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   CHAPTER 148

      Sharon and Pamela were awakened by their alarm clock only moments before a knock on the door of their quarters.
   “Thanks, we are both up”, said Pamela as they both stood up from sitting on their bed.
After showering and dressing, they made for the Combined Mess for some coffee, powdered, scrambled Eggs, biscuits and gravy.
   Colonel Hill, and Major O’Reilly joined the Flight Crews, and Megan informed the pilots  that there would be minor adjustments to where the explosive devices would be placed, how they would be detonated, and the size and location of the Water Injection Pumps.  Colonel Hill informed everyone that the Flight Crews would be thoroughly briefed by Personnel from Blue Heart so it would not be a big deal.  He went on to state that this would be a maximum effort, so all six shuttles from the three ISVs WOULD be involved in the operation.
   “The Payload Specialists will be the same as those that were on the Surveying Mission, so everything should run like ‘Old Home Week’, for the Flight Crews of THIS ISV,” he added.
   “Well,” John replied, before popping a morsel of breakfast roll into his mouth, “We will keep the other crews on the Straight and Narrow.”
   “Are these going to be detonated by radio from the shuttles?” asked Pamela.
   “Kehe,” replied Megan.  “Colonel Hill wants to reserve SOME of the fun for the ISV crews.  The devises will be activated by radio from Up Here, but the Shuttle Crews WILL have the Best Seats in the House with video cameras rolling from five miles away.”
   Major Thomas Ring added, “The Mission Specialists will be critical to this operation.  We will have full monitoring capabilities up and running.  We will be monitoring Underwater Video, Crust Strain, and Sea Floor Upwelling Gauges, as well as Water Temperature, PH Sensors, and the Seismographs that were placed on the volcano last trip.”
   Megan filled-in more of the picture with, “The other four shuttles will be monitoring undersea seismic activity fifty, and one hundred miles away, as well as quantifying and mapping the size, strength, and motion of any Tsunami that might develop.”
   Colonel Hill finished the informal briefing with; “One of the shuttles from Blue Heart will be monitoring seismographs that they will be deploying early today on the other islands in this chain, with radio-link recording gear.”
   “Well, then.  We ought to Chow Down and be ready to shove off the moment that the shuttles are loaded and fueled,” surmised Sharon.
   Colonel Hill motioned to slow down by gesturing with his palms down hands, up and down over the table.  “Take it easy, and don’t get indigestion.  The ships were ready an HOUR ago.  If we were in THAT much of a hurry, we would have sent you packing with a candy bar, and a couple of protein shakes each.  If you leave here an hour from now, we are STILL slightly ahead of schedule.”

   With the Briefing out of the way, and Colonel Hill eating his breakfast with the Renegades, there was a little time from breakfast chatter.
   “So tell me Colonel, how soon after we quiet this volcano will this ship go to its skelton crew?” asked Sharon. 
   “I would like to go to Skeleton Crew Rotation seventy-two hours after things quiet down on the surface, if we can swing it.  The Skippers of the other two starships feel the same way.”
   “It sounds like you folks on the ISVs are itching to Live the LIFE, not just wear the body,” suggested Wendy.
   “Pretty much so,” replied Chip, as he and Steve joined the group at the table. 
   “You Shuttles Jockies should not be the ONLY ones living the LIFE,” said Steve with an air of mock indignation.
   “Tse, I believe that EVERYONE up here will get to live their dream, very shortly,” offered Pamela, “We have enough time for a second cup.  Srake, ngaru muve tsngal,  Ma Yawnetu?” Pamela asked of Sharon.
   Sharon took a quick gulp from her mug, and gave a thumbs up, so Pamela took the mug, and headed for the coffee urns.
   Steve watched Pamela filling the two cups and said, “That is one Hell of a Woman, Sharon!  You are one VERY fortunate Gal.”
   “Oh, I think that before TOO long, you will find YOUR soulmate, my friend,” Sharon replied.
   “I think that those of us that did not find a mate on these ships, WILL find a Na’vi soulmate that Eywa wants us to be with,” opined Wendy.
   “Welk Folks, I HATE to break up this little chat, but we have a job to do,” reminded Sharon as she drained her cup, and stood up.  “See you in a couple of days, Sir,”  she said, as she saluted Colonel Hill, and walked to the exit, with the rest of the Flight Crews in tow.
   Colonel Hill smiled and looked at the remaining Renegades at the table and said, “I sure hope that she learns NOT to do that once we are living on Pandora!”
   As the ships were setting up for Re-Entry to Pandora, John asked Sharon over the radio, “I wonder what changed on Pandora to cause the shift in the Breaching Protocol?  I wonder if things got a little more unstable in the moon’s crust?”
   “I guess that it won’t be long before we know,” replied Sharon, “Blue Heart is a lot closer to the Eastern Sea Clan than we are,  so I imagine that they are already there, waiting to Brief all of us.” 
   “Retro burn in Sixty,” reminded Wendy.
   “Time to go to work,” agreed Sharon.

   The ikran mounted welcoming party greeted the shuttles at the usual location, and while greetings were exchanged between the tiranyu and Sharon, Wendy notified the Comm Shack that there were four more shuttles that would be inbound later. 
   Having just returned from a search mission for a new home for the Undersea Renegades, Tai Tae Ao responded with, “The third and fourth flights are leaving their starships now.”
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    CHAPTER 149

Once on the ground, and back with their Clan, the Undersea Renegades stood outside the Comm Shack, where they could watch the Shuttles from the other two ISVs approach, and land.

   Having been flying on and off Pandora for years before the Undersea Renegades even arrived, the Flight Crews of the four shuttles made it look like Arriving Scheduled Airliners at a major airport of pre-apocalyptic Earth.  From afar, it looked as if the Crews were well-known by everyone but the members of the Island Clan.
   JakeSully and Neytiri walked up behind the renegades and informed them that they could get to know the other shuttle Crews at the midday meal, when everyone would sit with the elders at the ylltxep (community fire).
   “Thank you very much, Ma Toruk Makto.  We are greatly honored to be included to sit with the elders,” said Sharon, so stunned by the offer, that she couldn’t string together the words in Na’vi.

   Early afternoon was spent with all of the Shuttle Crews being briefed by the Planetary Sciences people from BlueHeart Gate. 
   Due to slight changes in the crust of Pandora immediately beneath the seafloor rift, there were slight changes in the number of Breaching Charges, they were increased by Two, but a slight decrease in the strength of each device.  The amount of sea water that would be injected into the magma was decreased to only one-fifth of what was originally estimated, drastically reducing the chance for a significant tidal wave.  The crews were given the locations of the new explosive devices, and a new, slightly different timing pattern for their detonations.  They were also informed that the two Data Recording Shuttles that placed the devices, would now fall back to TEN miles west of the rift. 
   Following the Briefing was lunch, which was shared by everyone at the communal area. 
   During lunch, Atumopin, Jake, Neytiri, Eyktan Fayri’el
and Tai, walked up to all of the six shuttle crews and wished them well.
   To the last person, the Crews of the six shuttles all told the Na’vi well-wishers, that they would NOT let the Na’vi down.
   After the noon meal, the scientists and technicians from Blue Heart went over the latest data with the crews of the two shuttles that would deploy the devices.
   With the latest targeting data loaded into their personal touchpads, the crews headed for their shuttles, collecting food baskets from grateful Na’vi along the way.
   Once everyone was buckled-in on both Sharon’s and John’s shuttles, the space planes were powered up and took off for their freshly reprogrammed coordinates.
   Sharon switched her Channel “B” frequency from the Comm Shack at Eastern Sea, to the Communications Section of their ISV. 
   “ISV, this is Shuttle Flight.  We are inbound to target.  Thirty minutes out.”
   “Shuttle Flight, this is ISV, we have you both on our radar displays.  ISV on active monitoring.”
   Sharon switch to Channel “A” and said, “Well, John, I guess this is where all of us newcomers get to earn our keep.”
   John’s voice came over Sharon’s intercom, “I guess that you’re right.  We should have no problem with this mission.  We are running with the latest data the expects that Blue Heart could provide.  And we are the two best crews in this sector of the universe when it comes to undersea work.”
   Sharon keyed the mike and replied, “The two best crews in the universe.  We have no replacements.  Shuttle One on stand-by.”  Sharon turned to Wendy and said, “I’m going to check with Pamela and see if she is having any difficulties with any of our payloads.”
   Wendy took the ship’s controls, while Sharon climbed out of the Command Seat and went aft where the Mission Critical Equipment was awaiting deployment.
   “Is everything going according to plan?” Sharon asked of Pamela.
   “No problems at all.” replied her muntxate while giving a thumb’s-up with her right hand, while fastening an access panel on the last of the explosive devises, with her left.
   “Did you have to open each of the Breaching Charges?” queried Sharon.
   “No.  Just this one.  I got a Fail Code on it as I did the pre-deployment checks.  I think that someone was called away from this one, and then forgot where they were when they returned.  The connector between the battery and the detonaters was unplugged.  I’m going to need to make Major Ring on the other shuttle aware of what I just found.”
   Pamela finished buttoning-up the device, and keyed her intercom.  “Wendy, could you patch me through to the other shuttle?”
   “Sure, no problem.  Go ahead.” was the response on the intercom speakers.
   “Shuttle Two, this is Captain Wright.  Please have Major Ring run continuity checks on the circuits of the Breaching Charges.  Shuttle One.  Out.”
   Sharon told Pamela that she would have to return to the Flight Deck, and added, “You are going to have quite a show to watch, with all the monitors here in the bay.”
   Pamela replied, “It will all be recorded for future viewing, Ma Yawnetu.”

   Sharon buckled-in, and advised Wendy, “You are doing fine, keep flying until we both have to be Hands-On.”
   Fifteen minutes later, Pamela notified the Flight Crew over the intercom, “Rear Cargo Door coming down.”
   “Roger that,” replied Sharon, who then placed her right hand on the control stick and feet on the rudder pedals, so that both she and Wendy were on the controls.
   Both of them slid their Situational Display Panels into place, and eased the shuttle toward the first Release Point, dropping the ship to ten feet above the water.
   Pamela remotely moved the first device into position, ‘On the Hook’ suspended by a Quick Release Connection, two feet aft of the rear cargo door. 
   She watched the Positional Read Outs that were superimposed in red characters on her video camera image of what the device’s onboard camera ‘saw’.   When she was in position, the Flight Crew held the shuttle steady and she lowered the device into the water, until it was five feet beneath the waves.  And then released it, remotely piloting it to its correct position on the rift.

   This order of events was repeated until all of the devices were positioned exactly where they were supposed to be, on the ocean floor, two hours later.
   “The last of the devices is in its position,” informed Pamela over the intercom.
   “Good,” replied Sharon, “We will wait for John to inform us that they have completed their half of the insertions, and both ships will retreat to a safe distance together.”
   Several minutes later, John announced that their shuttle had completed its insertions, and the two ships flew to a position ten miles west of the rift.
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     CHAPTER 150

  Sharon and John brought their Shuttles on station ten  miles west of the rift, notified the ISVs, the Comm Shack at Eastern Sea, and Blue Heart Gate, of both their position, and their standby status, requesting their ISV give them a one minute notification, and a ten second count-down to detonation, which was approved by Colonel Hill.

  After several minutes, John questioned Sharon as to why she thought the explosives had yet to be detonated.
“I would imagine that they have their reasons,” was her reply, “there are five other shuttles that have to be on station, as well as the two of ours.”
John returned with, “Perhaps Blue Heart is syncing the telemetry of all the shuttles, and ISVs with their computers.”
“That may very well be so,” agreed Sharon.

  “Shuttle Flight, this is the ISV Science Section, detonations in one minute- - - - MARK.”
“Here we go!” said Pamela over the shuttle’s intercom.
“Ten seconds,-- nine-- eight--seven--six--five--four--three--two--one--ZERO.” came the count from the ISV.
“I show detonations,” reported Pamela.
“Now we wait for the reflected wave,” voiced Wendy.
“Subduction Pumps ON!” informed Pamela.
“Take her up fifty”, warned Sharon on the Shuttle Frequency.
“I see the shock wave passing beneath us”, alerted John.
“Strain Telemetry numbers climbing rapidly, temps climbing also,” added Pamela.
“I see a LARGE amount of steam, brace for shock wave!” warned John.

  Twenty seconds later, a LARGE “Thunder Clap” reached the two shuttles, to be replaced by a noticeable hissing sound.
“Telemetry shows large amounts of Magma building on the Sea Floor!” exclaimed Pamela.
Ess--Oh--two concentrations?” asked Sharon.
“Quite high, they haven’t stabilized yet,” replied Pamela, “The water is boiling.”

  Sharon dialed up Eastern Sea’s Radio Shack Frequency, and keyed her mike.
“Eastern Sea, this is Shuttle One, warn the Na’vi that they might hear a loud rrpom in about fifteen minutes. Tell them NOT to be afraid, that everything appears to be going EXACTLY as planned, Shuttle One on active monitoring.”
“Roger, ma S’rron. I will wander over to the Ylltxep, and relay the message to whomever is working there, but there are Fishing and Hunting Parties, and a Scouting Party out and about. Not everyone will get the message.”
Sharon replied with, “OK, there will NOT be a Tsunami, but there MAY be a single, five or six foot high rogue wave from this, that they may have to deal with, see if you can get word to them, if they are close.”

  John contacted Sharon on the Shuttle Net with an update. “Pxepxi just radioed us, and said that the Magma Deposits on the sea floor have built a Plateau that is eighty feet high, and growing at a rate that is now slowing to about twenty feet an hour.”
“ That would give us the first Island breaking the surface of the water in about a week, IF the rate of deposit continues at the stabilized amount,” replied Sharon.
“I will ask Pxepxi how long, and how wide this Plateau IS, so that we can get a feel for how many cubic meters of material per hour, is being deposited,” informed John.

  An hour later, Sharon, and John were instructed to return to the EasternSea Clan, and to await further missions while there.
“Looks like we are being put out to pasture with our Clan,” joked Wendy.
“I doubt it,” returned Sharon, we have a BUNCH of People, Stores, and Equipment on the ISV that we have to bring down here. I think that the powers that be, are aware of how much fuel we were burning, just hovering out here, taking measurements, and want to put these ships on the ground.”
John came up on the on the shuttles shared frequency, and suggested to their Clan, “Post’Haste”, to which Sharon responded with, “Coming about to a direct heading for our Kelku.”
Thirty minutes later, Sharon announced on the radio, “Eastern Sea, flight of two shuttles, sixty miles out, inbound, full stop.”
Tai Tae Ao responded with, “Expect a pretty rowdy Aerial Welcoming Committee when you get close, I will meet you in the sky with Piwopx Srewyu in a little bit, Eastern Sea, out.”

