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   Colonel Hill ushered Sharon and Pamela into his Quarters moments before there was a knock at the door announcing the arrival of coffee and rolls from the Galley.  Once the Dining Room Orderly was thanked, and on his way, the three got down to business.
   "So, what do you will to discuss with me?" opened the Colonel, as he popped a piece of roll into his mouth.
   "We brought two people with us, that could be very instrumental in our learning to assimilate into the culture, Sir," stated Sharon.
   "Is that so?...Tell me more."
   "Well, Sir, Jim Everest, speaks absolutely FINE Na'vi, and Dan Warren, is very knowledgeable about Na'vi culture, and the history of their relations with the humans before the Battle for the Well of Souls."  Sharon cleared her throat and continued.  "There is no problem with Jim Everest.  He was giving Na'vi classes on the Old Dog before we docked with you guys. Where it gets sticky, is with Dan Warren.  He helped Max Patel turn one of the Mining AMP Suits into a very formidable weapon inside of ten hours.  Max later used that AMP Suit to storm the Control Room from the outside, when the humans that sided with the Na'vi destroyed the RDA's ability to relay tactical data to Quaritch's little attack force.  THAT should have gotten him a place among the Na'vi, but when the fire fight in the Control Room started, he was far away from a weapon and dove under a table. And froze.  Because of that, nobody remembered what he did before the fight or at the very end of it, when he popped out from under the table and cold-cocked Selfridge with a book to the back of the head.   Because he did not distinguish himself in plain sight of anyone who was making decisions on who went and who stayed, he was sent back to Earth, but not in anyway punished.
   "I would like to go on record as stating that if Dan did not do what he did, I would not be standing here, talking to you today.  It is Dan that single-handedly took the Shuttle and ran it to it's absolute limits on fuel to come back toward Earth and pick us up in the Low Orbit that was all we could attain in the Star Shooter, when he was Home Free, headed for Pandora.  It is also Dan Warren who booby-trapped every single spacecraft parked by the Moon to ensure that we would not be followed.  For him to get caught doing this would have meant certain death."
   "I see," said Colonel Hill, scratching his head, "So he just fell through the cracks?"
   "Basically, that's it, Sir," added Pamela. "He is terrified that the Na'vi won't let him stay if they find out that he was in the Fight in that Control Room, but was sent packing, back to Earth."
   "Well then, I guess that the Powers that Be need to be enlightened as to what he did back then, and how he put his life on the line for you guys THIS time.  We WILL make SURE that he stays," said Colonel Hill emphatically.
   "We would just love to know if there is ANYONE currently on Pandora that at least, does not think poorly of him, as he thinks they all must," thought Sharon aloud.
   Colonel Hill finished his cup of coffee and said, "I think that I need to speak with these two separately.  Let's make out way way back to the Mess Hall to greet Chip Higgins when he arrives."
   The three of them arrived in the Combined Mess, chose their lunch, and sat at the Renegades Table.  Those 'In Residence' at the table, at present, were, Colonel Hill, Majors West, O'Reilly, and Lyon, as well as, Captains Taylor, Wright, and Edwards, everyone in their Blue Skins.
   The talk around the table centered around the Medical Problem that Chip was having, and the upcoming scan for seismic activity in the Easter Sea of Pandora.
   All talk around the table stopped the moment that Sharon saw Chip enter the doors of the Mess Hall.  She immediately stood to her feet, and began to applaud.  As soon as the others around the table saw why she was doing this, they enthusiastically joined in.  Within moments, the entire Combined Mess resounded with thunderous applause.
   When Chip and Captain Brian Waddell, who had appointed himself Chip's Guardian Lab Tech until Chip was completely recovered, sat down at the table, when everyone wanted a detailed account of what happened.
   "Well, I had finished my breakfast, and reported for Duty," began Chip, who, for someone who had never served a day in a uniform, was beginning to speak like a soldier, mostly from osmosis.  "I was at my Duty Station about half and hour, and while doing some blood gas tests, I found it difficult to get my breath.  I must have looked like I was in a bit of distress, because Captain Waddell here, encouraged me to sit down while he looked me over."
   "Encouraged is NOT the word that I would use," injected Brian, "When he tried to wave me off, and I saw him losing some color, AND getting wobbly on me, I caught him just as his knees started to give out.  I then sat him in his lab chair and ad Steve hold him down, while I retrieved the 200 year old wonder drug, and stuck it under his tongue."
   "Aspirin? You gave him Aspirin?" asked Captain Edwards incredulously.
   "The stuff STILL works just fine for that application," said Captain Waddell with a grin.
   "Anyway," continued Chip, "After some diagnostic magic by Dr. Yatsimi and the Head of the Lab, Major Sylvia Lyon, they discovered a small feeder artery to the heart muscle, that is supposed to have a constant radius turn and it had a sharp 90 degree L turn in it, instead. Apparently, I had been born with this defect in my heart.  The Colonel and both Majors Roland Lazar and Sylvia Lyon, were amazed that I went my 53 years without ever having a heart attack.  Once they found the Congenital Heart Problem, they put me under within the hour.  Two hours later, I was in the Recovery Room.  It felt like the Six Chairs No Waiting Barber Shops that my Grandfather old me about when I was a child, as far as the Let's Get Down to Business SPEED was concerned."
   "We put his human body under, and placed his Spirit in his Uniltìrantokx four hours later." said Colonel Yatsimi as she walked up to the table.
   "That put me in my Blue Self two days early, but I would NOT recommend that tactic to jump the line," said Chip with a grin.
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   "This has been an eventful day, and it is not quite half-over yet," said Pamela, as she shut the door to their Na'vi quarters behind her.
   "Tsat lu ngay oeyä Yawnetu, slä moeru lu mì txana krr fpi moeyä trr 'erì'awn. (That is true my beloved, but to us is still more time for the sake of our day remaining.)
   Pamela didn't respond immediately, she had a distant look in her eye, and her lips moved as she studied the sentence in her mind.  "'ve got the gist of what you are saying..." she said with an impish smile, "But I'm trying to figure out the last word: 'erì'awn.  'Ì'awn is a verb meaning STAY or REMAIN. OH! Tivìngkap!" (It popped into my head) "You mean to say REMAINING.  I think you need an adjesctive to describe TRR.  I got confused because 'ì'awn is a verb.  I think you could say 'usì'awn to make it an adjective... It's like saying FLYING TIGER. Flying is a verb, but it is used to describe Tiger, a noun.     "So if I said, Krr Tswusawyn, it would mean Flying Time?" stated Sharon.
   "Wow!  That's good! Wonderful. Kosman! You catch on fast!" exclaimed Pamela.
   "Yes, I do!  And I will totally loose myself Flying You!" said Sharon, while smoothering her Yawnetu with kisses as she slid half of her body ove Pamela's.
   "That's True." said Pamela, as they joined their meswin.  "Moeru ke new ikran pfi fìtswusayon, oeyä Yanetu. (We don't need an ikran for THIS flying."
   After their tsaheylu, the two of them lay cuddled together for an hour, before falling asleep in each others arms, and awakening in their link chambers in their human bodies.  Ten minutes after climbing out of their link chambers, they strolled to the Combined Mess for a light, before-slumber meal of coffee, soup, and dinner rolls.  As they walked in, they noticed Major Paladin Edwards sitting alone at the table.  They sat across from him at the table once they had gotten their snack.
   "You got a message from Blue Heart Gate that they received the ship's manifest, and thought that the luau was a great idea. But that was about it. The message is saved for you when you take command of the Flight Deck, Major West."
   "Well, that's good, perhaps I will receive something from Jake when I'm on Duty," replied Sharon.  As an after thought, she asked, "What are our Transmit Times now?"
   Paladin replied, "Three hours," as he gathered up his refuse and silverware, and bid the couple well.
   Sharon and Pamela finished their snack in solitude, and returned to their human quarters.
   "Well, Honey, we are closing in FAST on our new life together in Pandora. Are you nervous?" asked Pamela.
   "Not at all, my Love. How about you?" responded Sharon,"I can't wait to see the similarities and differences in the jungles and oceans that I lived in, on 'Rrta, from those on Eywa'eveng."
   Pamela had a far-away look iin her eyes for a moment, and said, "As hard as we have tried, I don't think anything has really prepared us for learning an entirely new cultural identity.  We still haven't learned the language that well, and THAT will probably be the easiest part of the assimilation for us.  In order to TRULY become Na'vi we will have to THINK like a Na'vi, as second nature.  It CAN be done, but it's NOT going to happen over night."
   "Oh, I KNOW it will take some effort on our part," replied Sharon, "but I think that we will do just fine.  Remember, we ALL want to be here AS Na'vi."
   "Srane, I believe that is ESPECIALLY true for all of the Under Sea Renegades," whispered Pamela into Sharon's ear, as Sharon rested her head on Pamela's shoulder, once they had crawled into bed together.
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   Sharon walked onto the bridge, and Lt. Edward Daniels announced, "We got a strange radio message from the other ISV six hours ago, when they broke contact without signing off, and we just received a second message of apology for the lack of usual military protocol.  I'll bring up both of them for you and Lt. Bonner, in a moment, if you like."
   "Sure!" replied Sharon. "I thought that JakeSully was a Jar Head Sargent. I guess he has either gone SO Native that he forgot Radio Procedure, or someone else was at the mike."
   "OK, here we go," as he located the saved WAVE file.  The familiar voice of JakeSully was heard, without further introduction.
   "Za'u nìprrte nìwotx sutan nemfa ayngä TanhiSìp. Come pleasurably, all people on your StarShip. Nìwotx frapo. All.  Everyone. Shrimpìri? As to the shrimp?  HELL YEAH! Ftxozä Ko!  Let's party!"
At this point a woman's voice was heard above Jake's. It seemed that, perhaps,Neytiri  lead the enthusiastic chant which lasted a minute and a half.
Eventually Jake's voice was heard again.
  "Pennìri?  As to the clothes?  Wear what ever is comfortable!  Just remember, it is hot and humid down here."
   Neytiri's voice was again heard.  "That which is in the Heart is far more important than that which is on the body!  Fkol pole'un fì'ut! It is decided!"
   At that point, the transmission was abruptly cut off.
   "Well, THAT explains what probably happened.   It seems like Neytiri simply turned off the radio when she was finished talking, before Jake could grab the mike." observed Lt. Bonner.
   "Well, she had never even SEEN that kind of technology before," answered Sharon, as she switched places with her old friend John, placed the headset on her own head, and said, "Please give me the ISV's frequency, Edward."
   "Lt. Daniel's gave Sharon the HIGH sign, and Sharon began.
   "Parked ISV, this is the inbound ISV we will maintain our velocity of 250,000 miles an hour until we are at thirty-five million miles separation.  At that time, we will enter a steady rate deceleration which should put us alongside you in six weeks, give or take an hour.  Please let us know the moment you have us on your close scan radar. Ne Ma Meuianga Olo'eyktan JakeSully sì Tsahik Neytiri.  We will be honored to meet the two of you as well as each of our individual clan leaders, depending on which clans the ayuniltÌrantokx of each member's of this ship, come from.  Once we find out the amount of danger your islands in the Easter Sea, are in, and do what it takes to make ALL the Na'vi safe, we promise you the best luau, you have ever seen.  Ne oeyä Sänok Olo'eyktan Atumopin, oe irayo si nga fpi zera'u nìprrte Under Sea Renegades, ne ngeyä olo' ulte terìng ayoe ayoengä aytokx." (To my Mother, Clan Leader Atumopin, Red Painted, I thank you for the sake of welcoming the Under Sea Renegades to your clan, and giving us our bodies.)
   Sharon went back to addressing Jake Sully, by requesting, "If you could give us ANY idea of what leads you to believe that there is a possible cataclysm coming your way, please let me know what you base this on, so that we can fine tune our search equipment to help you.  With what I, as an eyktan of Olo' Under Sea Renegades, since our hasty departure from 'Rrta, if you were to tell me that one of your aysahik had a vision, I WOULD believe you.  I just need to know where and how to look.  Major Sharon West, Out."
   Sharon West sat in her seat and put the palm of each hand lightly on a corresponding temple and rubbed each of them in a circular motion.
   "Do you have a headache coming-on, Major?" asked Lt. Bonner.
   "Kehe, I just do this sometimes to ease the tension. Usually it works."
   Sharon alternated between looking at the flight Telemetry and the View Screen, which was not a window, but a huge, flat-pane display hooed to a wide-spectrum video camera in a gyro-stabilized mount, on the longitudinal axis of the ship's gravity producing spin.
   "I just can't keep from wondering HOW the Na'vi without even the most basic scientific instruments, can figure out with any surity, that there is going to be a major eruption WITHOUT it being Eywa telling them in a dream.  That doesn't make their concern any less legitimate," continued Sharon.  "It only serves to strengthen my feeling: that if this IS a warning from Eywa, how real the danger must be. THAT causes me to wonder at the wide range of ways that Eywa uses to care for the Na'vi."
   The rest of their Duty Shift was spent alternating between Operational Duties, and discussing the various ways that Eywa used to bring about the balance of orderliness in the way that everyone on the ship that they were flying, made it to where they WERE, and how they might be Blessed to be able to serve the Na'vi."
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   Sharon and Lt. Bonner were walking towards breakfast in the Combined Mess when they were almost T-boned at the intersection of two companionways by Dan Warren.  Once apologies were made and accepted, Sharon slapped Dan on the back and said, "Not concerning THIS incident, but you and I need to talk."
   Once they had made their selections, and joined the regulars at the Renegades Table, Sharon sat next to her Muntxate, and turned to Meg O'Reiley, diagonally across from her and said, "I sure am glad that you guys in Engineering didn't work poor Dan to death.  I wasn't sure, it had been so long since I had seen him."
   Megan smiled and said, "We noticed some minor input power fluctuations to the Ion Drive Lasers, nothing that your instruments would show you, up on the Flight Deck, and we wanted to nip THAT problem in the bud. So he has been tunneling all over the ship until he found the problem yesterday afternoon.  I am going to give him the next three days off, to relax and recuperate."
   "That's good, because I need to talk to him about something that should please him, after breakfast," said Sharon.
   Once the others at the table spent five minutes playing Twenty Questions, getting nowhere, the talk around the table shifted to questions concerning the setting up of the probes and sensor arrays for the Surveillance Mission with the other ISV.  In the end, those at the table were of the opinion that one ship would run the radar depth scans and deploy the water temperature probes, while the other would concentrate on the initial magnetic readings.
   Once the first scans weeded through a broad swath of ocean research data, the interesting locations would be scoured by both ships to give a much higher resolution 3D image, to determine if ground or ocean floor sensors would be required on the remaining likely locations.  It was determined that Under Water PH testers could be utilized around any underwater vents that presented themselves.  This moon was possibly very old, they surmised, because since humans had been there, NO quakes or volcanic eruptions had been recorded.  Sharon brought up the possibility that either this moon was very old, with a small, cooler magmic later, or the crust had no techtonic plates due to possibly having Unobtainium, or a different exotic element in its crust.
   "There HAS to be different element in Pandora's crust, that is as strongly attracted to itself at an atomic level, as Unobtainium is to itself," Sharon postulated.  "It would have to have a reverse charge to Unobtanium, causing the Hallelujah Mountains to "float."  She reasoned that the internal crystaline bonding of this element, must be so high, that it could both contain the magma, AND be homogeneously spread throughout the moon's crust.  Any area of lower level concentration of that element in the crustal bedrock, would be a local Safety Valve for any internal extreme magmic pressure rises.
   "If any such situation were to exist," Sharon reasoned, "It would Hold, for perhaps a century or two, but when it blew, the eruption would be far greater than any single volcanic event in Earth's recorded history."
   "Then THIS may be the reason that Eywa brought us here," reasoned Pamela, "Not just to explain to the Na'vi the cost of unbridled greed.... The Na'vi have already witnessed that, first hand.  We may be here partly, to explain to the Na'vi how horribly wrong things can go if planetary geologic pressures go to cataclysmic levels."
   "What do we do in a situation such as THAT?" countered Sharon, "Become a fleet of Interplanetary Arks and move the entire Na'vi and fauna population of Pandora somewhere else? I say, we fix the problem!"
   Pamela muttered, almost to herself, "I say we ask the Na'vi how they would feel about us interfering with Eywa's designs."
   "We can, at least, give them options." replied Sharon with a reassuring hand on Pamela's wrist.
   At that moment, one of the Dining Room Orderlies approached the table and announced, "We just got a message from the Bridge, that they have just received a message from Jake Sully from the Parked ISV.  They have saved it, and request Major West ad her party come to the Bridge."
   Sharon rose and said, "It's SHOWTIME!  I would like Pamela, and Dan to accompany me to the bridge at this time."
   And with that, the three of them rose from their seats, and made for the Bridge, post-haste.
   As they entered the Bridge, Ian Riley said, "Hey Guys, we got this ten minutes ago.   Tìng mikun! Give a listen!"  He then called up the message, and put it on the Bridge speakers for all the newcomers to hear.
    "Inbound ISV. This is the ISV in GeoSych.  JakeSully would like to make an addendum to his previous message..."
   "Inbound ISV. This is Jake Sully.  My apologies for the abrupt ending to the previous message.  We experienced ... a technical GLITCH.  We believe that it is not important how you are dressed when we meet.  We are looking forward to sharing a ftxozä, or a luau.  There are four Pacific Islanders who are anxious to meet you, as well as the Eyktan of the Eastern Sea Clan.  And speaking of the Pacific Islanders, Ka'alani, recognizes the name of Dan Warren.  She remembers his contributions to the overthrow of the RDA Control Room.  She is very excited to see him once again, because she thought he had been killed in that skirmish.  In that case, Max Patel will also be pleased to see Dan once again.  Tam, Tam. Mawey li'vu aynga.  There, there. Be calm all of you. Atumopin made me promise to tell you all that she has claimed her Under Sea Renegade children to her clan.  She is very insistent that I share a Kaltxi Si on her behalf!
   "The formalities of joining you each and all to your respective clans will take place in the ensuing days after our scans are complete. We trust that your science officers and ones aboard this vessel will do all that is necessary to provide concrete information regarding an under sea volcano.  Za'u nìprrte!  Come with pleasure. Jake Sully. Out."
   Once the message was over, Sharon asked Dan, "WELL, what do you think NOW?!"
   Dan simply replied, "I am numb, my friends."
   Sharon replied, "Well, let's head back to the Mess, where we can process this message together, shall we?" and the three thanked the Bridge Crew, and headed aft.
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   Sharon, Pamela, and Dan returned to the Mess to find the same people around the Renegade's Table, discussing the same points, with the three recently vacated places untouched.  After ten minutes of discussions on the probabilities of finding one geologic feature over another, Pamela finally decided to suggest that everyone wait until they found what was at the sites in question.
   Sharon added, "I agree, and would like to add that, until we have CONCRETE evidence that FIRST WE HAVE a problem, and secondly, WHAT are the options for FIXING it, we do NOT say anything to the Na'vi.  We know how worked up they can get worrying about technology they don't understand."
   Breakfast concluded with an agreement all around that the ONLY person not at the morning's discussion, that would not only be privy, to the information already discussed, but be REQUESTED to be present at future meetings would be Colonel Hill, with Jake Sully added once the two ships joined up.
   In their eana tok blue body), Sharon and Pamela went on their twice a week workout routine, and then left a message with Colonel Hill's orderly, about their desire to meet with him concerning his being-in on the loop, and of the possible outcomes of the upcoming scan of Pandora, and the remedies of each.  They also impressed upon the Orderly, in no uncertain terms, the need for absolute security.  With all of that accomplished, it was time for a light lunch of soup and some rolls.  The Personnel at the lunch table consisted of Sharon, Pamela, Meg, Steve, Chip, Dan, Wendy, and John.  By this time, all of the Renegades had heard of the good news concerning the Witnesses of Dan's acts of bravery in modifying the Mining Suit the night before the battle and that no one believed that the one modifying the suit the night before, when to be caught, meant certain death, was a coward for momentarily freezing up during the fire fight in the Control Room, when he had no weapon within reach.   During the course of the meal, Dan seemed to lighten up noticeably, and while not a complete turn around, his change of temperament DID portend continued improvement.
   After lunch was completed, the Two Sweethearts went to Engineering and started to inventory the probes and testing devices, attempting to ascertain their usefulness.  Five hours later, every piece of equipment was found to be in serviceable condition.
   "Well, now we just wait until we meet up with the other ship to have fun with these.  So let's go get something for dinner," said Sharon.
   "So, where have YOU TWO been hiding?  We were getting ready to mount search parties," chided Steve, when the Two sat at the table, thirty minutes after the Combined Mess opened. "You know that these Blue Bodies burn more food than the human ones, and what you called lunch wouldn't feed ten seylu," he scolded.
   "Yes, Daddy!" replied Pamela in mock chagrin, "We just checked out all the test probes," she added.
   "How do they look?" queried Dan, chaffing at the bit to start configuring them each to their own specific purpose.
   "They are all ready to be programmed for their specific tasks," replied Pamela.
   "Well, I guess that we, and the probes are all in waiting mode, until we pull-up alongside the other ISV, and decide who is going to do what," observed Sharon.
   "Yeah, hurry up and wait," groused Jim, "Typical military timetable."
   "Tse, you should be USED to that by NOW, ma 'eylan!" returned John.
   "We would NOT really be able to commit to ANY specifics until the members of the other ISV and the ayNa'vi lawk teri (Na'vis confer about) some possible plans," voiced Sharon.  She continued with, "I will see when I am on duty later, if I can start to facilitate the planning for such a meeting.  There appear to be all the Head Leaders from all the different olo's (clans) ON the ISV for a few days now.  Perhaps we could REALLY give them future shock by having a huge intership video conference tomorrow, while we are still tens of millions of mile apart?" Sharon added.
   "THAT would be an eye opener for the Na'vi," said Colonel Hill as he took a seat at the table.
   "I think that after going zero G in the Shuttle, and seeing the technology on the Shuttle and ISV, as well as interacting with its crew, they have gotten used to the concept that they are NOT n Pandora, anymore, and would not be shocked of overly frightened, by anything that they would see tomorrow.  We would be able to have a limited Meet-and-Greet, as well as a very basic conversation, over the course of the day, as we are now down to only a two hour radio transit time with that, shrinking rapidly," replied Sharon.
   Dan Warren respectfully raised his hand, and was immediately recognized by Colonel Hill.
   "Sir, I would like to volunteer my services, to give a short orientation about local culture and customs, an hour before we make First Contact. if I may."
   "That goes without saying, Dan.  Or would you prefer to be called Staff Sargent Warren? I pulled up your records, and they were impressive."
   Dan replied, "I would be extremely HONORED to be referred to by my rank one or two more times before we leave all of that behind, for good, on Pandora."
   "Then so it shall BE, Staff Sargent." proclaimed the Colonel, who rose to his feet and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Table, I give you Staff Sargent Warren, who among other things, is our cultural adviser."
   Immediately, everyone at the table but Dan, rose, and politely applauded.  Dan then got up and said, "It is a TRUE honor to be part of this team, and I will strive to ALWAYS be worthy of that distinction."
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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Today at 4:26 PM
   Sharon and Pamela woke up and showered.  Then made their way to the Combined Mess.  They had managed to be the first ones at the table with their late night light-snacks of soup and rolls before going on duty in their respective stations.
   Before long, Steve, Jim, and Dan, came stumbling in, and grabbed a bowl each of the soup, that in true centuries old Naval tradition, was constantly added to, and kept fresh anytime of the day or night.
   "It is so good to see Mom and Mom at the table when we come stumbling in for a light snack before going to work.  What are you Two going to do when we don't have to man the ship twenty-four hours a day?" teased Steve.
   "Well I guess we will have to make sure that you guys are all washed behind your ears and are properly attired before you go out on dates, because the Frat House is soon to close.  And we have got to get each of you guys a woman." retorted Pamela.
   "WHY do we each HAVE to get a woman soon after we hit Pandora?" pleaded Steve.
   "GEE, I sorry, I was unaware, Steve," replied Sharon with a wicked grin, "then we will get you a man!"
   "Like HELL you will.  You KNOW I'm straight.  I just wanted to know why the rush?"
   "If I may," offered Dan, "The Na'vi place great value on bonding. Straight or gay, doesn't matter.  They feel it makes for a more stable clan dynamic.  Bachelorhood, while not ostracized is viewed as an inability to attract a mate, and EVERYONE in the olo' will then play match-maker in an attempt to make you happy with THEIR daughter."
   "Oh my Gosh!  It looks like my Play Boy Days are over!" groused Jim.
   "PLEASE! Jim, Your college football days are so far behind you, it is a wonder if you remember what your Play Book even LOOKED like.  How long HAS it been, not counting this trip, since you have BEEN with a woman?" chided Steve.
   Sharon turned to her Yawnetu, kissed her on her temple, and said, "I have to get to the Bridge, and send a message to the other ISV about the conference.  See you at breakfast, folks.  Hayalovay!"
   Sharon walked onto the Bridge and told John, "Kaltxì oeyä 'eylan,  Srak 'efu nga 'ohakx?" (Hello my friend.  Yes or no, feel you hunger?)
   "Srane.  Oeru lu  txura 'ohakx!" (Yes. To me is strong hunger!) said John, rubbing his stomach for effect.
   "Well then, get out of that chair and down to the Mess Hall, so I can send a message."
   John did not need to be invited twice.  He and his Flight Engineer headed straight for the Combined Mess.
   Sharon settled into the seat, as Lt. Bonner advised, "I've got their carrier."
   "Parked ISV, this is the Inbound ISV, Major Sharon West speaking.  Our message transit time is now 42 minutes. I have a suggestion Olo'Eyktan JakeSully, hat we set up a Visual Conference with your Engineers and Scientists aboard your vessel.  But FIRST, we have a meet and greet with the Na'vi aboard you vessel in seven hours.  Everyone here would REALLY like to see what our families look like.  If that is not possible, we will understand.  It seems like a wonderful opportunity for us to meet.  Please let me know as soon as the Ayeyktan sì Aysahik have made up their minds.  Of the last 52 humans with Eana Ayte'lan left alive in the Universe, we have the records of which of us comes from which olo'.  They are: two from Omatikaya, three from Zongsteng Alor, the seven of us Renegade Marine Biologists from the Eastern Sea Clan, ten from Olo'Yayo Atun, including the High Commander of this Ship, twenty from Olo'Vawma 'Ora, and ten from Txìkx-Txìkx-Txipxen.  We would all love for our families to be able to see us, and WE see them.  After we do that, all of our Scientists and Engineers would like to speak with Your Scientists and Engineers.  Major Sharon West. Out."
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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   After three-fourths of Sharron's shift as the ship's pilot was completed, Colonel Hill walked onto the Flight Deck and asked her how things were going.  Sharron told him of her idea about the video conference.
   "Very good idea,"  he said.  "Let's see if they agree."
   As if it were PLANNED that way, Lt. Bonner announced, "Sir? Ma'am? I have an incoming video message from the other ISV."
   "You guys PLAN this. Don't You?!" Colonel Hill said with a big grin. "Well, let's look at it from HERE before we set up the Mess Hall as a video conferencing center!" Colonel Hill said, as he started notifying the different department heads through the Comm Link for a ConFab on the Flight Deck within thirty minutes.  He then called for coffee and rolls for twenty people on the Bridge, in the same time span. "We will watch this with a slight delay, to give the department heads a chance to get up here," he instructed. 
   After the Personnel, and Go-Juice arrived, they fired up the Bridge monitors, and Jally Sully's face filled the screens.

