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The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
« on: June 16, 2010, 02:19:54 pm »
Author note: First off, I'm going to say that this is a first try at anything set Avatar. I'm not amazingly set with my plot yet, so don't expect this to get really interesting really fast. For at least the first three chapters, I'll just be about the Na'vi and Pandora, and the way they interact with it. It's set around a young Na'vi named Raltaw. which in a loose translation means: "Sky of meaning." or "Important Sky."
second off, DON'T EXPECT SPEED! I'm sorry to ask that of you, but I am writing about three things at once right now, and I'm going to be unable to just work on this. (if you care, I have a 124 page book that I'm writing, which I'll mainly be working on.
Third off, I'll make a comments topic so you can give me feed back. but please, post there and not here. Irayo.

So, enjoy what I have, and Eywa ngahu!
oh! PS: It would help a lot for the people that read this to have at least intermediate Na'vi proficiency. Though it shouldn't be totally required.
Post comments here:
_________________________________________________ _______________________________________

Chapter one. A clean kill.

In the darkened forest, the rain fell lightly. Dripping down the leaves with a soft patter. Every step through the thick bush made a barely audible splash, but to Raltaw, it sounded like a thunder clap.
   Today was his test. he knew that around him, his teachers were watching him. Waiting for him to make a mistake.
   Raltaw moved quickly but quietly, wasting no time. He trekked through the bush, using the giant trees to his advantage, moving across them as the Natang did. He watched the roots with a careful eye, one wrong step and he would be falling down these like a Tawtute. He grinned lightly at the word. It has been eleven years since the routing of the Sky people, Hells gate complex was now no more than housing for the few humans that remained.
   Lost in his thoughts, he almost missed the telltale sign of the Yerìk, the mark on the tree branch. Chiding himself, Raltaw crouched, looking around. He tasted the air, sifting through all of the scents around him. He glanced quickly in the trees around him, aware that he could not be the only thing being hunted. Making a quick decision, he swung down off the branch and landed lightly on the muddy ground. Slowly and carefully he moved forward, checking each print, but only for a moment. The prints were fresh, no less than half an hour old. It was likely that the Yerìk was still near. Making another quick glance, he saw the prints were smallish, it was a juvenile, probably one this season's addition.  If he caught it quickly and respectfully, he would be ready. While he had been hoping for something a little bigger, he knew that it would feed many Na'vi.
   Behind him, he heard a quiet splash. He tried to keep his ears from twitching in that direction, he recognized that type of landing. That was the quiet land of a Na'vi. Pretending to continue on, he ducked into a small hole between some roots. He crouched there quietly, peeking out of his hiding spot, he saw a slight movement. A few seconds later, a Na'vi man stepped out, he moved extremely quietly, and Raltaw was surprised that he had even heard the landing. Raltaw smiled mischievously, while he knew you shouldn't talk to your Karyu during the test, that didn't mean you couldn't play a trick or two on them if they were getting sloppy.
   He waited several more moments before moving out of his hiding spot, he climbed a tree and began to move across the branches above his Teacher. His teacher stopped, and examined the ground, looking for Raltaw. Raltaw saw from the twitch in his tail and the flick of the ears that he was slightly confused. Raltaw grinned, the slowly maneuvered himself right above his victim. He hooked his legs around the branch and swung down, Now upside down, he waited, restraining his excitement. His teacher slowly stood, obviously trying to find the trail that wasn't there. His head was now quite near to Raltaw's, Raltaw reached out and suddenly placed his two fingers at his teachers neck. Karyu froze, and from the flick of the ears Raltaw knew that he knew who it was. Raltaw swung down, landing just as Karyu turned around. He looked mildly angry but impressed. Raltaw made a slashing motion across his neck, Dead. It was an old game his teacher had played with Raltaw, it was the game of sneaking. It taught Raltaw how to be quiet, but eventually it had evolved into a game of cat and mouse, for once, Raltaw had been the cat.
   Karyu rolled his eyes, but then looked serious, he pointed to the Yerìk track. Then raised his eyebrows.
   Raltaw grinned, and moved forward. On the way by, he flicked Karyu with the tip of his tail.
   Back to his job, Raltaw became serious again. He could tell that his first impression was wrong, the Yerìk tracks were barely five minutes old, some of the slightly more sheltered ones weren't even full of water. Unslinging his bow, Raltaw began to listen as well. Listening for anything that might give away the Yerìk's position.
   Moving quickly, he followed the twisting tracks, he knew that he was hitting the edge of his allotted space, and would soon be passing over one of his Tsmukan's border. But if he was right, The Yerìk was very close. Making another quick decision, he climbed a tree several levels up, allowing him to see much of the jungle in front of him. He saw a slight rustle of bushes a short run ahead, and a few seconds later he saw the Yerìk grazing off a nearby bush. Raltaw grinned, it was bigger than he had first estimated, he couldn't wait to show it to his friends. But then he chided himself, it was a death, don't treat it lightly.
   He moved quickly through the trees, and soon he was only thirty cubits away. He was slightly above it, but he had a clear shot. Drawing his bow, he breathed slowly out, and released.
   The arrow flew straight and true, striking the Yerìk in the side. It fell with a splash. Raltaw dropped a good eight cubits down, crouching as soon as he hit the ground. He moved quickly forward, the creature groaned, it's breathing quick. Raltaw knelt at it's side, "Oel ngati kameie, ma tsmukan. Ulte ngaru seiyi irayo." Unsheathing his dagger, he quickly drew it across the throat of the creature, stopping it's suffering. "Ngari hu Eywa saleu tirea, tokx i'awn slu Na'viyä hapxi."
   "A clean kill." Said Raltaw's Karyu's voice, the flowing Na'vi syllables pronounced with ease.
   Raltaw felt a flow of pleasure go through him, he had passed, those words had been expected. Raltaw stood slowly and reverently, "Irayo ma Karyu. May we head back to hometree Ta'fe?"
   Ta'fe nodded, "you must carry your own catch back however."
   Raltaw looked slightly worriedly at his catch. Perhaps a smaller one would have been a little better...
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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
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Chapter 2 Back to Hometree.

Tsa-hey! This thing is heavy! Raltaw could all but carry his catch. So he was forced into a sort of dragging/carrying shuffle, the encroaching bush did not help either. He swore again under his breath as he had to maneuver it over a set of large fallen trees.
   Ta'fe walked quietly a few feet ahead, Raltaw could tell that he was smiling to himself. Raltaw knew there was a lecture on the way, and he was right: "This be a lesson to you, The biggest catch is not always the best. Especially when you have to carry it back on your own. " Raltaw made a face.
    By the time they reached Kelutral, Raltaw was hating his catch. But he soothed himself with the thoughts of what his friends would say. There was one last thing he needed to do before he could go and rest. He tied the vine around the Yerìk's feet and whipped the other end up and over a large branch on which other Yerìk's hung, draining. With a lot of grunting and swearing, Raltaw managed to hang it. Unsheathing his knife, he slit a line across the stomach. It was amazing how much heat the organs created, and if they weren't removed, the meat would begin to rot before half a day had passed. The creature had already bled out on the way back, so all Raltaw needed to do was remove the organs. So he quickly cut it all out. He had done this many times before, it was the job of the Aynumeyu. The learners. But right now there were none around, so he would do it himself. He managed to get only a small amount of blood and stomach contents on himself. He threw the organs into a basket where they would be emptied later. He wiped his hands on the large leaf next to the draining Yerìk's. He would let the Aynumeyu skin it later, that wasn't so imperative as removing the organs. He glanced at the other hanging Yerìk's, they had a good bounty today. It would feed the clan for several days.
   While meat was eaten much, the most abundant food was fruit. But even gathering required carful awareness, apart from the predators, many types of plants were extremely poisonous. The gatherers were trained just as much as the hunters. Perhaps more. Raltaw wasn't a good gatherer, he couldn't keep all the information in his head. He had almost killed himself several times by being careless about what fruit he was picking. But each time his Karyu had saved him from a careless and pointless death. But after the last time, Ta'fe had decided that perhaps gathering was not Raltaw's forte.
   "Heh, still doing Numeyu job. So you failed as I expected," said a voice.
   Raltaw whipped around, his grip tightening on his dagger. Stand in front of him was a well built Na'vi. His smirk covered his face with unconcealed loathing. Ketxi.
   Raltaw wiped his dagger clean, and sheathed. He gestured to his hanging Yerìk. "That's mine, I passed. Against your hopes, which I say with happiness. In fact, I think this means I've a better catch than your first." Raltaw grinned condescendingly.
   Ketxi's smirk twitched for a moment, but then he barked a laugh. "That scrawny thing?! Why, a single Natang could have gotten better than that. You have no right to compare it to my catch."
   Raltaw stepped forward, passing into Ketxi's space. "As I remember, I have every right. We are equals. Some could take offence at your comment."
   Ketxi bared his teeth, a hiss coming to his lips. But it was interrupted before it came.  
   "Raltaw! Kaltxì!" A bright but strong feminine voice sounded lightly.
   Ketxi twitched. Turning he stalked off, his tail lashing the air.
   "Hey, Raltaw! Did you pass?" A Na'vi woman bounded excitedly forward. Her beautiful face literally glowing with the tiny bioluminescent dots.
   Raltaw let out a long breath, calming himself. Ketxi's loathing had been around ever since Raltaw had known him. "Of course, Tanhì. Did you think I wouldn't?!"
   She flicked him with her tail, "Of course not! But.. I mean... which one's yours?"
   Raltaw smiled, he always felt better when he talked with Tanhì. He gestured to the one he had gutted.
   Tanhì laughed, "Tewti! How did you manage to get it all the way back here?"
   Raltaw rubbed his aching arms, "very very slowly. I think Ta'fe is right. Pick the smaller ones."
   Tanhì laughed, "Well, I was lucky with my first catch then. When do you think they'll take us to Iknimaya?"
   Raltaw twitched his tail and shrugged. "who knows, I sometimes think I'll never get an Ikran."
   Tanhì punched him lightly, "don't say that! You'll get me worrying! Come on, Let's go get some Aysyuve."
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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
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Chapter three: The dream.

