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The first step on Pandora


In 2129, Pandora is discovered during an interstellar expedition. They see that it's a living planet, so they decide to land there and make the first step in an extraterrestrial world 6 months later.

2129 - Alpha Centauri system
Capt. James Sullivan [interphone]: Crew, this is your captain speaking. We lately discovered a life-sustainable world. It is an exomoon - Why not Pandora? - orbiting around a gas giant planet, Polyphemus. We decided to name them like this.
By the way, I need a volunteer in my office in 10 minutes. This one will make the first step on Pandora. End of the message.

Everybody applauses

Marianne Romney: Ok, now we need a voluntary. I will be one.
Mike Quadratiks: I will. I used to study wild places on Earth during 10 years.
Marianne Romney: But everyone had the formation...
Mike Quadratiks: I'm afraid we're only able to survive in wild conditions, not to deal with the life out there.
Marianne Romney [sighs]: Come with me, please.

2 minutes later - Office of the Captain

Marianne and Mike perform the salute in front of the Captain

Marianne and Mike: Ready to listen!
Captain James Sullivan: Alright. I said ONE volunteer, but I will take both of you. You are going to have a little training so that everything goes well. In the locker, you will find a keyboard. One of you will perform a piece of music that was created about 145 years ago, called Axel F. Here's the sheet music. (opens a folder, takes a document and puts it on the desk)
Marianne Romney: Was a musician on Earth. (takes carefully the document)
Captain James Sullivan: Good. (Looks at Mike) And you, Sir, will become the first man on an exoworld. Here's the sentence you will say: That's one giant leap for a man, a new future for mankind. (stands up) You have 6 months to learn that.

Marianne and Mike perform a salute

Both: We'll obey!

Beginning of 2130 - 2 hours before landing
Captain James Sullivan [interphone]: Romney and Quadratiks, please. End of the message.

They enter in the office and perform the salute

Captain James Sullivan: I hope you learned everything by heart. You will go in a module. You will land before us. After the landing, follow the procedure and then Quadratiks will step and pronounce his sentence. Romney will follow. Understood?
Both: Yes, O Captain.
Captain James Sullivan: And good luck. I am proud of you. (takes two brown boxes under the office and places them on the desk) Oh, you will need these. Now, please go.

They perform a special salute

Both: For the Earth and the United States!

They leave the office and they walk in the hallway to the place in which the module will be ejected. In the way, the crew members salute them and wish them a good luck.

They arrive at the place where the module is. The doors open and they place carefully the keyboard and the boxes. They put their special suit on and they sit.

Mike Quadratiks: State of the module... Correct.
Marianne Romney: Preparing departure. (30 seconds...) Check. (presses communication button) O Commander, ready.
Commander Steve Harper [walkie-talkie voice]: Received. You will leave in 5 minutes. You should orbit around the exomoon during one hour. Then press the red button. Good luck.
Mike Quadratiks: Received. Thanks.

6 minutes later, the module is ejected. It took one more minute, but they succeeded. They did exactly as the commandant said one hour later. They started the landing procedures and finally, 15 minutes after, they are on the surface of Pandora. They are near a forest. They don't know that there are Na'vi nearby yet.

Mike recitates the sentence in his mind. Then they put their oxygen mask on and Mikes open the door. He takes a picture and he presses the button of his walkie-talkie.

Mike Quadratiks: That's one giant leap for a man, a new future for mankind.

Then he walked a few meters. Marianne takes the keyboard and installs it outside.
Meanwhile, the people in the space venturer are celebrating a bit before they land.

Marianne Romney (yells, looking up the sky): Mama, papa, brothers, sisters and family, I will be with you forever.

Then she plays Axel F.

The Na'vi in the forest hear that music.

Nrrtrr'ri: Pesengftu za'ängu fìväpam?
Morat: Fwivew ko.

They succeed to find Marianne and Mike. She stops. Both freeze.

Nrrtrr'ri: Hì'ia mesute ahek.
Morat: Tup mehetuwong. Kaltxì.

They don't answer.
Meanwhile, the sound of the landing space venturer can be heard, but they ignore it.

Morat: Livok ayoeyä helkut, tsakrr tayerkup!
Marianne Romney [whispers]: Mike...
Mike Quadratiks: We came here in peace. [puts his hands up]

2 minutes later, the Captain finds them. He does kind of gestures in order to communicate.

Nrrtrr'ri: Hivum ko. Leioae sivi pxefor ko. Lu hapxì rey'eyngä.

The Na'vi leave.

Captain James Sullivan: Phew. What a world!

The characters:

Captain James Sullivan

Mike Quadratiks: Crew member of the Space Venturer. First man on Pandora. He was a naturalist. He's at least 40 years old.

Marianne Romney: Crew member of the Space Venturer. First woman on Pandora. She was a musician, but she has an interest for astronomy. She's at least 30 years old.

Morat: Na'vi of the Omaticaya Clan. Mother of Nrrtrr'ri.

Nrrtrr'ri: Na'vi of the Omaticaya Clan. Daughter of Morat.

uniltiranyu aean:
I didn't understood what the na'vi said, but interesting!


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