   "Kaltxì Ma Frapo!  Oe lu JakeSully, olo'eyktan Omatikayää."
From 'off stage' a voice was heard, "Kehe! Nawma Eyktan Fralo!" (No! Great Leader of ALL!) Laughter was heard in the background.
  "Fìtutee lu Nawma Tsahik Neytiri!"  Jake did not hesitate to share the Glory.  Neytiri flushed lavender but recovered to say,
   "Kehe!  Ma Sanok Mo'at lu mi Nawma Tsahik. My Mother Mo'at is still Great Tsahik. I am acting Nawma Tsahik! Za'u nìprrte ne ayoengeyä olo'.  Come pleasurably to our clan."
   She smiled graciously at the camera, and looked to Jake.
  "Next we have Olo' Zongtseng Alor.  Clan Safe-Place, Beautiful.
   "Oe lu Olo'Eyktan Ikxeru Olo'Zongtseng Alor. Fìtutee lu Tsahik Meykir. Pxezìma'uyuìri moe kaltxì seiyi."  I am Clan Leader Ikxeru of Clan Safe-Place Beautiful.  This woman is Tsahik Meykir.  As for three newcomers, we two greet you warmly!  I thinking, we need more than three ayuniltìrantokx, for reason, we lost some member of we.  Them make Olo'Mipa!  Fìtutee lu Ma Tai si peyä muntxate Ateyo te SyakSyuk, ulte peyä 'Ite Pxepxi, ulte Taifa'ana'e sì peyä muntxate Ka'alani, ulte peyä 'Itan, Kofi."  Ikxeru then realized that those two kids were elsewhere.  "You seeing Kofi sì Pxepxi krr alahe... some other time!" 
   "Kehe!  Ayfo kxetse lu oer! Their tail is my!" shouted Eyktan Atumopin, and playfully shoved her way in front of Eyktan Ikxeru.  "Oeru syaw Eyktan Atumopin! of Easter Txampay. My is akinä seven ftu Aytutan ÄoTxampey!  seven from Under Sea People!  Oeyä Muntxate lu  Tsahik Lamu'ite.  (Her name is joke. We tell later!) We have much fear alu Ram aTxep mì Txampay.  Fire Mountain in Great Water.  We hope,,, you all helping sutan ftu ayspono. People from ays lantxs."
   "Aylantxs, Islands," Corrected Jake Sully from off camera.
  "Srane,  Islands. Ngaru tsulfätu, Ma Jake." To you the Mastery (of English) "Aynga lu reypay oeri. You all is of my blood, and of oeyä Yawnetu.  You coming home soon!"  she nodded emphatically at Jake.
   "Next we have Eyktan Tsu'aku and Tsahik Tllkxrey of Olo'Vawma Ora',  Clan Dark Lake."
   "Oe lu Eyktan Tsu'aku, ulte fitutee lu oeyä muntxate Tsahik Tllkrey. Ayoe sìlpey fwa aynga sunu fayoang."
   A feminine voice then spoke and camera came to rest on Tsahik Tllkrey. "We hope you liking fish!  Ayoel ngari kayar taron fayoangit fa sa'o atxäftxur.  We teach you for hunt fishes by ,,, Weave tool. Nìvingkop!  NETS! ral NETS!" the Tsahik was rather pleased with herself.
   Jake introduced the next Clan. "Here we have Olo'Txìk-Txìkx-Txìpxen. Don't be scared of the long name.  It's more like a sound effect of fa'li hooves.  This is one of the fa'li tslans and the leader is Eyktan Rolkxu.  Ma Rolkxu?!"
  "Oe lu Rolkxu ulte Fìtutee lu Tsahik Avatu'ite.  Tell Ma Ikxeru if him wanting more ayuniltiranyu, peyä sute tsun muntxate si mìfa soaia oeri!  Kaltxì sì Za'u nìprrte!  Ulte, ayzima'uyuìri, Oe sìlpey fwa ayfo makto asìltan to Ma Jake! (Tell Ikxeru if he wants more Avatars, his people can marry into my family!  As for the new comers, I hope you can ride better than Jake!)
  "Au!  I'll NEVER live THAT down!"  Jake glowed faintly purple for a few seconds, but he was grinning. "There you have it.  There are at least ten more clans, but these are the ones from whom you have DNA.  We look forward to seeing your videos. Hayalovay. And Eywa Ngahu!"
   He didn't have to prompt them, they started shouting, "HAYALOVAY!"  "Eywa Ngayu!" as the camera lost focus and cut to black.

