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My Navi Poem

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With help constructing the tenses and topics from people on Skype.

I hope you enjoy.

Lu oe Na’vi srak. Kehe. Oe lu uniltìrantokx.
Tawtutel oeyä skola’a tireati.
Oe 'ayì'awn, ma Iknimayani.
Ma Eywal, txoa livu.
Nìftxavang oe tsmukan slayu.
Na’vi srayung.

omängum fra'uti:
Nice! :)

Though I have a question....  Is this poem from the point of view of an avatar?  (IE not the person controlling the avatar, but the avatar itself.)

yup :)

omängum fra'uti:
I like it!  An interesting choice indeed, there certainly is that whole unanswered question of what exactly the avatars are, as a person.

I like it  ;D  I'd love to see more.

what's the infix '-iv' mean again? (oel omängum fì'u, oe lu skxawng)


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