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Pasha, an Avatar story.

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Very good, txantsan! :) :)

Part 134

Spoiler: Complete guesswork."Good evening, New British Museum, this is security, Francis Gonçalves speaking, how may I help you?"
"You'd like to order a McDonnalds?"
"You're here to make a confession?"
"You'd like an ice cream?"
"Erm ….. no!"
"Buy a ticket for the zoo?"
"You've lost your swimming trunks?"
"You'd like directions?"
"You want to report a violent assault?"
"No, I don't want to 'report' a violent assault."
"Was that intended as a thinly veiled a threat?"
"I was hoping to 'prevent' a violent assault."
"A likely story sir." Francis sounded unconvinced.
"I was hoping to get in out of this heat, and the scorching mid day sun!"
"It's January, and it's night time."
"Why wait till the last minute?"
"Fair enough. Can I take your name please?"
"Err, Ronald McDonald?"
"Father Christmas?"
"The Toothfairy?"
"Tinker Bell?"
"Titania, Queen of the Fairies?"
"Starting to worry about you and your sudden fixation on fairies."
"Err, Isaac Newton?"
"Julius Ceaser?"
"Which one?"
"The second."
"The First?"
"Fourth?" Francis, tentatively, now clutching at straws.
"Not any Napoleon, Bonaparte, or otherwise."
"Ah, well, in that case you must be ….. Darth Vader!"
"You do realise Darth Vader's a fictional character, don't you?"
"Yeah, well, I have my doubts about this 'Professor Bongalides' bloke 'n' all. Err, Santa?"
"You said Father Christmas already?"
"Getting warmer."
"The Archangel Gabriel?"
"Not exactly."
"Yes. I'm god. Obviously. I am, God. Who else, would I be?" Chris, with a healthy dose of subtle, tongue in cheek sarcasm.
"Was that a question?"
"Yeah, so?"
"Well, isn't God all knowing, and therefore would he ….. "
"Or she."
" ….. yeah, or she, know the answer to any and all questions already?"
"Yeah, so?"
"You asked a question, even though you knew the answer already?"
"It was a rhetorical question."
"Ah, fair enough. Err ….. "
"Which department?"
"Oh yeah, 'Which department are you here to attend?"
"Hmm, well, if you're God, it's gonna be the world religions ….. or maybe ….. No, you're here to smite the creationist exhibition?"
"Not that that makes any sense, but, no."
"Oh, hang on, 'God', 'Omnipresent', it's all of them. It is, isn't it?"
"Yes my child. Now would you mind letting me in please, I'm freezing my commandments off out 'ere!" Chris, blowing into his clasped hands.
The buzzer sounded, and the door opened.

A few moments later, Chris appeared in the security suite.
"My god!"
"Yes, indeed I am! Apparently."
"Cold out there?"
"You know it."
"Hows the hypothermia?"
"Coming along nicely, thanks."
"So Chris, I hear our resident visitor now has two legs again."
"All done! Wow, you didn't hang around!"
"I expect there'll be some glitches to fix yet, but, knock on wood, so far so good. Speaking of, is there anyone left in the building?"
"Just the five of us."
"You, me, Paul, Francis 'n' Pasha." Dino, with exaggerated patience.
"In that case, if you'll excuse me, I'll just pop up to Xenobiology."

"Kaltee." Chris, delivering the rebreather to Pasha, she was looking out of the window, across the balcony and over the city.
"Kaltxì." Pasha corrected, as soon as the face mask was seated.
"Err, Kaltxì?"
"Sran, much better!"
"And yeah, it it should be 'ìììiìììì[//i]', not 'errrrr', I know that. My bad."
"I not think that important very. Err, very important, even."
"How's the leg?"
"Which one?"
"The, err, the ….. ììì, the, the stump."
"Short." Pasha, pointedly.
"Any discomfort?"
"From, ììììì, prosthetic?"
"Little. I get used to it, I expect."
"There's a kinda sock thing, it goes over the socket bit, and up your leg, it keeps it in place, I have ordered it. Two in fact. I guess they'll turn up when they turn up."
"Ììììììì, OK?"
"I had hoped they might've been delivered during the day today, but apparently, no such luck. Sorry about that."
"Oh, uh, yeah, here ya' go." Chris, handing Pasha the prosthetic.
She slid in her stump.
"Poker." she said resolutely, and strode away, most convincingly, towing the suitcase rebreather behind her.
"I'll bring the crutch, just in case."
Pasha had left Chris still holding it.