   "Well, Sir!" Sharron said to the colonel.  "It looks as if, we need to return the favor."
   "Yes, Major West.  I believe that we should have the entire ship's company in the Mess Hall to witness and answer, this transmission,"  concurred Colonel Hill.  "I will make the appropriate announcements to have everyone in place an hour after this shift eats breakfast."
   "I would like to suggest, Sir, that we have everyone sitting by their future clan assignments," volunteered Sharron.
   "Yeah, that makes the return transmission much easier to understand, when we send it on it's way,"agreed Joe, as he was beginning to prefer being called as they were nearing their new home.
   "Our return transit time is now thirty-one minutes," informed Lt. Bonner.
   "Tse," said Joe, "Let's take this Traveling Circus to the Mess Hall as soon as we are off-duty, shall we?"
   As soon as Wendy relieved Sharron, she and Lt. Bonner headed aft to the Combined Mess, Colonel Hill having departed an hour earlier to personally supervise the re-outfitting of the Combined Mess.
   When Sharron and Lt. Bonner walked into the Mess, after having slipped into their Avatar bodies, they noticed the muted white of one of the major-axis walls on Stand By, had been replaced by the flat black of Awaiting Signal.  One of the dining room orderlies directed Major West to the Colonel's table, where all the Staff Officers and Pamela were waiting.  Lt. Bonner was directed to sit with his future clan members of the Dark Lake Clan.  At this time, The current Flight Crew placed the ship on Automatic Pilot, and were making the Mad Dash to switch bodies and sit with their clans as per Colonel Hill's instructions.  Food had already been set out on the tables, so everyone simply seated themselves with their clans.  For many, this was the first time they knew who, on the ship, were their family members. 
   As soon as everyone finished eating, the screens went to a silver color denoting the transmission would begin on Command.  Colonel Hill nodded at Sharron, and she walked to the center of the room and began.  The screen immediately showed what the camera was "seeing" and transmitting, like a giant monitor. 
   "Parked ISV.  This is the Inbound ISV, Major Sharron West speaking. I would first like to introduce the Commander of the vessel, The Eyktan of aall the Eyktans on this ship, Colonel Joseph Hill."
   Colonel Hill got up and said, "Ma Nawma Eyktan Jake Sully sì Ma Nawma Tsahik Neytiri. Oeru lu prrte' plltxe mengahu.  Oe lu ke Nawma Eyktan, slä awpo  tsal srung si aoeng tìran ne teng tsenge 'awsiteng." (Great Leader Jake Sully and Great Wise Woman Neytiri.  To me is pleasure speaking with you Two.  I am not Great Leader! but one person that helps everyone walk to the same place together.)  "Fìtsenge lu oeyä mala eyktan Major Sharron West, fpi pivlltxe hu aynga." (here is my trustworthy leader, Major Sharron West, for the sake of speaking with you all.)
   The camera went back to Sharron who motioned the Under Sea Renegades to her side.  Once they were at her side, she began. 
   "Ma Meuianga AyNa'vi! Fìpo lu oeyä hona Yawnetu alor, Pamela Wright, ulte, fìpo lu Steve Hobbs, ulte fìpo lu John Williams sì peyä muntxate Wendy. Ulte fìpo Jim Hanson, ulte fìpo Jim Everest, ulte fìpo Chip Higgins." (Honorable Na'vi!  This person is my adorable beloved Mate, beautiful Pamela Wright.  And this person is Steve Hobbs, and this person is John Williams and his Mate Wendy.  And this person is Jim Hanson, and this person is Jim Everest, and this person is Chip Higgins.)  "Ayoeng lu reypayä Atumopinä." (We are the blood of Atumopin.) 
   Over the next hour and a half, the other members of the ISV crew were introduced by their clan identity, one at  time.  One that was completed, Sharon West signed off.  A little over half an hour later, the message was received by the parked ISV.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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   The mood inside the Combined Mess was joyous, almost festive. While they DID have to wait a little over an hour or more to hear a reply to, the crew of the ISV was overjoyed at being able to directly converse with their respective Na'vi clan members for the first time.  They could now pick them out from a crowd, for they had seen and heard them.
   "Did you see how those long, red, tail feathers were worn by Eyktan Kamakxtu?"  asked Colonel Yatsimi to Majors West, and Edwards.  "His braid was braided AROUND those feathers, that were about two feet long!  They looked as long as the tail feathers on a Ring-necked Pheasant."
   "That's true," said John Edwards, somewhat whistfully, realizing that those magnificent Ring-necks no longer existed, after the fiery change of Earth into a planet that would no longer support life.
  "Well, after we settle in with the Eastern Sea clan, I guess Atumopin will allow us to take a short, two or three day trip to check out how the other members of this ship's crew are doing in their various clans," observed Sharron, attempting to shift the conversation to a happier topic.
   "Only if she is willing to part with our Tails for a couple of days so soon after having us join her clan.  Even if only for Cultural and Linguistic Training," replied Pamela with a sly grin.
   "She has nothing to worry about," returned Sharron, "She KNOWS what the Sea and it's creatures means to all of us Renegades.  We can never stay gone long, when we live that close to our Great Love."
   "Do you think that she would let us build a submersible, to study the ocean between the olo' and the islands that the Na'vi say are inhabited?" asked Chip.
   John looked at him and said, "I don't think that she would mind, as long as you took her on a shallow dive and showed her the beauty of her Own Home, that she was unaware of."
   "That might be a scary thing for her, none of her people have EVER done that." injected Steve.
   "Are you kidding!?" exclaimed Jim, I saw NOTHING but take-charge confidence on her in Space, and the Na'vi were not Space-Faring People, either."
   "I don't know about you people, but I definitely DON'T want to go Twelve Rounds with THAT Valkyrie, even in my Na'viyä tokx!" noted Pamela.
   Sporting a wicked smile, Sharron threatened, "Then I guess I will be FORCED to inform her that you were on your college Boxing Team, Steve!"
   "You DO, and I will inform her that YOU were a hand-to-hand combat instructor in the Army, and hold a Black Belt," returned Steve.
   "You CAN'T tell me, that as a Pugilist, you would NOT want to see HOW the Na'vi defend themselves?" asserted Sharron.
   "That's true," returned Steve, "But I DON'T need to do it by calling out their version of Wonder Woman!"
   Everyone at the table had a good laugh over the last comment, before becoming more serious.
   "Oe sìlpey fwa Atumopin nerew aynumeyu nìayoeng ke eromum txan Na'vi," (I hope that Atumopin is wanting students like us, not knowing much Na'vi,) said Sharron.
   Pamela added, "Sìlpey fwa Atumopin nìprrte hu ayskawng alu ayoe nìwotx!" (I hope that Atumopin is pleased with morons like all of us.)
   Dan Warren had heard both comments from the next table over, and rose from his seat, and squatted between Sharron and her muntxate, put a hand on each of their shoulders, and said, "Oe polltxe Atumopinhu." (I have spoken with Atumopin.)  "Oe keplltxe fwa oe omum tsatute txanwawe slä fì'u omum oe, fwa poe lu meuia tutee." (I cannot say that O know her personally, but this thing I know, that she is an honorable woman.) "Poe lasyu nrra ayoeru fwa nivume nìprrte' ulte ayoe lu lenomum." (She will be proud of us that we will learn pleasurably, and we are curious.)
   "Irayo oeyä 'Eylan," replied Sharron.  "Nìsìlpey Atumopin tsun kame ayoengä aeana ayte'lan ulte kenì'aw ayoe hi'ia ayli'u mì Na'vi ulte kame ayoe nìltsan." (Hopefully Atumopin can See our Blue Hearts and not only our little words in Na'vi, and See us well.)
   "Poel ngati Kame, oeyä eylan," (She Sees you, My Friends,) assured Dan.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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   A week after the two part video conference introductions between the ISV crew and the different Na'vi Clans, Sharron, Pamela, and all the Engineering Members, as well as the Scientists due to go on shift, were sitting around two tables.  The were enjoying soup, rolls and coffee, while having a confab about how to conduct the up and coming volcanic survey in the Eastern Sea.
   "I am smart enough to know when I am stupid, so I will be asking more questions that I think we need to ask, in order to keep us pointed in the right direction, rather than trying to start suggesting actual modifications to test probes to get specific tasks out of them," opened Sharron.
   Teri Brandt, one of the thee geologists aboard the ISV, raised her hand, and when Sharron motioned for her to continue, suggested, "I think we will need to start configuring three satellites to perform constant radar mapping and magnetic surveillance of the ocean surfaces distance from Pandora's center, to check for pressure bulging."
   "How long will it take to set up the satellites for those types of surveys?" asked Sharron.
   "We will configure the three satellites side-by-side.  So if Tom, Gene, and I could work together on the three satellites, along with one of the Engineering staff for each bird, we could have the birds ready for flight in ten days," reported Teri.
   Major Megan O'Reily assured, "Loren and Sylvia, will be with me on the satellite configuration, and we can have the birds online on schedule."
   That would be fine, Major," mentioned Sharron, "Now I have a question about our ability to analyze the gases emitted by any under sea vents.  Can we drop chemical analyzers near any vents that we may find to get a feel for the chemistry of the magma?"
   "Yes, we can," replied Chip, "I believe that we have ten water-tight, pressure-proof probes that we can deploy from a low hovering shuttle."
   "Well, those two tests along with our magnetosphere scans, should be able to determine if those Island Clans are in immanent danger," surmised Sharron.
   "That is correct," agreed Major Thomas Ring, "and you can depend on Stanton Edwards, your Wife, and Myself, to be able to handle the Electronic Segment of outfitting the satellites and probes, Major West."
   "I am wondering," continued Sharron, "if in all of our material stores, we have enough raw materials to build a deep-diving bell."
   "We do, if you want something the size of a mini-van, and not a city bus!" replied Loren Anderson, "If we started the day after tomorrow, we could probably deploy it with a two-uniltìrantokx crew in two months.  And don't think that we don't already have a head start on this project, Major!  We already have the structure half built, NOW you Under Sea Renegades get to earn your keep!"
   "That way, if we find any under sea vents, we can do some testing," responded Sharron.