Black shadows, flitting. Death in the waters. Tress falling. Craters in the ground. Slashing claws and nashing teeth. Creatures fleeing for their lives.
   Raltaw ran without knowing what he ran from, he moved faster than he ever had before through the forest. Fear and adrenaline pushing him forward. Raltaw glanced behind him, far behind him but getting nearer was a black shadow. Veiled in darkness. Raltaw couldn't tell what it was, but great waves of fear echoed out from it.
   Suddenly Raltaw was not the only one running. Other creatures ran past him. The Yerìk, bounding with skill through the jungle maze. The nantang, howling in fear. The forest Ikran, unable to find a way other than forward. Even Palulukan ran in terror.
   Raltaw ran for what felt like eons, but at every step the shadow got closer. Suddenly Raltaw tripped. He fell forward and smashed into the ground, he screamed as the shadow enveloped him.

   Raltaw awoke with sweat pouring down his body, he was trembling. He realized his hands were raised to ward off... what? Raltaw struggled to remember the fading dream. All that came to his mind was the Palulukan. But something told him he was wrong. But the more Raltaw tried to remember, the more it slipped from his fingers.
   "Raltaw?" Tanhì's voice was full of worry. "Raltaw, are you all right?"
   Raltaw shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts, "I'm alright Tanhì... it.." he paused, still shaking slightly, "Just a bad dream." He looked up, Tanhì was standing on the branch above him, looking worriedly down. She didn't seem to believe him, "You were screaming, I've never heard you scream." She look serious, "What did you see?"
   Raltaw unfurled the hammock and climbed quickly up onto the branch with Tanhì. He sat on the branch and thought for a moment. "I don't know what I saw, but all I know is I felt more fear than I've even felt. I was terrified." Tanhì still looked worried. Raltaw smiled, "But it was just a dream Tan, I'm okay." He flicked her with his tail. "Besides, nothing real scares Raltaw!"
   Tanhì smiled then, "okay, I just was worried about you." She stood, "Come on, we better go find Ta'fe. I'm sure he's got something terribly tedious for us to do."
   Raltaw made a face.

   As it happened, Tanhì had been wrong. Now that both Tanhì and Raltaw had passed the Clean Kill test. Ta'fe was to ready them for the journey to Iknimaya. Raltaw couldn't have been more willing to run and climb. The three of them moved through the jungle quickly and quietly. Raltaw ran at the back, thinking. He absentmindedly watched Tanhì run, he quiet feet touching the ground with barely a sound. The way her hips swayed with the movement. Raltaw smiled, her name did fit her well.
   Before Raltaw even knew what was happening, he had tripped. The huge root that was lifted up into the air was a good six feet off the ground. Raltaw tilted and slipped, rolling directly off one side of the root. He turned in the air and only barely managed to land on his feet. even then, he landed with an "Omph" and jarred his wrist when he used it to catch himself. Ta'fe laughed, soon accompanied by Tanhì. Raltaw's face burned with embarrassment. Ta'fe laughed again, "Distractions Raltaw. Distractions. What distracted you?"
   Raltaw wasn't quite comfortable revealing what he had been thinking. So he chose a half truth. "I.. I was thinking."
   Ta'fe raised an eyebrow, "apparently not very hard. Keep focused. Come on, catch up." Ta'fe made a quick glance between Raltaw and Tanhì, and Raltaw thought he saw a glint of some understanding in his eyes. But then he was running again.
   Raltaw stood, rubbed his wrist, and began to run again.

   They reached their destination in a few hours.  A great floating rock, risen enough off of the ground to stop the amount growth that you saw normally. But close enough to the ground that you could fall and not get severely injured. Though that didn't mean it would hurt to fall. Raltaw looked worriedly at the top of it. In fact, if you fell, it would hurt a lot. Raltaw felt a little better when he got closer, the ground all around the great rock was springy and soft. The moss had grown well here due to the sparse bush and large amount of water. Creating a spongy mat.
   Tanhì glanced up at the rock, "well, this doesn't look to bad."
   Ta'fe grinned. Holding up a pair of what looked like quite heavy rocks, with straps on them for attaching them to...
   Raltaw swore. They were weights. "Tan, why did you have to open your mouth?"
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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
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Chapter Four Drake Lupis.