  When the shuttles were twenty miles out, they were met by a horde on mounted ayikran. The sky around the inbound shuttles was filled with whirling, spinning, cavorting ayikran, and their aytswayonyu. They THREW themselves around the sky with such wild abandon, that both shuttle flight crews were afraid someone was going to get hurt, so they cut their forward speed to only twenty indicated. “Anything to log more flight time, right folks?” quipped Sharon.
“It makes EVERYONE happier,” radioed John, “WE get more time, and NO ikran, or tswayonyu gets hurt”.

  Once both shuttles were down safely, the Na’vi stormed both ships, happily mobbed the crews, and practically dragged them to the Ylltxep, where the Elders who were not on a scouting flight for a mipa kelku were waiting.
The Undersea Renegades walked into the Ultxa Tseng, (meeting place), Atumopin raised her hands above her head, and said “ Tìfnu”, (quiet). The natural amphitheater quieted down, and in a voice loud enough to be heard by all that were there, said’, “ Oe tse’a oeyä olo ayhapxìtu lu fitseng nìmun!” (I see my clan members are here again!).  “Zua heyn ayoeng hu,” ( Come sit with us ), she said.
The shuttle crews were only too happy to comply, sitting on two logs close to the fire that Atumopin pointed out to them.
Conversation between the Na’vi, and the Undersea Renegades was sometimes slow, and for some, difficult. Some of the Uniltìrontokx could only speak a little Na’vi, while other knew a bit more. Sharon knew a LOT of words, but strung them together as she would English words. This was alright for the most part, as the Na’vi had NO fixed word order, but it just sounded strange to some of the Na’vi.
Atumopin had made up her mind that the way that Ateyo could serve the people, was to become the full-time Na’vi karyu for Sharon, and Pamela. Perhaps for John, and Wendy, also. Those four were always together, and they all seemed to get along well with Ateyo, and Tai.

An hour before sunset, the Scouting Party landed their ayikran on the clifftop, and made their way to the Community Area. Just before everyone moved to the spit of land for the evening ceremony, several of the Scouting Party members rushed up to the Undersea Renegades, and said, “ Ayoe Rimun mipa alor”.
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       CHAPTER 151

             As the Na’vi left the Ceremonial grounds, and headed toward the ylltxep, Ateyo described the mountain with a Cave to Tai and Sharon.  She walked next to Tai, and it was only because she held Ateyo by the hand, that Ateyo didn't start bouncing around on the path, she was so animated.  Even though Tai gripped her hand, her kxetse whipped around constantly.  As the group neared the ylltxep, her animated storytelling was interrupted by the smell of wood smoke and cooking food.
  Yllwutzo, the communal meal, consisted of roasted fish, accompanied by roasted fkxen and spxam. (fruits, veggies and mushrooms) Ka’alani and Ateyo took turns describing the seaside mountain cave, between bites of food.
  “Srane! Ayoeng zene nari sivi fìtsenge!” Yes we must see this place, agreed Wendy, who had forgotten the word for Cave.
  But as the meal came to a close, Neytiri stood up and gained the attention of all.   
  “Ma Nawma Tsahik Ateyo.  Fì’u lu txantsan fwa aynga rolun steng suteru äotxampayä. (It is well that you all have found a good place to live for the Undersea People.)   Ngian, lu letsranten fwa ayoenga nume ftu faysuteru nìteng, lavateri äo txampay.  (However, it is important that we learn from these same people, about undersea lava.”)

     “Nìlun, Ma Nawma Tsahik. Nìaw’ve peng aynga nìsweylu.” (Of course,    Great Tsahik.  It is best if they speak first.)  It seemed to Sharon and Pamela, that the only reason that Ateyo calmed down, was that her muntxate’s tail was wrapped around her.  Looking up, she caught a bemused smile upon Tai’s face.  Sharon couldn't believe her eyes, the Great Story Teller Ateyo had been temporarily quieted!
    JakeSully reminded everyone that Sharon and her UnderSea People had just completed their task of breaking open the ocean floor, as one splits a rotten log in search of seylu, grubs,  allowing much lava to boil up from the ocean floor. “Ngerop ayspono amip.” (Creating new islands). (The analogy was useful to the Na’vi who had each performed this task with wedges and stone hatchets)
  “Fnu volkeyno mì spono ayngeyä. Silent volcano on your island”, explained Sharon.  A great cheer went up from the crowd, especially from the Island Na’vi. 
  Sharon could hear the word, PEHRR and was puzzled.  She had forgotten that PE indicated a question and the KRR was modified as HRR.  By the time she had figured out the word, she realized that people wanted to know WHEN, WHAT TIME, they could return, TäTXAW, to their SPONO, (island).

   “Tì’efumì ayoengä,  syeylu pey sì nari sivi pekem hu lava sì volkeyno pxetrr ftu set.” (In our opinion, it is best to watch what action with lava and volcano three days from now.)  The wording was awkward, but after a few moments, Ateyo came up with a satisfactory translation. 
  “Srake.  Tätxawìri lu kukx pxetrr?” (Yes/No. Regarding the return is safe in three days?), asked Eyktan Fayri’el.
  “Kxawm. Slä nì’aw txo volkeyno ‘ì’awn fnu.”  (Perhaps.  But only if the volcano remains quiet.) cautioned Sharon. “I imagine that Blue Heart, and the ISVs will have a lot of work for us to do over the next two days concerning our work with the volcano rescue mission, and then the members of our ISV will need to be brought down here so that they can all join their olos.”
  There was excited murmuring from the crowd, though Neytiri soon gained the attention of all as she addressed the Undersea Renegades.
  “By your efforts, you have made the island more safe for the People.  For this, we are all grateful. Kxawm, Eywa tiving ayngaru Na’viyä aytokx akrr aynga lu alaksi.”
  Ateyo, ever helpful, added a translation.  “Perhaps, Eywa give to you all Na’vi bodies when you be ready.”  She grinned in anticipation of the pleasure this opinion would convey.

 Sharon raised her hand and was recognized by Neytiri.  Sharon stood up and said,  “Oe kerangal tsnì mok Eywaru kemsi fìkem ne oe srekrr.  (I don’t wish that suggest to Eywa to do this thing to me before time.)  Oe nì’aw rangal tsnì oe lu pxan uniltìirantokx vaykrr tsat lu eyawr.”  (I only wish that I am worthy Dreamwalker body until time that is correct.)
 From the look on Neytiri’s face, it was obvious that she had a problem quickly understanding  Sharon’s awkward phrasing of the Na’vi language, without first rearranging Sharons word order.  Eyktan Atumopin glanced over at Ateyo, who was obviously juggling the words around in her head. 
  “Ma Ateyo,” spoke Atumopin, “Fpi ayNa’vi nìwotx, Nga kar S’rron, sì Pamlala, sì Yon, sì Wendi Na’vi lì’fya aswey.  Fya’o sweylu nga kì’ite sivi ayNa’vi.”  (For the sake of the Na’vi people, you teach Sharon, Pamela, John and Wendy the Na’vi language best.  In this manner, you may best serve the People.)
  Ateyo beamed with pride to be chosen for this task.  She and Tai had already made fast friends with these four.  “Oe kem sivi fì’u nìprrte’! I will do this thing in pleasurement!”
  JakeSully clapped his hands together in a gesture of finality.  “Tse!  We have that problem resolved!”  There was polite giggling from the crowd.

  “Hey!  Aren’t we going to host a Shrimp-Fest!?” asked Pamela as way of a reminder.
  “Srane!  Nìlun!,” reassured Sharon.  “We can bring down the Shrimp Shuttle and host a party.  The Shuttle can be used to transport the Island People back to their Spono.”
  “Ma S’rron.  What is Tsrimp Fest?”  asked Ateyo, carefully attempting to say the word, yet lacking familiarity with the SH sound.
  “Hì’ìa ayswirä txampaya fwa ftxilor!  (Tiny sea creatures from Earth which are tasty) explained Pamela.  She wasn’t sure how to explain that they raised them on board as they travelled across the stars!  “Ayoe zamunge fayswirä ftu ‘Rrta.”  (We brought those creatures from Earth.)
  “We can have a great ftxozä!” exclaimed Sharon. “Colonel Hill said that he would like nothing but a skeleton crew on the ISV, to run the link chambers and maintain life support systems in about 72 hours,” added Sharon.

   Ateyo remembered that SKELETON CREW was a term that confused her greatly when she had first heard it.  She motioned for Sharon to bend down and whispered, “A party of sets of bones?” Ateyo was picturing the grounds where all animals were skinned before cooking.  She wondered if this is what Sharon had truly meant. It took a long time to sort out the proper translation.  Eventually, it became known that everyone from the ISV’s would be coming down for the ftxozä.
  “Ma S’rron!  Srake, nìreng oeyä ‘ite takllte sivi yer’in?”  (Sharon!  Yes/no. My daughter also will come down soon?)
  “Srane, Ma ’Teyo.  Oe fpil fwa nga lu eyawr.”
  “YAHOO!”  No one had to translate the exuberant response!

    Sharon and Pamela walked over to Jake and Neytiri, and Sharon said, “ If you think that the people here would like it, I can arrange for us to show them the actual images that our cameras took of the entire event. It would take a few days to do this so that it could be shown that no Sea Creatures were hurt, and what it actually looked like, but we could do it at the ftxozä in a few days, before we take the island people back home”.
   Jake looked at Sharon, smiled, and said “Outstanding!” Neytiri looked thoughtful for a moment, smiled, and said, “It would be good for the people to see what our newest Na’vi have done to protect us as a people.”
The four Undersea Renegades rose up to get some more roasted fish from the fire, and on there way there, John said, “Newest Na’vi?” “These people think highly of us”, to which Sharon replied, “Then let’s not EVER betray their acceptance of us.”
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    CHAPTER 152

  The six Shuttle crew members were thirty feet from the entrance to the Combined Mess, when they all noticed the aroma of Shrimp.
As they entered the Mess together, the entire Ship’s Company that was in the Mess, rose to their feet, and gave them all a rousing standing ovation.
After about a minute things settled down, and the Undersea Renegades, plus Major Ring, sat at their customary table, with Colonel Hill joining them.
“So I guess we did well, judging from the reception,” said Sharon, as the Renegades settled in at the table.
“It certainly LOOKS that way,” replied Colonel Hill, “Blue Heart told us that everything is settling down in the crust exactly as the best case scenarios generated by the computers predicted”.
“Good,” voiced Wendy, “the Spono ‘Olo will be glad to hear that.”
“That’s true,” added Pamela, “they keep asking Sharon when they will be able to go home. It is almost like they DON’T want to ever be anywhere else, not even for a short change of scenery.”
John refilled his plate with more Shrimp and Rice, and cautioned, “We still have to wait until the Scientists at Blue Heart say that it is safe for them to go back home. It is as if safety be damned, all that matters to them, is getting back home YESTERDAY. I don’t understand their complete lack of caution.”
Colonel Hill took a sip of water, cleared his throat, and offered, “I think that the Island People have been isolated for so long, that new things frighten them. I realize that to those of us that are totally comfortable with travelling through the Galaxy this seems odd, but what to us seems like an irrational fear of the unknown, to THEM is the comfort of a familiar routine.”
“Just because it is a different mindset to us, does NOT make it less than perfect for for the People of the Islands.”
  Everyone nodded in agreement, and Sharon added, “I will try to nail down some of the Blue Heart people, as to what their assessment of the situation is, so that I can pass it on to the Island People. What we need to do now, is to learn how we are going to schedule the transfer of personnel and equipment from this ISV, to the surface. Do you have any plane that you care to share with us about that, Colonel Hill?”
Joe leaned back in his chair slightly and said, “While it IS customary for the Captain to be the last person to leave the ship, it is not without precedent for the Skipper occasional Away Missions, for the sake of diplomacy. I will be accompanying you folks on the next flight down to the surface, to personally meet the Na’vi leaders. I will leave Colonel Yatsimi in command of the ship for one day, and she and I will then trade places with the following supply mission. We will also draw down the personnel of this vessel by half it’s complement, swapping half of the link technicians out each day. That will enable us to have half of the Ship’s Crew with their ‘Olo’s at all times.”
“When do you want to start the rotations?” inquired Pamela.
“We would like to start it in six hours,” replied Colonel Hill, “We need you to rest your Na’vi bodies for a while up here on the ship, and then we will have the two Shuttles ferry half the Crew in their ayuniltìrontokx down to the surface, so that they don’t need to have those bodies ferried back and forth. Then we will ferry the other half of the ayuniltìrontokx tomorrow.”
“That sure would save on fuel,” responded Sharon.
“Well, let’s all crash out and give these bodies some rest,” suggested Colonel Hill, as he rose from the table.

Sharon and Pamela awoke with a start in each other’s arms, to the sound of someone pounding on their door.
“Hold your horses!” exclaimed Sharon, as she rolled out of bed, grabbed a towel around her mid section, and opened the door.
“What’s the matter?” she queried.
“Are you and Captain Wright O.K.?” asked an out of breath, and obviously worried Duty Officer.
“I’m FINE, replied Pamela from the bed, “What’s wrong?”
“Everything went crazy in the Link Lab,” explained the S.D.O., “The Chambers for all of you Shuttle Crew Members suddenly went offline the moment that you people started to go Alpha. They are desperately trying to revive your bodies right now”.
Sharon held up a finger to quiet the young man, and punched a code into the intercom panel beside the door, and said,” Link Room, this is Major West. Captain Wright and I are FINE, stop working on our human bodies, we are now full Na’vi!”
She then sent the Duty Officer back forward, closed the door to their quarters, and said, “That was the FIRST time that I woke up in my Na’vi body without an E- Ticket ride to get there. What do you think of that, honey?”
“I could get get used to THIS pretty quickly,” replied Pamela with a smile.

The two of them could not just drop off to sleep after such a sudden, and momentous occurrence, so they both changed into fresh Tewng, and went to the Combined Mess, to meet any others that had just been similarly blessed by the Great Mother.
“HEY, WAIT UP!” called John from forty feet behind Sharon and Pamela.
“You two look none the worse for wear, for the total transfer to total Na’vi hood”, announced Wendy.
Pamels smiled and said,” We guessed that all of the members of both Shuttle Crews were rewarded by Eywa for what we did with the volcano last night. I wonder if the crew of the ISV was similarly blessed”.
“I don’t think so,” replied Dan, “the crew member that almost broke down my door, looked pretty terrified, as if she didn’t know what was going on. I think that if it would have happened to ALL of us, no one would have been alarmed.”
“I think that we are a preview of coming attractions for everyone else on this ship’” voiced Major Ring, as he joined the group, just before they all walked into the Mess Hall together.