   "Ngaru lu fpom srak, (How are you?) John?" asked Sharron as she walked onto the Bridge. "Do you know that the Engineering Section of this ship can build us a two-Uniltìrantokx sized diving-bell in two months?"
   "You serious?!" asked John, rubbing his hands together in obvious glee.
   "Well, I can tell you that the entire meuniltìrantokx crew for the maiden voyage, is in this room!" replied Sharron with a grin on her face.
   "Looks like you guys are going to have the Lion's Share of FUN during the Volcanic Studies," groused First Lt. Daniels from his Flight Engineer's Station,
   "Out of curiosity," queried John, "Why the Sour Grapes?" her asked of his Flight Engineer.
   "I am a Navy Brat," responded Edward, "And before the rising ocean swallowed, first, the Mariannas, the Kiribati, and then forty percent of Guam, I used to SCUBA while growing up in the Pacific Islands.  When I was halfway through my College years, at the University of Florida,  I was pretty involved with several dolphin-rescue organizations, and I helped amass photographic and chemical evidence against corporations which polluted Florida's coastal waters.  I guess that, no disrespect meant, while you guys studied the Earth's marine systems, I did my level best to protect them from greed."
   John gave Edward a sorrowful look and said, "Well, as soon as we get through the critical volcano studies, we are going to need to take you down with us.  That is all there is TO it!"
   "Hey, I don't want you two getting into any trouble over a joy ride for me," cautioned Edward.
   "I am VERY sure that we can find a good reason for you to go on a shake-down cruise with us.  Even if the three of us have to be in our pxeya ayumontokx to do it!" assured Sharron.
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   This was the first time that Sharron had been in the hanger deck for months.  And the partially completed equipment was a site for her aerospace engineer's eyes to behold.
   "I thik you are going to love what we have done to increase the Gain of the satellites' signal, Sweetie," said Pamela as she walked to Sharron's right side fro the satellite that she was working on.
   "So what did you do?" asked Sharron, "come up with a totally new High Gain antenna?"
   "No, but we did boost the R.F. Signal strength tot he antenna by an additional hundred and fifty watts," Pamela replied. "One more thing," she continued, "We are building fifty specialized single-purpose mini-satellites to blanket cover the entire Eastern Sea from our adoptive clan home to one hundred miles beyond the island chain that we are concerned about."
   "What are these things going to measure?" queried Sharron, "Can I see one?"
   "SURE! There are tweenty of them over here," said Pamela proudly, walking over to them to allow her Yawnetu a closer look.
   "Wow! No larger than is required, saving on precious raw materials," admired Sharron.  "These look like they were borrowed off the idea of the old one-square-meter cubes of the early Twenty First Century, but upscaled slightly for their different mission.  I'm impressed! I think that I will suggest to your boss, that you be given a raise!"
   Major Thomas Ring came up from behind and agreed, saying, "I WOULD if I could.  But even if I did, there is no money coming from Earth anymore, so it would only be a symbolic gesture."
   Major Ring and Sharron shook hands, and he asked, "Would you like to see our GRAIL units?"
   "You BET I would!" replied Sharron, "I would love to see what a dedicated unit looks like.  Are we going to leave them in geo-sync after the survey, or power-down and recover them for future missions?"
   Major Ring answered with, "We COULD pick them back up, but THIS would probably be the most important gift that we could give to the Na'vi, so we would probably leave them in constant monitor mode."
   Thomas, Sharron, and Pamela, rounded a corner formed by stacks of supplies for amphibious operations, when the GRAIL units came into view.
   Sharron let out a low whistle when she first saw the two GRAIL satellites sitting in their protective cradles.  "You guys do good work!" she praised.
  "Why thank you, Ma'am!" curtsied Pamela, with devilish smile.
   "We have the robots doing their parts, configuring one of our shuttles to be able to deploy all of the satellites, Major West," announced Major Ring.  "We should be ready to start loading the satellites into the shuttle next week."