He woke to the bright light of his cryogenic chamber opening into the lit ship. The pressure changing creating a hiss of air movement. He blinked in the light without quite knowing who or even what he was, his head throbbed greatly, each rush of blood bringing a fresh pain into his skull. Suddenly he noticed the tubes of fluids connecting into his skin. With sudden fear he ripped them out, thinking them to be some strange alien device. In doing so, he created a small rip in his skin, and a trickle of blood ran down his arm. With the pain he suddenly remembered who he was. His name was Drake Lupis. The murderer.
   With the thought an exceptionally large throb made him contort in pain. In between the waves of pain, he unhooked himself from the leads, knowing now what they were. As he floated out of the bed, in the movement and change of position, his bowels contorted and he almost lost what little contents there were in his stomach. He wiped spittle from his mouth with contempt, he had been told that it wasn't that bad, they had lied.
   He realized suddenly that he was alone. While he had known this would be the case. He hadn't really mentally prepared himself for the sudden thought. The flight from the center had been a hasty and almost impossible maneuver. This ship had had only a few personnel on it, as it was in orbit of Earth waiting to receive a full complement of RDA recruitments.
   Drake moved quickly but carefully up to the cockpit of the huge vessel. At least there were only a few living compartments that he would have to move through. He shuddered at the thought of having to navigate this vessel manually on his own. When he reached the cockpit, he flipped a myriad of switches; bringing up the holographic controls. When the screens flickered on, he almost screamed with happiness. He had calculated correctly.
   Up ahead was the most beautiful planet that Drake thought he had ever seen. The one safe haven he would ever find. The one place the RDA would not follow him. Pandora.
   Several lights flashed on the panels, visually screaming at him that he was out of propellant. Tanks empty.
   Drake smiled, he wouldn't need the fuel. The shuttle would take him the rest of the way.
   When Drake had hijacked the waiting ship, stuffing each of the twenty unarmed scientists into the second shuttle, he had known that it would only have enough fuel to get him close. The ship had not been planing a trip to Pandora. Only to the slightly nearer system of Proxima Centauri. The shuttle, Drake knew, would have just enough fuel to propel him far enough to reach Pandora.
   Quickly, Drake shut off the panels, and set the pre-routines to start the shuttle. After a few seconds, there was a slight shudder as the ship made a last gag and died.
   Drake frowned. Piss... I'm gonna have to start it on my own...
   This was slightly problematic, as the shuttle was normally piloted by several people.
   Drake shook his head and decided he'd cross that when he came to it. But first, he needed to load his cargo.
   While he had been heading for the cargo bay, he had dropped back by his cryo chamber and put on some more comfortable clothes, strapped on his knife and pistol, and grabbed his bag. It rattled slightly with the shotgun and CARB rifle in it. Even thought the ship was now qualified as derelict, the weapons made Drake feel a little safer.
   When he reached the cargo bay, he quickly moved to the one free AMP suit on the entire ship. Strapping in he started it with practiced ease. The large machine moved strangely gracefully across the room to the large cylindrical shape. It sat on a cart that would move easily across the floor, Drake grabbed a large, AMP size handle and began to pull it across the room to the shuttle's cargo hold. He hit a few buttons on his control panel and opened the great door. It settled on the floor with a thud, and Drake clomped up it, now pushing the cart. He slid the wheels into the slots across the floor and locked it in place.
   He parked the Amp suit in the corner and climbed out of it. He gazed up at the clumsy suit in mild contempt. Though it was sensitive, the machine was only so good. Drake knew how they worked, knew every quirk and switch, and yet he could never get past the fault.
   Drake looked over to a large dark shape in the corner of the cargo bay. He walked over to it and pulled a shrouding cloth off of it. What he found was not surprising but still impressive. Even though he'd seen it before, it was still amazing. The eight foot tall suit looked almost human. With defined arms and legs, even a sort of head. It looked as though someone had pulled the skin off of a human and exposed the muscle, and painted it grey. In many ways that's exactly what it was, he prototype fibric material would act as muscles for the user. Every movement would be just as sensitive as a real body, but ten times stronger.
   Part of Drake wanted to climb into the opening back and enclose himself in the protective suit. But he wasn't ready for that yet.
   As he was about to activate the small remote controlled platform, a rustle of movement startled him out of his thoughts. He whipped around and looked for the origin of the noise, it was now suddenly oppressively silent. Drake looked around for a moment, then shrugged, pretending to go back to work. After a moment there was another rustle, and immediately Drake whipped out his pistol and fired a shot in that direction. It rang on a metal box, and a human voice yelped in fear.
   Drake waited for the shot to ring out in the large room, then he said, "Come out! Or my next shot won't miss."
   There was a moment of silence, Drake knew the person would be battling out it his head weather Drake was just going to shoot if he came out anyway. But after a moment, a shape emerged from behind the large steel box.
   Drake walked forward until he was a few feet from the person. He now saw it as a her, a woman of about twenty. She was dressed in the suit of someone who had been in cryo. But no one had been with Drake in the cryo room, and it would have activated at the same time as Drakes. So how had this person gotten here.
   Drake gestured with his gun that she get into the middle of the room. Then he stood there for a moment. Just as he was about to ask her how she had gotten here, she said. "Are you going to shoot me or what?" Her voice was that of a person in stress, but there was an amazing amount of calm in the voice. This was someone used to dealing with a gun to their head.
   Drake smiled, he liked people like that. "No, I am not. Not yet at least." He holstered his gun. He knew that he would be able to draw and fire within a second. So he was not worried. "So we will do this civilly. But don't get me wrong, one threatening move and I won't hesitate to blow a hole through your head.
   She nodded and sat down on the floor, now looking into Drake's eyes. Drake could tell in the light of the cargo room that her eyes were a piercing green. She stared defiantly up at him.
   Drake decided to ask the first question, "How did you get here?"
   She smirked, "Same way you did. Through Cryo."
   Drake shook his head, "not possible, I wouldn't have missed that. You did not open with me"
   She laughed, "of course not, do you think they'd let me sleep in the same place as you marine types?" She gestured to a large shape in the corner, "single cryo tank. I would have thought you would have known that. Considering it was your guys who put me here. Am I right M.r Quaritch."
   Drake almost lost his concentration. "Quaritch? How could he have put you here?"
   Obviously, this reaction wasn't expected by the woman, "what? You're not Quaritch?"    
   Drake smiled lightly, "Obviously you've never seen the man, I look nothing like him. Besides, he's dead."
   Again the woman wasn't expecting this reaction. "I... No. I haven't. Who are you?"
   "My name is Drake Lupis, I am the Hijacker of this ship. You and I are the only people on this entire vessel. Though I would have thought that it was only me."
   She laughed, "Right, and I'm queen Elizabeth. No one can Hijack and entire ship by themselves."
   Drake frowned, "Admittedly, I got lucky. But distractions were made. This ship had only a skeleton crew. Ten scientists, seven civilians, and three pilots." Drake shook his head, why was he explaining himself to this person? Who was basically his prisoner? "enough of how I got here. Why were you in that cryo tank?"
   She was still trying to puzzle out her own turmoil, but she answered quickly. "I'm a prisoner of war, my name is Alex Nicola. I'm here for trying to shut down the Avatar program. I thought I was being shipped back to earth... what happened?"
   Drake pulled a holo pad from his bag and remote accessed the ships records, eleven years before it had departed back to earth, arrived five years nine months and twenty two days before. Drake knew what happened after that, so he went further back into the records. When it had arrived at Pandora it had unloaded a large amount of marines. As Drake searched through the records, he suddenly realized that this was the same ship that had unloaded Jake sully almost twelve years before. Drake made another quick search for the name "Alex Nicola" and almost immediately it came up on record as stored for the trip home in a separate cryo tank. So that part of her story. Drake looked under "Reason for incarceration." It said that she had been placed there for sabotaging a test run of the early Avatar program. So, that checked out too. Drake realized why she hadn't been woken at the return to earth, Drake had grabbed this ship within a week of its arrival. So it hadn't had time to unload any secondary equipment. Single Cryo chambers fell under that category. So, she was here because of him. In place for sabotaging an Avatar test run. Which meant she knew a lot about how they worked.
   Drake smiled, and stood up. "Your story checks out." He turned and began to control the suit up into the shuttle.
   Alex stood up, "Hey! What about me?"
   Drake turned to her, his grin spreading wider. "Why, you're coming with me. We're gonna go meet the natives."

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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
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Chapter Five. Iknimaya.

Raltaw woke with sweat pouring down his body. The dreams were getting more frequent.
   Tanhì groaned and rolled over in her sleep, too exhausted to wake up this time.
   Raltaw could remember most of the dream now. Each time he had seen it, it had become more clear. This was now the eighth time he had seen it. He still didn't know what it meant, but he feared it. Every time he went to sleep, he knew he would experience the terror again. But slowly, the fear was beginning to ebb and numb, like a pain repeated to increase tolerance.
   Raltaw lay in his hammock for a while. Trying to get back to sleep, but unable as to his swirling thoughts. These dreams were only a point among the constellation of worries that ran through his mind. These recent days, Tanhì had been running through his mind in a different way than he had ever thought of her. He didn't quite know what to think of it yet... but he knew that it was different. He was also extremely nervous about Iknìmaya, he feared that he would fail... that he would prove too weak to have his own Ikran. Ta'fe had faith in him, but always a glimmer of doubt stood prominent in Raltaw's mind.
   "Can't sleep?"
   Raltaw twitched, looking up, Jakesully stood on the branch above him. He had spoken in English, even after the long time that Jake had been there, he still preferred English. Raltaw was one of the few who could speak it that were left.
   Raltaw shook his head, opened his hammock and climbed up to sit next to Jake. "Oel ngati kameie. No, I can't sleep... I've been trying to sort out my thoughts."
   Jake smiled, his Avatars face stretching into a grin. While Jake truely was a Na'vi now, no one could miss the differences. Jakes ten fingers always looked strange to Raltaw.
   Jake spoke, "Yes... Iknimaya is quite a journey. Walk with me."
   Jake stood and they began to walk and move down the tree.
   It was a long walk from Raltaw's hammock to the bottom of Kelutral. Kelutral was one of the largest trees Raltaw had ever known, with the exception of the previous Kelutral. When he had grown up, he had always remembered the Great tree, destroyed by the RDA, but trees were many on Pandora, and they made a new home within another great tree.
   When they stepped onto the dusty ground of the bottom level of Kelutral, Jake spoke again.
   "When I was learning to be... a Na'vi... Many times I found myself terrified of what I was about to do. My training as a Marine was nothing compared to the rigors of learning just to survive on this planet. But always, I found in myself a purpose to go on. To push past my fear, and enjoy myself to my greatest potential. At first, I wondered what the hell I was doing, but then I began to fall in love with this planet, to become part of the People.
   One of those times, was when I met my Ikran. I knew that if I didn't do everything right, he would kill me. I had no doubt. Neytiri will tell you a story of courage, fear, and excitement. But I'll tell you that I was scared s***. Every fiber of my body told me to run, to get the hell out of there. But again, somehow I managed to push past my fear, and knew what I had to do."
   Jake turned to Raltaw, he placed a hand on his shoulder, "I see much of myself in you, courage, strength, and a will to survive. I have no doubt I will see you again today. As a man, and as a hunter. Of the many young Na'vi here, I see the most potential in you."
   Raltaw was shocked, it was all he could do to keep his mouth from dropping open. Raltaw had always respected Jake, completely and utterly, but he had never thought that he was a favourite of Jake's. "I... uh... Thank you... That means a lot for me to hear that."
   Jake smiled, "You will do well today, don't worry about it. Just let your body know what to do." He nodded his head, then moved off. Raltaw saw Neytiri waiting at the edge of the tree. Her bow slung along her back, and her hand on a Pa'li.
   Raltaw stood and watched them leave, trying to puzzle out Jakes sudden interest in him. Raltaw was one of the few who could speak English, but that had never connected him with Jake before. So Raltaw didn't understand why now, Jake suddenly believed in him.
   Raltaw scuffed the dirt underneath him, Iknimaya didn't seem so frightening now... With Jakes praise, Raltaw felt much better about it. In fact, Raltaw felt full of energy. Ready for the coming day. He glanced around the mostly empty ground floor of Kelutral, the day would begin soon, they would need to leave early, if they wished to reach Iknimaya at the right time. Raltaw smiled, time to wake Tanhì.