  As the six crew members entered the Combined Mess, a hush fell over the room. Colonel Hill stood on the seat of his chair and while issuing the traditional Na’vi gesture, said, “Oel ngati kameie,” which was copied by many in the room.
Major Ring said to his fellow crew mates, “ We are going to NEED to respond to this’” the six of them, all stood on a scaffold that flanked the one side of the serving line, and returned the greeting.
A cheer rose up from the assembled personnel as the six jumped down to the deck, and made for the serving line.
Once at the clan table, Colonel Hill, handed Sharon, and John the manifests for their shuttles, and told everyone to get a good night’s sleep, that they would all eat Breakfast together at 06:00 HRS Ship’s time, and load up the personnel at 07:00, departing at 07:30.
John turned to Dan, and putting his left hand on Dan’s right shoulder, said, “So now, given last night’s events, do you still have any doubts about being accepted by the Na’vi, when Eywa has accepted you completely?”
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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    CHAPTER 153

“Eastern Sea Clan, inbound Shuttle Flight, two Shuttles, sixty miles out, with the first half of the ISV Crew, full stop”.
“Rewon lefpom, ma Sharon, I will let the welcoming committee know of your arrival”.
Sharon recognized Jake Sully’s voice, and replied, “Don’t you EVER sleep, ma Turok Makto? You might be pleased to know, that one of your new family members, the Eyktan of all the Eyktans on the ISV, Colonel Joseph Hill, is aboard my Shuttle”.
“Neytiri is here with me, and we will make sure to greet him, when he disembarks,” replied Jake.
“You will find him very down to earth, and not at all puffed up, because of his Military Rank, or position on the ISV,” briefed Sharon.
“We are getting the feeling, that such is the case, with everyone on your ISV,” replied Jake.
I will introduce both you, and your yawnetu, to him, when we land, if you two would be so kind, as to enter the Shuttle, when we land.” suggested Sharon.
Jake replied after a moment, with, “That would be fine.”

Sharon turned to Wendy, and said,” Well, give it about five minutes, or so, and we should see the ayikran on the western horizon.”
Wendy smiled, and gave a thumbs up.
John came over the radio, and said,” Shuttle one, go to TAC two.”
Wendy had a puzzled look on her face, and wondered, “ WHY a secure channel?”
“Oh, I think I know why,” chuckled Sharon.
“Lets see…” Sharon transmitted, “You don’t want anyone to say anything, to see if any of the Na’vi notice anything different, correct?”
“Guilty as charged, lets go back to the clear channel,” was John’s reply.

Both Shuttles returned to the open channel, just as the mounted ayswayonyu appeared on the horizon. A minute later, the sky around the Shuttles was filled with cavorting ayikran.
   “I don’t think that I will ever get totally used to this,” radioed Dan on the radio, “These animals have absolutely no fear, or even care of getting hurt doing this, when the airspace is this crowded.”
   “They re so happy, that I don’t think it even enters their minds,” observed John.
  I just don’t want to see anyone getting hurt up here,” replied Sharon, “Let’s slow to forty indicated.”

   After the ayswayonyu and their mounts peeled off to land at their roosts, Sharon transmitted, “The ayikran seemed even wilder, and more devil-may-care today that they were previously.”
   “They must sense something new,” came the reply from JakeSully. 
   “Can they, somehow, know how many people sre on the two shuttles and that they are new?” radioed John.
   The sound of Jake asking Neytiri, and her answering in the background, was heard, and the Jake said, “Kxawm!”
   Sharon called everyone  back to the duties at hand, by transmitting, “OK we can discuss this later, we are on short final. Shuttle One out.”
   The two shuttles landed without incident, and the personnel in the cargo bays of the two ships, were instructed by the flight crews to remain inside the shuttles until the flight crews exited via the cargo ramps first.
   Once the engines had spooled down, the cargo ramps were lowered, and all of the newcomers to Pandora got a view of a hundred or so curious Na’vi peering into the ships.
   On Sharon’s shuttle, the sea of Na’vi behind the newly lowered cargo ramp parted to allow Jake and Neytiri to walk into the cargo bay, which was mostly filled with members of the ISV, who were on Pandoran soil for the first time.
   Sharon, Pamela, and Wendy were just exiting the flight deck at this time, and Sharon caught Jake’s eye.  Motioning with her head, where in the cargo bay she would like to meet him and Neytiri.
   The five of them walked up to where Colonel Hill was seated from two different directions, and seeing this, Joe stood up. 
   Sharon placed herself at an angle to Jake and Neytiri as well as Colonel Hill. 
   She took a short moment to compose her thoughts while offering the traditional “I SEE YOU” greeting, and said, “Ma meuianga Eyktan Toruk Makto, sì Tsahik Neytiri.  Oeru tìprrte’ muwintu, Colonel Joseph Hill.  Colonel Hill,  it is my pleasure to introduce Nawma Ektan JakeSully and Nawma Tsahik Neytiri.”
   Colonel Joseph Hill, in his tewng, and eioi, suddenly became self conscious.  At last his feet were on Pandora!  If that wasn’t enough to absorb, he was standing before the legendary JakeSully and Newtiri.  Quietely, he cleared his throat and began;
   “Ma Nawma Toruk Makto sì Nawma Tsahik Neytiri.  Oe lu Colonel Joseph Hill, Tsawla Eyktan tanhìsìp asawl.  Hufwe oe kepxan kllkem eomenga, oe atxätale si tsnì menga tung zonga tseng fpi oeyä sute.  Ayoel pänutìng srung sivi ayNa’viti. Mìfyape ayoe tsun. Sìlpey tsnì ayoenga slivu eylan: ayna’vi sì ayhumon.  Nìawnomun tìtxanew skola’a ‘Rrta.  Ayoel run mipa kelkut.  Ayoe silpey tsnì ayngal oeti mll’an.”
   (Ma Toruk Makto and Great Tsahik Neytiri.  I am Colonel Joseph Hill, big leader of big starship.  Although I am not worthy to stand before You Two, I request that you two grant safe place for the sake of my people.  We promise to help the Na’vi, In whichever manner we can. I wish that we and youal can become friends: Na’vi and humans.  As you know, greed has destroyed Earth.  We search for a new home.  We hope that you all will accept us.)
   Colonel Hill stood awkwardly in front of Jake and Neytiri and before all the Peoples.  He had rehearsed his long speech with Colonel Yatsimi in countless hours, and hoped that his awkward phrasing was understood.  He was much relieved to see Neytiri’s radiant smile.
   “Ma Eyktan Hill!  Na lu skepek nìhawng!” (You are far too formal)she said, still smiling.
   Jake Sully clapped him on the shoulder,  “Relax Brother!  We have been expecting you!  We have noticed you help already in quieting this volcano and we will need your help to re-establish the island people on their spono.  As for finding a new home, Nawma Tsulfätu Ateyo, has already found a suitable location, which is not far from here and her and Eyktan Tai’s Clan, for the Undersea Renegades.  But you, yourself, are of Omatikaya blood.  And you have the option of joining our clan two days from here, by means of ikran.  But first, let’s eat and get acquainted. Later, you can show us all the video feed of the underwater explosions that cracked open the undersea vents, making the island safe.  The Island People are excited to see what has become of their home!”
   Before Colonel Hill had a chance to respond, JakeSully turned to the crowd and addressed them.  “Faytsute sìlpet tsnì ‘ì’awn fìtsenge mìEywa’eveng ulte slu eylan ayoenghu.  Oe plltyxe, SAN, :SRANE!: sìk.  Srake, pelì’u ayngal plltxe?”
  “SRANE!” was the unanimous reply from the assembled Na’vi around the shuttle. 
   Jake turned to face Colonel Hill again, and said, “We tell time by the position of Apha Centuri here, and we will all eat together at Solar Noon.  Major West and her Renegades will keep all of you Mipa ayTireaTxe’lanyu from going hungry, or getting lost.  Just stay with them, until you learn your way around.  See you on the Front Row at lunch!”
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    CHAPTER 154

    As quickly as Jake and Neytiri had arrived, they left to take care of other business, drawing about a fourth of the crowd of Na’vi with them.
“Well,” said Joe with a smile, “THAT was fast.”
“Jake and Neytiri are responsible for a lot of what goes on at these multi-’olo meetings, so they have to do a lot of running around.” replied Sharon.
“I seem to have made a good impression,”Joe guessed, “now, I need to get the people that you guys ferried down here off the Shuttle, and give them something constructive to do.”
He turned to the ISV crew, and said, “Let’s all stay together, until we are a little more sure of our surroundings, and how things are run around here. REMEMBER people, EACH of you is now the only representatives of the Earth Human Species, that some of these Na’vi have ever seen, although they have HEARD, and in some instances EXPERIENCED the greedy cruelty of the members of the RDA, so let’s see if we can show BY EXAMPLE, what the FINEST of our Species are like, for they have surely seen the worst. Err on the side of social caution, and wear a SMILE. WE get to live a DREAM. NOW, it’s time that we all felt Pandoran grass between our toes”
With that, Colonel Hill motioned to the others in the Cargo Bay, and he, and the crew of the Shuttle, followed by those that were ferried down, walked down the cargo ramp into the crowd of Na’vi.

The Na’vi were all quietly waiting for one of the people from the Shuttle to say something to them, so Sharon said in a projected voice, “Ma aysmukan, sì aysmuke.  Faysute lu oeyä ayeylan tsakem srung sami ayoe fnamu ram txep, ayoe new aynga ayeylan lu.” (My Brothers and Sisters.  Many these people are my friends that do help silence mountain of fire.  They want all you to be friends.)
   A tsamsiyu stepped forward from the group, and in a loud voice, said, “Aynga LU!” (All of you ARE) bringing a cheer from the assembled Na’vi.  
   Sharon looked over her shoulder at the ISV crew, and waved both her arms forward, saying, “Come with us, and meet your Na’vi families!”
   It was, perhaps, an hour before the kxamträ wutzo, but small groups of Na’vi, mipa Na’vi, and Uniltìrantokx were filtering into the ultxayä tseng (meeting place) for fellowship.
   The Undersea Renegades, with Colonel Hill, a few members of the Science and Engineering Sections, three ISV pilots, with the rest of the ISV crew on the periphery, were slowly gravitating towards the cooking fires at the center of the meeting place.  Ateyo and Tai, followed by Jake and Neytiri, walked up on the Undersea Renegades, and their friends.
   “Come sit with us!” urged Ateyo as she sprinted ahead of her muntxate, and around the Renegades, turning around, and running backwards, while gesturing for the others to follow her.
   “Talk about Youthful Exuberance!” blurted out Pamela.
   “Be careful.  The Na’vi age VERY well, and she may very well be as old as you!”  counselled Dan.
   The impromptu group all followed Ateyo to the three closest rows to the fire, with the Undersea Renegades and Colonel Hill sharing the front row with Jake, Neytiri, Ateyo and Tai.
   After a moment, Neytiri stood up, and walked over until she was directly in front of the six members of the two shuttle crews.  “You asked why the ayikran were so happy.  They were happy because they new that the two Thunder Ships each had three mipa Na’vi in them.  You did NOT have to hide this from us.  This is ANOTHER reason to ftxozä si.”
   “We didn’t want to make a big deal about it,” explained Pamela.
   “We know that you are not lesonrra.”  Neytiri then looked pensive, searching for the English word, until Ateyo blurted out,
   Neytiri then looked at Ateyo, smiled her gratitude, and continued.  “We know that you would never show-off your new steli ftu Nawma Sa’nok, your gift from the Great Mother, for the purpose of hurting others.  You must learn that we are not like the Evil Humons that you left forever, and we would never think that of you.  This is happy news, and a reason for ftxozä, not something to be hidden.”
   Sharon looked up at Neytiri and said, “Oeru txoa livu.”
   Neytiri smiled and held out her hand, pulling Sharon to her feet when she took Neytiri’s outstretched hand.  When they were both standing, Neytiri placed her right hand over Sharon’s heart, and said, “Ngari txe’lan maywey livu.”
   Sharon responded with, “Irayo Ma Nawma Tsahik.”  and Neytiri answered,
   “Nìprrte’,” turning to sit with her muntxatan once again.

   More Na’vi had entered the Meeting Place, for the most part, sitting by clan.  Sharon approached Colonel Hill with the concept of having the ISV Crew Members that were members of a clan that was represented at the kxantrrä wutzo to immediately meet, and eat with, their respective ‘olos.  Joe thought that was a great idea, and would foster and speed up their inclusion into the families that were awaiting their new members, without delay.  Those members whose families had not shown up yet, could eat with their fellow unattached crew members, until all the ‘olos arrived for the several day-long ftxozä, and THEN integrate with them.

   Things suddenly got quiet in the natural bowl that formed the Community Meeting Place.
After a minute or so, those on the front row saw Mendelson carrying Mo'at to just in front of the Illtxep, where she stood up, and she motioned for Neytiri to stand next to her. Mo'at, and her ‘ìte stood solemnly, while Atumopin, and all the ayektan, and aysahik sat on the front row.
Once everyone was in place, Mo'at gave her muntxatan a kiss on the forehead, and he sat down in the front row.

