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« on: January 30, 2010, 12:18:45 pm »
This tale is entitled Jarvin, which means life in the language of the Ragnaroks.  The story is under development, however you may post post your comments in the discussion section.  Thank you for your patience.

Chapter the first: Horatsiz

"Havragon Hets-vorum." Hets-vorum cocked his head towards the sounds origin.  "Maeg viv jarvin grat seoel." Hets-vorum said to the other in his presence "Hesh viv jarvin grat seoel.  Havragon Zombey-hul Stetik."  Stetik cocked his head in order to return the greeting. His facial muscles pulled back the cheeks that covered his secondary set of jaws.  It meant that he had important information.  "Hev selrom dey frig satanyu.  Seoel, vreytsev hart satanyu."

Section 2

Hets-vorum and Stetik walked through the city Hevra to get to the nearby spatial port.  Stetik took Hets-vorum into the motor pool area.  Stetik dropped in his ticket (a small radioactive chip that releases the vehicle locks.) and drove off in the voruum.  The looming black structures of Hevra towered into the hazy purple sky,with bright pyramid shaped tips showering the surroundings in bright, white light.  The purple haze existed on the ground as well, blurring vision ever so slightly.  The breeze rolled down the streets, as vehicles drove by quickly and pedestrians walked calmly down the  paths at the roads edge.  railed transports dove underground from their stations.  A Military march occurred nearby, with zaltanga in the air twirling.  "Seoel, hev frig set satanyu.  Koarsey!"  Stetik left Hets-vorum to the ship he now needed to board in order to get where he was needed.  Stetik ran over to Boarding Pad 15, where the shuttle to the Veyra was docked.  Stetik quickly climbed into the open doorway.  "Sogododay hei!" the passengers all said "Haltsotay!"  Stetik and the other passengers applied their Argon masks and de-pressurization rapid inflatables.  "Fetsing fole!"  The shuttle unhooked from the landing pad's clutches.  The shuttle lifted into the air, and whisked through the argon skies of Horatsiz.

Section 3
Stetik awoke from his deep sleep.  The death-chamber closed around him.  Its spherical shape was disrupted by the opening of many doors, each unlatching to reveal the Ragnaroks within.  "Hraa'rg guh rahl!"  Chanted the many Ragnaroks as they gave worship to the Emperor for their life.  The chanting continued, and a hush wiped over the many bodies.  A dark black and imposing 15 ft. figure entered a large door.  6 red triangular lights glowed on the side of an enormous helmet.  Stetik was in awe.  The Emperor himself came on the 13 year flight.
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