Climbing up onto his Pa'li Raltaw connected with her. The rush of information from the direhorse was always exhilarating to Raltaw, but served to focus him rather than excite him. 
Tanhì rode up beside him, and smiled at him. She glanced around at the few others that were also going to Iknimaya this day, then she looked back. "etrìpa syayvi... ne oengru."
Raltaw nodded, serious and ready. Luck wasn't required, today would happen as it would. Luck had no part in it.
Ta'fe and two other teachers rode up in front of the five students, they said nothing, but gestured them forward. Raltaw urged his Pa'li forward, and soon the troop of na'vi began to run. It would be a long way to Iknimaya.

They reached the fabled floating mountains in less time than usual. The path seemed to urge them onward, and they traveled swiftly. Climbing up the thin path around a still ground bound mountain, they made their way up as far as possible. Stopping only when the ayfa'li could go no further. Raltaw dropped off his horse and surveyed what he could see of the journey ahead. Vines snaked out from the mountain side, reaching out to the first floating rock. Raltaw looked up until the clouds obscured the way. It would be quite a climb, but Raltaw knew it would be worth it. The others were readying to move, and the first teacher set off, climbing carefully. Raltaw glanced at Tanhì, she was seeing the path as well, and after a moment, she turned to Raltaw. They shared a moments look, nodded, and they set off.
The climb was difficult, but Raltaw was ready for it. Every handhold felt comfortable in Raltaws hand, and he climbed strongly. He thought almost nothing of the climb, preparing only for his battle with his Ikran. The amazing views that passed as he climbed meant nothing to him, only serving to urge him on. After an hour, Raltaw could see the largest mountain of the bunch they had climbed. Iknimaya.
They reached it soon after, climbing through the opening in the bottom, and up into a cave looking out over the land. Raltaw heard the splash of a waterfall, he knew this was the entrance to the Ikrans territory.
Ta'fe gestured that they should sit, so they rested in the cool cave for a while. Then, as Raltaws breath returned. Ta'fe said, "Now, who would like to go first? Make sure you are ready."
Raltaw stood, and stepped forward, expecting to have to compete for first, but no one else stood. Raltaw could tell they were waiting to see how it worked, and so were fine with Raltaw going first. Ta'fe smiled, "I expected no one else." He took Raltaw's bow and handed him the heavy vine that he would use to shut the Ikrans mouth. Ta'fe leaned forward and wispered into Raltaw's ear, "be careful. Know who will be yours, don't let pride get the better of you. Good luck."
Raltaw nodded respectfully. He took a deep breath and stepped onto the ledge. Shimmying across the ledge, he heard the others begin to follow. Pushing them out of his mind, he thought only of the coming test.
The sheer amount of Ikrans amazed Raltaw, hundreds were gathered on the mountainside, more than Raltaw could count. He stepped forward into the crowd, several Ikrans screeched and flew off, and as Raltaw stepped forward many more left. Then, out of the crowd, Raltaw saw the one. It was of medium size, but it's colour was amazing, it was a deeper green than he usually saw, but across it ran streaks of red and blue. It stood it's ground as Raltaw stepped forward, and locked eyes with Raltaw. In that instant, it began. The ikrans head shot out, mouth open wide. But Raltaw stepped out of the way, swinging the vine around the Ikran's mouth, locking it shut. He quickly swung up onto the Ikran's back, trying to get a grip on something. But he was smashed in the face by the ikran's head, reeling backwards Raltaw flailed for something to grab. He felt something enter his hand, and he grasped it. Opening his eyes, he saw that he had grabbed the Ikran's antenna. Without thinking raltaw reached back to his queue and grasped it, bringing it forward toward the tendrils of the antenna.
But as they were about to touch, the Ikran turned and bucked, Raltaw didn't expect it. And he flew from the Ikran's back, as he flew, he saw sky, then the earth. But it was only then that he realized it was much farther than it should have been away. He had fallen off the mountain. His eyes closed and he heard Tanhì scream as the clouds came rushing up.
Raltaw was enveloped in the white, he could see nothing. He didn't want to. He had failed. And now he would die. He didn't want to think of anything. But as he came out from the cloud, he noticed that the forest was closer than he had assumed. Suddenly he realized that he had one chance. Spreading his arms, he slowed himself as much as possible, trying to stay stable. He had never fallen this far before, and he struggled to maintain balance. He saw the giant leaves that he had hoped for, and turning himself slightly, he tried to fall toward it. Somehow, he succeeded. He hit the leaf with more speed than he thought possible, but yet it still slowed him. he continued to try to catch himself on all he could. But as he turned, a splitting pain erupted in his head. And he saw no more.

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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
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Chapter six. Pxisre'

Red lights and screaming horns flashed and echoed all around Drake. The Shuttle was falling apart, he had run out of fuel about halfway to the planet, and the shuttle had drifted the rest of the distance to the little moon. But in some ways, this was worse than if he had missed...
   Alex flipped switches and press a myriad of buttons faster than Drake could see, but he was doing almost the same. Only a few things would save them now from a short but painful death. The emergency thrusters had burned out long ago, vaporized almost instantly from the speed of atmospheric entry. Drake worked franticly to try to reroute backup power from life support and anything else he could find, but it was a losing battle.
   A computerized voice rang out through the cockpit: Decent rate increasing, estimating time to impact...  Two minutes to impact. Recommend immediate evacuation. Hull integrity decreasing rapidly. Recommend immediate evacuation.
   Drake swore, he wouldn't come this far just to die in a crash. Not for everything he'd done.
   Quickly he unstrapped himself from the seat, and moved as fast as he could out of the cockpit. Alex yelled something that he couldn't hear, but he knew she was following him.
   He reached the cargo hold in twenty seconds, running across the hard floor toward the giant suit. Jumping up onto the platform, he activated the suit. In a graceful movment, the human shaped suit lowered itself and the front opened revealing a sort of cockpit. Without thinking, Drake stripped off until he wore only his standard issue jump suit. Climbing into the suit he pressed several buttons and the suit closed up. For a moment Drake panicked as he was engulfed in total darkness. Then suddenly several lights powered up in the darkness, and he felt the suit compress around him, then suddenly he was looking out through the red tinted visor of the high tech device. Drake knew the suit worked off thought and movement, just like the human body. But still needed verbal commands for its other systems. So he said “Activate.”
   Suddenly the visor cleared and a heads up display sprang into view, it prompted a command code. Drake swore, and racked his brains. Stress making his memories fuzzy. The shuttle's computer spoke out again, Thirty seconds to impact.
   "Code Lazurus" Drake said.
   The suit responded immediately, handing over all systems to Drake. Drake stepped forward and felt the suit respond instantly, there was no slight delay of the AMP suit. Drake turned and accessed the shuttles controls remotely, and opened the cargo doors. As he turned to jump, he saw Alex strapping into the AMP suit he had left in the corner. He felt a twinge of guilt, Which was instantly replaced by contempt for himself. She is of no importance. He thought.
   Ten seconds to impact.
   Drake had no time left, and he jumped.