Mo'at swept her gaze across those assembled in the Ultxayä Tseng, and began.
“Ma S’rron. Rutxe oeyk kllkem nefä ayswayonyu apukap”. (Please cause to stand up the six flyers”.
Mo'at turned slowly, and graciously toward the six mipa Na’vi, who crewed the two Shuttles, which Sharon had urged to stand.
“Faysute swolayon lefngapa ayrrponsip asawl, ulte olek ram atxep slu snu.”
Mo'at nodded to Neytiri, who translated for her.
“My mother says, Quote, These people have flown metal Thunder Ships and have caused the mountain of fire to become quiet, Unquote.
Mo'at continued, “Hufwa ayoe lamu kelaw fì’u pe kem sayi, aynga wotìntxu fwa TEK-NO-LO TSI lu lesar nì hawn ayNa’vi. Sponoìri set lu zongtseng ne rey. Ulta mawkrr ayoe yolom wutzo ayoenga sponoìri wintxuayrel arip.”
“Mother says, Quote, Although we were uncertain how they would do this thing,
TEK-NO-LO-TSI, is useful to protect the Na’vi.As for the island, it is now a safe place to live, and later, after we have eaten our meal, they will show moving pictures of the island, Unquote”.
A sudden low, short, conversation in somewhat hushed tones of both surprise, wonder, and joy, erupted from many in the crowd gathered at the Ultxay’a Tseng. Understanding the mood of the Na’vi, and Mo'at allowed it to go on for a minute, or so. Two Na’vi brought out a hand made chair for her to sit on, which she accepted, raised her hands for quiet, sat down,  and continued.
“Faysute apukap oleyk Eywar ‘efu prrte. Oel omum fì’u talunta niwotx ayikran omum fì ‘u! Niwotx aysyayonyu omum talunta ayikran ayngeyä tsaheyl sì awsiteng!”
“Mother says, quote, These six people have caused Eywa to feel pleasure. I know this for the reason all ikran know this. All Flyers know this for reason they were in the bond together, unquote.”
Mo'at continued speaking, “Ulta faysute pukapa ‘ìpuyu fpolìl tsni ayoe keomum fì’u!”
The crown EXPLODED in laughter that lasted for half a minute, till Neytiri quieted them down, and explained to the mipa Na’vi, and ayuniltìrontokx.
“Mother said, quote, And these six silly people had thought we did not know this thing, unquote.”
Mo'at smiled at the six flyers like she would at a young child trying to hide something from her, and said, “Eywa lu lrrtok soli mì faysute, ulte ma S’rron polltxe fwa aytokx Humonä tolerkup fo lu Na’vi ningay! Oel ayngati kameie!”
Before the crowd could get wound up, Neytiri translated, “Quote, Eywa has smiled upon these people. S’rron has said that their humon bodies have died. They are Na’vi truly! I see you all! unquote.”
Neytiri now paused for the crown to respond. There was a spontaneous eruption of “Oel ngati kameie” and “Sekel sì nìtram”. People were reaching for, and touching these six.

Jake stood up, causing the crowd to quiet down, and addressed the six crewmen.
“Guess that in some deserving cases, the process of becoming true Na’vi has been fast-tracked! You didn’t even have to get poked, like I did!”
Neytiri stoppen him for a moment, and translated what he said for the benefit of the Na’vi in attendance, most of whom were aware of the story, and got a good chuckle out of it’s retelling. the mipa Na’vi, and ayuniltìyu were also aware of it, and were the first ones laughing, when Jake recounted the incident.
Once the Na’vi got over the humor of Neytiti’s translation, she bid Jake to close up his comments.
He continued with, “You six have demonstrated your love for the Na’vi, and Eywa has seen your hearts through your actions. Each of your clans will no doubt devise some sort of initiation ceremony for each of you. I also understand that the other half of the people will be coming down here to meet with their families for the first time tomorrow, so for right now, FTXOZA KO ! !
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    CHAPTER 155

    During Kxamtrr Wutso, the riders from Tìtxikx Txipxen arrived, pastured their mounts, and joined the feast.
As soon as the ISV crew members that were of Tìtxikx Txipxen blood learned that their family had arrived, they immediately went to where the clan was seated, and asked if they could join them.
As soon as Eyktan Rolkxu learned of their petition, he personally welcomed them heartily.

   Once the meal was over, Sharon, and Major Thomas Ring, set up the Holographic Projection gear, and located the Video, and Data Stream Storage, for the night’s viewing, by all those in attendance.
Two hours before Txon’ong, the ayikran of ‘Olo Vauma ‘ora, (Dark Lake Clan), and ‘Olo Zongtseng Alor, (Safe Place Beautiful Clan), arrived.
Thirty minutes later, ‘Olo Yayo Atun, (Red Bird Clan), flew in, causing all of the area clans to be represented for thr Txon ‘Ong Ceremony.

    The members of ‘Olo Tìtxikx Txipxen provided some good entertainment, for anyone willing to watch them start to teach the mipa Na’vi of their ‘Olo how to ride a Pa’li.
   Jake and Neytiri were walking by where the initial Pa’li riding lessons were being given, and Jake bid his muntxate to stop and watch for a few moments. “I would think that this would bring back bad memories,” she told him.
   “Oh no”, was his reply, “Watching these people, two of which, I KNOW had horses on Earth, and I don’t feel so bad about trying to ride a Pa’li ant more. Thanks for trying to teach me, but I am an Ikran rider.”
   “Srane,” she said, resting her head on his shoulder, remembering his as a nawma Tsamsiyu, in the Battle for the Well of Souls, and routing out the scattered remnants of RDA left on Pandora after the great majority of them were sent back where they came from. As a Toronyu, he was still one of the best Tswayonyu on Pandora. He, and Neytiri still went on many hunts a year.

    Their reminiscing was called short by several blasts of a shell horn, calling everyone to the Txon’Ong ceremony.
   The spit of land jutting out into the sea was a crowded place, with six full clans, the partial membership of two clans, and half the members of the newest ISV in attendance, but all were being accommodating to each other before, during, and after the ceremony.
   After the conclusion of the Txon’Ong ceremony, everyone filtered towards the ylltxep for the evening meal, and recreation of what went on to quiet the island volcano.  During the Txon Wutzo, all of the ISV members were eating with their clans, briefing the clan members about the additional ISV personnel that they would be swapping places with the next day.  The new members of Tìtxikx Txipxen were enjoying good food, and good conversation with their family, even while nursing bumps, scratches, and bruises. 
   During the meal, Ateyo asked Sharon if she knew when Pxepxi would be coming back home.  Sharon informed her that she knew for a fact, that Pxepxi would be down on the morning shuttle from S’aralta’s ISV.
   The food being grilled was a little less than usual, because the people from the ISV didn’t want the folks at the meal to fill up before the shrimp was served during the video presentation.
   After the Txon Wutzo food was eaten, Jake called for silence, and when the crowd noise stopped, Neytiri took the central point in front of the fire.
   “Ma Oeyä Na’vi”,  she began, “Fìtxon ayuniltìrantokx ftu ISV zamamunge aytsrimp fpi ayNa’vi. Tsrimp roley mì pay mì ‘Rrta srekrr ‘Rrta tomerkup.”
(Tonight, the Dreamer Walkers from the ISV brought shrimp for the sake of the Na’vi.  Shrimp had lived in water on Earth before Earth died.)
   During Neytiri’s explanation about the shrimp, Ateyo walked up beside Sharon, on the opposite side from where Pamela was standing, and once Neytiri had finished, Ateyo tapped Sharon on her shoulder.  Sharon leaned over, and Ateyo said in her ear,
   “Ma S’rron. Oel Ssrìmpiti yimom.  Lu ftìalor!  Srake, fpìl nga tsnì srrìmpìri rivey nitan mì txampay Eywa’evengä?  I just ate shrimp.  It was tasty.  Yes/no, You think shrimps will live well in Great Water of Eywa’eveng?”
   Tai Tae Ao had slid behind her beloved Ateyo, and heard what she asked Sharon.  She waited to see how Sharon would reply to Ateyo. 
   Sharon said, “Ma Ateyo, tsa’u ke tsun len. Txo ayoe tung tsrimp rivey mì pay fìtsenge, ayfo tspang pxaya ayswirä a Eywa yolem mì txampay.  Ayoe tspolang fa ‘erem, nìwotx aysrrìmp srekrr ayoe zolamunge ne Eywa’eveng.”  (Ateyo, that thing could not happen.  If we allow shrimp to live in water here, they could kill many creatures which Eywa has put in ocean.  We killed, by means of cooking, all shrimp, before we brought them to Eywa’s Child.)
   Tai Tae Ao brushed some of Ateyo’s braids behind one of her ears, and said, “Lì’upe S’rron lamawk lu fpi rey’eng.” (That thing Sharon said is for the sake of the Balance of Life.)
   Ateyo’s facial expression turned to one of contemplation, and then one of joy.  She then looked Sharon directly in her eyes, and said, “Keng mì ‘Rrta nga lamu terìng mikyun fayluta Nawma Sa’nokä perllte lamu ngeyä txe’lan.”  (Even on Earth, you were listening to those words which The Great Mother was saying to your heart.)
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    CHAPTER 156

    It was a bright night, with Alpha Proximi up, low in the Southern sky. So much had gone on before she went to sleep, that Sharon woke up a little past Kxamtxon. (Midnight).
She eased herself away from her sleeping muntxate, and walked over to the ylltxep, and sat down on a stump rising several feet out of the ground,and watched a lone Na’vi tending the fire through the night. He was keeping it a good hot coal state, not emitting much light, but still far from dying out.
   “Ngaru tìohakx fu tìväng?” (To you is hunger, or thirst?), asked the young man.
“Kehe, oeyä ‘eylan,” was Sharon’s reply, “Oeyä ronsem kelu mawey,” (My mind is not calm). “Txan lamen fìtrr tafral oe ketsun hahaw.” (Much happened today, therefore I cannot sleep).
    The na’vi smiled, and said, “kxawm oe tsun srung si,” (perhaps I can help)’  and rose from where he was squatting, , and went back to a skin attached to a small tree, and came back with a large Tsngal of Kava, which he placed in a warm spot in the coals, saying, “Fìkem lu kempe oe kem si ulte oe lu srung sami nìnäk fì’u, ma tsamsiyu.” (This action is what I do, and I am helped drinking this thing, warrior).
   It took twenty minutes over good conversation, for Sharon to finish the tsnal of Kava that the young Na’vi offered her.  Sharon felt the calming effects of the Kava  and bid her thanks, and farewell, to her new friend.

   “Tìng pom, oeyä hona tsamsiyu alor!” said Pamela, as she awakened her beloved Sharon.
   Sharon grabbed Pamela, and rolled on top of her, showering her with kisses, saying, “Rewon lefpom, oeyä hona tsahik alor. TìNG POM!  Lets get something warm to drink, and get ready to greet the trr’ong, as well as ready the ship for flight.”
   “Kosmana säfpìl!” (Fantastic idea!) replied Pamela, as the two of them dressed and walked out toward the ylltxep. 
   On the way, Pamela put her kxetse around her muntxate’s waist and said, “You know, there will come a day when you will no longer have a shuttle to fly, or any of the lefngapa ayikran, that you guys currently love to fly so much.  What will you do then?”
   Sharon placed her head on Pamelas shoulder as they continued to walk, and said, “I have that eventuality figured out.  Do you remember reading about the hang glider craze a century ago?  Well, I’m going to build one!  These cliffs that we have here, have fantastic ridge lift that could get me stuck up in the sky all day, if I want to!”
   “Srake, the possibility of riding your own ikran would not be enough, Ma Yawnetu?” replied Pamela.
   “I would not want to fly the wings off my ikran WHEN I get one, my love.  So for those times I would have the hang glider.”
   Pamela separated herself by a foot and struck a playful annoyed pose, saying, “And YOU think that the ayikran watching you play in the thermals, won’t figure out how to do this to save energy when they watch you soaring?”
   “I’m hoping they do!  But I need to show them HOW,” said Sharon with a smile.

   Once they arrived at the ylltxep, Sharon noticed that the same Na’vi she had spoken with earlier, was still tending the fire.  He was scheduled to get off, and get some sleep, right after the trr’ong ceremony.  He gave both Sharon and Pamela some of what the Na’vi had started calling Kxa’fi, years earlier, to make it easier for the aytuniltìrontokx to identify the local stimulant drink that they so craved, when they first woke up.
   Jake, Neytiri, John, Wendy, and Dan, all ambled up to the group that was slowly growing around the fire, with everyone EXCEPT Neytiri sipping on the kxa’fi.  Sharon innocently asked Neytiri why she was not drinking any kxa’fi, and Jake told the story of how both Neytiri and Kofi, each reacted to the caffeinated drink that was made from plants at Blue Heart Gate, which had been brought from ‘Rrta.  After that episode, neither Neytiri, nor Kofi, would drink even the weaker Na’vi stimulant.
   “That reminds me”, Sharon told Ateyo and Tai Tae Ao, who had just arrived, “Your daughter will be flying back later today.”  Tai smiled, and Ateyo BEAMED with joy and pride, that her daughter had crewed on a tanhìsìp, serving the Na’vi.
   Someone tapped Sharon’s shoulder from behind, and it was this large, even for a Na’vi, former Samoan named Tai fa’ana’e. He asked if Kofi, his and Ka’alani’s adopted son, would also be coming down soon.
   “The shuttles should be leaving the ISVs as we speak.  In a little over an hour we should hear their sonic booms, and both Pxepxi and Kofi should be among us about an hour after that,” voiced Sharon.

   The sound of the first call to the Trr’ong Ceremony traveled across the people and many of them started walking toward the spit of land where the ceremony was held.  All of the Undersea Renegades moved as a group, and arrived before most of the Na’vi, so they were very close to those who conducted the ceremony.
   After the ceremony was completed, and as everyone was returning to the ylltxep for rewon wutzo, the twin sonic booms from each of three entering shuttles rolled across the area.
   Sharon used that event to see if she could quickly throw together a Na’vi sentence.  “That, oeyä eylan, lu Kofi sì Pxepxi ulte pxay ayuniltìrantokx.” (That, my friends, is Kofi and Pxepxi and many Dream Walkers.)
   Before they had walked thirty more steps, a fourth, double sonic boom was heard, signalling the arrival of a fourth shuttle’s entry into the Pandoran atmosphere.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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    Chapter 157
   Once everyone got a quick meal to tide them over, food baskets for eighty ayuniltìranyu were prepared, assembly line fashion and welcoming parties were sent to the landing area about five minutes after the ayswayonyu took off to meet the shuttles in the air. 
   The three ships slowed their flight, once in the thick Pandoran troposphere allowing the fourth shuttle to join their formation while still out over the ocean.

