed his eyes to close and allowed himself to feel the rhythmic chanting which had begun.  The heartbeat of Eywa, the heartbeat of the People. He didn’t have his eyes open, but he could SEE Neytiri and Alekxsi/Sylwanin, side-by-side.  They were chanting in the manner he had often heard Mo’at:
Eo Eywa oe ‘ia. 
Eo (before) Eywa.
Oe ‘ia. (I spiritual oneness) He wondered vaguely why the word LU was not included.  Perhaps if one has attained spiritual Oneness, LU is implied. A formality! 
   “That is the kind of thing I always enjoyed about you, Ma Krekori!”   His eyes popped open, expecting to see his Mo’at.  But she had not materialized.  He glanced at Neytiri and Aleksi/Sylwanin.  Their faces were joyous.  Quickly he closed his eyes, hoping to re-establish the immediacy of her presence.  And there she was.  Smiling at him as she had smiled at no one else.
   Every morning he had brought her here or to a nearby Tree of Voices.  He loved to feel the presence of other lives washing through him. He knew that Mo’at had been seeking specific information, histories, the words to an Ancient Way, but he enjoyed letting all the voices wash over him.  But now he sought the comfort and assurance of his Dear Mo’at.  He wondered if everyone here was seeking her also.
Of course.  Who wouldn’t? She was a formidable figure, but that was her attraction as well.  Dragon Lady.  That’s how Jake referred to her.  He felt a prickle of defiance run up his back.  But he realized that those two had grown in each other’s admiration many years ago.
   And Mo’at seemed to be chiding him for focusing on that negative thought.
He grinned sheepishly and accepted his scolding.  Who was going to understand him as Mo’at ever did? A young Na’vi body with an old coger’s soul?  He felt her comfort and reassurance.  That was something for which he needn’t worry.  Eywa would take care of him.  He knew that with certainty.
   He opened his eyes and waited, filled with a calmness he couldn’t explain.  Surreptitiously, he studied the faces of others as they processed their information.  It seemed that Mo’at was conversing with each person where they sat.  How very much like Mo’at!  Would she wean them off her input?  He imagined that Neytiri would have open access to the heart and soul of Mo’at.  Would the others?  Would he?  His heart skipped a beat.  He did not care to imagine a world devoid of Mo’at.  No. She would always be here through the Well of Souls.  He noticed that other faces were registering a calmness and an assurance.  Mo’at would always be with them.

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478)~  “Lu pxesrram alu ayoel Sa’nokit kllyem, oeyä Tsmuke.” said Neytiri quietly to the woman she knew in her heart as Sylwanin. (It has been three days ago that we buried Mother, My Sister.)
   “Srane. Oel omum fì’u, Ma Tsmuke.” (Yes I know this thing, my sister.) Neytiri stopped braiding her hair and peered into Alekxsi’s face. 
   “Hìmtxampe krrit kin ngaru ta tsnagawvìk ngal?”  (How much time do you need to weep?) asked Neytiri of her sister.
   “Pìmtxan?”  (How much?, was Neytiri past weeping?) “Oe livu tsngawvìk fratrr tì’i’avay krrä. Slä, oel omum fwa sko tsahik, oe zene livu seykel, kefyak?” (I will weep every day until the end of time.  But I know that in my role as tsahik, I must be strong, isn’t that right?)
   Neytiri stood and addressed all the other aysahik.
    “Omum oel futa tìfyawìntxuri oeyä perey aynga nìwotx.”    (I know this, that you are all waiting for my guidance.) “Slä, oel pllte ayngaru; SAN: ‘Ayngaru nìwotx lu ayson ta ayolo’ ayngeyä.’ SìK.” (But I say to all of you, QUOTE: ‘You all have your duties towards your clans.’ UNQOUTE)  They need to grieve as well.  You need to tend to the needs of the People. Eat. Break camp. It is time.”