   Raltaw woke to a splitting headache, and his vision blurred as he retched onto the ground. The dark forest around him loomed in, and he experienced a moment of intense fear. Where was he? What happened? Then it all came back to him. He had fallen, he had failed.
   Raltaw didn't move, he couldn't think of moving. mind dull and blank, he lay in the akward position he woke. He should be dead, but he had survived... He could think of no one who had ever survived failing the rite of Iknimaya... you either got your Ikran or died trying. That was how it worked...
   But he was alive. And apparently unhurt. Would he be allowed to try again? Would they even accept him back? He didn't know...
He lay in the mud for some time, trying to sort out his swirling thoughts. After a time, he decided he should go back to hometree, let the people decide what to do with him.
   Turning his body, he attempted to stand, but as soon as he moved his left leg, splitting pain erupted across his leg. He collapsed to the ground, shaking in pain. He'd broken bones before, but never this badly before. He turned his body, wincing in pain, and tried to look at his leg. Several terrible gashes ran down it, and he could see the grey bone through his flesh. Raltaw almost cried, he couldn't get back to hometree now, with a break like that, he couldn't get two feet. But then his head cleared again, and he looked around for something to make a splint.
   Several smaller trees stood around him their bark clean and hard. Raltaw felt for his knife, and found it still in its sheath. He thanked Eywa for this bit of fortune, and crawled as well as he could to the tree. Reaching up, he awkwardly cut a bit of bark from the tree. In doing so, he said "Oer txoa livu ma nawma utral. Sla nga zong lu oer, ulte oe irayo seiyi ngaru." Harming the tree made raltaw guilty, but he knew it would grow back, without it's help, Raltaw would certainly die.
   He cut two longish peices off of the tree, and laying moss along the inside he took a vine and bound them around his leg. Simply touching it made him whimper in pain, but he knew this would hurt more... He took each end of the vine and readied himself to pull hard. Counting down in his head, he thought, Pxey, mune, 'aw, and pulled the vine tight. There was a crack as his leg aligned itself and Raltaw screamed. Raltaw's vision blured, and he almost passed out, but he held it together, and when he could see again. Tied a strong knot in the vine. The splint had worked. The two pieces of bark would hold his leg straight. But still he would be slow and crippled. He only hoped he could make it back to Kelutral.
   Sheathing his knife, he dragged himself upright, and leaned against the tree, holding his crippled leg off the ground. He closed his eyes and rested, knowing it would be a long journey to hometree.
   As he stood, he heard a quiet rustle near him. Opening his eyes he turned...
   ...and found himself staring right into the yellow eyes of a Thanator.
   Fear gripped him, and he didn't even try to reach for his knife. He knew he was dead. Not even Eywa could save him now. The Thanator stood outside of all, Eywa controlled him not, but could only suggest... No songs were sung of the silent watcher, the bringer of fear... the creature of his dreams.
   Raltaw stood and awaited his death...
   But it never came?
   Raltaw opened his eyes again. The thanator was still there, but had taken a few steps back and sat down. It surveyed him, head tilted slightly.  Raltaw could do nothing but stare into those great yellow eyes. The eyes that haunted his dreams. Raltaw couldn't think of anything, the creature that stood in front of him was beyond words. Raltaw could think of nothing to say, so he went with the first thing that came to his mind, "Oel ngati kameie." He said.
   The thanator stood for a moment, then it did something Raltaw did not expect. It bowed. Not a simple nod of the head, but a bow, full and complete.
   Raltaw now had no words at all. Not a single thing went through his mind but one thing, it understood.
   Raltaw and the Thanator stood and looked each other up and down for some time. Then Raltaw asked something that he felt he shouldn't. "Are you going to eat me?"
   The thanator tilted it's head again and gave Raltaw a penetrating look, then it looked away. This apparently stood for "no, not right now."
   Feeling a little better, Raltaw stood a little straighter, the Palulukan looked undisturbed, so Raltaw decided it was now time to test his splint. Keeping an eye on the Thanator, he attempted a limping step, it hurt a lot, but not as much as before. So he tried another, and again he succeeded.
   Raltaw limped across the clearing, and with each step he felt a little stronger, but he would be very slow... and limping back to hometree, would make him a gigantic target. He turned and leaned against a tree, sighing he sat down. This would be a long way.
   The Thanator still sat in the middle of the clearing, Raltaw had never seen one so close, it was a beautiful creature. But Raltaw knew how deadly it was. The fact that he was still alive amazed him...
   The thanator seemed to get bored with standing. So it turned and walked toward Raltaw. Raltaw froze, and the Thanator came so close He could have touch it. The thanator leaned forward and sniffed, it smelled Raltaw for a little while. Then sat down, and stared at Raltaw again.
   Raltaw didn't know what to do, but he couldn't help his impulse. Slowly reaching out, Raltaw touched the leathery skin of the Palulukan. The Palulukan didn't do anything, but it's tail twitched back and forth. Slowly Raltaw stroked the Thanator's side. It's skin was rough, but strangely soft.
   Suddenly Raltaw heard a strange sound, and at first he couldn't tell where it was coming from. But then he realized what it was. The thanator was purring.
   Raltaw couldn't help but grin. This creature was such an amazing thing, Raltaw now felt that he would be honoured if it ate him. "Ngaru lu fkeu 'ioang."
   The Thanator opened it's eyes, and looked deeply at Raltaw again. But this time it was different, it seemed to be debating something in it's head. Narrowing it's eyes it took a step back. Raltaw felt he should stand, so he did.
   The Thanator lowered it's head, but kept it's eyes locked with Raltaw, then slowly, one of it's antenna stretched forward and came within reach of Raltaw. Not understanding, Raltaw didn't take it. But then the Palulukan made a quiet barking sound, and moved the antenna, the end opened and Raltaw saw the tendrils. Raltaw's eyes widened. Did it want to bond with him?
   Mouth suddenly dry, Raltaw reached back and grasped his queue, bringing it forward. He held it up, and felt very strange as he looked at his own tendrils.
   Slowly he held it forward, and decided he would let the Thanator connect first. And that it did.
   Raltaw's eyes closed as the rush of information from the Thanator started to overwhelm him. But he felt a rush of will and the thoughts cleared. When he opened his eyes, he saw the forest very differently. The darkened forest seemed now lit up, bright as day. Raltaw looked around, he could see every speck of life. Breathing in, he smelled the forest as he'd never known it. Far off he heard the sound of Yerìks, running and dashing. He felt and urge to find them and hunt, but he pushed it back. He felt the moisture in the air, and knew exactly what temperature it was. Without the help of one of the human machines. Lastly another sense reached out to him, a sense he'd never felt before. Using it, it could feel the entire forest for many kilometers. He sensed another Thanator, far off, but outside of Raltaw's territory.
   Raltaw, oel ngati kameie. Your arrival is expected.
   Raltaw flinched, and looked into the eyes of the Palulukan.
   Yes, you hear me. And I hear you. Do not fear, I am not here to harm you in any way. My mission is of protection only.
   Raltaw was amazed, the Na'vi words in his head were extremely clear. Each pronounced    thought sounded as the elder's said it. Raltaw had never heard of a Thanator speaking Na'vi. He didn't know they were that smart. Clearly this being was sentient.
   There was a purr of laughter, No need to be so surprised. We Falulukan keep to ourselves, The Na'vi have never needed to know. Our people prefer anonymity.
   Raltaw decided he should talk back. I'm sorry... I just never thought anything like this would happen to me... Why did you chose me?
   Because it was expected. The time had come, your journey has just started.
   Raltaw felt lost, What journey? What are you talking about?
   Raltaw felt that the Thanator had been caught a little off guard. You do not know? Well... this is unexpected. Please, think nothing of it. All will become clear.
   Raltaw didn't want to let this just go away, but he felt that the Palulukan would say nothing more.
   Well. You know my name, but what about you? What are you called?
   There was a moment of silence. You may call me... Pxisre'
   Sharptooth... Raltaw thought. Well. That certainly fits. Pleasure to meet you Pxisre'.
   The honour is mine.
   Raltaw looked around, well, perhaps you could help me with something... I need to get home, and that's going to be hard with this leg.
   The Thanator nodded, Understood. Climb onto my back, we shall travel swiftly. However, do not grab my quills, or this will be a very short ride.
    Raltaw smiled to himself. Climbing up onto Pxisre's back, he grabbed hold of the creature as best as he could, and then they were off.
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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
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Chapter seven: the suit.