   After the tour of the satellite assembly room, Sharron made her way forward to the Bridge, shocking the Duty Crew, who knew she was not due to Pilot the ISV for another three shifts.
   "You can't get enough of theis place, can you Major?" said Sven Kreigson.
   "I just thought that I would pop in to find out from Ian what the signal transit time is today," replied Sharron.
   "Twelve-and-a-half minutes," informed Ian Riley. "If you have an important message to transmit, I can rig you up in three minutes."
   "Thanks, Ian," responded Sharron, "But I am still working out exactly what I am going to say to the other ISV."
   With that, Sharron slapped Sven on the shoulder and said, "Have FUN!" as she headed for lunch.
The Mess Hall was half full, with Colonel Hill, Dan Warren, Chop Higgins, and John Williams, at the Renegades Table.  Sharron thought she would practice some of her Na'vi as she was selecting her food.  When she walked to the table, she greeted her crew mates with, "Kaltxì, ma Eylan sì Smukan!" (Hello Friends and Brothers!) "Srake wutsoìri fkan asìltsan?" (Yes/No, pertaining to the meal, it seems good?)
   Everyone but Dan gave a thumbs-up, but Dan, who was the best Na'vi speaker at the table, said, "Fìwutsoìri lu tam!" (As for this meal, it is sufficient!) "Tshow Hallä syuve ke lu ftìalor, tse tam nì'aw!" (Chow Hall's food is not delicious, but sufficient only!)
   He sat there, looking pleased with himself, as Sharon puzzled out his phrase.
   "Fìwotso, this meal, is alright?"
   "Sufficient!" he exclaimed.
   "Tshow Hallä??!! Chow hall's???"
   "Right! Syuve?" he prompted.
   "Food!  Chow Hall's food, ke lu, cannot be, ftìa-tongue, alor-beautiful. Tongue-pleasing?" responded Sharron.  She continued with; "Ayoe lu samsiyu, ayoe livu emrey." (We are warriors. We will survive!)
   Dan looked at Sharron as she sat, and said, "Nga nerume asìltsan!" (you are learning well.)
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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   Sharon walked on board the Bridge and announced, "Sven, Ian, I relieve you."
   To which Sven replied, "We stand relieved."
   Once the Change of Command had been accomplished, Sharon turned to Lt. Bonner and said, "Could you please set me up to transmit to the other ISV, Sam?"
   "No sweat, Sharon.  Give me three minutes or so, and I can have you on the air."  As an after thought he asked, "One frequency or two?"
   Both frequencies, if you could," replied Sharon.
   Three and a half minutes later, Sharon keyed the microphone.  "Parked ISV, and Blue Heart Gate, this is Sharon West, Duty Pilot of the Inbound ISV.  I will update you on our current status concerning the outfitting of our surveillance equipment.  We have fifty mini-satellites that will be spread in a swath 250 miles wide, from the Eastern Sea Clan to 100 miles beyond the other side of the islands that everyone is concerned about.  These one meter square satellites will measure magnetic anomalies, and magmic pressures.  They are also VLF equipped.  Augmenting the mini satellites are two GRAIL satellites to measure the thickness of Pandora's crust.  In addition to this, we have 50 submersible "Sniffing" thermometers for use near any vents that we may find.  For terrestrial use, we will bring 40 seismographs, 20 magnometers, and 25 VLF detection units.  We also have laser drills to bleed off pressures, should that be required.  Please respond with a list of your surveillance and monitoring equipment, where you are currently located in relation to the area in question and have you started any broad beam magnetosphere observations?  Perhaps we could get some sort of baseline numbers for the kinds of pressures down there, which might help us out if we start getting precursors."
   Sharon stretched in her seat, and continued, "Do you have any sort of remotely actuated rock drills, laser drills, or mining explosives on your ship?  We might need to Vent the pressure, which would show the Na'vi that explosives CAN be used for a GOOD thing that BENEFITS the People, and that they are not just used for war."
   Sharon took a sip from her coffee cup, cleared her throat, and went on:  "Blue Heart Gate, please let Eyktan Atumopin know that my entire OLO' is very happy to have met our Sa'nok, and we ALL see the resemblance!  Major Sharon West. Out."
   Sharon turned to Lt. Bonner, and before she could ask for the transit time, he said, "Eleven minutes."
   Half way through their shift, Pamela and Lt. Amber Wells walked on board with some roasted shrimp from the galley.  "Preview of coming attraction, Ma Mesmuk!  The shrimp on the Transport are REALLY in the Family Way, and we had to thin the herd, so to speak!" said Lt. Amber Wells.
   Lieutenants Bonner and Wells had been seeing each other since the ISV was midway across interstellar space tot he Alpha Centuri System, and were Serious, but never 'Spent the Night', with each other.  There had been a little bit of good-natured ribbing about their 'Saving It for Marriage', but when other Crew Members seriously questioned them, as to why they waited to 'Set Up House' they said they wanted to be married by a Proper Authority.
   "You know, You Two, really have no logical reason to deny yourselves the right and title of being Married." said Sharon, between shrimp that she munched on.
   "We know.  But we are both just simple Farm Kids and with all the technology that fills our lives, we would like to keep one thing Pure and Simple!" offered Lt. Wells.
   Her fiance added, "We were thinking of getting married on Pandora as soon as we got there."
   "OK Guys, Look!" explained Pamela.  "Any Captain on this ship, from the Duty Pilots to Colonel Hill, can legally marry you to satisfy the traditions, aand your memories, of the now dead, Planet Earth.  The Na'vi DON'T have formal ceremonies like we did on Earth.  They just betroth to each other, and announce their relationship to the other members in their clan, with a day long FTxOZÄ to follow!"
   Sharon jumped in with, "Even if you got them to DO something, it would make them feel VERY uncomfortable.  If you want a FORMAL ceremony, without stepping on centuries old culture, it will HAVE to be on this ship!"
   "Well..., I guess we COULD get Colonel Hill to marry us," suggested Amber to Samuel.
   He nodded and said, "Whatever your hert desires, Honey!"
   The four of them chatted over shrimp for the rest of Sharon and Sam's shift, until they made for the Mess Hall at the close of the shift.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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   Sharon, Pamela, Sam, and Amber, grabbed lunch and sat at a table in the Combined Mess.  
   They were halfway through their lunch, when one of the dining room orderlies approached Sharon, and informed her that there would be a message answering HER last message arriving in fifteen minutes.  Sharon instructed the D.R.O. not to let anyone touch their food, that they would be back as soon as they heard the incoming message.  
   “No need to worry, Guys.  I’ll guard your meal,” assured Amber.  “Now GO! Get the message!”
   Sharon, Pamela, and Sam, entered the Bridge discussing what the new message might contain.  As soon as they were all on the Bridge, Lt. Edwards put the incoming message on the audio system.  

   “Inbound ISV, this is Captain S'rralta of the ISV in GeoSync over Pandora.  You asked about our stores of equipment applicable to our upcoming mission.  I am afraid that the way this ship was configured, we will have some but not all, of the things you would like.  One of our shuttles is completely rigged for both magnetic and infrared studies.  We have two rock drills and three hundred pounds of Solerex. "
(plastic explosives)  "It seems as if this ship was being readied to do further scans of Pandora, perhaps other continents, for the RDA to rape of their mineral riches, when the war broke out.  And she was parked in Earth's Lunar orbit when we finally ACQUIRED it.  We had thought that we were the last ship out.  But it seems your ship left four years after we left!  I'm sure that you have some tales to share with us when we finally meet."
   "Concerning our research shuttle,  I can have her launched from our ISV in three hours.  We can start running constant grid searches over the islands in question, to build a magnetic model.  Three hundred miles wide, from the Eastern Sea Clan, to one hundred miles beyond the islands in question."
   "I have someone I would like to introduce to you.  This is the young Na'vi woman who experienced the visions of the volcanic explosions on the islands.  We are training her to run the radar scans to check for magmic pressure build-up.  Major Sharron West, meet Pxepxi.  Pxepxi, you may speak to Major West.  She speaks some Na'vi."
  Pxepxi looked into the blank screen, as S'rralta had done.  She twitched one ear towards Owen Wicks, who was telling her, "Ngal tsun pivlltxe hu Kapteyn Westit, set." (You can speak with Captain West, now.)
   Pxepxi thought it odd to be addressing a blank screen, but pretended to be addressing a person, such as she had seen Captain S'rralta do.
   "Kaltxì, Ma Kapteyn West!  Oe lu Pxepxi, 'ite te Ateyo te Syaksyuk. Oeru meuia pivllte ngahu!  Fìtrr oel nerume fwa ~ today I learning this thing which is lava and makma, for being äoklltxe, under ground of Big Water VolKeyNo. I do looking of weyn, draw, rel, of WAVES lektrik. Oeru sunu, to me, I liking this Sci Ents."  She paused for a moment with a thoughtful look on her young face.  "Kxawm, Eywal nari sivi oeru fìtsengit ~maybe Eywa will show to me this place~ where is LAVA!"  
   Captain S'rralta's eyebrows popped up.  "It appears that our young Na'vi is offering her services as a spiritual ADF! Eywa can help Pxepxi become an Airborne Direction Finder!"  She placed an affectionate hand on Pxepxi's shoulder, before continuing her address of the blank screen.  "It will be interesting to compare our current radar returns of this area with images of the same area taken by earlier RDA minerology scans.  Eagerly looking forward to reviewing those images from Blue Heart Gate.  We have forwarded our list of equipment in a previous burst emission.  Captain S'rralta, Out!"

“Spiritual ADR?!” murmured Sharon, as she made a mental picture of that possibility.  
   Sam looked at Sharon, and asked, “Do you think it is possible for someone to be able to understand the direction of their Deity to such an extent, to where they could actually be able to pinpoint the location of a future volcanic eruption with any degree of accuracy?”
   Sharon thought on his question for a moment and replied, “Looking back on our escape from a Dying Earth, and the events on the trip out here, I would say that if the NA’vi in question was chosen by Eywa? Absolutely!”
   “Well,” announced Pamela, “Let’s go and finish our lunch, shall we?”
   Sharon and Sam started for the Companion Way while Pamela shouted, “
   “Whoa, guys! Wait for me!”  and the three of them headed for the Combined Mess.
   “Well, I see that our lunches have not decided to go AWOL while we were up Forward.”  remarked Pamela, as the three of them sat down around the table.
   “Was it a Juicy message, or just a report on their stores?” asked Amber.
   “Pretty much just a report on their Stores,” replied Sam.  “I would imagine that what we get from Blue Heart Gate, will have some editorial content in it, though.  Don’t you think Ma’am?”  he asked of Sharon remembering that this was still a Military Ship, and that he had just stepped on the toes Ranking Member of their Shift.
   “I think that your assessment of the upcoming Blue Heart Gate’s response is correct, LIEUTENANT!” replied Sharon wryly. “Part of our out going message WILL cause quite a bit of spirited discussion around the aylltxep ayolo’a on Eywa’eveng.”
   “Oh, I think so, at the very least!” surmised Pamela, “Even after interacting with Humans, and ayuniltirantokx, for decades, I think one thing that they are sure of, is that even though those of us with Eana Txe’lan are trainable, we ARE full of surprises.”
   Amber offered, “I think that our technology scares the HELL out of them, sometimes.  I mean, they KNOW that we would NEVER hurt them or Eywa’eveng, but the power of some of this stuff that was once used as weapons against them and their home, IS formidable.”
   Everyone at the table nodded their agreement to what Amber verbalized, and Sam stated,
   “Well, I sure hope that in time, the Na’vi learn that we won’t let the power of this stuff get out of our control, and that we would only use it for their own good.  And with their permission.”   Sam counterpointed his previous statement with, “Well, we can only HOPE that after all of the discussions around all of the different olo’ fires, that these particular Na’vi have never experienced before, that they as a people, will not be too traumatized.”
   “Well,” added Sharon, “From what I understand, the Na’vi all trust JakeSully, and know that he HAS experience in these things.”
   With that, the four decided it was time to go their separate ways, each in their Blue Bodies, so they each headed off to allow their Human Bodies to sleep.

