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Pasha, an Avatar story.

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Part 138

Spoiler: A last piece.A few hours passed, Pasha's video about emancipation finished, and she broke out a note pad. It was letter, with yellow paper, and lines close together.
Pasha had been writing Na'vi for a while, mostly just reusing the same character forms as the English text she had now gotten to grips with.
Chris was involved on the periphery, but this was first and foremost Pasha's baby.
It was almost midnight when the buzzer sounded.
"Good evening, New British Museum, this is security, Christopher Gillard speaking, how may I help you?"
"Err, can you let me in? I believe you are expecting me."
"We are?"
"Hunter sent me, Hunter Christensen."
"He should've called to let us know if it wasn't one of our regulars."
"Should've, I take it he didn't then?"
"Correct. OK, so name?"
"Block, Adrian Block."
"OK ….. "
"Any chance I could wait inside, it's flippin' freezing out here!!!"
"So, technically, I shouldn't, but for purely humanitarian grounds ….. I'll send someone down to let you in."

There were raised voices, well, a raised voice.
"No! No way! I am not going to sleep on that wretched stainless steel floor! In that wretched, smelly and increasingly too small box!"
There was a pause.
"No! Absolutely not! No way! I'm staying put! Right here! If it mean it's seven, then I don't care! I do not give a monkey's!"
"Wait here." Tony sounded concerned.
"Sure." Adrian, a little confused.
Tony went on ahead, and disappeared into the security suit.
After a moment there was the same raised voice.
"I don't care! He's security, same as you! And you all know!"
Another apparent pause in the conversation.
"No! That is my final word on the subject! ….. I'm staying, bring him in!"
Tony came back to Adrian.
"Come on."
"He's got his girlfriend here."
"Not not even close. Not within a hundred miles of being close!"
"Not within four point four light years of being close!"
"That's oddly specific."
The two entered the Security Suit, Adrian wasn't sure what to expect.
"So, this is Chris ….. "
" ….. He'll be your colleague tonight ….. "
"Err, hi."
" ….. And this is Pasha ….. "
"Kaltxì ma kewongtu mip."
Chris gave her a glance.
" ….. She'll be your alien abductee for tonight."
"Err ….. " Adrian hadn't taken his suddenly wide staring eyes off her from the moment they'd entered the room.
"Ngati Oel kameie, Eywa ngahu sì. Oeru syaw Pasha."
Whatever Adrian might have expected, this wasn't it.
"So, I'm out of here, night, sweet dreams!" Said tony's voice as he headed for the door.
A sythesized clock struck twelve.
"And we check on our little ….. Ooo!" Chris, he showed the screen to Pasha.
"More than oe expected!"
"Yeah, me 'n' all!"
"She's ….. " Adrian started, but that was as far as he got.
"Na'vi?" Pasha offered, as Chris quickly scrawled the mailing address onto a small package.
"Indigenous peoples of Eywa eveng."
"Wha ….. ?"
"The moon you humans call Pandora, we call Eywa eveng."
Adrian blinked.
"I'll be back in a mo, I'm just gonna sling this in the mail box in the gift shop."
Adrian looked lost.
"I'm mailing a genuine piece of alien biological material. Mail box, in the gift ….. There's a gift shop, upstairs, visitors use it, sometimes staff too, in the gift shop, there's mail box. I'm going to put this in it. Innit!" Chris held up a small package. "We count as staff, the discount's actually pretty reasonable!"
Adrian still looked lost.
"Pasha, no invading Earth while I'm gone. Adrian, is she asks you to take her to our leader, stall her!"
Pasha giggled, Adrian still looked lost. Chris rolled his eyes.

Chris was maybe five minutes. He returned to find two cups of tea on the table.
"It made tea."
"Yeah, she makes a good cuppa." Chris, as he lifted his cup, he took a sip "Nice, cheers Pash."
"Your welcome Chris. Technically, Adrian is welcome too, but I think he might be broken."
"Yes please."
"It's in the cup, on the table, in front of you. The cup that has 'I may be a visitor - but I still got a cuppa!' printed on it."
Chris waited to see if this would get any reaction, and, after a moment, Adrian reached out a hand, took the cup's handle in his hand, lifted to his mouth, and took a sip. It was a small but noticeable gap, between taking a sip, and the reaction. Thinking was suddenly happening again.
"Err ….. that's alright, that."
"Yeah, she makes a good cuppa." Chris, took another sip "Good choice of cup Pash, appropriate slogan."
"I thought so."