Drake woke in darkness. At first, he didn’t know where he was; he almost panicked, and thrashed around trying to move. But he couldn’t move anything an inch. Slowly he remembered he was inside the suit… it had probably powered down when he had fallen unconscious.
Slowing his breathing, he spoke out into the darkness. “Activate.”   
The suit responded immediately, and the quiet thrum of a tiny darkmatter engine met drake’s ear with the simultaneous lightening of the suits visor. Now Drake could see and feel around him, the almost nerve like suit tightening and loosening as it interpreted feelings around him. Drake felt he was on his back, and confirmed that by the white clouds and blue sky in front of him.
Drake stretched his arm out and turned onto his knees. The suit was perfect, reacting to Drakes movement as though it was his own body. Drake stood, and looked around. He was standing in calm river, shallow and quiet. He could see a good distance up and down the river, but the rainforest loomed in on either side. The flaming wreckage of the shuttle burned in the distance, and a part of Drake wondered if Alex got out alive. But again he rebuked himself. she’s dead. It’s easier that way. He thought.
Drake shook his head, “Life detection.” He said.
Up in the corner of his vision a small map opened and began scanning around him. Then suddenly it disappeared. Warning! Suit damaged. Life detection systems off line. The suit informed him. The feminine voice sounding clearly in Drakes ear.
Drake swore. “System Diagnostic.”
Warning! Secondary systems off line. Life detection off line. Infrared, Night, and heat vision augments off line. Primary jump jet fuel tank damaged, secondary tank at fifty percent. Navigation systems offline. Hull damage minimal. Air filtration online. All Primary systems are operational. Recommend immediate repair of all secondary systems.
“well… at least I can get somewhere.” Drake said outloud to himself. “not that I know where I’m going…”
Turning the suit, he headed toward the flaming shuttle. Maybe he could find something there.
As he walked, he considered his surroundings. He seemed to have landed somewhere around what he knew to be the Omaticaya’s land. He didn’t have a clue where he was relative to the Hells gate complex or even what region of the rainforest. But at least he was on the right side of the planet.
With each step Drake marvelled at the suits comprehension of it’s surroundings. When he stepped in water, he felt a slight moist pressure around where the water was. It felt almost exactly like he was standing in moving water. The suit made barely any noise, with the exception of its quiet but audible engine. The hard but flexible metal muscles and hydraulics acted just like the muscles and tendons of the human body. He wished he could put the suit through its paces, test all its functions. But he wouldn’t be able to until he could repair it…
The shuttle had crashed into the forest around the river; the trees around the site had either burned down, or had been snapped in two by the force of the impact. The shuttle itself lay in a crater Drake judged to be at least twenty feet deep. It seemed to be mostly intact, but for a gaping hole in one side and the cockpit seemed to have been sheared off.
Drake stepped down into the crater, again surprised at the dexterity of the suit. He jumped down to the rear of the shuttle, which had been raised up into the air slightly. Drake attempted to use the suit to access the shuttles remote systems, but either the shuttle had lost all power, or the remote access systems were also fried… Perhaps a bit of both…
Stepping forward, Drake placed his metal hands into the small crack at the top of the bent shuttle doors. Straining even the power of the suit, he managed to pull the doors down. Looking inside, he attempted to find the thing he had brought with him. Looking into the dark cargo hold, the suit switched on a light. At the end of the room, the cylinder had come loose from it’s holdings. But amazingly, it seemed to be mostly intact. Stepping inside, Drake reached down and grabbed the giant glass cylinder and hoisted it up like a log into his arms. Drake grinned as he carried the heavy tank out as though it was a tin can. Stepping into the light, the cylinder was revealed for what it was, an Avatar tank. Drake carried it up to the edge of the crater, and set it gently down. Looking inside the tank, Drake surveyed the avatar, it seemed to be alive, all the life support systems were still running.
Grinning to himself, Drake left it and stepped back down into the crater. Quickly he searched as well as he could through the wreckage in the cargo hold. Finding nothing apparent, he said “Scan for materials”
Specify. Said the electric voice of the suit.
“Scan for materials that apply to suit repair.”
The suit complied, and the visor quickly made a scan of the objects it could see, suddenly the cargo hold seemed to break into layers, darkening and brightening as it scanned each object in the shuttle. Objects being scanned lit up, and sometimes were separated further to expose the inner pieces.
Scan complete, No viable materials have been found in the current area.
Drake frowned, it seemed the only place he’d be able to fix the suit would be at Hells gate complex… He had hoped to come to them later… He had hoped for a lot of things.
Turning around, he climbed back out of the crater. “Well, if we have to go to Hells Gate. Then we’re going to need directions…”
The computers voice spoke out, Repairs to AI are complete.
Suddenly a different voice spoke out, the voice also feminine, but it was calmer, smoother and more human like. I can map our current area with the data transmitted from the shuttle before impact. Would you like me to do that? It asked.
Drake found himself looking around for a source, but of course he found nothing. The speakers were inside the suit. “Uh, sure, that would be nice.”
After a few seconds, the voice spoke out again: We are currently twelve clicks from hells gate, if you want to get the materials to repair me, then I suggest you get a move on. Head east.
Drake found himself strangely compliant, and he almost forgot his Avatar, hoisting it up onto his shoulder he set off. “I wasn’t aware there was an AI system on this platform? State your function.”
There was a chuckle of laughter; you don’t need to talk to me in that “State your function voice.” I’m very realistic, and I can understand you even if you were to drop into a hillbilly speak. Though I would prefer it if you didn’t. But, to answer your question; I control all primary, secondary, and tertiary systems. And I’m the one who recognized that this atmosphere was not earths. In fact, you owe me your life. The voice went silent as though expecting thanks.
Drake frowned; this suit was looking less hospitable by the second, now it had an insubordinate AI? “Well… Thanks. But I don’t get why you’re only speaking to me now… how could you have saved me if you were under repairs?”
The voiced sounded as though it was annoyed at being asked such an apparently stupid question. You don’t get it Drake; I work at the speed of light. My systems can react to changing situations quicker than you can even imagine. I can deduce, understand, react, and change every system to adapt faster than it takes your neurons to fire. I saved your life before you hit the ground. All this AI is asking for is just a little bit of recognition for such an act. Especially because I was damaged in the fall, this suit isn’t invincible.
At first Drake was annoyed that it knew his name, but he realized it probably knew who he was as soon as he had entered the suit. “Fine, you have my thanks. But this is going to be a really short relationship if you don’t cut the attitude. You’re a computer; you can be shut off just like everything else."
   Now the suit laughed, Right, and the instant you would do that this suit would lose power and all systems would fail, and you would suffocate in the dark. Face it, you need me.
   Drake was about to respond again, but he knew this thing was smarter than he was; it wasn’t going to just let him win. He sighed, “Alright… you win. I’ve never liked computers and having one talk to me is a little unnerving." he simply walked for a moment. “So, do you have a name? I need to be able to scream it if I need my ass saved again.”
   The suit seemed to like Drakes new found politeness. My name is… Amie.
   Drake raised an eyebrow, “Amie? What does that stand for?”
   Amie got annoyed again, not all AI names have to stand for something… Just because some geek in a lab had too much time on his hands… There was some silence for a moment, then she said Fine, it stands for Artificial Memory and Intelligence Emulator.
Drake grinned to himself. Strangely, he found himself already liking this snappy AI. Not that he was going to let her know that. “Whatever. Just makes sure I stay alive. I won’t have come this far and survived this much just to be killed by a sloppy AI”
Amie reacted instantly. SLOPPY?! Fine, fine. Just run your own systems. I’d like to see you take up even half of my functions. Her voice faded in the speakers as though she was walking away. She didn’t actually make him do it, but he grinned at her anger again.
Well, Drake thought. At least I have someone to talk to.

