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Many fanfic writers will want separate threads for new chapters of the story, and comments, in order to make reading the story right through easier. So, here are some guidelines for those who choose that situation.


Lock your story threads so that only you can post in them. Everyone makes mistakes, so do this to prevent others from posting in the story thread.
Every time you post a new chapter, add a post to the comments thread so it is at the top of the list.
If your chapter is longer than the post limit, you don't need to edit it down - simply post one part in one post, then immediately afterwards post the next part in the post afterwards. The character limit is mainly to stop a spambot filling up the whole database in one go, for example - you don't really have to worry about it in this subforum, and it's not against the rules to circumvent it like this.


Before posting a comment, even if the story thread is unlocked, look carefully for a comment thread. The owner may just have forgotten to lock it.
If you do post accidentally in the story thread, save the moderators some time and delete your post, and manually repost it in the comment thread. Moving posts between topics is a long and difficult process in SMF, even for moderators, so your help will be much appreciated.

Nobody will be punished for breaking this guideline, but please show courtesy.


Flame wars will be deleted or the topic locked. Parodies are acceptable as long as the original writer is not offended, and the threads do not turn into flame wars.

I read every post in this subforum, but if there is something I miss that you're not happy about (a post in the wrong thread, abuse towards you, etc.), just give me a shout (PM, IRC, Teamspeak, any other place I happen to be) and I'll sort it out.

What is a flame war, or a parody?

A parody is where you make fun of something else in a clever way by writing something like it but exaggerating the flaws, or just making it into something funny - it's not that you're sniping at someone, it's all in good spirit. It gets too nasty when rather than being funny it is just insulting, and at this point it would probably be breaking the rules.

A flame war is essentially where people keep insulting (flaming) each other in post after post - which is obviously not fair on the people getting insulted, or the people actually interested in what the thread was about.


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