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Eywa's Dark Purpose
« on: February 01, 2012, 10:06:03 pm »
KaltxĂ­ my Na'vi buds! I admire this site and forum a lot, but I've never had any reason to join until now (I have no time to put towards learning Na'vi :( ).

I want to share with you an idea suggested by a friend of mine on Deviantart that takes some of the...less scientific...aspects of Avatar and runs with them.

We had were having a conversation about why the Na'vi look so human (only four limbs, no spiracles, white teeth etc.), and he had this to say:

"(obviously the aliens in Avatar look like humans so we sympathize with them, but perhaps an in-world case can be made...)
Pandora's biosphere is actually a single artificial organism, with different servitors to do different things (imagine a hunter-gatherer who enters a city and thinks the cars, streetlights, and helicopters are animals and plants). The planetary organism constructed the Na'vi to interact with humans, so they look human."

He went on to say in another post:

" After the first humans arrived (or, to give the consciousness a little more credit, after it received radio signals from the approaching ship) it took some prolemurs, smooshed them into human shape, and flash-uploaded culture and language into them. It may be that even the Na'vi believe that they have always been living on Pandora, when in reality their species is only a few decades old at the start of the movie.

Come to think of it, this scenario makes stylistic sense, too. All the Na'vi are really just a more sophisticated version of the humans' avatar program. The purpose of the program? To negotiate with the humans and keep them occupied until a human mind could be downloaded into the planetary conciousness. Armed with this knowledge, Pandora will be able to either trade with Earth or attempt invasion. "

Here's the rub:

"Now, I'm not saying that...Eywa? evil any more than, say, the government of France is evil. It's just an organism with its own interests and agenda. Perhaps it wants to peacefully trade with humans.

However, it's probably more likely that, seeing that humans are a competitor for unobtainium (perhaps Pandora was seeded with Eywa by another civilization to mine unobtainium biologically?), it produced an ecosystem full of interesting trinkets it hoped would distract the human explorers (the equivalent of offering beads and mirrors to the savages). Unfortunately, while some of the Earth scientists were duped into exploring the pretty jungles (where the "natives" just happen to speak a mish-mash of Earth languages), the majority of the humans remain focused on their mining activities. Eywa withdraws and stalls for time with desultory "animal" attacks and "native" raids on the miners, feverishly studying the humans' avatar program, attempting to grow complimentary systems that can crack the encryption on human thought. Of course it was no coincidence that it successfully cross-loaded Jake Sully after after only one previous attempt.

With Jake Sully acting as a patsy, Eywa no longer had any excuse to keep the humans around, and focused all of its actuators ("animals," which conveniently have all the tactical capabilities of human vehicles) on repelling its competitors. After an expensive battle and an withdrawal of support from Earth, majority of the humans leave. We can now expect the pretty and expensive bio-luminescent circus to die back, the Na'vi lose their personalities, and the interrogation of the human scientists to begin. Then Eywa can decide whether Earth is worth conquering. "

I think this would make great material for a non-canon novel along the lines of the book Wicked. What do you think?
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Re: Eywa's Dark Purpose
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2012, 11:57:59 pm »
It wasn't coincidental that Eywa chose JakeSully to have dreams of flying over Pandora while on Irrta in a VA hospital.  (I've wondered about the prolemurs, too. I am afterall, Ateyo Te Syaksyuk!) But I prefer to wonder whether Pandora was once occupied by humanoids, perhaps humans, that influenced their anatomical differentiation. Such Space Theories are popular in today's explanation of prehistoric monoliths) All in Eywa's scope and far reaching design.  It is a fun cocept to play with.
In this respect, we are each Ewya in creating our own storyline realities.
  Personally, I feel that as fans, we each climb into our hyperlinks each time we sign into this web site.
And each time we sign off, our avatars lie inert as we go about our mundane lives.  I tried role playing online on this site when it struk me that each of us are bemoaning our lack of blue skin, when we have both hyperlinks and tsaheylu at our fingertips!


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