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N'vi Poem :)


Kaltxì frapo :)

I just want to post this poem that i did, i showed on the skype chat, but i think only one person red it :)

Mì tsam
Oe tsole'a oeyä tute si oeyä ikran terkup
Oe tsole'a ayioang kehu txe'lan.
Slä, set,
Oe tse'a atan
Oe tse'a oeyä kelku
OeI ayngati kameie, smuk.

In the war
I saw my people and my ikran die
I saw beasts without heart
But, now,
I see the light
I see my home
I see you, brothers and sisters.

Please tell me if you find any error :)
Thanks :D

Maweya tirea:
The oe's all need L's after them since they are the subject preforming the verb, at least I think so. Still, good poem, very deep. :)


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