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another fanfic ( no name yet )
« on: February 04, 2010, 11:44:48 pm »
This is a story ive been typing out, its got bad grammer ( was never good at it myself ) words substituted by Na"Vi words And uneven paragraph indentations. Ive been typing this out mostly on my phone. its fairly long so far, im not done. Some of it may seem outlandish, ( im not going into ordinary and mundane here ) it portrays a story in the life of my Na'Vi as a child, well 14 in earth yrs. The story is started and mosty told by myself as if i were being interviewed. At first the interviewer is kept out of the logs, but i decided to add them in later. I dont divulge into names for reasons stated in my story, so peeps are just known by their labels, Tsahik, sempul, sa'nok brother . .  . . whatever. I did finally choose an official name for myself while i typed this out. Im leaving my name on the forum as is but the story has my Na'Vi persona's given name. I do portray myself as rather unique ( hey its my story LOL i want to be different ) And i prolly touch on a few things about the Na'Vi life, society, and living arrangements that may or may not be wrong. There are chapters of sorts, they are seperated by Log entires of sorts. I tried to be descriptive in most parts but at two parts i thought about pacing, so i sorta derailed from being overly descriptive and just went with the telling of what happened. You will notice the change in language characteristics as my persona tells his story, i dont touch on it, but my persona and the interviewer spend some time with each other and other Na'Vi/sanctioned humans in the time between the stories progression. So yes his ìnglìsì does improve as he continues on, which it wasnt bad at all to begin with. He just didn know many complicated human words. The story takes place before the times avatar the movie took place, but the interviewed parts took place after the fact, roughly two yrs after. so if you want to check it out, its not professional by a long shot. LOL its really the first time ive written anything since ive been outta school. You can laugh at it, like it, hate it, whatever thoughts would be appreciated and taken note of ( changes may ensue ) but destructive crit may be considered. Let me know, if you like ( awsomesause ) or if you dont ( skxawng ;P ). Im cool, its something im doing for fun, i just love to personally have a background or some info on my persona's. Its not done like i said, so more is to come if yall want it. if not ill just leave posted what i have here. I have been neglecting my Na'Vi studies for this ( i feel ashamed to admit that ) but i will resume them soon. Ive been testing my mettle for the memorized words, even now i still remember 99% of the 300 i have memorized :D I still have to do my Tsu'tey poem after the positive i got for the Poem i did for Seze. well here is the story. n.n its in an .RTF format. So wordpad may be needed to open the file.
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Tsteu Seze! Txur Seze! FKEU SEZE!!
Nawm ronsem lonu ta fkeu tokx, fpi Na'Viä fpom.
Mawey txur txe'lan, tswayon nìwin.
Set unil ftue.
Eywa ngahu tsmuke! ( Irayo! everyone who helped me edit this n.n )


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