   The other aysahik were all reluctant to leave the comfort of the Well of Souls, but each knew in her heart that she had duties to attend to.  The ayektan had been away on daily hunting parties.  Camps had been established within walking distance of the Well, but the aysahik had spent most of their hours in tsaheylu under the huge tree.   The ayeyktan breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the aysahik climbing up over the edge of the Well.  They prepared the last meal of this sojourn and soon were breaking camp.
   The steep rock walls of the Well of Souls began to fill with ayikran.  They had been denied the company of their riders for three days and more.  Neytiri thought that the flights back to their respective ayolo’ would allow sufficient time for the aysahik to adjust. Of course, there would be new aysahik without ayikran.  Mazhor S’rron West would have to take them back in the lefngapa ikran.
  It was decided that Sharon and Pamlala would give the ayikran a whole day’s head start.  Those Two would be stopping at Blue Heart Gate to refuel and reassess their resources.  Meanwhile, Ateyo and Tai could stop at Olo’Zongsteng Alor, and other aysahik could visit their clans of origin as well.
   Ateyo was glad that Tai Tae Ao had brought Pìwopx Srewyu.  Her big ikran was much stronger than Atanvi.  Pxepxi was glad also, because as much as she enjoyed flying in the lefngapa ikran, she wanted to experience flight upon a living, breathing creature, once again.  She wondered mournfully, whether she would have to give up that hope as well as that of flying away to the other moons.  But for now she was pleased at the prospect of visiting the Pa’li clan and Zongsteng Alor, on the way to her new clan home, the Slotted Cave.
   “Yayo!” (air launch!) Was the enthusiastic cry of the riders.  A few even let out an ìley, a war cry, forgetting their sorrow if only for a moment.  The wind in their hair reminded each person, how much they had missed flying their ikran.  It was a relief to be moving once again.  They glanced at each other, and at the huge ikrans before them and little Atanvi and Ateyo trailing close behind.  Their ayikran were transmitting feelings of joy at being reunited, sending thoughts of encouragement to their riders.  They each sensed the loss and sorrow their riders were experiencing, and simply willed that they each enjoy the sensations of flight.  And they were right, of course.  Nothing can lift one’s spirits like flying through the air! 
  It was nightfall before all the ayeyktans and aysahik arrived at the Pa’li Clan. Eyktan Rolkxu and Tsahik Avatu’ite were not yet arrived, of course.  They were riding in the Lefngapa Ikran with S’rron and Pamlala, and would arrive in the morning.  The rest of the pa’li clan had ridden out from the Eastern Sea, the previous day, and hosted the travellers overnight.   Tsahik Avatu’ite was to be the sole tsahik.  Again the aysahik found a small Tree of Voices and communed with the spirits of aysahik of the past, namely, Mo’at and Avatu.  The living aysahik were appalled that they had nearly ignored the passing of Tsahik Avatu.  But the spirit of Avatu was laughing and teasing the spirit of Mo’at.
   “You have always upstaged me, Ma Mo’at.  But you all mourned my passing along with the Laughing Sea Creatures.”
   The living aysahik were greatly relieved and in the morning, simply created an impromptu ceremony, such as had been done for Alekxsi and Syulang Aean, for the sake of Tsahik Avatu’ite.
   In the morning, the two Dragons arrived and the impromptu ceremony held, formally acknowledging the ascendence of Avatu’ite to the full role of tsahik.  She felt vaguely disoriented without her aged mother’s wisdom to lean on.  She wondered if Neytiri felt the same way.  She realized that her silence had prevented her from connecting with Neytiri regarding the passing of their Mothers/Tsahiks.
    And by the evening of that same day, the ayikran were circling the kelutral of Zongsteng Alor.  Ikxeru was pleased to see that his clan had already returned, as well as members of the Hidden Base. (Their spouses were all from Zongsteng Alor)  Captain Janet Henderson stood back when her adoptive daughter, Tanìs, saw Pxepxi, who had been playmates together, as children.  Like young women everywhere, their squeals of delight were ear piercing.  Ateyo was happy to see Meykir’ite, who, though younger, had always ‘mothered’ Ateyo.  Meykir’te was herself, now a tsahik, and a mother of three!  She had all kinds of advice for Pxepxi, who was now pregnant.  The greatest surprise, though, is that Pxepxi’s muntxatan, Kofi, had ridden out with the pa’li clan yesterday, and was awaiting her, quietly and patiently, while all the other reunions occurred.  After the feasting had occurred, those two disappeared to “stir the the kava.” 