   Frirz Meullar keyed his headset mike and announced, “Eastern Sea Approach.  Flight of four shuttles.  Sixty miles out. Inbound. Fullstop.”
   Tai Tae Ao had just made it back to the Comm Shack from the Trr’ong ceremony and gave the shuttles their approach clearance, adding, “Are Hehaka Sapa and Tahovit, both at the controls today?”
   “Yes they are,” replied Fritz, “And the both of them miss their ikrans!”
   Tai smiled to herself and said, Well, the meikran are well fed, and ready to fly them both to the Dark Lake Clan.  Who is flying the fourth shuttle?” she asked. 
   An unfamiliar voice came over the speakers, “Captain Loren Anderson, at your service, Ma’am.  Eager to meet my Pa’li Clan members.”
   “I will tell them that you are flying in, Captain.  You guys should be seeing ayikran on the horizon, right about now,” informed Tai.
   “Tally the Welcoming Committee,” transmitted Jeanine Black Elk.  Tai placed the headset on the radio, and went to tell Eyktan Rolkxu that one of his clan members was flying in one of the shuttles  this morning.”
   Once the dust had settled, and the shuttles’ engines had all wound down, the captains of all four shuttles, two from S’aralta’s ISV, and two from Simmons’ ISV, the cargo doors were lowered.  Within moments, the personnel from the four ISVs came out in a quick but orderly fashion.  Everyone sought out, and found, the clans that they were members of, and quickly picked-up exactly where they had left off in their individual lives within their clans.  The lone exception was Captain Anderson.  He was “borrowed” from the last ISV to arrive from the now-dead Earth.  To replace one of the shuttle pilots of Simmon’s ISV, who had injured his hand a day earlier.  Captain Anderson had never met his family, so he was understandably anxious as he was introduced to Eyktan Rolkxu in front of the entire olo’.  Any butterflies in his stomach disappeared quickly when Rolkxu placed his arm around Anderson’s shoulders and announced to anyone within earshot,
   “Fìtsenge lu ayoengä lusoma hapìxtu olo’ä!”  (Here is our missing clan member!) From then on, he was accepted as part of the clan, by everyone.

   Away from the excitement surrounding the new arrivals, the UnderSea Renegades were doing their preliminary inspection of the shuttles’ which they were going to fly to their ISV, within the hour. 
   Ateyo, Tai, Jake, and Neytiri walked up to the shuttles but held back about ten feet from Sharon’s crew, until she had noticed them, and motioned for them to come closer.
   Tai approached the closest, and after the customary greeting was exchanged, asked Sharon, “Ateyo mentioned to Neytiri and I, that you refered to your muntxate as you tsahik.  Was she mistaken?”
   Sharon looked at Jake, and asked, “May I address your yawnetu?”
   Jake said, “Sure, she is Not the Queen of England.  We are not that formal.”
   Sharon looked at Neytiri and said, “Oel ngati kameie,” and gave the proper gesture, which was returned by Neytiri. 
   “Ma Nawma Tsahik Neytiri. Oe rangal tsnì tìkxey soli.  Oel spaw Pamalat lu oeyä tsahik nì’aw.  Oel kespaw po lu tsahikit fpi oeyä olo’. Poeru tìtslam fpi ayu tireafya’o.  Po lu oeyä karyu fayuä.” (Great Tsahik Neytiri.  I wish that I do no wrong, incorrect.  I believe Pamela is my tsahik only.  I not believe she is tsahik for my olo’.  To her is understanding for the sake of things Spirit Path.  She is my teacher of these things.)
   Neytiri appeared to understand what Sharon said, for the first time, from the pleased look on her face.  She paused for a moment, and said,
   “Ma Eyktan S’rron.  Tìoeyktìngìri oe irayo seiyi.  Txo Pamlala--ìì-- PamELA rangal ftia fpi kerar Tireafya’o Na’viyä.  Oel Pamelat tsun kar.  Oel kolar ma Alekxsi Tireafya’o Na’viyä. Alekxsi lamu uniltìranyu nìteng.  Pamelal kin pìvllte oehu.”  (Eyktan Sharon.  For this explanation I thank you very much.  If Pamlala--er--Pamela wishes to study for the sake of learning Spirit Path of the Na’vi, I can teach Pamela.  I have taught Alekxsi the Spirit Path of the Na’vi.  Alekxsi was a DreamWalker as well.  Pamela needs to talk with me.)
   Sharon nodded, and replied, “Irayo fpi fi’u nga pimllte.” (Thank you for the sake of this thing you have said.)
   Neytiri then motioned to four Na’vi who were standing a hundred yards away.  They came at a loping run, to the four shuttles, each bringing a food basket.  Neytiri tried out her English, saying, “These are for the crews of the ThunderShips, if they are hungry.”
   With that, “Eywa Ngahu”s were exchanged, and the shuttle crews were left to complete their duties, prior to loading.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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    Chapter 158
Sharon and Pamela walked into the Combined mess together, and made a bee line to the Coffee urns.
“Let’s just sit down, and figure out the plan for the rest of the day” suggested Sharon. Pamela gave a thumbs up, as she sat at the table.
   After half a cup of coffee Colonels Hill and Yatsima, followed by Major John Williams and his wife, Captain Wendy Harrington, walked into the Mess, grabbed some coffee, and sat at the table.
   “Well, Sir,” asked Sharon of Colonel Hill, “What did you think of your Clan Mates?”
   Joe smiled and offered, “I had a wonderful time with all the Na’vi, regardless of Clan affiliation, but of course, I was pleased to have hit it off so well with the members of the Omatikaya Clan.  You Renegades all seem to have been with the Eastern Sea Clan for years the way that all of you get along.”
   Pamela took a quick sip of coffee, and offered, “Perhaps part of our great ease with each other, is our common, deep deep love of the sea and its creatures.”  John nodded and added, “That also would explain why we hit it off so well with the island clan.”
   The usually quiet Colonel Yatsimi joined the conversation with, “Tse, having shared great love for something DOES give you another point of connection with the clan who’s blood you all share, it would be interesting if we could map any genome similarities between the Eastern Sea Clan and the Island Clan.”
   “The Eastern Sea Clan might entertain that idea, but I’m not too sure how the Island Clan would deal with it”, said Sharon, as she excused herself to go grab some of the scrambled eggs, rolls, and a second cup of coffee.
   Sharon started an exodus for the just opened Chow Line with everyone at the Renegades’ Table.  Less than a minute before everyone started shuffling in for breakfast.  The Shuttle Flight Crews just grabbed something to nibble on, as they had each partaken some of the wonderful Na’vi food that was in baskets that had been given to them just before leaving.  They had grown to really enjoy Na’vi cooking.  The only EARTH food they still liked, was eggs, rolls, and coffee.
   Over ninety percent of the people entering the Mess Hall were those that had not yet been to the surface of Pandora, and were going to be on the Shuttles for the morning’s run to the Eastern Sea Clan.  The Ones who had just arrived from Pandora were well satiated from the prior evening’s ftxozä.
   These newcomers to Pandora had all been briefed on how to act, and what to expect when they first arrived, on how to behave and what to expect when they first arrived on the Moon the day before, while the first group to visit their new home was on Pandora, so Sharon did not expect any “DRAMA” associated with the second half of the ISV crew while they spent the next day down on Pandora.
 “Eastern Sea Approach, flight of two shuttles, sixty miles out. Inbound. Full stop.”
   “Inbound shuttle flight.  Are you bringing the rest of the family members for the Olo’s’ to meet for the first time, Major West?”
   Sharon keyed her headset, “That is correct, and we are also bringing an equal amount of Earth Shrimp for tonights’ ftxozä.”
   As the two ships landed in a now-empty field, Sharon remarked over the radio, “The other four ships must have left after we did.  I hope they bring another section of each their ISV’s Crews, because we brought a BUNCH of shrimp down with us.”
  Tai smiled and transmitted, “Fear Not, they are each bringing the other half of each ISVs’ crew for tonight’s ftxozä.”  They will have to go back this afternoon.  They made me promise that we would NOT start without them.”
   “Cool”, John said, as both shuttles lowered their cargo ramps, for the second Meet and Greet of the newest ISV’s Crew and their families.
   Once everything was smoothly in the interstellar social arena, the two shuttle flight crews made their way toward where they knew Eyktan Atumopin and most of the rest of the Eastern Sea Clan.
   “Oel ngati kameie”, said Sharon as she walked towards the leaders of the olo’, standing around the ylltxep. community cooking fire.
   “Ayoeyä Reynegeytxs lu ayoehu nìmun!” (Our Renegades are with us again!)
   “Glad you are back!” said Jake.  “There have been good developments since you left.  The people at Blue Heart have informed us that your Pressure Release Tactic worked, and that the Island People will be able to return home in three days.  In another week or so, there will be two more islands in that chain, with one of them being far enough to the north from the inhabited island, that the people living on it will NOT have to be moved if you need to reduce magmic pressure with explosives in the future.”
   Sharon and John slapped their hand together in congratulatory victory.
   “All right!  We pulled it off!” shouted John.  The two of them each then beckoned to their memuntxate to their sides, and the rest of the flight crews  shook hands, pleased as new fathers  regarding their accomplishments.
   “Oeru lu fmawn a sìltsan. (I have some more good news) added Tai Tae Ao.  “All of the ISVs will go down to rotating skeleton crews of eight or ten people each, that will only change once a month, for the next four months, and then the  ISVs will be placed on automatic parking, with small teams only needed to go and visit once a year.”
   “Then we can all stay here with our families,” grinned Pamela.
   Neytiri then looked at Pamela and said, “Aysänumrìri ayngar, moe tsun sngä’ì ye’rìn.” (As for your lessons, we can begin soon.)
   Pamela replied, “Irayo! Ma Tsahik Neytiri!  Moe tsun sngä’ì ye’rìn.” (Yes we can begin soon.)
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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     CHAPTER 159

   John keyed his headset, and said,” It’s Kxamtrr, I sure hope that some of the Wutso is still left, I could eat a Yerik!”
“I heard that”, chided Tai, “I understand that there is plenty left, because we knew that you were bringing about twenty people with you, so we made extra”. Jake Sulley, and Neytiri want to know how good you and Sharon are with a Tsko Swizaw, so we may take several of you hunting, after all of us have eaten.”
   “We may surprise you,” replied Sharon.  “Remember.  We have hunted with tsko swizaw for thousands of years, both on foot, and while riding a horse.  We would LOVE the chance to serve the people by getting the tsngan for the kaymwutzo.” 
   “Here comes the Welcoming Committee!” alerted Dan over the radio.
   Five minutes later, the air space around the shuttles was filled with cavorting ayikran. 

   Once the two shuttles were safely on the ground, and the ISV crew was united with their individual olo’s everyone walked to the ylltxep to renew themselves.  As Sharon, Pamela, John, Wendy, and Dan, approached the fire, they recognized JakeSully, Neytiri, Tai Tae Ao, Ateyo Taifa’ana’e and Ka’alani, as well as a young Na’vi couple, the woman in the early stages of pregnancy.
   As the Crews walked up to the group of Na’vi, the prenant Na’vi looked at the group and said, “Oel ayngati kameie. Fyape fko syaw ayngar?”  (I SEE you all. How are you all called?)
   Sharon replied, “Oel ngati kameie.  Oeru syaw fko Major Sharon West, ulte fìpor syaw fko oeyä muntxate Captain Pamela Wright, ulte fìpor syaw fko moeyä ‘eylan Captain Wendy Harrington.” (My name is Major Sharon West, and this one is called my wife, Captain Pamela Wright, and this one is called our friend, Captain Wendy Harrington.)
   “Srake, ha nga lu fko tsakem tamìram mì lapo tsawke txonä.” (Yes/No, then you are the one that walked on the the other night-sun. [moon])
   “Srane, ayoe nìwotx kem sami!” (Yes, we all did!) said Sharon, pointing to Pamela, Wendy, John, and Dan. 
   Pxepxi looked at all of them, and said, “Ha aynga lu tstew,” (In that case, you all are brave.)
   Sharon smiled and said, “Ayoe lamu ke ni’ul tstew to ‘awpo, ‘ewana Na’vi ulte peyä muntxatan a hamum fra’u a mefo omamum fpi tswerayon ne ‘awa TanhiSìp kìte’e seri fpi Na’vi.” (We were no more brave at that time, than a young Na’vi and her husband, who left everything they knew for the sake of flying to a StarShip for thee sake of serving the People.)
   Ateyo was impressed with Sharon’s heroic attempt at speaking an entire paragraph.  She saw that her daughter and her daughter’s husband, both smiled with comprehension, and were pleased with the compliment.
   “Nga lu eyawr, Ma S’rron.  Oeyä ‘ite sì peyä muntxatan lu txantstew pum!”  she exclaimed.  (You are correct, My Sharon.  My daughter and her husband are very brave ones!)
   Noticing a natural break in the flow of conversation, Taifa’ana’e announced, “Who is in the mood for some smoked fish?!”  Many hands went up, and five young Na’vi went back and forth between the guests and the fire, with leaf plates piled with steaming fish.
   During the meal, Pxepxi and Kofi sat with their back to the fire, on a log immediately in front of the Renegades, and asked, “Srake,ynga tamìran mì txonä tsawke? (Yes/No, you [plural] walked on the NightSun[moon].)
   Pamelaa looked at the young Na’vi woman, smiled and said, “Srane, ayoe kem sami.”  (Yes we did)
   TaiTaeAo put her hands on Pxepxi’s shoulders from behind her, and said, “Our adventuresome daughter has been bugging us to let her go with your team the next time that you go on a mission to another moon.”
   Sharon looked at Pxepxi, Tai, and then Ateyo, and said, “Oel fpìl ngaru keteng nì’ul letsranten tson eo ngati set.” (I think that you have a different, more important task ahead of you now.)
   Sharon then turned her gaze to Tai and Ateyo and contiued, “After she has the baby, THEN would be the time for us to talk of future missions in space.”
   Pxepxi looked equally understanding, then disappointed, then resentful, and finally resigned by what Sharon had said.  She then turned toward the ylltxep with her husband, and parents.
   Pamela put her tail around Sharon’s waist and said, “BOY! That bit of information took the wind out of HER sails.”
   “Sharon nodded and replied, “The LAST place that she needs to be is on some Away Mission, which I doubt we will even HAVE, on a strange moon, with unknown dangers.”
   Pamela nodded her head, and voiced, “Oh, I know.  The life changing effects of a pregnancy is something that Pxepxi should have considered BEFORE they committed acts that ran the risk of her becoming pregnant, if she wanted to be going on Missions to other moons and planets in this system.”
   John stuck his head between the two of them from behind, and offered,    “Perhaps there will be a chance a couple of years from now.”
   “Perhaps IF we don’t need to use our fuel on many more planetary rescue missions, then, in the more distant future, we will see.”
   After everyone had eaten, Taifa’ana’e walked up to Sharon and Pamela holding a pair of Na’vi tsko swisaw and his muntxate had a pair of Earth sized compound bows with their arrows. 
   “Which of these bows would each of you feel more comfortable with?  There is no shame in choosing the compound bows to hunt with today.  We all did that until we felt comfortable using the Na’vi weapons,” offered Taifa’.
   Sharon and Pamela both requested the smaller Earth-born bows to which Taifa’ana’e said, “Good choice.  We are hunting for FOOD today!”
   Neytiri walked up, and after the customary greeting was given and returned, said, “Come.  We hunt for food now.”