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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
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Chapter Eight: Palulukan Makto?
Raltaw laughed as Pxisre’ bounded forward. Though his leg still hurt Raltaw barely cared. The thrill of moving through the forest on the back of a Palulukan was enough to keep his mind of his leg forever. Raltaw still wondered why this Thanator had picked him, but he knew that it would become clear in time. For the moment, Raltaw was just happy to be alive.
   It’s exhilarating isn’t it? I’ve been in this world for some time, and the appeal of running has become less over the years. But I feel your happiness, and find myself enjoying it again.
   Raltaw grinned, How could you ever get tired of this!? The feeling… everything’s a blur! I can’t believe how fast you can move. Raltaw felt his stomach drop as the Thanator made an amazing jump across a downed tree, but then laughed in joy once he was back on the ground. Whoo, I don’t think I could ever get used to this… Raltaw enjoyed himself in silence for a moment. All the things he felt through Pxisre’s senses were overwhelming. The sounds, smells, tastes, and eye-catching rustles in the brush made Raltaw want to stop and hunt forever. He felt primal, he felt like nothing in the world could touch him.
   Pxisre’ slowed, and began to trot forward in a smooth and effortless pace. Looking around, Raltaw felt something he hadn’t felt before, a presence that seemed to be waiting for something. He tried to focus this new sense he had gained from Pxisre’. Concentrating, he tried to pinpoint the feeling. After a few seconds he did, and he recognized it. Another Thanator.
   He felt anxious now, suddenly slightly afraid. Pxisre’… why do I feel afraid? I feel insecure, like we’re not supposed to be here.
   Pxisre’ responded quickly, a small amount of worry in his voice. We have passed into the territory of another of my kind… Our boundaries are closely watched… and we do not always get along. But I must pass through this one’s land to make it to Kelutral. I hope he will allow us to pass without incident… But Pxisre’ didn’t feel that would be likely… Raltaw could feel that. The forest suddenly seemed close… and everything seemed to jump out at him as they walked slowly through the territory. The feeling in the back of Raltaw’s skull that told him where the other Thanator was pulsated with every step… he felt like he was trespassing on hallowed ground. Then suddenly it was gone. Raltaw let out a sigh of relief, they had passed out of the other thanator’s territory.
   Pxisre’ picked up the pace again, but he didn’t move as fast as he had at first. Raltaw felt he was considering something, and didn’t want to disturb him. So they moved in silence for a time. Raltaw considered the feeling in his head, he couldn’t identify what it felt like… it was like another sense that seemed to reach much further than any of his others. While his sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch only told him of his immediate surroundings. This other sense seemed to stretch for a long distance… As though it didn’t work using anything physical.
Pxisre’ seemed to decide something, and Raltaw felt he could ask something now.  So, why do I feel what you feel so strongly? Whenever I’ve bonded with something else, like a Pa’li, I’ve never felt so connected before. With you it’s like I’ve become you… Also, I don’t mean any offense by this… but why can’t I tell you what to do?
   Pxisre’ rumbled in something similar to a chuckle, Well, to answer your second question, you can’t control me because we are equals. Our minds are similar in cognitive capability, and our wills are strong. Were we to have a battle for control I am unsure who would win. To the second: You do not feel the same with the pa’li because they know you as their masters. They do not resist to your orders. Yet this slightly restricts your feeling also, because you have not achieved a truly symbiotic union. You do not trade information equally. Yet, with you and I, our wills entwine and connect. I help you just as much as you help me. I feel things from you that I did not before.
   Raltaw was slightly skeptical. What could I possibly give to you that you didn’t already have?
   Well, your language for example. I did not fully understand it before. The language of the Palulukan functions off the senses we were given. Particularly the sixth sense that you felt before. In more personal encounters, body language is our most efficient way of speaking. We do not phrase things in words or sentences. To give another example, I did not see in the variety of colours you do.
   This interested Raltaw greatly, and he wanted to learn more. Really? What colours did you see? And how does the “sixth sense” work?
   The Palulukan sounded amused, You ask many questions, young Na’vi. Before I answer another, I must ask one of you. Do you know of the song of the seven moons?
   Raltaw hadn’t been expecting that. The song of seven moons? I’ve never heard it… but as he said that, something tingled in the back of his mind.

When black does crawl in forest glen,
And shadows walk in midday sun.
When One from heights must fast descend,
Seven moons must rise again.

When fast held rock in sky doth plummet.
And Dry-mouth rises out of cave.
When One must climb to snowy summit.
Seven moons must rise again.

When metal man does come from East,
And brings forth Song of Warning.
When blue skinned One ride black skinned Beast.
Seven moons must rise again.

When nightmare turns to friend of all,
 And dream may come to real.
When Eye of sky to earth must fall.
Seven moons must rise again.

To halt the tide of outer dark,
To stop the spreading waters black.
If Six do stand below the arc.
Seven moons must rise again.

As though pulled out of a dream, Raltaw blinked in the suddenly bright forest. None of the words made sense to him, but it made such a resonance of significance in his head that it almost rang.
Raltaw? Pxisre’ said questioningly, can you hear me?
Raltaw twitched, I heard something… in my head… a song… he spoke it out loud to the worried Palulukan. Who didn’t respond for some time.
Do you know it’s meaning? He asked quietly.
   Raltaw shook his head. I’ve never heard it before… It just… came to me.
   Hmm… I sense there is much power in the words. I must think on this… I would not speak of it again until I have considered it thoroughly.
    Agreed… Raltaw was quiet for a time. But he spoke again after sifting through his thoughts. Pxisre’, before you spoke of a… journey… my journey. What did you mean? I feel that the song has something to do with it.
   Pxisre’ let out a low humming growl, the Palulukan equivalent of a sigh. I respect that in the short time you’ve known me that you see me as a mentor, I can feel that much from you. But I am not all knowing… I will explain to you when the time comes… For the time being, I cannot say what lies ahead.
   Feeling slightly chastised, Raltaw sat forward on Pxisre’s back. After a moment Pxisre’ began to run again, so Raltaw held on and tried to puzzle things out on his own.


We are here. Pxisre’ said suddenly.
   Raltaw flinched; he’d been lost in his own thoughts. But looking around, he realized that they were in familiar territory, and he knew Kelutral was a short distance ahead. Through the thick brush Raltaw could hear with Pxisre’s ears the sound of his people, their Na’vi voices rising and falling with the daily activities. Part of him felt angry, they most likely thought he was dead, how could they be so happy? But he knew that the clan had to move on, they would probably hold his death ceremony this night. That would be the time of mourning.
   Pxisre’ spoke out again, I warn you, the people might not react well to my simply stepping into the center of Kelutral, perhaps we should enter by the more open route? Allow the people to see us coming?
   Raltaw nodded, you’re right, bring us around.
   Quickly, the Palulukan ran a quarter circle around the great tree. Emerging from the jungle next to a large lake, the river filling it ran directly past Kelutral, and if they walked directly down the shallow parts, the Na’vi could see them coming before they arrived.
   Raltaw grinned as he thought of their reaction. Palulukan Makto, He thought, has a nice ring to it.
   One of Pxisre’s sensory quills suddenly flicked back and hit Raltaw between the eyes. Raltaw reeled back from it, what was that for?!
   Pxisre’ rumbled out a chuckle. Because someone needed to snap you out of your little fantasy. You’ve a long way to go until you have earned the right to be called that.
   Raltaw rubbed his nose, feeling rebuked. Ahead, the great tree rose up out of the jungle like a tower of green and gold, it’s dark yellow bark contrast to the lush green of the mosses that grew upon it. Raltaw thought this tree was even better than the old, if a little smaller.
   Suddenly the strong ring of a Na’vi horn rang out over the forest. It was an alert horn, they’d been spotted. Raltaw felt a little uneasy suddenly. How would they react? No songs were sung of the Palulukan because of its fearsome reputation… The name itself brought uneasiness among the people. It meant: Dry-mouth, bringer of fear.
Suddenly a thought occurred to Raltaw. If they were sentient, why did they kill with such anger, even to kill the Na’vi?
   Sensing his thoughts, Pxisre’ spoke out again, disdain in his voice. Some Palulukan refuse their calling, their… destiny… and strike against the world, and Eywa. They revoke everything our people believe in. I assure you, the creature you speak of is not our true nature. But… it is all your people know, we do not blame them for their fear.
   Why don’t you just show them who you are? Show them as I have seen, and now know? Raltaw didn’t understand.
   It was not as simple as that… but it is our time to step out of the shadows. Soon your people will know.
   Raltaw nodded, hoping that his people would understand.
   The tree now was only a few hundred cubits away, a group of Na’vi stood outside the entrance, bows drawn and ready. Even when they noticed Raltaw they didn’t lower their bows, but they did not fire. Once Raltaw was close enough, he told Pxisre’ to stop, and he called out. “Ma Tsmuktu! Txopu rä’ä si! Lower your weapons, there is nothing to fear.” He told Pxisre’ to walk slowly forward, and held out his hands, palms up, a sign of peace and trust. “Please, I must speak with Olo’Eyktan.”
   After a moment, the Na’vi lowered their bows, “come forward Raltaw…” one of them said. And they were led forward into the great tree.