"Good morning, New British Museum, this is security, Adrian Block speaking, how may I help you?"
It had been a generally uneventful night, apart from Adrian discovering that humans weren't alone in the cosmos, That four point four light years away were a group of humanoids who mostly just got on with life as best they could, and had looked up at the night's sky and wondered if there was anyone else out there, and if there was, would they be gazing at the stars and wondering the same thing. Well, until first contact had been made. Which Pasha firmly believed mankind had made a right pig's ear of. He also discovered that an eight year old alien child from a primitive, technicallypre-stoneage, society was better at poker than he was. And and made a pretty decent cup of tea. And could find an appropriate cup to make it in.  But apart from that it had been pretty uneventful. Not counting Larry's being taken to hospital, and being keeping him overnight for observations.
"Who?" Kyle, more than a little confused.
"Adrian Block, Larry's was taken to hospital last night, and the kept him in overnight for 'observations'. So, as no other bugger was available, Hunter arranged for Adrian to step in at absolutely no notice" Pasha clarified.
"What's wrong with him? Well, after a rather shaky start, he's settling in OK now, just starting to learn his way around the various buttons, and stuff. It's all a bit new to him."
"Err, no I meant Larry. What's wrong with Larry?"
"We've heard squat about Larry's condition so far. "
"Oh, err, could ya' lemmie in please?"
Pasha hit the button, the buzzer sounded, the door opened.

A few days later, Monday to be precise, a little before eight am, there was a call to security.
"Good morning, New British Museum, this is security, Marcus Dagby speaking, how may I help you?"
"It's Hunter, Christensen, just a courtesy call to inform you that, Chris Gillard's contract has been terminated."
"It has?"
"It has, gross misconduct. As you are aware we take theft extremely seriously. We have, of course, a zero tolerance policy. Which mister Gillard was in violation of."
"He ….. what?"
"He was witnessed miss appropriating a valuable, possibly irreplaceable museum artefact, and selling it, for cash, on a certain internet sales site."
"That doesn't sound like Chris!"
"No, as you can imagine I was shocked to the core. He strongly doubt he'll ever work in security again."
"Jesus. Do we know what he took?"
"At this time, and I've had to hand the matter over to the Police, I'm not at liberty to divulge any of the specifics."
"Goog god."
"Quite, so, as he has at least some site familiarity, I've assigned Adrian Block to be his replacement. One further thing, Chris has, of course a life time site ban. Under no circumstances let him enter, if you see him on site, do not hesitate to eject him. Tell the rest of the team for me, there's a good chap."
"Um ….. yeah, wil do."
"Thank you, well, bye bye then." Hunter hung up before Markus could respond.
"Sod this, I'm going to ….. I don't know. Yes I do, I'm going to see money bags." Mark sounded pissed.
"Well, who else. Oh hell, rebreather. Prosthetic leg. Christ this mucks up so much stuff."
"Oh god yeah. Hang on, theft, that's gotta be some kinda mix up, some one who's no idea whats what here on site ….. "
 "Adrian Block!" they both said as one.
"And who do we get as Chris's replacement?"
"Think he did it to get a job here?"
"Christ knows!"

There was a knock on the door of the Pandoran Research Lab, which Candice answered.
"Good morning, how may I help you?"
Responded the young woman at the door, she was tall, around five ten to six feet tall. Slim to athletic build, perhaps one sixty pounds. All in, she was a very attractive red head.
"I believe you're expecting me?"
"Err. Why do I get the feeling that or beloved manager has failed again, message passing is not one his few strengths."
"Oh. I, err, I'm here to help with analysis of vocalizations made by an individual of a species from, err, well, someplace out of this world."
"Pasha, the Pandoran Specimen Humanoid?"
"Err, well, yeah."
"Do you have a name?"
"Well, yeah, uh, my name is Grace Augustine. I haven't had my results back, but I fully expect to be officially confirmed as having a doctorate when they post them."
"Ah yes, Gayle's possibly temporary, possibly permanent replacement. She's on maternity leave, and is truly torn as to weather to come back to work. I have no doubt that she will a some point, but it might not be until little Misha starts school. Uh, do come in."
"Thank you."
Grace stepped inside.
"Doctorate, medicine?"
"I was expecting someone with a more relevant qualification?" there was just the subtlest hint of disappointment in Candice's voice.
"I have a Masters degree in botany."
"Well, you're here now." the disappointment was just a slim shade less subtle.
"I've spent every waking moment since exams ended brushing up on my IPA."
"That's a start." Candice took a very deep breath. "OK, welcome to the Pandoran Research Lab, or Xenoboilogy as it sometimes gets called."
"It's great to be here. I can't wait to throw myself in."
"You say that now. Look I need an all rounder, and, well ….. look, a big part of this job, well, an important part of it, is taking samples. Blood, tissue, mucous, that kinda thing."
"Urine? Feces? That kinda thing?"
"Err, well, funnily enough, after the first few days, it stopped producing either of those. One of god knows how many unanswered questions. But otherwise, yeah. To be honest, sample taking is the job we all like least, one we like to get done before Warren gets in, he has a very week stomach, even for a manager. It's a bit traumatic, it really doesn't like doing it. It didn't used to like the painkiller shots to start with either, but it came to accept them. I guess something in there realized that the shots equals less pain, so ….. Yeah, all in, it's not a whole bunch of fun. To put it extremely mildly."
"Err, I see, so, uh, analysis of vocalizations?"
"Oh yes, that's still what we want you to do too, but ….. yeah ….. OK, I need to introduce you to everyone, and then you and Jean can take some samples, hows that suit you?"
"Sure, OK."
"Right, well, Warren's office ….. " Candice pointed to it " ….. he's not usually in much before nine, which is as good as it gets."
"This is Beth. Geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, and a bit of biology on the side."
"Carren, all encompassing biologist and our resident geneticist."
"And Jean, microbiologist, biochemist, and sample taker in chief."
"Hi, I grew up on a farm, so I'm less squeamish than most, but it's not particularly enjoyable. The highlight of my day it ain't."
"Err, hi."
"Jean has five doctorates and an IQ higher than Einstein."
"When you put it like that, it sounds way more spectacular than it actually is. One seven four, before you ask."
"Err, one forty six."
"Well, that's still pretty good."
"And higher than me, at a messily one forty three." Candice confessed.
"One forty eight." Carren called out.
"One fifty five." Beth, joining in.
"And we have no idea what Warren's is, he changes the subject every time it comes up. From observations I'd be very surprised if it was above one ten. And wouldn't be all that surprised if it was in the nineties. To be honest." Candice, being catty.
"Well, as you're here, and it's that time of day, d'you feel up to joining me for some sample taking. I should warn you, it ain't nice. Not at all nice, Candice got a fairly nasty bite during our first session."