   Taifa’ana’e and Neytiri led Sharon and Pamela to where the ayikran were roosting, and when they got close to the meikran [two ikrans] in question, whistled for them.  Within moments, the mikran landed in front of the Na’vi, and Taifa’ said, “COME. See how the Na’vi like to fly!”
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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     CHAPTER 160

The five other Toronyu and their ayikran followed Tai Tae Ao and Neytiri in the silent, sweeping, descending turn to a very small clearing that was about a half mile from the large grassy meadow where everyone had seen the thirty or so Yerik grazing from their overflight. 
As they got close to the ground, they went to a Line abreast formation, communicating with each other, using American Military hand signals. Sharon saw this, and wondered, did Jake teach them this?
   Once on the ground, they first walked single file, to present a smaller visual image to the ayerik, and once in sight of the thinning trees at the edge of the meadow, they slowly, and silently spread out into a line of the nine of them, that was about a tenth of a mile long.
   Once next to the edge of the clearing, they shielded most of their bodies from their prey with the trunk of which ever large tree each of them stood behind.  When they were all in position, everyone looked at Tai, who was at one end of the line, and she slowly raised her bowstring arm that was hidden from the view of the ayerik by “her” tree, extended her thumb and fingers, and quickly made a fist, signalling the start of a silent group “FOUR count”.
   When the count reached zero, nine ayswizaw silently flew out of the na’ring, each traveling thirty yards and felling a yerik.  While the projectiles were in flight, each Na’vi drew a second swizaw, took aim at a second animal, and fired.
   Within moments, eighteen ayerik lie dead on the ground.  When Sharon and Pamela reached the ayerik which they had harvested, Sharon said a prayer of thanksgiving in Tsalagi, over each of them, thanking them for their sacrifice.  When she finished the prayer over the second yerik, Neytiri walked up to her, and asked her what language she was speaking.  She explained to Neytiri that it was the ancient language of her Cherokee (Tsalagi) people that had lived in a small area of the United States for many thousands of years, before they too were killed by the greed of evil people.
   Neytiri placed her hand over Sharon’s heart, and said, “You have a GOOD heart, Ma S’rron. We will TEACH you to say those words on the language of the Na’vi.”
   “That would be an honor to me,” replied Sharon in English, for Neytiri had addressed her in English. 
   Neytiri watched both Sharon and Pamela field dress the four yerik carcasses which they had harvested, and was pleasantly surprised that both of them only needed slight instruction due to the differences in anatomy between Pandoran yerik and Earth Deer or Antelope.
   Once the ayerik meat had been lashed to the ayikran, and flown back to the Eastern Sea Clan, the Na’vi that served the People by preparing and cooking the meals, took over.
   Wendy, and  John, walked up to Sharon and Pamela, and Wendy was bubbling with so much pride, and wonder, happiness, and enthusiasm.  Sharon tried to make sense of the words Wendy was saying, but not having much luck, until Pamela calmed her down, and got her to speak slowly.
   After only being told to back up and slow down, once, Wendy got the report across to Sharon, Pamela, and now Tai Tae Ao, about her experience with the aytolfìn, and learning which smaller lagoon dwelling fish and sea creatures were good to eat, which were poison, and which predators to look out for.
   Sharon put her arm around Wendy’s shoulder and said, “Wow!  That was a lot to absorb in a short time, all Pamela and I had to do was shoot a couple of yerik, each, field dress them under the watchful eyes of Neytiri and fly the meat back here.
   “That sounded pretty exciting,” noted Wendy. 
   “Oh, don’t feel left out. You are going to have to display your hunting skills too,” warned Pamela.
   The three shuttle pilots, plus Pamela, walked into the Comm Shack, and Sharon thanked Tai heartily for setting up their chance to go on the yerik hunt. 
   “Tsa’uìri,  lamu säfpìl oeyä,” (About that thing, the idea was mine.) said Neytiri, as she entered the shack from the other door.  “Mengaru lamu tsulfä sätspang.” (To you both was the mastery of the kill.)
   “Irayo Ma Tsahik Neytiri,” said Pamela.  Neytiri looked at Sharon and Pamela. her face showing that she was trying to figure out why THESE Earth people were so different from the greedy ones who were driven out, and why the Samoans, and the UnderSea Renegades arrived on Pandora so much like the Na’vi, in their hearts, and with their SKILLS.
   Neytiri snapped out of her penetrating gaze, and deep thought, and returned with, “Pelì’u oe lamauk fpi menga lamu ngay.” (That which I said to you both is true.) Neytiri went on to say, “Trray oel oiyeyk Ateyoti kar mengar plltxe aylì’uä irayo si ne swirä fwa mengat a tspimang.”  (Tomorrow I will cause Ateyo to teach both of you Words of Thanks to Creature which you Two just killed.)

   The rest of the afternoon before the Txon’ong Ceremony was spent with Taifa’ana’e, learning how to be accurate with the tsko Na’viyä.  And listening to Ka’alani describing the cave that they had recently discovered.
   At the end of her description of the cave, Ka’alani asked Sharon if her clan would like to join up with Samoana Olo’ until they found a place of their own.
   “I think for a while, as long as Eyktan Atumopin is instructing us, we should stay with our clan of origin, NO disrespect intended,” replied Sharon.
   “We understand.  It will probably be another moon cycle before we get completely moved in there.  But know that you are invited ANY time, even if we are not there.” offered Taifa’ana’e.
   “Thank you. Irayo!  But we would like to go with you the first time, to get the Grand Tour!” replied Pamela.
   “There is the Shell Horn!” alerted Ka’alani.  And the Four of them trotted down to the spot of the Ceremony.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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     CHAPTER 161
   Once at the Ceremonial Site, the Undersea Renegades, now at their full compliment, minus Pamela, stood in their favorite place, alongside a cliff, that dropped a thousand feet, straight to the Sea. This location was between the cliff, and the path that led to the area on the promontory finger where the Trr ‘Ong Ceremony was held.

   Everyone knew that some sort of Proclamation from the Aysahik was forthcoming, because all the Aysahik were summoned into the tent where Mo’at was staying.
Before the second sounding of the shell horn, Mo’at, carried by Mendllzong, led a column of all the Aysahik. As they got closer, people noticed that Mo’at was NOT wearing her cloak of rank, but Neytiri, who was directly behind her, WAS.
Sharon looked at the rest of the Undersea Renegades, and said in a voice loud enough to be heard by all the Renegades, but no one else, “Change of Command Ceremony.”
   John, Chip, and Steve, all smiled, and nodded their heads in agreement, as they took in the sight of Mo’at without her elaborate seed cape. She looked somewhat frail without her cloak of authority covering most of her upper body, being carried by Doktor Mendllzong.

   Because the procession was very close by now, Jim leaned over between Sharron and Chip, and whispered, “I wondered when this was going to happen, it was getting difficult for Mo’at to get around to attend to the different aysahik of the different ayolo’ “.
Chip replied in a stage whisper, “This is a GOOD thing, Mo’at needs to rest in her later years”.
   “I think that she will still be available for consultation to her daughter though”, replied Steve, in an equally hushed tone.
In a few moments, the entire procession passed by, in order of the age of the members, with with Pamela, then Pxepxi, the last two in line.
At about the moment that Alpha Centauri first touched the horizon, all of the aysahik were at the place of honor, at the outcropping.
   As Tsahik of the Ikran Riders of the Eastern Sea Olo’, Lamu’ite led the ceremony as she always had, and at the conclusion of the normal train of events, the aysahik formed two lines, shoulder to shoulder, on on either side of Mo’at, who then spoke in a voice remarkably strong for someone of her age.

   “Ma AyNa’vi!  I am ols and I am tired.  My daughter Neytiri, has been serving as your Tsahik for many years.  She is your Nawma Tsahik.  For this reason I have given her this ‘are to wear on her shoulders.  Lu Hasey.”  Again she slapped her hands together in a gesture of finality. 
   “Oehe kìte’e sayi AyNa’vi, Ma Sa’nok.” said Neytiri in a voice loud enough that all could hear.  “Slä ayngaru mipa meolo’.” (I will serve the Na’’vi. But to us are two new clans.)  Neytiri watched from the corner of her eye as Ateyo returned at a run from across the footbridge, bundles held near her breast.  In the excitement, no one had seen her leave, and few had seen her return. 
  “Ma Liri’el kivä ne spono hu muntxatxan alu Norm, fpi ayNa’vi Sponoyä.”  Liri’el will go to the island for the sake of the Island People.  “Nìteng ayoengaru lu zamayu amìp: Sanhìtute a kelku soli äo txampay “Rrtayä. Zusawkrr syaw Olo’AoTxampay “Rrtayä.”
 (Also to us are newcomers, StarPeople who have lived under the Earth’s Sea.  In the future, they will be called the Clan Under the Earth’s Sea”, proclaimed Neytiri. She went on to introduce them.
   “Fìtute syaw S’rron. lu eyktan.  Peyä muntxate syaw Pamlala liyu tsahik krro mì ayhrr za’u.  Zusawkrr. Slä kay Pamlala kìn srung ftu metsahik alahe.” (This woman who is called Pamlala will be tsahik in the days to come. Future. But from now on, Pamlala will need help from two other tsahiks.)
  “Meyharyu livu Tsahik Aleksi sì Tsahik Syuland Aean.” (The two teachers will be Rsahik Alekxsi and Tsahik Syulang Aean.”
   Neytiri gestured for the two tsahik to approach as well as the winded Ateyo, who was desperately trying to catch her breath.  The sudden change of plans had prompted Neytiri to send her scurrying for the two ‘are which she had mentioned earlier.
   “Sko Nawma Tsahik oehel ‘ätäle si tsnì ngati mivll’an fì’are a kenong aytirea Na’vi tson ngeyä.”  (In the role of Great Tsahik, I request that you accept this cloak to represent the spirits of the Na’vi as your duty.)
   “Srane, oe mll’an fìtson.” (Yes, I accept this obligation), replied the Two.
  Over each bent head, Neytiri , with the aid of Ateyo, placed and ‘are on each of their shoulders.  These were each beaded with tiny,glittering seashells, and appeared as either ocean, or starry sky, depending on the angle of light as it played across the surface.
   “Ma Alekxsi livu karyu Pxepxiyä fpi fya’o Tsahik.” (Ma Alekxsi will be teach of Pxepxi for the sake of the Path of Tsahik.)
   “These Two will be tsahik for both clans, together with Ateyo.  It is an unusual arrandgement, yes.  But it is the will of the Great Mother, Eywa, that these People live among us to learn our ways!” Neytiri glanced at Mo’at swathed in a diaphanous orange clock made of a huge helicordian flower. She nodded her approval.
   With that Neytiri took a “page from her Mother’s book” and clapped her hands together, signifying that it was decided.

Sharon sat down on a large rock and said, “Let’s just wait here for Pamlala to walk by and then we will walk to the Wutzo together.”
   After several minutes, Steve walked up to Sharon, and said, “Here they come.”
   The Renegades edged closer to the path that the aysahik were on, but when Sharon started to walk towards her muntxate, Neytiri stepped in the way, but motioned for Sharon to walk alongside of her for a moment.
   “Fìtxon nì’aw muntxate ngeyä yivom aoenghu.  Ngaru lu syaw Eyktan, ulte sweylu nga yivom ayeyktanhu.  Nìwotx olo’ ngeyä sweylu yivom tsamsiyuhu.”
   Sharon nodded her understanding, and said, “Irayo, Ma Nawma Tsahik,” and peeled off from the aysahik, drawing the rest of the Renegades with her.
   “I only understood four words,” said Steve, “What is going on?”
   Sharon looked at the Smallest Olo’ on Pandora, and said, “She told me that tonight, Pamela will be eating dinner with all the other tsahiks and because I was publicly named as Eyktan, of the Smallest Olo’ in existence, I will need to eat dinner with the ayeyktan of Pandora, and you guys should eat with the ayswayonyu of Pandora.  This is a very rare thing, but it DOES happen in primitive societies.”
   John put his left hand on Sharon’s right shoulder, and his right hand around Wendy’s waist and said, “Lead on, Skipper, we will follow you til you find your place, and we will eat a discreet distance away.” 
   Halfway to the ylltxep, the Renegades noticed two groups of Na’vi, separated by about twenty feet.  One consisted of ayeyktan, and the other by warriors, judging by their “booty” which they were each wearing.  They came to the warriors group first, where three young Na’vi came out and separated John, Steve, Chip, Jim, and Wendy from Sharon, and pointed Sharon to the second group. 
   As Sharon turned off the main path, and started walking down a narrow track that wove between the vegetation, Jake Sully motioned her to come to the front with his right arm, saying, “Za’u, tìtsewnga’ tsamsiyu. Za’u heyn nìprrte’ ayoenghu.” (COME, brave warrior, Come sit pleasurable with us.)
   Sharon complied, and was welcomed with slaps on the back as she joined Jake, Tai, Atumopin, and other ayeyktan.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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    CHAPTER 162

   Atumopin walked up to Sharon, faced her, and put her hands on Sharon’s shoulders, and said, “Nga lu ‘awpo awngru mìftxele tirea, ulte mìftxele txintìn ngeyä txintìn, sla mìftxele ngeyä tìiftia fpi ngeyä txintìn ngaru txan nìftxan sla ayoel lu fìtseng fpi srung si ngati”.  (You are one to us in the regard of spirit, and in the regard of your role in society, but in the regard of your study for the sake of your role in society, to you, is much to learn, but we are here for the sake of helping you.)
Sharon nodded, and said,”Irayo fpi stxerenu sänume fpi oeyä nerume fyape oe tsunslu kìte’e si leNa’vi”. (Thank you for the sake of offering instruction for the sake of my learning how I may serve the people”).
  Atumopin walked over to where Jake Sulley, and Tai Tae Ao were eating, Motioned to Sharon, and said, “Come.” Sharon joined them, and accepted a piece of Yerik that was offered to her.
On her third bite, Sharon froze, swallowed, and said aloud, “Something’s WRONG.” She looked at Jake, and Tai, and said,” Am I reacting to U.L.F. ground waves of a coming Earthquake?”
Jake and Tai, though somewhat perplexed, both shook their heads no, and Atumopin said, “Something is missing.”
Jake then said, “Let’s go to the lagoon,” not knowing exactly what was going on. Everyone brought whatever food they were holding with them, to eat on the way to the lagoon. They headed there at a deliberate pace, but not at a run.
Halfway to the edge of the cliff, Sharon turned to Tai, who was walking alongside her, and said,” Perhaps the aytolphin can tell us what is happening, it is good that we don’t interrupt the aysahik, and their ceremony.”
Tai replied,”Actually we are going to WHERE the aysahik are holding their ceremony, because this is serious.”
Sharon nodded understanding, several moments before the ayeyktan heard the singing.

