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Cameron's Avatar: Through the eyes of a paid Mercenary (undone)


This is a story about Daniel, he's a paid mercenary, not part of any military and his job is to nab the Avatar Data and a piece of unobtanium. Follow his journey and see his doubts whether or not he actually going to turn in the whole thing to this so-called Steve. (This story has not been fully finished. Feel free to give more ideas to make this story intense. You can send me a msg through this forum. Thank you!)

Cameron's Avatar: Through the eyes of a paid Mercenary

     -Report log- The year is 2154, Saturday, *Oh Why do I even bother with the days*, my name is Daniel J. Harrison. From what I had extracted from the computer log at the abandoned RDA facility, it has been 13 days since the Organizing, RDA, was defeated by the Na'vi lead by none other than Jake Sully. I was sent here to Pandora ...My god I can't even describe the beauty of this Planet. Well back to the main point, I do not work for the RDA, but I do work for wealthy people who pays me by the hour.-
     Back at Earth I was contacted by a guy named Steve *duno why he never tell me his actual name* He said that he has a big job for me because this job requires an expert in stealth and can survive immense attacks. I don't know how he got a hold of me because I prefer to be remained in the shadow of society.
       Well he said he needs me to get him a piece of unobtanium and the data on the Avatar Program. He said he would pay me $500 million just get me started and another $600 million when I come back with the unobtanium and the data on the Avatar Project. I thought about it for a few minutes because something seemed fishy about the Data, so I asked him why the Avatar data was so important to him. But he told me that it was none of my business and he quickly added that don’t open the file inside the data or else. So I accepted the job, got myself one hell of a ride to Pandora as a U.S Sergeant Officer.
        Yes I was there when all hell broke loose, I managed to hide myself so that I can slip back in and get the data. I got the data, but I am stuck with finding a piece of unobtanium. I know that if the Na’vi see’s another human roaming their grounds I am 100% dead of course if I draw out my weapons, but I said to myself that spilling more blood isn’t worth it for one piece of unobtanium. Right now I find myself roaming the most Hostile environment now known to me because my instructor told me that fear is our enemy and that if we conquer our fear, we can do the impossible. Easy for him to say and now I am walking to the last known location unobtanium, which was the place the Na’vi resides, but not anymore due to the actions of RDA. Once I reached the destination, I finally asked myself, “Why am I helping a guy to find a piece of unobtanium?"
       It took about 5 damn hours and it's already nightfall. I had heard rumors about dangerous creatures that prey in the darkness, I prepared myself with some tranquilizer and really hard wood to knock out those -things- and make my escape. But tonight it was different that a expected, the Nar` ring seems to be quiet. I thought I saw a shadow moving behind the debris of the fallen tree. Then I heard a cry, the cry was so loud that I nearly dropped over dead, I walked to the location where i thought it came from. I looked around and saw no one, I decided to go deeper into the woods and found blood, not blood of the Na'vi, but human blood. I guess after all the shipment of Avatar body; they also dropped something else, a Spy. (To be con't)


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