"Evening gentlemen." Pasha said as she walked into security, looking remarkably at ease on her new leg.
"Like the new leg!"
"Srane, much better than fresh air."
"But not the same as having your old leg back."
"Kehe. Who dealing?"
"Oe ke lu, err, dealer. What's dealer in Na'vi?"
"Ììììì ….. Kìte’eyu? Not good, but best I can think of."
"OK, would you be, err, what was it?"
"Yeah, would you be kitay-ay-you?"
Pasha smiled.
"It would be my honor." Pasha, graciously.
Pasha didn't win the hand. By her standards, it wasn't a particularly good night. That said, she still won.[/spolier]

Read right now, very good work :) :)

Part 135

Spoiler: Frozen Ice Ridge, Eastern Antarctic Plateau."Good morning, New British Museum, this is security, Paul Ellings speaking, how may I help you?"
"Err, morning, err, not waiting out here for us this morning?"
"No, on the news, it says last night was the coldest for more than thirty years, minus six, with wind chill making it feel like minus twenty. And besides, Pasha's wide awake."
"OK, so let us in !"
"Name etc."
"Kyle Edgerton, and I can see Mark walking up now, so Marcus Dogboy ….. "
"Dagby! Git." Marcus, approaching the door.
"Insecurity, pass phraze is ….. "
"Beware your signs will find you out."
"You mean 'Beware your sins will find you out'?" Paul, over the intercom.
"Nah, there' a sign on the door, says, 'No milk today, have moved to Frozen Ice Ridge, Eastern Antarctic Plateau to warm up."
"Uh, hang on ….. Chris is trying to look suspiciously innocent."
"So, about his coming in thing?"
"Oh, yeah."
The buzzer sounded, and the door opened.

It wasn't long before Mark and Kyle appeared in security.
"Sweet jeeze[i/] it's cold out there!"
"And then some!"
"Tea's on the table."
"What, no cups again? Damn!"
"We're gonna have fun going home, then."
"If by 'fun' you mean frost bite, hypothermia, and the rest then, yeah! Fun, fun, fun!"
"So, hows the leg, Pasha?"
Pasha wriggled, and put her leg on the table.
"I meant the prosthetic." Mark, he sounded slightly embarrassed.
"I'm getting used to it, walking is much better than hopping around with one leg only." Pasha, holding out her augmented leg.
"OK, so, the LEDs are a nice touch."
"So, how did the poker go?"
"Pasha won ….."
"Well, no surprises there."
" ….. But only just, Dino was on top form, he almost won!"
"Yay Dino!"
"OK, it time to go back."
"So soon?"
Pasha pointed to the monitor wall.
"OK, we all know the drill, ply her with tea, stall 'er as long as you can."
Pasha was already striding purposefully away, her rebreather suitcase towed behind her. Chris had to sprint to catch up. He reached her just as she was stepping into the elevator.

"OK, I know you, what happened?"
"I recognised the way Candice walks, so I said I was out of there."
"I mean poker, you, well, for you you didn't do so well. Something wrong?"
Pasha sighed.
"Kehe, I always win, it not hard against humans, you can't keep secret that you have good cards. Or bad."
"Yeah, you said, we all have a tell that you can see, even if we can't. That gives you an edge, but last night, you had to fight to win, and ….. "
"And I pretended, I could've won more easily, but I afraid you all not play if I always just win."
" 'K, that's a legitimate concern."
They stood in silence, each leaning against the wall of the car. They slowed, and finally stopped, the doors opened. Chris was last in, and first out. He lead to the connecting door, opened if for Pasha, and followed her inside.
"I'll hide them, get the hell out, and back downstairs pronto."
Pasha took a deep breath, as she headed for her holding cell, slid off the face mask and leg, leaning her back against the door of the airlock. Free of the technology, she hopped uncomfortably inside, and hit the switch. Pumps pumped, valves clacked open and closed, finally air changed, she hopped into her chamber, closed the door. She activated the air to cycle back, from the unit behind the access panel un her chamber, you would never know that she had ever left her chamber.

Txantsan, good work :)


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