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Cameron's Avatar: Through the eyes of a paid Mercenary (pt. 4)
« on: January 15, 2010, 03:29:38 pm »
CH.9 The Beacon

I ran part way, but before heading back to Hell’s Gate, my HUD display picked up a Beacon coming from the base’s comm. Room. I really became concerned, now I realized that there may be more than one intruder on Pandora. Without thinking, I rushed into the base with my gun loaded; when I reached the comm. room, I saw no one. I looked at a open CPU, which wasn’t supposed to be on at all. “Drop your gun and turn around with your hands behind your head.” I froze, but I did what they wanted me to do, I turned around unarmed with my hands behind my head and asked them, “Who are you and who do you work for?” A woman about 2 inches shorter than me came out and a man that was 4-5 inches tall from my height came over, grasps my hands and cuffed them. He asked, “Where’s the data?” “Go eat s***!” was my response. He smack me hard on the face that I dropped on the floor with my nose bleeding. “C’mon darling. Don’t be too difficult on us; we only want the data that you were sent here for.” I told her, “Don’t play the nice and mean s*** with me! I’ll never let you and your company touch this planet, I’ll KILL YOU ALL!” I screamed. I knew that the state I’m in was useless to make my escape, I decided to ram the guy in the stomach, he groaned in agony grabbed the keys and rushed out as fast as I could, before the woman can even react. But I did hear a bang and felt something pierce through my body, but still kept on running.

CH.9 Lost and Wounded
“Damn!” I said, “f*** Steve, f*** FDA, f***!” I was deep in the forest, lost and wounded. At least I could still move my arms, I found myself a shelter under a tree, and I lied there and closed my eyes. I knew I was in a dying state, but there’s something that’s preventing to rest. All I heard was this voice saying, “Go to the People.” The next thing I knew when I opened my eyes I saw my buddy Charlie sitting next to me. “Man, you got yourself into some tight s*** now.” He said, “I duno if I can help you on this one, Daniel.” I told him,” Charlie, did they suspect you?” “No” he replied. “Good. I need you to go back and share any information regarding any upcoming attacks.” I replied. “ARE YOU f*** KIDDING!” he snapped back,” But ok, I’ll help.” He gave me my weapons, I asked him, “By the way who were those 2 agents?” he replied, “FDA top guns, the woman who shot you was called Lily, and the man whom you rammed over was Jacob, man, dude, you sure piss off the wrong people.” With that being said he left.
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