   The main topic of the evening was how to accommodate the changing of the clans.  All the pilots and many of the crew from Hidden Base wanted to accompany Tai to the Slotted Cave and Olo’Samoana.  Their spouses wanted to stay near Zongsteng Alor.

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« Reply #479 on: February 15, 2015, 12:00:27 pm »
   479)~ Ateyo gathered her aysahik around her after the wutzu had been eaten at Zongsteng Alor.  Tsahik Meykir and her daughter, Meykir’ite also joined them as advisors. 
   “It is important for us to continue our lives, even though we each sense a deep emptiness with the parting of Mo’at.  But she has urged me to hold you all together.  Ma Syulang Aean has chosen to join us from Olo’ Sponoyä.  She was one of pxesahik who been trained by Tsahik Ketemenvi.  The other two returned to the island and she remains with us.  She knows the manner of the Island People.
   “I have also spoken with Tsahik Lamu’ite of the Eastern Sea Ikran Clan.  She is not here with us now, but will join us when we make our first encampment at the Slotted Cave.
   “Ma Alekxsi knows the ways of Olo’Omatikaya.  She was closest to Mo’at and will be grieving, but she is aware that her duties keep her on this side of the Eye of Eywa.”  There was polite laughter, quiet and brief.  “Though none of us aysahik had been a personal attendant of Mo’at, we each had felt the pull of grief toward the ‘other side’.”
   “Tafral (for this reason) we must each move about with our lives and watch the members of our olo’ and not allow each other to focus on our loss.  It is important for us to learn about each others’ path.  We have many members of our new olo’ who are not Na’vi by birth.  As mipa Na’vi, they have brought many of their beliefs and ideas with them from ‘Rrta.  Many of our members are from Hidden Place and will be joining us also, because Ma Tai is Eyktan of these people. Aymuntxatìri lu ta fìolo, Zongsteng Alor.  (As to spouses, they are from this clan, Safe Place Clan.) Also, many people will join us from Star Ship on which Pxepxi was travel. Many different peoples.”
   “We as aysahik must become close so that we can guide all these people together.  Conversations after wutzo is a good way to learn about a person.  But also is ayuvan, games.  And hunting, so that we learn to work together.”
   Pxepxi returned from “stirring the kava”, flush from her amorous endeavors.  She was only to become more reddened to the point of purple, as the other aysahik began to tease her mercilessly.  As the laughter and teasing died down, Ateyo informed her daughter that as a trainee, she needed to be more sensitive to the gatherings of aysahik.  But Ateyo then addressed all the aysahik.
   “Oel mok fwa aysahik awsiteng taron awaiei.” (I suggest this thing which the aysahik together hunt Awaiei.)
   “Aiwaiei?  Isn’t that the Banshee of Paradise?” blurted out Ka’alani.  “Ateyo, you must be crazy!  You pointed one out to me near the Slotted Cave!  I’ve read what Dr. Grace said about them; they have infrared seeking capabilities and poison darts that they can shoot at you! And they make a wailing sound when the wind blows across them!”
   “Srane!  We make ayhawnu, protect things, for hold up, cover our body.  Some go in front, two other come behind and get seeds.  I show you how! But not tonight.  Fìtxon ayoe zene hivahaw. Trray ayoe zene tsivwayon ne Olo’Atumopinä. (Tonight we must sleep. Tomorrow we must fly to Atumopin’s clan.)
  That night, Ka’alani awakened often to the sound of wailing Banshees, only to hear the loud snores of Tafai’ana’ae, her sleeping husband.


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