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There's a translated version at the bottom. If there are any error's please tell me

In the forest, on Pandora,
Over the thundering rocks
Trees rustle, animals scurry,
And there lies the lone na'vi

Here I sit and rest,
Under the sleepy gaze of Eywa
I feel the soothing calm,
In the blessed silence of the forest

Under the high canopy's of Pandora,
Here i find peace...

The breeze of the winds,
Carrying the scents of those past
The living world,
In perfect balance

But the moment is not everlasting,
It is a fleeting experience, like the gusts
My time has come,
And I must leave

With a sad hope,
To return once more
I blink my teary eyes,
Awake to the world

The solitude of my dream,
Is now a mere memory
Will it return,
I know not

Resting my head,
I slept once more
Hoping to dream again...
I could say a thousand words to describe Pandora, i guess i have to settle for a few verses...

mì-na'rìng, mì-Pandora,
in the forest, on Fandora,
em Iknimaya-ri,
over the Thundering Rocks,
ay-utral r<er>ikx, ay-ioang r<er>ikx,
the trees are moving, the animals are moving,
tsatseng nì'awtu na'vi-ri tok,
there is a lone na'vi,

fìtseng-ìri oe 'ì'awn ni-mawey,
here I am, calm,
ke em Eywa-yä le-mawey-a tì-kame,
under Eywa's peaceful gaze,
tì-mawey-ìl t<er>ìng poe-yä fpom-ti,
her calm gives me peace,
mì tì-fnu a-swok na'rìng-ä,
in the sacred silence of the forest,

ke em ay-utral a-tsawl Pandora-yä,
under the big trees of Pandora,
fìtseng oe lu fpom...
here I am at peace...

'ampi hufwe-yä,
the wind's touch,
m<er>unge ay-mokri ay-pizayu-yä,
bringing the voices of the ancestors,

slä ke yol-a swaw lu,
but it's a short-lived moment,
swaw-ìl txìng oe-ti, na hufwe,
the moment leaves me, like the wind,
oe-yä krr z<ol>a'u,
My time has come,
Ulte oe zene hum,
And I must leave,

txing set
Leaving now
N<er>ew kä ne'ìmg,
Wanting to return,
Oe set txen lu,
I am now awake,

Oe-yä unil lu set tì-peng nì'aw,
My dream is now but a story,
Fì'unil z<ay>a'u ne'ìm srak?
Will my dream come back?
Oe rä'ä om<iv>um,
I do not know,

Oe h<er>ahaw set,
I am sleeping now,
N<er>ew unil s<iv>i nìmun...
Wanting to dream again...

Credits go to antagonisten for translation

Inspired by a close friend...
Translated by another...

Please voice your thoughts...

Kerusey vrrtep:

Sounds very nice!
Now try translating it into Na'vi :D

I think it's a great poem, and I'm using it for my own Na'vi studies :)
I've continued with the translation, got this sofar:

fìtseng-ìri oe 'ì'awn mawey,
ke em Eywa-yä mawey-a tì-kame,
tì-mawey-ìl t<er>ìng oe-ti fpom,
mì tì-fnu a-swok na'rìng-ä,

Thought it'd be good to topic "here" since "here" is described in the rest of the verse. That's just my opinion, though :)

these types of stuff would be useful on google wave.


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