It was not a sad melody, but rather a soulful, plaintive one. Sharon thought that it was as if the assembled aysahik were earnestly asking Eywa for a special blessing, or action on her part. When she mentioned this to Tai, who was still walking alongside her, Tai said,” Here are the words that they are singing, and what they mean. The words in Na’vi go,
Utralä aNawm
ayrina’lu ayoeng,
A peyä tìtxur mì hinam awngeyä
Na aysangek afkeu,
Mì pun
Na ayvul ahusawnu,
Mì aynar
Na seze
A ’ong ne tsawke.
Utralä aNawm
ayrina’ lu ayoeng,
A peyä tìrol mì awnga.
How much of that do you understand? she asked Sharon.
“I understood about half of that, but no more, I am sorry,”  replied Sharron.
Tai looked at Sharon, and said, “Don’t worry, you are learning quickly, and with our help, you will now learn faster. I will tell you the words in English.
We are all seeds
Of the Great Tree,
Whose strength is in our legs
Like the mighty trunks,
In our arms
As sheltering branches,
In our eyes
The blue-flower
Which unfolds to the sun.
We are all seeds
Of the Great Tree
Whose song is within us

The first row of the column of ayeyktan reached the beginning of the path leading down to the lagoon, at the edge of the cliff. When Sharon and Tai started the descent to the lagoon, they could see that everyone was standing waist deep in the water of the lagoon. All but three figures, were in a circle around the three figures, who were at the center of the circle. Outside of the circle of Na’vi, was another circle of aytolfin with their heads out of the water, all looking at the three figures in the center of the circle of Na’vi.
Jake picked up the pace down the trail to the lagoon, but did not run. He reached the water’s edge before the others were completely down the trail.
Mendllson waded to shore with Moat’s lifeless body in his arms. Jake looked quietly at him, patted him on the shoulder, and let him pass. He then  accepted Neytiri into his arms. He did not know the words to comfort her, but sensed that she needed only his strength next to her. The double column of ayeyktan parted, and allowed Krekori to carry Moat, leading the procession. As the aysahik passed, the ayeyktan followed behind, not willing, at this moment, to break the unity of the aysahik.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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    Chapter 163

The first members of the group of Ayeyktan crested the top of the incline from the lagoon. Jake Sully turned to Sharon, and said,”Stay within earshot of me in this crowd, I’m going to find something out”.
   Sharon nodded, and gave a thumbs-up, as Jake approached Neytiri and Mendelsohn, who was still holding Mo’at’s body on his lap, as he sat on a rock.

   Sharon watched Jake speak with Neytiri, and after ten minutes of somewhat animated discussion, Jake motioned for Sharon to approach him and Neytiri.   
   “Srane, Ma Toruk Makto,” said Sharon when she was three feet from Jake who standing next to Neytiri.  Jake smiled and said,
   “We would like to transport Mo’at, her muntxatan, and all the aysahik, in one Dragon, to where the old Kelutral once stood.  We will take the other Dragon and transport all the ayeyktan.  Both Dragons will fly in close formation.  Who do you recommend to fly the other Dragon?”
   Sharon knew that all the other pilots were considered aysamsiyu, so she glanced at the group of fifty or sixty aysamsiyu, and motioned for Colonel Schroeder, and Major Williams to approach.  Both came trotting up, and Sharon mentioned to them the need for them to fly a Dragon in formation with her and Jake, in the other Dragon.  She then informed them that both Dragons would be flying to the site of the original Kelutral.
   “I can have the aircraft ready to go in three minutes,” advised Colonel Schroeder, as he pulled a small radio, not much larger than an early twenty-first century Earth cell phone, out of a pouch on the belt of his tewng.
   Both Sharon and Jake motioned for Colonel Schroeder to make the radio call, and within five minutes, all of the Na’vi that were supposed to go on the burial detail were headed across a small clearing where they would load the two waiting Dragons.

The drone of the Dragon’s rotor blades created a staccato rhythm that punctuated the overcast skies. The journey was otherwise quiet. The conversation between the two Dragon’s was reserved and respectful.  The glow of the instruments on the control panel mimicked the syuratan, the sparkling glow of the jungle below.  The Omatikaya Clan was returning to their Old Home Tree for the purpose of burying the body of Mo’at.   All of the aysahik had climbed aboard, and encircled Mendllzong and Neytiri where they sat.
  Krekori Mendllzong held Mo’at’s lifeless form in his arms.  No longer would those golden eyes embrace his soul.  Neytiri had asked him where and how they should lay her body to rest.  He appreciated this gesture of trust and confidence.

   Sharon’s throat was getting very dry, and being concerned that she might not be able to speak when she needed to, asked Jake, if it would be disrespectful to drink some bottled fruit juice that was kept in a compartment in the bulkhead behind her seat.
   “I would not think so, but I will ask” replied Jake, as he disappeared into the cargo section. When Jake conveyed Sharon’s question to Neytiri, the new nawma tsahik took the headset from Jake, and personally addressed Sharon’s concern. In several moments, Neytiri’s voice came over Sharon’s intercom.
“It would not be disrespectful at all, ma S’rron,” replied Neytiri, “ Our safety is in your hands, if you need to drink something, than you drink something”.

Jake then reentered the flight deck, with three small bottles of Earth Apple Juice.
Sharon took two of the three bottles, and motioned for Jake to drink the third.
After several minutes, Sharon said, “I know that Mo’at’s spirit can be sensed anywhere on Pandora, but Omatikaya was the home of her body, and where Eytukan was now lain, so I imagine that is why they will bury her somewhere near the Old Home Tree, near where Eytukan had died, correct?
Jake nodded in the affirmative, as he pointed to exactly where they should land.

As Sharon flew the Dragon to the edge of the Old Omatikaya Kelutral.  She landed the beast in a clearing where Jake directed her.  She sensed that this was sacred ground.  It was the feeling that came over her each time she visited a battlefield: the collective anguish of all the souls who had fought and died at this place.  She started the engine shut down procedure, and dropped the loading ramp.  She felt the humbling responsibility of escorting a huge amount of history at this moment.   
  Once both Dragons had landed, and their engines had quieted, Krekori tenderly asked Neytiri, “Nga livu seykel nìtam frrfen fìtsenge sampulit ngari lolu ro kllyem?”    (Will you be strong enough to visit that place where your father is buried?)
  “Nga livu seykel nìtam frrfen fìtsenge sampulit ngari lolu ro kllyem?”    (Will you be strong enough to visit that place where your father is buried?)
  “Srane, ma Semputsyìp.”  He was both surprised and pleased that she referred to him now as Little Daddy.  It was the first sign of affection she had displayed toward him.  He smiled meekly and allowed her to continue.
  “Txe’lan oeri ‘efu keftxo, slä oe ‘efu seykel nìtam.” (My heart feels sad but I feel strong-hearted enough.)
 She stopped stroking her mother’s head long enough to touch his arm soothingly.  “I am glad that you want her buried near Oeyä Sempul, instead of …”
  “...instead of at Blue Heart where my other body is buried?  I am grateful that I was housed in that body, but I am not THERE.  She belongs with her Eytukan. With the Omatikaya.  Once we get to the Other Side, we can sort it all out.  We will all be pure spirit.”
  A huge teardrop rolled off his nose and splashed into Mo’at’s steel grey hair.  He produced a hanky made of softened hide from his belt pouch and wiped his face once again.  “Ayoe livu tirea nì’aw, awsìteng.” (We will be spirit only, together.)
  He knew he would have a long time to adjust to this loss.  His Na’vi body was still young. Two spouses in one lifetime!  Or was it two lifetimes?  He could not begrudge the spirit of his beloved Mo’at to seek the company of Eytukan.  But was the presence of a disembodied spirit any stronger than that of his own living, albeit recycled, spirit?  Would she be any closer to Eytukan now than she was when she, too, was living?  A sob wracked his body.
  “Pol lu lom ftu rey oer,” he cried.  “She is missing from my life.”   He couldn’t express the loss he felt.  He knew she was with him, but he felt utterly alone.  Then something unexpected happened.  Neytiri offered him her tswin.  The intimacy of the gesture touched him deeply.  The moment their tendrils entwined he realized that his grief was not isolated, but shared.  They sobbed together and were comforted. And Mo’at’s presence was alive between them.  They each shared tsaheylu with each of the aysahik in the cargo bay of the Dragon  Each sharing a bit of the certainty of her presence.  He knew that after the burial, they would all seek comfort at the Well of Souls.  Her presence would be felt there strongest.  They knew, and were relieved.

  The other Dragon, piloted by Colonel Schroeder, sat silently, with all it’s compliment of ayeyktan waiting inside, until the Body of Mo’at, and all of the aysahik aboard the other Dragon had left the aircraft, and proceeded toward the Burial site. ONLY THEN would they join the rear of the procession.

As the last of the grieving Na’vi left Sharon’s Dragon, Jake taped her on the shoulder, and said, let’s go and aid them.
  Sharon stopped long enough to grab a folding shovel from the storage compartment and returned to the queue. She surmised that a grave would need to be dug and wanted to pitch in to help. She fell into line with Pamela.  They hugged silently and walked onward with grim determination.  Neytiri drew the line to a stop and they gathered around.   Krekori sat on a log with Mo’at upon his lap, flanked by Neytiri and Alekxsi.  Neytiri slowly shook her head at Sharon.
  “Ma S’rron.  You must remember that the soil holds the thoughts of all these souls.  Help us dig her grave, but use only flat stones. Rä’ä sar lefngapa sa’o. Don’t use metal tool.”
 “Nìlun, Ma Neytiri.  I should have thought of that.”  Respectfully, Sharon joined the other aysahik and ayeyktan in carefully scooping out the rich dirt.  She didn’t quite understand how a metal edge would severe a thought any more or less effectively than a stone.  She simply accepted the idea as expressed by Mo’at’s daughter. 
  Sharon reflected on the lives that had been lost here.  She looked over her shoulder and saw that Pxepxi was looking in another direction and holding back tears.  She had lost her parents not far from here. 
  Sharon estimated that within an hour, a hole was dug to sufficient depth.  She sat with the others, catching her breath.  Sharon and Pamela joined Pxepxi and Kofi.  Someone brought water in large gourds with which they drank and washed their tear-streaked faces.  Krekori rose to his feet and carried Mo’at down into the pit. Neytiri and Alekxsi following him.  The dirge began once again, and they lingered as long as they could, but climbed out at the words of the last line:
          We are all seeds of the Great Tree whose song is within us.
  Others had gathered flowers.  Each person spent a few moments of recollection before letting their flower descend into the pit with Mo’at.  Atokirina' descended, as one accord.  It wasn’t until they all ascended that each person added dirt to the grave. And it wasn’t until then that the finality of her death hit them.  It was then that everyone burst out into loud wailing and sobbing.  Eventually, Neytiri, Alekxsi and Krekori allowed themselves to be led away.
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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    CHAPTER 164

The flight from Mo’at’s resting place to the Well of Souls, was short, and except for the noise generated by the Dragons’ engines, silent.
   Prior to firing up the Dragon, Sharon paused on her way to the flight deck and grabbed a bottle of juice to replenish her internal fluids, while she would be flying to the Well of Souls.  Tai Tae Ao was sitting back in the cargo section with her wife, Ateyo, while Sharon’s friend, John, was in the Number Two Seat beside her. 
   “Raise Dragon Two, and have them quietly pass the word, for all the Renegades to stay by the Dragon.  It would be good if all of us, except Pamela, stayed together,” she informed John.  The message was sent, John waited for a minute, smiled, and gave a Thumbs Up.

   As soon as the two Dragons touched down, and shut off their engines, the aysahik were first to exit in an orderly manner, but with a somber air about them.  As Sharon had surmised earlier, the new students were surrounded by the older, established aysahik.
   Sharon busied herself with the Dragon, and then made a beeline for the others of her ‘olo, with John and Wendy in tow.  Once together, they all sat down on the moss in a tight group, with Sharon at the center, four rows back from the core group of aysahik at the “altar”, and four rows forward of the out row of AyNa’vi in the Well of Souls.
   This was, in reality, only about twenty feet from the ring of aysahik surround Mendllzong, Jake, Neytiri and Alekxsi. 
   It was a fairly small group of Na’vi, given the tremendous amount of influence that Mo’at held over the Na’vi on one entire continent of Ewya’eveng, but there was only room on the two Dragons for a hundred Na’vi, and only if they sat close together.

   As the Renegades, “linked in”, as they liked to call attaining tsaheylu with Eywa’eveng, and Eywa herself, each person had a profoundly individual experience.
   Sharon took a moment longer to settle down, due, in large part, to her attempt to control some of the events that the clan had been subjected to since their attaining Na’vihood, thanks to the graces of Eywa.  Finally, she relaxed, and just waited to see where Eywa was going to guide her this time.

   “You know that you try too hard to be perfect, sometimes.  You need to allow the ayeyktan to guide you to what you must learn, and NOT try so hard to get it perfect the first time,” came more, a knowing of concepts and ideas rather than words from behind her.  In Sharon’s mind, she turned and was staring tokx au tokx, face to face, with Tsu’tey.
   Sharon recognized him from some sketches that Jake had done in his spare time, as a hobby.  She attempted to speak with him nìNa’vi.
   “Ma meuianga’ tsamsiyu Tsu’tey.  Oeru meuia ultxa si ngar. (My Honorable Warrior Tsu’tey.  To me is an honor to meet you.)
   Tsu’tey chuckled and said, “Nga lu nerume, ‘ewana Eyktan, slä rä’ä fmi  nìhawng nìtxan”  (You are learning, young Eyktan, but to not try too much.)
   Tsu’tey’s image then faded, to be replaced by that of a young Earth Woman of Puerto Rican descent, wearing an old RDA flightsuit.
   “Who are you?” queried Sharon.  “You are not Na’vi.”
   “Not all of us here are Na’vi.  If that is not what we were when we arrived.  My name is Trudy Chacon.”
   “Oh, I remember Jake telling me about you getting into a nose-to-nose with Quaritch’s Dragon, trading cannonfire.”
   Trudy gave a wry smile and replied, “Yeah.  That was NOT my wisest career move.”
   “We all make mistakes.  You probably let your hatred of what Quaritch, Selfridge, and the RDA were doing to Eywa’eveng get in the way of your better judgement.” returned Sharon.

