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Ateyo Te Syaksyuk:
6)  Graciously and with great exaggeration, Ateyo presented the UTU MAUTI to Tai.
"Ateyo has climbing to  high up ayutral, trees, for bringing this good Push Fruit."
She heard the ayeveng giggling behind her.  She hadn't meant to use the translation.
Did they have to take everything so literally?
She was grateful to hear many voices in the reprimand OIISS!
Tai never lost eye contact with Ateyo. Fìpo menari THOSE EYES!
Tai took a quick gulp of air and popped open her mask.
Taking a quick bite, she slammed her mask into place.
Chewing contentedly, she looked meaningfully into Ateyo's eyes.
The moment was not lost on anyone.
Young sampsiyu all hooted, knowing glances were exchanged among others
A moment lingered where no one dared move or breathe
 Eyktan Ikxeru leaned over to his muntxatu (wife)and stated the obvious. "Awngeyä Ateyori lu mowan fìtawtuteru.  Our Ateyo has desire for this tsawtute. "This will be interesting". The silence was broken when Ateyo leapt into the air and sang the refrain from her newest song:

'Efu hufwet
A oeri mesyalit spule
Nefä, nefä
Kxamlä taw aean
I feel the wind
Carrying my wings
Upwards Upwards
Through the  blue skies

Ateyo Te Syaksyuk:
7  Unexpectedly, Tai jumped to her feet and motioned the other human to his feet.
"We two come from a small island country on Earth.  There was a time when it had much beauty, like Pandora.  But bad humans have destroyed that beauty.  We came to Pandora because we love this beauty. We are willing to fight and die for this. We two will do a war dance from our Samoan people to show you our willingness to fight."  
  The two had already removed their boots and took their stances. While the Tsahik Meykir and Ateyo translated.  Ikxeru, the Chieftan, motioned the aysampsiyu, Na'vi warriors, to gather closer.
  The two began their chant with a commanding shout, stamping rhythmically and drumming on their bodies with their hands.  The words they chanted flowed like Na'vi, some of the aysamsiyu joined by clapping the rhythm. The presentation was short and intense. And ended with both Samoans in a defensive posture and a fierce expression on their faces. The aysamsiyu all jumped to their feet and shouted, eager to learn. And the children jumped to their feet and pulled Ateyo to her feet as well. "Come let us learn this dance."
  "Sran!  I can give these gifts away at a different time!" Ateyo was truly torn. This would be a good opportunity to learn from the humans. They were truly sharing together. Now the ayeveng, the children,  were in a dilemma. They were beginning to get very excited. Olo'eyktan was about to intervene when Tai held up her arms in a commanding gesture. Said something loudly and took her seat,and looked to Ateyo to translate.
Poe plltxe, san: nì'ul srew lehawnngtrro: sik. "She say QUOTE: MORE DANCE LATER: UNQUOTE" and turning to the evi, the kids,  she said:
 "Now, who will help me take this basket of gifts OFF MY BACK!?""


Ateyo Te Syaksyuk:
8~  Ayeveng, Children, came rushing up to Ateyo, "OE SRUNNg SIVI NGA." I will help you.
"Careful, Ma Evi. Don't break anything. Including me!" The woven pack was nearly as big as Ateyo herself.  Gently, it was lifted from her back and placed beside her. The children were nearly dancing with  excitement.
  With a flourish, Ateyo produced a beautiful cape of an delicate orange color. The garment whirled in the air. The entire edge was decorated with bead work made of iridescent seeds.
"Oe kä win sami ulte stamä'ni loreyuti alu ngivop fì'are fpi Tsahikit Meykir!" Ateyo went fast and caught Helicordian with which to create this cape for the sake of Tsahik Meykir!
Tsahik Meykir stood up and Ateyo carefully draped the beautifully crafted cape over her shoulders.
She turned to the Mesawtute, the Two Humans, and explained: "Your people calling this plant Heli cor di an. When touching it goes down very fast."   Recognition registered on their faces, they had each been startled by this plant before.  Meykir turned to Ateyo and rewarded her with a grateful hug.
  The next gift was produced. An elaborate pxawpxun, an armband, crafted for Olo'eyktan Ikxeru, with extra beads left dangling simply for the colorful effect. Laughing and cheering ensued after each gift was presented. Each person in turn standing to display their gift, sometimes exchanging a gift of their own with Ateyo. The night wore on, people came and went, food and drink was shared. The children received child size bows and arrows, ioi of various kinds. The human medic next to Tai received a pxawpxun with  a red cross emblem woven into it.  Ateyo did not understand the glowering look she received from him.  The hug was a demonstration of his great size. Shorter than Na'vi but heavily muscled.  

Ateyo Te Syaksyuk:
9~As the tsawtutan sat again next to Tai, he slipped his hand over hers in a possessive manner.
("this is awkward",) thought Ateyo because the next gift was the circular ioi that she had made for Tai. It was fashioned of woven plant fibers to resemble the rotors of the kunsip within the circular shroud. Tai offered her arm and Ateyo proceeded to wrap it, neatly around her arm,explaining:  PXAW indicating around, and PXUN indicating arm.
Fa'afatai! Irayo! In her delight she had spoken Samoan. GiveAways were a common custom.  Quickly, she removed her old Timex with it's flexible metal wristband. PXAW PXUN she announced and made a big show of placing it over Ateyo's hand, past her slender wrist and well onto her forearm.
As the crowd murmured its approval, Tai sat down and patted the spot between her and Tsahik Meykir.
"HEYN TOKXTSYIP!" (Sit Little Body) Indeed, she had rehearsed that line all night waiting for the opportunity to invite the animated little Na'vi person next to her.
Laughter and approval filled the gathering place, but she was aware that her self-appointed boyfriend was not pleased by the gesture.
"Tam tam?" questioned Ateyo with a nervous glance at the big Samoan next to her.
"Tam tam." replied Tai.  She leaned over to her companion and whispered something.  He nodded solemnly and placed his hands on his own knees with a disheartened sigh.

Ateyo Te Syaksyuk:
10) The Give Away lasted several hours with spontaneous outbursts of singing and dance and presentations to Olo'Eyktan Ikxeru and Tsahik Meykir and the sawtute guests.  It wasn't long before the evi came to Ateyo and dragged her to her feet.
"We want you to do the Ikran Flyer dance with us."
Laughing she got to her feet and the evengya made a rough formation to each side of her.
Oe mìn nìtxa' ftär
Oe mìn nìtxa' skien
Titswusayonìri moe lu 'aw
Oeyä ikran sì oe
Txur, seykxel
'Efu hufwet
A oeri mesyalit spule
Nefä, nefä
Kxamlä taw aean
I turn very hard left
I turrn very hard right
We are one in flight
My ikran and I
Very strong  
I feel the wind
Carrying my wings
Upwards Upwards
Through the  blue skies

 Evi loved this song for the chance to pantomime flying. It also gave Tai a chance to talk with Tsahik Meykir about Ateyo. Through the corner of her eye, Ateyo could see Tai smiling, and even the Big Samoan next to her seemed to be enjoying himself.


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