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Something I made way before the movie.
« on: February 20, 2010, 08:24:57 pm »
I wrote this inspired by Avatar a while ago and I've just decided to make it an all-out fan-fic at this point replacing my characters with Na'vi names/appearance and the animals similarly. Just a little tidbit to get you started. :D

              I woke up to her face, inches away from mine. She was swaying beautifully on the branch of an Utral from her knees. I smiled up at her through blurry eyes, putting a hand up to block the sunlight peaking through the tree tops. She sprang from her branch to pin me to the ground and we rolled around in the hollow of the tree, laughing loudly. Our joy echoed through the forest into the new dawn. We settled and she remained on my chest, resting her head on my breast.
       "You're a bit of a sound sleeper." she started, as she ran her fingers tenderly through my hair. Her breath was warm and gentle on my face. She had been watching me sleep again.
       "I would think that's a trait rare to find in Na'rìng." I replied. I realized my words were dreadfully accurate; the forest was quite brutal, "It's dangerous enough in this jungle without us being alone." Both Ta'li and I preferred the isolation offered by our lifestyle, both for our own reasons, however, I was unsure of her motive for living such a secluded life with just me.
       "Being alone would be such a travesty without you" she smiled, her bright yellow eyes gleamed my reflection and I easily knew her sarcasm was pure jest. Her royal blue skin hypnotized me. She kissed me lightly before raising her slender body to start the day. She flicked me with her tail as she walked off to gather that morning's breakfast.
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