   Sharon and Trudy spent time talking about the history of Eywa’eveng from the time that Trudy arrived there.  Grace then walked up and mentioned, “I see that you People made good use of your only copy of my book, on your way out here.”
   “You People KNEW about US?” asked Sharon incredulously.
   “Oh yes, from a week before your hasty departure from Earth, we have followed your exploits,” assured Grace. “Nice move, quieting the Island volcano!”  Grace closed the discussion with, “Ah!  Your wife is calling you!”

   Sharon focused her eyes, and it was Nighttime at the Well of Souls.
   “Home the conquering heroine,” said Pamela.
   “Have I been out long?” asked Sharon worriedly.
   “No,” replied Pamela, “Everything finally ended here moments ago.  Now, we need to fly home.”
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi

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       CHAPTER 165

Sharon looked at Tai and Taifa’, and commented, “We have hunted in this same general area for three days, now.  We are going to need to let the herds recover, and shift our hunting twenty miles or so, kefyak?”
   Jake said, “Good decision, Ma Tsmuk.  I know of a good area, to the north of here, where we won’t spook the animals with these machines, if we hunt again tomorrow.”
   “Good idea,” replied Tai, as she and her cousin picked up a hundred pounds of cleaned and butchered yerikä tsnagan (yerik meat), followed by Sharon and John, each carrying a load.

   Once the tsnagan had been loaded into the Dragon, the ten Na’vi of the hunting party settled-in on the aircraft, and Sharon and John fired up the engines.
   Once they were airborne, Sharon felt John tap her on the shoulder, looked over and saw John tap his headset with his finger.  She nodded and turned-on her intercom.
   “Wendy and I feel for you and Pamela.  The aysahik have kidnapped her for the last four-and-a-half days now,” mentioned John.
   Sharon looked at John and replied, “Sooner or later, they will realize that Mo’at would want them to carry out a respectful ceremony, but that THEN, they would need to return to their individual olo’s, and serve the needs of their individual olo’s.”
   John smiled and said, “Hope so.”
   Sharon eased up on the collective as she started to flare the ship for a pinnacle landing in the small clearing that was a mile from the edge of the Well of Souls.  he and John eased the ship down to the ground, and as soon as the rotors spooled down, about twenty Na’vi trotted up to it, and unloaded the freshly killed tsnagan, carrying it to the cooking fires. 
   Sharon and John followed the rest of the hunting party off the Dragon, and joined them over hot coffee and conversation, at a small fire that was banked to where it would keep drinks hot but not boil water.

Once the tsnagan and fkxen were ready to be brought to the aysahik in the Ramunong Ayvitra (Well of Souls), all of the aysahik walked out of the woods together. 
   Pamela walked up beside Sharon, just as she was finishing a conversation with Eyktan Rolkxu, and patiently stood beside her muntxate until the conversation was finished.
   “Miss me?” asked Pamela, fighting off a strong urge to kiss Sharon, even in public! 
   “Srane!  I knew that you were not with me, but I knew that what you were doing was very important,” replied Sharon.
  “Neytiri has released us to return to, and serve our individual clans,” she informed Sharon.  “But not until everyone refreshes themselves.”
   “Tse,” remarked John, “Let’s get something to eat!”

   After the meal, Neytiri approached the Flight Crews of the two Dragons, and suggested that because they were so fast, that they give the ayNa’vi flying their ayikran back to their respective homes, a day’s head start. 
   “That would be good,” replied Sharon, “we should spend that time at Blue Heart, getting food and supplies.”
   Neytiri agreed saying that now that her ikran had made the flight from Eastern Sea Clan with the other riderless ayikran, she and Jake would fly their meikran to HomeTree.

   Within the hour, the ayNa’vi that were flying, and riding home, to their respective clans, set off to the “Eywa Ngahu”s of those that were going to fly to Blue Heart Gate.
   The two Dragons were airborne ten minutes after the last mounted Na’vi left, and two hours later, they landed at Blue Heart Gate.
   The evening was spent in the old sleeping quarters outside, and after a hearty breakfast, everyone was enroute to Olo’Txìkx-txìkx-tìpxen.  The stop over at the Pa’li Clan was three hours, and then the pilots were off at 90% cruise speed in order to beat the fall of darkness. 

   The flight to Zongsteng Alor was uneventful and once back on the ground.  Many of the Na’vi from that clan had returned from Eastern Sea.  Also, members from the Hidden Base had returned to Zongsteng, mainly because all their spouses were from that clan.  After the reunions, everyone settled around the ylltxep, (community fire), discussing which members of the Hidden Base would return with Tai and Taifa’ to establish the new clan, Olo’Samoanä, at the slotted cave on the coast.
   Eyktan Ikxeru came to the group and made it clear, that everyone was expected to spend the night and share the morning meal before heading out to the Eastern Sea Clan.
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     CHAPTER 166

“I understand that we are going to be top-heavy in aysahik back at our olo’ for quite a while”, observed Steve, as he sat on a log, balancing a cup of coffee on his knees.
“THAT, my friend, is because they want to ramp up the learning curve to our assimilating thousands of years of Na’vi culture, in I don’t know, perhaps a year”? Replied Sharon, “PLUS, we will have the meyktan Tai Tae Ao and Atumopin,
giving me my O.C.S. training,” she added with a grin.

Pamela walked over, and offered, “It will all be for the good of our olo’. With all of that individualized training that EVERYONE will get, I bet that some of us will go on our Iknimaya before the year is out”.
John poked Chip in the ribs playfully,and said, “Even YOU. With that VIRILE Na’vi body of yours, you can’t play the senior citizen card any more. Medically, we are all the same age now.  
   Chip smiled sheepishly at the “Virile Na’vi body” remark, and momentarily wondered if he should start dating again.  His wife of thirty years died along with the Earth when he began his journey to Pandora.  
   “Dating” he thought, “I’m in my late sixties, NOT sixteen!  And who am I going to date?”  A young Na’vi male walked by with a mirror for an optical telescope that Tai Tae Ao and Sharon were assembling, and for a moment, Chip caught the image of a another young Na’vi male.  “s***!  That’s ME!” Chip exclaimed as he jumped up, almost knocking the last of his breakfast out of his hands.  “None of us are human anymore,” he thought.  “I’m a young Na’vi,” he said to himself, “Do Na’vi even date?” he wondered. “If so? HOW?” he figured that he would HAVE to ask someone that was BORN Na’vi that he trusted, but WHO would that be?
   “You OK, Chip?” Steve asked, as he sat next to the former Head of Marine Research, back at the old Undersea Lab on Earth.  
   “Yeah, yeah, I’m OK.  I was just lost in thought.”
   Ten minutes later, Tai, Taifa’ and Sharon, started to assemble the telescope that they wanted to build, and after half an hour, they had completed their task and rough columnated the 16 inch reflector.  
   “What in the world are you guys going to use THAT for?” asked John.  
   “Oh, we thought it would be fun to set up observations of our parent planet, and perhaps some of the other planets in this system,” replied Tai, as she and Sharon carefully boxed-up the scope, to protect it until its first viewing session.

   “They are coming! Ayfo lu zer’au!  Ayfo lu zer’au!” shouted a Na’vi as he ran quickly toward the ayikran roosting area.  
   Sharon started to run to the same area that the young Na’vi was headed to, and Tai caught up to her, as she sprinted by.  
   “You know, we are NOT sprinting into battle, Sharon. The ayikran are still five or six minutes out.  A simple trot will do, unless you want to wait for a few minutes, after we get there.  Lesson Number One: Don’t be slow, but you don’t need to be the first tsamsiyu to every gathering.  That may show the youthful exuberance of a Second Lieutenant, but not the measures Command Presence of a Major.  Take it down a notch!”
Sharon backed off her speed, and the two of them arrived at the field in front of the roosts about mid pack.
“Much better,” said Tai, “More refined, and dignified. Another thing,” she continued, “don’t be the young pup, eager to please. Wait until your wisdom is either requested, or required. That is something I learned from Jake, who picked it up from Tsu’tey himself.”
Sharon nodded and said, “Thanks for the heads up, tsmuke.”
John, Pamela, Wendy, Chip, and Steve, came jogging up together, after a moment, Sharon asked with a smile, “What kept you?”
“Did you ever try running, while trying to eat without either choking, or tripping.” volunteered John.”
Someone in the crowd pointed to the southwest, and twenty Ayikran could be seen about a mile out. Leading the group, was Ikeru, and Meykir, upon Ikeru’s ikran, with everyone else, in a close gaggle behind.  
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       CHAPTER 167

   The ayikran made one large circle around the field, with everyone in the air, as well as those on the ground, shouting greetings to each other. Leading the group on the first lap around the large field, was Eyktan Ikxeru.
Sharon leaned over to Tai, and asked, “How is it that Ikxeru is  flying with these Na’vi, flying back from somewhere else, when he was here talking to us late last night”?
   Tai raised her voice, to be heard over the din, and said, “He led a hunting party very early this morning, that left before daybreak. He wanted to be sure that everyone had a good morning meal, before undertaking the journey to the ikran riders of the Eastern Sea Clan”.

   The ayikran started landing, and those that were carrying meat, had their riders offload it to waiting Na’vi, that took it to those who served the people by preparing the meals. Once unburdened by meat, or riders, the ayikran flew off to hunt for themselves, before returning to rest on their roosts.
   Ikxeru eyed Tai and Sharon, standing together, said something to Meykir, and walked towards them as a deliberate but measured pace, in keeping with his station in the Na’vi culture. 
   “See what I was telling you?” Tai asked Sharon.  “He moves at a pace that shows anyone watching him, that he wants to speak with us, but NOT at the speed of an underling, wishing to win our approval.”
   Sharon nodded but asked, “Wouldn’t it be a sign of disrespect if we didn’t meet him part way?”
   Her question was answered by Tai by her starting to lean forward, to discreetly signal to Sharon to start walking to meet Ikxeru.  As they met in the middle of the field, and after customary greetings, were exchanged, Sharon looked at Ikxeru and said, “Srake, ngaru lu sìltsana rewonä tìtaron, Ma Meuianga Eyktan?”   (Yes/No, to you is a good morning hunt, Honorable Clan Leader?)
   Ikxeru smiled and replied, “Rewon lefpom, Ma S’rron.  Srane, tìtaronìri akosma lamu. Ayoel toltem pxaya ayyerikit.”  (As for the hunt, it was wonderful.  We shot many yerik.) “Awsìteng ayoeng yivom lisre tswivayon ne Olo’Atumopinä.” (Together we all will eat before we will fly to Atumopin’s Clan.)

   A young Na’vi Taronyu trotted up to Ikxeru and said, “Ma Ikxeru, ayoe tamìng nìwotx tsngan ayemyuti. (Ikxeru, we gave all the meat to the cooks.)
   “Ikxeru turned to the hunter and said, “Kosman Ma Tovrey’ìtan!”  He then turned to Sharon and Tai and asked, “Srake, menga smon Tovrey’ìtan?” (Yes/no, do you Two know Tovrey’ìtan?)
   Sharon turned to Tai and said, “I only understood half of that. What did he say?”
   “Ikxeru plltxe SAN: Ikxeru said, QUOTE: Do you Two know Tovrey’ìtan?:UNQUOTE.
   “Kehe, Ma Ikxeru.  Ma S’rron ke smon poru.” (No, Ikxeru. Sharon doesn’t know him.)
   Turning to Sharon Tai said, “Ma S’rron Fìtutan lu muntxatan swyaronyuru oeyä, syaw Kapteyn Janet Henderson. Fìtutan syaw Tovrey’ìtan.” (Sharron this man is the husband of my flyer who is called Captain Janet Henderson.  This man is called Tovrey’ìtan.)
   Sharon’s eyebrows popped up when she noticed an Earth name and rank, but she recovered enough to greet the man with the forehead gesture and, “Oel ngati kamiei.”
   Once the Two had greeted each other, Tai mentioned, “Kapteyn Henderson is one of my pilots since RDA times.  We all defected at the Battle for the Omatikaya Hometree.  Our group was invited to join Olo’Zongtseng Alor and was referred to as Hidden Base, or, Lewana Tsenge, Hidden Place.  All of my crew took Na’vi spouses.”
   Ikxeru also explained, “Now is question: Who clan will they go? New clan or stay Zongtseng Alor. Slä, but, you knowing this - that this Two clan be very close in heart, and visit each other much time.”
   Sharon was flabbergasted.  “Ma Ikxeru! You Speak Inglìs!?”
   “Srane! Neytiri, Tsu’tey, sì oe all learn for speak Inglìsì ro, at, LearnPlace Doktor Kreys. Kefyak?”  He looked to Sharon for confirmation of his sentence.
   Sharon threw back her head and laughed. “Ma Meuianga Eyktan Ikxeru!  Ayoeru nolume lìfya Na’vi nìteng fa Toktor Kreysä fa ayrel a plltxe.” (My Honorable Eyktan Ikxeru! We also learned the Na’vi language by mean of Dr. Grace’s pictures which talk.)
   “Ayrel a plltxe?” (Pictures which talk?) Ikxeru tried to hide his amazement.                                                                                       “Toctor Kreysur? Nìlun! Oe new tse’a ayu!” (Of course! I want to see these!)
   “Kosmana tìmok!” said Sharon, “Kxawm ayoengil nari si fayuti awsìteng.”  (Wonderful suggestion!  Perhaps we all can watch these things together.) 
   Sharon was so Blown-Away by Ikxeru speaking English that she started speaking English as well.  “Any day that you wish!  We can show teaching-pictures of Doctor Grace.  It would be an honor for me to show these.”
   A look of shock showed on Sharon’s face when she realized she had stopped speaking Na’vi, and she finished her statement in Na’vi, “Lemeuia oer!” (An honor to me!)
   Eyktan Ikxeru’s eyes twinkled as he replied, “Txonay mawkrr txonä wutzo livu kosman, Ma Ewana Eyktan.” (Tomorrow night after the evening’s meal will be wonderful, My Young Eyktan.)
   Sharon smiled and said, “Livu tsal! THAT will be!”

   A group of young Na’vi women came trotting up to the field, and announced that the meal would soon be ready.
   “We need to get something to eat,” Tai suggested to everyone in the small group that she, and Sharon were part of.
   Several minutes later, everyone was enjoying roasted yerik, and fkxen, in a fairly large group, with all of the ayeyktan, interspaced among the mipa ayeyktan, the aysamsiyu, with the mipa aysamsiyu.
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