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OK, so the first three parts are about William Candy along with a T800 development prototype. As a hybrid of different generations of prototype, you might call it a mule, and he carries a package from Britain to the US for someone else, so maybe mule is appropriate.
Now this is not just the adventures of a retired Chief Master Sergent Candy, that would be a bit dull, and not very Learn Na'vi.

So here's one about Jake .....

Plot twist ahead, prepare for complications!

Hiccup and Astrid do good cop/bad cop, well maybe violent Viking/nonviolent Viking.

Jake's talking to himself, maybe it's the pressure.

OK, so here's another, a little later than intended, a little shorter than intended too.

Read this scene, then take another look at the 'MACHINE' logo, either at the top of the fic' page, or here .....


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