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   Supper saw all of the Undersea Renegades, their Shuttle’s Crew, and Colonel Hill seated around “their” de facto table, in their Blue Skins.  After everyone in the Mess Hall had finished eating, Colonel Hill went to the head of the room, and got everyone’s attention.
   “Oeyä meuianga aysmuk!”  He announced in his best Drill Instructor’s voice, “Ayoe set omum ayoengeyä ay’olo ulte ayoe kin lu yerom ‘awsiteng ni’Na’vi.” (My honorable siblings.  We now know our clan’s and we need to eat together like the Na’vi.)
   Colonel Hill jumped off the table, smiling, for two reasons: One, that he managed to speak two sentences in his new language, and that it was understood by everyone.  And Two, that was evidenced by everyone’s rearranging where, and with whom, they were sitting.
  When Colonel Hill then took his tray from the Renegades table, and joined his only clan mate on the ISV, Colonel Debra Yatsimi, he noticed that the seating was now arranged by olo’ affiliation.  He once again addressed the entire ship’s company in his military voice, saying,
   “Txantsan!” (Excellent!)

   “Well you are looking FINE in your Blue Self, Oeyä Yawnetu.” said Sharon as she emerged from the shower, and saw Pamela primping before the mirror in their quarters. 
   “That is a really nice necklace.  Did you make it?”
   “Kehe,” replied Pamela, “Megan gave it to me as a gesture of her gratitude for my working Extra, when we were configuring all of the satellites and probes.”
   “Those are BEAUTIFUL parrot feathers, and they really set off the two young ringneck pheasant tail feathers dangling in the center,” praised Sharon to her Mate.
   “Tse, as delicate and rare as the pheasant feathers are,” reflected Pamela, “I will only wear this for formal occasions.”
   “Then I guess you will, at least when so dressed,” stated Sharon, “conduct yourself like our olo’s Tsahik, and a slight bit less like an Undersea Renegade, My Love.  We don’t need the feathers getting damaged in a football game!”
   “I’m not so SURE about THAT,” opined Pamela. “Did you SEE Atumopin, when we got to see our Na’vi families?  She looked like she was ready to go to war!”
   “Well,” responded Sharon, as she lightly placed her hands on the front of her Beloved’s thighs, from behind, “When you are not acting in the official capacity of my Tsahik, and Bride, I rather PREFER you with your Game Face on!”
   And with that, the Two of them went to the Medical Section, for their semi-annual physical examinations.

   “AH…Major West, and Captain Wright, ten minutes early!  Major West, You will be attended to by Major Sylvia Lyon and Captain Wright, you will be attend to by Captain Doreen Moore.  Please follow me,”  announced the receptionist in an almost robotic monotone.  It was all Sharon and Pamela could do, to keep from laughing aloud at that woman because of her “Spit Shined” demeanor.  Pamela leaned towards Sharon’s ear and said, “I’ll bet she heavily starches her panties when she is in her human tokx.”
   Sharon and Pamela were ushered into a 20 X 20 examination suite, with four examination tables separated by sliding curtains, as had been done for several centuries.
   The examinations were UNLIKE what had been done for several  centuries, however.  It took longer for the technicians to prepare Sharon and Pamela for their examinations, wiring them with probes and sensors, than it took for them to be scanned. 
   Once they were “Wired In,” they each lay down on something that bore an external resemblance to an MRI of the last 20th. and most of the 21st. century.  The actual scan, took four passes of about two minutes each.
   Once they were finished, it took about twenty minutes for each of them to be freed of the electronics and another five minutes for all of the data to be assembled into a viewable format.  They then each spent five minutes being shown their readouts and being informed that they were both in Prime Health.  Once released from their medical obligation, they proceeded to the Engineering Section, again, ten minutes early.

   Megan O’Reilly and Thomas Ring were in conversation when Sharon and Pamela walked in.  And after the two section chiefs were done, Sharon asked them if she could see the shuttle that was slated to disperse the satellites. 
   “I may need to fly it, so I need to see how the Payload is stowed,”  she clarified.
   “Not MAY, but WILL fly,” answered Major Ring. “We have outfitted Two Shuttles of ours to deploy the satellites.” 
   Major O’Reilly added, “Do you two know that you can view the Shuttle right now, and not wait to be in your Human Bodies?  We have managed to build fourteen Na’vi sized Pressure Suits for those of us that may have to handle cargo in an EVA situation where Na’vi strength would be a plus. Hand me your necklace before you get in your pressure suit, Pamela.  You don’t want to damage it! I will be in the Suit Room to return it to you when you return from the Shuttle Inspection.”
   “Why, thank you, Megan!” said Pamela, as she handed over the beautiful adornment.  Pamela glanced at Sharon, getting ready to say something about   Official Capacity Only when she said, “Don’t even THINK about it,” as she started to climb into her pressure suit.
   “How do you like getting re-acquianted to these suits?” asked Pamela of Sharon as they were in the Shuttle.
   “They are OK, but I wouldn’t want to spend hours in one like the very first astronauts did,” replied Sharon.
   Once inside the Cargo Bay of the Shuttle, Sharon was impressed by the Release Mechanism that allowed the precise deployment of each satellite, and was also understanding of the time constraints that required that each satellite be hand loaded into the devise by two suited-load masters.
   Once they were back aboard the ISV, and out of the Pressure Suits, the four of them enjoyed sharing conversation and a cup of Java in the Combined Mess before taking their proper seats waiting for dinner to begin.
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   “Are you starting a diet, Chip?” asked John, mindful of the medium bowl of fish broth, and a biscuit, that was on the tray of Chip Higgins. 
   “No, I’m just not very hungry at this moment, for some reason,” was his reply.  “Perhaps by dinner I’l be my usual ravenous self.”
   “You sure, you’re not pregnant, are you?”  suggested Wendy with a devilish grin, causing her husband to almost choke on his scrambled eggs. 
   “You KNOW,” said Sharon, “Karma may just jump up and bite you in the ass over that remark!  In SPITE of your desire to have a child, conceiving BEFORE we get to Pandora is NOT a good thing, according to Colonel Yatsimi.”
   “I know,” mumbled Wendy, like a scolded child.  “I was just trying to lighten up the conversation.”
   “I wonder if we are going to be part of Eyktan Atumopin’s olo’ twenty-four/seven, or if she will either allow or insist on us having a small amount of autonomy after a while?” wondered John, “Seeing as we have our OWN eyktan,” he continued, slapping Sharon on her back. 
   “I would imagine that, for at least a year or so, we will be one-on-one tutored in HOW to live, act, and speak as Na’vi, BEFORE we are allowed to run around by ourselves,” replied Sharon.
   “I don’t have a problem with that,” added Pamela, “We LOOK like Na’vi, NOW we need to act and speak like Na’vi.”
   “On to other matters,” announced Sharon, “I am going to run it past Megan and Thomas, that we have a joint lunch and meeting between our group, and the Engineering groups tomorrow for lunch, to discuss how we are going to address the problem of the volcanic islands in danger of imminent eruption.  I will also request that we be sent the latest data that both the other ISV and the people at Blue Heart Gate have on this situation.  Any objections?”
   “No, I think that is a great idea.  It will allow us to take our time to study the situation in depth, and be a lot more coordinated with everyone else as soon as we arrive on station,”
agreed Chip. 
   “Well then,” said Sharon, rising from the table, “I had better bounce this off Colonel Hill before I approach Megan and Thomas with it.”
   Sharon made her way towards the tables Colonels Hill and Yatsimi were eating, waiting at a noticeable, but respectful distance. 
   Within moments of coming to a stop at “parade rest”, Colonel Hill motioned her to approach. 
   “Yes,  Major West?” was Colonel Hill’s remark, indicating that Sharon should hold position separation at that point.
   “Sir, I think that it would be advantageous for the Islanders that are in danger if the pilots, the Undersea Renegades, and the members of both Engineering Sections could meet together once each week over lunch, and discuss everything that we know about, our equipment, plans, and the situation that would be current on Pandora at the time of each meeting, and I would like your guidance on the idea.”
   Colonel Hill leaned back in his chair, smiled and said, “Major West, I appreciate your wanting to keep me appraised of what is going on inside your head, but if there is ANYONE on this ship that has a non-medical specialty that does NOT need to get my prior permission to carry out their duties, it is you.  I am VERY happy that you let me know what you are planning, but you don’t need my permission to organize any skull sessions.  When I told you that I considered you one of the Senior Staff Officers on this ship, I Meant It.”
   Colonel Hill paused for a moment and said, “Would you mind if two extra chairs were set at the table for these meetings?”
   Without hesitating, Sharon replied, “No, Sir, not at all. I believe that it would be optimal if you had an updated overview of what we will be doing to alleviate the situation down there,
and that Colonel Yatsimi would be invaluable to us with her medical expertise.”
   “Well, you can count on us being there,” assured Colonel Hill.  “When are you wanting to hold the first briefing?”
   “I would LIKE to do it at lunch tomorrow.  I will be headed down to the Engineering Sections to get those people up to speed,” advised Sharon.
   Colonel Hill said, “I will have them here and on time tomorrow, Major.  Now don’t let your lunch get cold on you.”

   Sharon “posted out”, and returned to her olo’s table.  Upon retaking her seat, Sharon informed those at the table that “it was a GO” for their weekly meetings, and that both Colonel Hill and Colonel Yatsimi would be attending them.
  She closed with, “Once Pamela and I finish our lunches, I will accompany her back to the Engineering Sections to bring everyone up to speed.  Tonight on my shift, I will request all the current and some of the historical geologic data on that section of Pandora be radioed to me during my Duty Shift so that I may present it at the briefing.
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   Sharon keyed the mike and said,”  Parked ISV and Blue Heart Gate.  This is Major Sharon West, Duty Pilot of the Inbound ISV.  We have all of the satellites built, tuned, and tested.  We will now need any data on your magnetosphere plots, both current, and historical.  Also, if Blue Heart Gate has any anecdotal reports from the Islanders about the conditions where they live, and how they have changed over the last several years, that would be VERY helpful.  we are going to have a briefing between our Shuttle Pilots, Marine Biologists, Engineering Staff, and other scientists in fourteen hours.  It would be VERY advantageous for all concerned, if we could have the requested data by then.  Major Sharon West. Out.”
   “Our current message transit time is eight minutes, Sharon,” noted Sam. “You SHOULD get some sort of message before our shift is over.”