Markus could hear muffled squeals as he approached the door to the Pandoran Research Lab. He leaned the leg against the wall and tried the door, it was locked. His security access card opened it, there weren't many doors it didn't open.
As the partially sound proof door opened, the volume increased considerably.
Mark strode across the Lab's deserted office space, pulling the rebreather behind him, headed for Pasha's vivarium. He found Jean and Grace in the airlock, the air cycling, and the rest of the team in the hall way outside it.
"We're taking samples, this is a specimen, it's what it's here for."
"It's an 'it', not a 'her', we haven't determined whether they exhibit that type of gender isomorphism."
Mark was speechless, a rare event for Mark.
"I know it exhibits a humanoid appearance, and anthropomorphization is an ever present issue, but, it's not human, it's not a person. Pasha, or more correctly the The PaSH, is a scientific laboratory specimen, here as part of ongoing study, in the field of Pandoran xenobiological research. It's what we do. And what's with the suitcase?"
Mark looked horrified, he turned to look at Pasha."
"We need, you need to tell 'em."
Pasha shook her head and looked scared, this was something that everyone saw. A few suddenly found doubts creeping in.
"Pasha ….. Or I will."
Pasha closed her eyes, and sighed deeply. She reached out to a small cover plate on the back wall of her vivarium,  slid it to one side, and took out the three balloons that were hidden within. She blew one up, and didn't open her eyes until the third breath. Now, with it inflated, she typed in a code into the keypad inside the cover panel, one two three four. The airlock cycled the air back, and the inner door unlocked. Pasha opened the inner door, stepped into the airlock, closed the door behind her and activated the airlock to cycle. She took one last breath as the air began to change, an then put the both of the balloon between her lips. Everyone looked on in awe and wonder. Apart from Mark, who was merely interested, he hadn't actually witnessed this himself, but he knew approximately what happened. The cycle completed, the outer door unlocked, Pasha opened it and stepped out, breathing in and out into the balloon. Mark unzipped the suitcase, and handed Pasha the face mask. She flicked it over so that the straps weren't in the way, she did it with the easy well practiced slickness of a pro. She slipped it on and slit the straps into place at the back of her head, hit the purge button and took a breath. She gave Mark a very displeased look, before turning to Candice.
"Laboratory specimen am I?"
It was Candice's turn to be speechless.
"Capable of rudimentary vocalizations, but not advanced enough a species to manage true language as such." Pasha scowled hard. I am Na'vi. Has not a Na'vi eyes? Has not Na'vi hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with  food the same? Hurt with weapons the same, subject to diseases just the same, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by winter and summer no differently than humans? If you were to tickle me, would I not laugh? If you poisoned me, would I not die? You have pricked me, and you have, more than a few times ….. did I not bleed? Wrong me, should I not ask ….. Why?"
"Err ….. "
"This is Pasha, a friend of mine, and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop poking her with scalpels and such!" Mark, throwing his arm around Pasha's shoulders "Oh, and while Pasha almost fitted inside her tin can back in December, but she's grown three inches since then, and ain't about to stop." he turned to Candice "You've got more money that Croesus, get her a bigger one!"

That's all folks!
© the copyright holders.
This story is fiction, any resemblance between characters and/or events within it, and real persons and/or events, is purely coincidental.

Txantsan! Great work :) Congratulations that you completed it! :)

So, will you write another fanfic now? :)


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