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Na'vi Poem II


kaltxì frapo nìmun

Here i got another poem that I wrote this week.
Please comment about it :)

Set oe tserwayon oeyä ikran
Si set oe lu tsamsiyu
Slä, eo,
Oe lolu 'aw taronyu
Hu oeyä ayswizaw si oeyä tsko
Oe spole'e tìyomtìng fpi oeyä smuk
Nìwotx aytrr lu pxel 'awve
Tsere'a na'ring
Eywa ka menari

Now I'm flying my ikran
And now I'm a warrior
But, before,
I was a hunter
With my arrows and my bow.
I catched the food for the sake of my brothers and sisters.
All my days are like the first one
Seeing the forest
Through Eywa's eyes.

Everything you say about it will count :)

Nume fpi sänume:
Its quite good, and i learned some of my first words of Na'vi writing my poem. Writing it all out is a great tool for learning, and you enjoy it :) Some would probably say its not a "real" poem, but that's part of the joy of Na'vi, is that there isnt any set form for their poetry :D

Tìng Eywatikìte'e:
Well my grammar is terrible so I can't offer you any help in that department, but I thought it was beautiful.

Beautiful, would love to see more!

Eywa ngahu


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