   Back in the Engineering Sections, work was being done on receivers for use as both, detonators for the explosives, and as radio transceivers for the ground teams that modulated their signals on lasers, rather than RF carriers.  The lasers were far better at operating in high ionic disturbance areas, for signals that HAD to get through. 
   Thomas Ring asked Pamela, “When are you going to start on the laser radios that will be operated here and on the shuttles?”
   “I have the people in the Machine Shop punching and drilling the frames for them now.  We should be ready to start installing the electronic tomorrow,” replied Pamela.
   Megan walked in in the tail-end of the conversation saying, “My concern is; Do we have enough ruby laser tubes for this project, or will we need to get some from the other ISV?”
   “No, Major, we are good with ten tubes to spare,” informed Major Ring.
   “This close work is getting to my eyes,” said Pamela, “I need to take a ten minute coffee break away from the scope.  Do you two care to join me?”
   Megan nodded, and Thomas stated, “Take fifteen if you feel that you need it.  I have to take five and check on something,” as he went aft toward the supply room.

   “Do you think that we will be able to pull off this operation?” asked Megan, as she and Pamela sat at the table in the Electronics Office with their coffee.  “Do you think that the Na’vi, who are terrified of Earth Technology, will ALLOW us to even TRY?”
   “Oh, I KNOW that we can pull this off,” replied Pamela, “But the reaction, and acceptance to the use of laser triggered high-explosives by former Earthlings, I haven’t a CLUE about.  The possibility of us being even only Demi-Gods, went right out the window the first time that one of their arrows killed an RDA Storm Trooper.  That does NOT mean that they don’t still firmly believe that we don’t practice some VERY powerful magic.”
   “THAT is why I like the idea that some of the people in power in a few of the clans know of the word TEKNOLOZHI, however they like to say it,” replied Thomas, as he filled his coffee cup.

   Back on the Bridge, Sharon was just finishing a roll, when Sam pulled off his headphones, and said, “You will have a message from Blue Heart Gate in three minutes concerning your last message to them.”
      The face of Alex Gomez Gordon filled gthe View Screen and after a moment, he said, “Incoming ISV, stand by for an important message from Our Toruk Makto.”
   JakeSully shot Alex half a smile and stepped closer to his transmitter, saying, “Kaltxi, Ma Frapo.”  His winning grin caused Sharon a immediate surge of well-anticipated relief.  “I have some good news.  It took a lot of passionate discussion and a meeting of aysahik at the Well of Souls, but all the ayeyktan and aysahik agree that the JUDICIOUS use of explosives WILL be entrusted to you.  It speaks of their great trust in my opinion of your collective capabilities, so you guys, Don’t Let Me Down!  It sounds like you know your stuff,concerning geology and the use of explosives.  There are some things you might want to know:
“ONE.  Patricia Fenwick, the Operations Manager of Blue Heart Gate, has activated the first ISV on which she arrived.  It was originally slated to be a very small scale mining operation.  It is outfitted as such, with mining equipment, such as thirty AMP suits, and 20,000 pounds of “Freaking Daisy Cutters”, as I like to call their explosives.  The entire crew has been reactivated and are currently rehearsing their duties at their stations on board the ISV.
“TWO. Our chief geologist, Dr. Wade Lutzow has been reviewing the Undersea Surveys, which go back fifteen years.  He is anxious to compare notes with the current scans of Kapteyn Srralta Tamas’.  He looks forward to a video confab as soon as possible.”
“THREE. A messenger was dispatched from the island in question, with a request from their eyktan, for assistance with possible evacuation.  They are experiencing MANY tremors and observing daily lava flows from two places on the volcano.  The three ISVs should be able to view them with flyovers.  You should now be receiving downloads of previous RDA Geologic Survey Maps.  JakeSully. Out.”

   “Wow!  Talk about a supremely qualified orator in TWO languages,” opined Sharon.
   “Yeah, I would have LOVED to see Jake reach out to the Hearts and Minds of the Na’vi,”
replied Sam.
   Sharon looked a Sam and asked him to go to the Combined Mess, and see if any of the Movers and Shakers in the Ship’s Company were there, and available to watch the video on the Bridge.
   “I’m on it, right away, Skipper!” was Sam’s reply as he headed aft to bring others with him.

   Sam entered the Combined Mess to find Chip, John, and Wendy, at the Tribe of the Eastern Sea’s table, and Thomas Ring, as well as Megan O’Reilly walking down the soup line.
   “Look who I found in the Mess!” announced Sam as he led the others onto the Bridge.
   “Well, I’m glad that the Main Players in the Engineering, Flight Ops, and Science Sections of this vessel are here to see this,” Sharon said as the video started.
   After viewing JakeSully’s transmission, many fears were eased and all returned to their Duty Stations with a new, urgent, sense of purpose.
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   “Rewon lefpom, oeyä yawnetu,” said Sharon as she kissed the humon tokx of her beloved Pamela.
   “Rewon lefpom, oeya meuianga tsamiyu,” replied Pamela to her mate.
   “Hey, why don’t we get into our blue selves, so that we LOOK how we speak,” suggested Sharon.
   “Ok,” said Pamela, “but then we would need to eat Seylu si Fkxen  (Grubs and fruit/veggies) for breakfast, to stay in character.”
“I think that we will just have to wait until we join the Clan of the Eastern Sea to finally have a Na’vi diet,” surmised Sharon, “Za’u, oeyä yawnetu”, let’s LOOK like what we are.”

   Once inside their blue bodies, Sharon and Pamela walked into the Mess Hall, for “their” breakfast. (On a starship with four shifts of six hours each, all three menus were available at all times, to accommodate whatever shift someone was on).
Once inside, they noticed Chip, John, and Jim at their table, and Thomas, Megan, and Bill, at the Engineering table.
Once they had made their selections, Pamela guided Sharon to the Engineering table, in order to touch base with her fellow engineers.
   “Are we still going to have this big video confab tomorrow for lunch,” asked Thomas Ring.
Pamela looked at Sharon, who said,
   “We sure will, I think that we are going to start getting down to the nuts and bolts of the up and coming rescue operation, so the more data and designs that you guys bring with you, the better.”

Once they gravitated to their clan table, Sharon and Pamela sat on either side of Chip, who was seated at one of the ends of the table, and started discussing the various possibilities for the future mission.
   When pressed for his opinion, Chip ventured, “If the cap rock on the volcano is Silicon rich, it would be easier to fracture, without blowing it apart, than if it has a high Unobtanium content, but we won’t know that till we get there.”
   “Well, perhaps we will learn something when we have the first conference tomorrow,” offered Sharon.  “We are down to only five minutes transit time on our radio messages.  We will almost be REAL TIME.”
   John chimed in, with, “How soon do you think we will get to deploy the surveillance satellites and probes?”
   “I believe that within a day of forming up to do the sweep.” answered Sharon. 

   At that moment, one of the Dining Room Orderlies walked up and announced, “
   “Captain Pearson wishes me to tell you that we will be having a video message from Toruk Makto in eight minutes.”
   Sharon looked up and said, “Gotta go, Folks!”  As everyone at her table got up and those at the Engineering Table followed suit, following her to the Bridge.

   Two minutes later, eight of the key people in their respective departments walked onto the Bridge. 
   “I will have the message up on the View Screen as soon as we receive it,” announced Captain Pearson. 
   Five minutes later, the screen came to life, and Toruk Makto, was looking them all in the eyes.
   “Incoming ISV.  This is JakeSully, with a critical update.  A messenger from the Island Clan is Tsayri’el Fari’el’ite, the Eyktan of the Island Clan. 
   She says that things look real ‘SHAKY’ near the volcano, literally and figuratively.  They are concerned that ANY lava flow will wipe-out their village, because their village is positioned below one of the vents on the side of the volcano.  Only the biggest ikrans can make the long journey across the Big Water to safety.  I am recommending that we use the ‘Dragon’ for an immediate evacuation of the oldest and youngest.  We can also use some of the remaining ‘Samsons’ for evacuation, but our fuel supplies are low and we hope you have more on board.  If you have received the old RDA maps of the island sector, please respond right away.  Our Geologist, Dr. Wade Lutzow, is anxious to begin a ConFab.
   “JakeSully. Out.”

“TSE! THAT explains a few things that we were wondering about.” said Major Megan O’Reily.  “I guess that we had better show up with out Game Faces ON and ALL of our data, plans, and designs, ready to be transported by noon tomorrow.”
   Major Thomas Ring announced, “I have a three minute video simulation based on what we learned from the old RDA data that they sent the other day, of what our sensor deployment will look like, that is ready to load onto the ConFab video.”
   And Chip Higgins stated, “I can have video simulations, also based on the RDA data of what an uncontrolled eruption would look like, versus how we would relieve the pressure and what THAT controlled magma flow would look like, in time for the video ConFab.”
   “I am going to need the ships Quarter Master in ten minutes, MAX,” stressed Sharon, “Wake the person up if required.  I need to know EXACTLY HOW MUCH jet fuel we have in fuel containers dedicated to Pandora on this ship,” she told the Captain.  “See if you can find the Quarter Master on the Ship’s Crew Manifest.  Look in our materials manifest for the amount of Aviation Fuel that we are carrying.”
   “Rolun! I found it, Major!” replied Captain Pearson.  “We arer carrying 185,000 gallons of Aviation Fuel that is dedicated to Eywa’eveng, and a little over 400,000 that is slated for the shuttles, that I guess, could be rededicated to the rescue mission.”
   “Well, THAT ought to ease their minds at Blue Heart Gate.  Would you like to pass along that information to them, Captain,” directed Sharon.
   “I would be happy to, Major,” was the Captain’s reply.  “Now you guys go relax in the Mess, I will take care of the information transfer, and have the Quarter Master meet you in the Mess Hall.”
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   The Undersea Renegades and Engineering personnel that were on the Bridge, returned to the Combined Mess, grabbed some coffee, and sat at one long table.  Almost immediately, animated discussions began around the table, complete with maps, and lists being drawn.  Several minutes later, Vlad Eleferov, the ISV’s Chief Planetary Geologist, and Charlie Russell, the ship’s Quartermaster, took seats at the table, coffee cups in hand.
   “It sounds like we are getting serious about this island vulcanism, Folks.  What can I do to help?” asked Vlad.
   Sharon responded with, “If you could give us, on the Bridge, a twice daily report of your opinion of what is going ON down there. For right now, from this distance, that’s all we can do.  If things start heating up down there, we may need your reports as often as you can give them to us.  I know that our ability to resolve details will be less than optimal until we get into Geo Sync.  But whatever we can grab until then, will be useful.”
   “You can count on me to do ANYTHING helpful,” promised Vlad.
   “What do you need a lowly Quarter Master for?” queried Charlie.
   “What you are absolutely critical for,” responded Sharon, “Is to do EVERYTHING in your power to conserve as much as our total jet fuel supplies as are not needed for shuttle operations.  This fuel will be saved for Pandoran relief efforts.”
   Charlie nodded, just as the monitor on the far wall came to Life.  Centered on the image,  was Fritz Wegnar, the other Geologist aboard the ISV.
   “Sorry for activating the Video Overrides,” Fritz began, “But I think that Vlad, and the rest of the Staff Officers would be interested in these readouts.  What you are seeing just came across the instruments here, thirty seconds ago.  The magnetosphere started spiking in the area of those islands, then our high altitude atmospheric spectrograph started showing this large sulfur-dioxide, and carbon monoxide plume.  I’m sorry that we cannot get any more resolution for the next day or two, but this set off ALL of MY alarm buttons.”
   Sharon had been walking towards the display during the warning, and when she reached the remote, she keyed it saying, “Good job!  Have you also fed this to the Bridge and Colonel Hill’s quarters, Priority One?”
   Fritz started to nod, and was Priority over -iden by Colonel Hill.
   “I am looking at it now, and I need ALL of the Undersea Renegades and  Engineering Staff and Scientists at their Duty Stations, in what ever bodies they are in, NOW!”
   “On our way,” replied Sharon as the Mess Hall immediately emptied of all essential personnel.
   Sharon, John, and Jim, sprinted onto the Bridge, with Chip following only three steps behind.
   “Didn’t you have a heart attack several weeks ago?” asked Colonel Hill.
   “THAT was in my HUMAN Tokx!” said Jim, patting his Uniltirantokx, happily.
   Colonel Hill asked Captain Pierson, “Do you have the initial course correction numbers yet?”
   “Just finished them, and I am inputting them now,” replied the Duty Pilot.
   Sharon asked Colonel Hill, “Sir? Do you want to send a message to Blue Heart Gate, and the Other ISVs?”
   Joe turned to them and said, “No, I think that it will speed things up, if they gey used to dealing with the Duty Pilots, Engineers, and Scientists directly.  I will save my appearance for the  formal ceremonies down on Eywa’eveng when we have dealt with this emergency.
   “Yes, Sir.”  replied Sharon, turning to the Duty Pilot.  “Then do you want to say something to them?”
   “I’m due to come off in twenty minutes, and they are used to dealing with you, Major.  Why don’t you address them?” asked Captain Pearson.
   Sharon looked at Colonel Hill and he motioned her to go ahead.  So she placed the headset over her ears.  “I guess I’ll just Wing It,”  she said.  The Engineer gave her the High Sign, and Sharon began:
   “ISVs and Blue Heart Gate, this is Major Sharon West.  We have just seen the eruption of the volcano on the Island that you have also probably seen.  Because of our distance, we can’t see the detail of the event as well as you can.  So if you can please send us the data and reports that you have, it would help us a lot!!  Be advised that we are now heading for a Geo Sync directly over the Islands, so please guide us in if you are already on station over the islands.  Our shuttles will be at your disposal as soon as we place the monitoring satellites on our approach to the islands.  We will be awaiting ant information or data that you can send us.  Major West. Out.”
   “Well that should do ‘til they respond,” said Sharon as she removed her headset jack from the panel.
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  Chapter 125

  With her message sent to Blue Heart Gate, and to the two ISVs, and her shift to start in fifteen minutes, Sharon high tailed it to the Mess,and grabbed a Thermos of coffee. She had not had an uninterrupted meal in fourteen hours, but coffee would have to do it for her uniltirontokx body today. Colonel Hill OK’d her to pilot the ISV, without having to change into her humon tokx for this shift.
  “Major West, I know how much hungrier I am in my Na’vi tokx,” announced the server, “I will fix you a proper Na,vi meal, and bring it to you in about half an hour”, promised the server with a Pakistani name that no one could pronounce, except for her nickname, “Soni”.  Sharon thanked her, and headed towards the Bridge, making her return just in time.

Twenty minutes after taking command, Ian notified Sharon of an incoming message from one of the other ISVs. Sharon flipped the main speakers on, and an image of a stunning red haired woman appeared on the video screen.

“Major Sharon West of the Incoming ISV.  This is Major S’rralta Tamas’ in Geo Sync over the volcano in question.  Be advised, we have uplinked our video surveillance of volcanic activity, and will keep your ship in constant feed loop of video and telemetric feedback.  A massive rescue operation is under way.  We are advised to NOT to deploy ordinance until said mission is accomplished.  But when you arrive in GeoSync it is advisable to launch your battery of satellites.
  “Please note the entry coordinates which have been supplied to you.  Will place you in the ‘Rocking Chair’ between our ship and the New Earth ship which was outfitted with explosives.  Major S’rralta Tamas’. Out.
That was informative, was it patched through to the Engineering and Science sections,? Sharon asked of Ian.
When he informed her that ALL messages were now patched that way, she smiled, and said, “Are we GOOD or what?”

Five minutes later,Soni brought the two of them, boiled Shrimp,and veggies.
“This shift couldn’t GO any better,”exclaimed Ian.
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   “Well Ian, today we may find out a lot concerning the volcano, and the Rescue Mission at lunch.  I, for one, am going Alpha, to give THIS tokx a rest before I put it back on for lunch and the ConFab.”
   “I think that I will do the same, oeya ‘eylan.  There was too much going on. in random order, for any of us to get much rest.  I have one question, Sharon:  Do you think we will be able to stop a catastrophe at this late stage?” 
   “I think that we will be able to answer that question after the ConFab, Ian.  I DO know that we have some of the best minds in Planetary Geology up here together.  So if ANYONE can pull this off, WE can.  Let’s get out of these bodies as soon as we are relieved, and we will know more this afternoon.”

   On her way to the bunk for her uniltirantokx, Sharon was waylaid by an orderly of Colonel Hill.  “Ma’am, the Colonel wants you to know that the Rescue Operation has begun, and that Colonel Tamas’ has dispatched one of her shuttles as a refueling tanker for all of the flexwings.  He just wanted you to know that, before you went Alpha.”
   Sharon thanked him, and trotted off to allow BOTH of her ‘selves’ to get some sleep.

   Six hours later, Sharon woke up in her human tokx, showered, and threw on a fresh flight suit.  She then woke up Pamela, telling her that she would be in the Combined Mess, when Pamela got up there.  And she headed forward.  The ConFab was still three hours off when Sharon walked into the room, but she was on a mission for some coffee and breakfast.  It had been quite a few hours since she had fed her human body.
   Pamela entered the room as Sharon was sitting at the Clan Table.  They made eye contact, and each went back to attending to immediate duties, before sitting together as the Renegades’ Table. 
   “Here, Sharon.  I knew that you would want these,” said Wendy as she laid the latest graphic displays of the telemetry from the islands on the table, 
   Sharon and Chip looked at them and Sharon pointed at one map and said, “This looks like a small rift in the sea floor, extending at a radian of zero one three degrees from what should be the base of the volcano.  It doesn’t look deep, and it looks terminated.  I would sure like to see some simulations run on this to see what our computer predicts if the pressure REALLY spikes under the volcano.”
   Chip asked, “You thinking what I’m thinking?”
   Sharon replied, “Possibly. IF that is not tied to a plate seam.  If it is a simple stress crack under the ocean, we COULD safely relieve the local pressure AND grow the island a little.  I wish that someone had made a bathymetric map of this,” groused Sharon.
   “Let me run some programs, and see what we get,” volunteered Chip. 
   “I need to see if any of the ISVs have any underwater cameras that we could drag along that rift to see if we have any venting going on,” mused Sharon.
   “We could ask the other two ISV Captains if they have such a thing in a few hours at the ConFab,” offered John.
   “We.., this is something that we will HAVE to explore,” agreed Sharon.
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   CHAPTER 127
   A change in the usual seating by clan, was made in the Mess Hall, in order to make the ConFab more efficient.  All of the critical people for the mission at hand were seated together at one horseshoe shaped table directly in front of the main viewscreen.  Everyone in the Combined Mess was in their ayuniltirantokx to share solidairty with those on the other side of the link, but mostly because, the entire ship’s company now felt more comfortable in those bodies.

   Everyone was in their seats, Colonel Hill center front, Major Sharon West on his right, and Major Thomas Ring on his left, as the viewscreen came to life with Wade Lutzow, the Chief Geologist of Blue Heart Gate, sitting directly behind a torpedo shaped device.
 “This is Blue Heart Gate to the Outpost for the Rescue Operation.  How do you read?”
 “Outpost to Blue Heart, we read you five-by-five.”
  “Blue Heart to Outpost, we are commencing our ConFab with the scientists on the other ISV’s.  Can you monitor us, or shall we record for playback?”
  “Negative.  We might need info as you attain it,” replied Major Tai Tai Ao.  “Patch us in, we haven’t started receiving feedback from the Rescue Operation, as of yet.  Our Rotors departed from Eastern Sea Clan an hour ago.”
At that point, the double sonic boom of the Shuttle entering the Pandoran atmosphere was heard over the radio from Blue Heart Gate.
  “The Tanker just broke the atmosphere and will be in position within ten minutes.  Pxati Fenwick is coordinating the Refueling Operations, Colonel Schroeder is coordinating the Flight Operations.”
  “This is Colonel Schroeder.  We are one hundred and fifty miles out, inbound. Full stop to pick up Na’vi. Will make a fuel stop enroute to Sanctuary Island. Colonel Schroeder. Out.”
  “This is Patricia Fenwick.  I’ll be a little busy, but I have Deborah Webb monitoring your frequency.Inbound Flight Leader, the refueling site will be operational when you arrive.  Patricia Fenwick. Out”
  “This is Blue Heart Gate.  We copy and acknowledge.  ISVs; this is Blue Heart Gate.  How do you receive ?’ “
Blue Heart Gate, this is Colonel Tamas’.  We read your video and audio, five-by-five.”
  “Blue Heart Gate.  This is Colonel Douglas Simmons, of the New Earth ISV.  We read your audio and video five-by-five.”
  “Blue Heart Gate.  This is Colonel S’ralta Tamas’.  How much radio lag time do we have for the incoming ISV?”
  “This is Colonel Simmons.  Colonel Tamas’, they have, probably, a two minute lag time.”
Wade Lutzow transmitted from Blue Heart Gate,   “I think we need a ‘traffic cop’ for this conversation to make any sense. From now on, once we receive a message from the Incoming ISV, Colonel Tamas’ will answer first, Colonel Simmons will answer second, and we will answer last.  We will then wait until we receive a message from the Inbound ISV.”
The screens then went dark.

“Well,” remarked Sharon, “Did you see the device that was in front of their Geologist?  I think he saw what Ian and I saw in the data, a RIFT.  That looked like an underwater camera.”
   Colonel Hill said, “I can see the smoke coming out of your ears, Major.  What are you thinking?”
   “Well, Sir, if the rift leaves a thin section beneath it and the top of the magma, we could set up underwater charges, and relieve the pressure buildup under the water with minimal, if any charges on the volcano itself.”
   “How large of an underwater eruption would this be?” asked the Colonel.
   “It should not be that large, at all, ESPECIALLY if there are any vents along that rift.  Because of the type of rift this appears to be, there should be no tidal wave from it,” clarified Sharon, “At the most, in a year, there might be an isthmus that adds ten square miles or so, to the size of the island.”

   The video screens came to life again, and Wade Lutzow said,  “Säfpìl asteng tìkan ateng!  Great minds think alike!  My apologies , Ma Kapteyn Srralta! Txoa livu!  Go ahead!”
Again, the screens went dark, and Colonel Hill said, “I don’t think that civilian has any sense of Military Radio Traffic,” with a smile on his face.
“Well, sir,” replied Sharon,“I think that he was just excited that he and Ian and I came up with the same thought, at the same time.”
After several moments of dark screens, Colonel said, “I guess we wait till they reestablish communications with us.”
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