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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
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Chapter Nine: Alex Nicola
(Authors note: I apologize for the delay on this chapter. I've been very busy recently and I was unable to get this one finished in any sort of normal time span. Also, thanks to those that gave me advice on my story here. It was very helpful. I hope you continue to enjoy what I've been writing.)
Amie spoke out suddenly, We are nearing Hells Gate… You may want to be a little careful on entry, who knows what sort of things may be living there now.
Drake nodded, “Agreed. Though I heard something about there still being human personnel on the base…” Ahead he could see through the trees the metal fence signifying the border of the complex. There was still a space of cleared land between the edge of the forest and the border of Hells Gate. Though signs of regrowth were apparent; green vines climbed unrestrained up the heavy duty sixteen foot fence.
   Amie seemed nervous. Be careful, we don’t know if they know we’re coming.
   Drake crept as quietly and carefully as he could from the shelter of the trees. He started making his way across the thin greenery around the complex, a reminder of the herbicides used there.
Suddenly he heard the sounds of a Fifty five millimeter cannon readying to fire, quickly he threw himself behind a large piece of rubble as the following round hit with an explosion of gas and flame where he had just stood. “Holy s***!” Drake yelled.
   A metallic sounding voice resounded from one of the towers surrounding the complex, “That was a warning round, state your intent or we will not hesitate to fire again.”
   Drake spoke quietly, even though he knew the exterior speakers weren’t on. “Amie, can we survive a direct hit from one of those rounds.”
   Yes, though I wouldn’t recommend it as my anti-missile and high impact round defenses are currently offline…
   Drake made a gesture with his left hand, hitting a button on the inside of the suit. Then he spoke, “My intent was to approach the complex in peace, I come only to repair my suit and be on my way.” That was only half truthful, because he had planned on picking up a living module and a Samson 16… but that wasn’t looking likely.
   The amplified voice spoke out again, “Forgive us if we don’t believe that, RDA. You will walk slowly from your hiding spot to the fence, where you will be escorted to a cell for further questions. If you do not comply we have no problem blowing your ass away.”
   Drake sighed. “Well s***… that’s not what I was planning.”
   The small room was brightly lit, the two way mirror shining darkly on the way reflected Drakes gaunt face. Drake stared intently at the mirror, even if he couldn’t see through it, that didn’t mean he would pretend there weren’t people behind it. He had been removed from his suit, even its prototype meta-material couldn’t survive sustained rounds from the AMP suits GAU-90 auto cannons… He hoped that the suit was still active with Amie still online, as he may be leaving very quickly…
   Suddenly, the door swung open to reveal something he hadn’t expected. “Alex!” he said.
   She struggled in the hands of her captor, “Get off me you oaf!” She seemed to notice drake, “Drake? What the hell are you doing here?”
   Her captor sat her down in the chair next to Drake’s and clipped her cuffs to the U-bolt on the table, then left the room.
   Drake leaned over and spoke into Alex’s ear, “How did you get here?”
   Immediately she flinched away, “oh I don’t know, pretty surprising I survived that crash wasn’t it? Lucky you left me that AMP suit when you abandoned me. That way only my leg was shattered rather than my entire f*** body.”
   Drake flinched in guilt, though he didn’t know why it bothered him. His choices tended to make other’s lives difficult… “I didn’t have time to do anything,” he tried to justify himself to her, “I couldn’t have taken you with me-“
   “Yeah I know, it doesn’t mean I give a s*** what happens here. Now I’m back on this God forsaken planet with the same people that wanted it saved.”
   Drake was about to ask her what she meant by that, but the door swung open to reveal a tall man garbed in a military uniform.
   Instantly Alex spoke out, “who the hell are you? I demand to know why we are being held here in this way!”
   The military man ignored her outburst and set a holo-pad on the table. “I believe I am here to ask the questions, not answer them. At least not yet.” Sitting down in the chair across from them, he tapped out a few buttons on the pad. “First off, I think the most prudent question is ‘who are you?’”
   Drake smiled to himself, “don’t pretend you don’t know. My name is Drake Lupis. You know already that the ship that passed by a little while ago is the ISV Venture Star. And you know already why it didn’t drop an entire battalion of soldiers on you; because it didn’t have any. And you would definitely know who this is here next to me. Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to, it just wastes all of our time.”
   The military man smiled, “As you wish.” He leaned back for a moment, gathering his thoughts. “You are not RDA, or at least not on record as such. Though that could’ve changed in the eleven years they’ve been gone. I suppose you’re here to join the few of us left on hells gate?”
   Alex snorted in derision, but said nothing else. Drake was beginning to wonder what had really happened with her “sabotage.” Answering the man’s question, Drake said. “On my part, no. My goal is to simply avoid any contact with the RDA, I thought here would be the best place to do it. Though I can’t suppose on my companion’s part.”
   The military man turned to her, “Well? What reason do you have for being here?”
   Alex curled her lip up like a dog, “Go to hell.”
   The military man laughed. “We’re already at the gate, but I see you want to go further.” He leaned forward, “There are no rules here anymore, what say we just let you go in the forest out there? You know what creatures await--“ he was cut off mid-sentence by the impact of Alex’s spit hitting him square in the face. He reeled back in surprise, his before calm face now enraged. But as soon as it was there it was gone again. “As you wish, you do not want to cooperate. Corporal! Please escort Miss Nicola to her cell.”
   The burly man who had brought Alex to the interrogation room came and led her out of the room, her indignant cries echoed down the hallway before the door closed shut again.
   The military man sat down again, “You on the other hand, seem more than honest.”
Picking up his pad he surveyed it for a moment. Drake tried to read the file that was up backwards, but it was set down again before he could.
   The man rubbed his short beard in thought for a moment, then said “It says here on your file you were rejected as a candidate for the original Avatar program. As you were prone to disobeying the chain of command. You’re a scientist? Yet you seem to have no trouble hijacking an entire ship.”
   Drake grinned to himself, “What can I say I’m a man of many talents.” He chuckled to himself before going on. “My specialization was with native affairs. I was training to become a person that would communicate with the Na’vi. Run my name past Norm Spellman. He’ll confirm that fact.”
   The military man nodded, “Alright, I’ll do that. How about this trouble with command? What did that entitle?”
   “Usually such trouble stemmed from different opinions on the Na’vi. On Earth they were made out as savages. But I couldn’t accept that, and went against the general opinion of things. Soon after I was disbarred. Now, if it doesn’t trouble you, I would like to get on to the real questions so I may get on my way as fast as possible.” Drake rattled his cuffs hintingly.
   Again the man nodded, “Why exactly would you go so far to evade the RDA, even to come here?”
   Drake sighed, “Well… You may have noticed the suit that I arrived in is unlike anything else you’ve seen. Let’s just suppose that is a prototype from the RDA’s research centre, and lets just say that it wasn’t ever intended to leave such facility. Then lets just add the last supposition that my flight from said centre was a little less… quiet than I had intended. So I came here. They won’t follow me, they’d never risk it.”
   The military man got quiet for a moment. “How valuable is this suit?”
   “Beyond price. The RDA were hoping that eventually it would be this very suit that would allow them to invade Pandora again… As it uses things previously impossible in science. Things that are not affected by magnetic disturbances.”
   The man nodded. “hmm, interesting. How much do you know about, say, blueprints of this machine? Such a device would be useful to us.”
   Drake shook his head, “Don’t even think about trying to make them here. I don’t have any knowledge of the exact workings of the suit. And even the equipment required to make it are far beyond anything you have access to.”
   The man sighed, “well, I had to ask.” Looking at the pad again, he stood. “I have one last question to ask you, depending on the answer you may be out of those cuffs sooner than later.
   “What is it you plan to do if you were to be freed?”
   Drake shrugged, “I’m not sure. I sort of had some strange idea of grabbing a mobile link, heading into the forest, and living out the rest of my life here. However long that may be. My goals on Earth are accomplished.”
   The man nodded. “All right, well. You will be led back to your cell while we decide what to do with you.”

A few minutes later, Drake was surprised when he was placed in a cell designed for two, and that the other person was Alex. She didn’t seem angry with the decision, but she wouldn’t talk to him. Sitting in the corner, Drake sat back and thought. It seemed that the military man was sympathetic, and that perhaps Drake wouldn’t be in here as long as he had guessed. Which meant he might not have to plan an escape. However, Alex’s behavior troubled him, and he was worried that somehow she would make things worse for him. Something she had said ran through his mind, “Now I’m back on this God forsaken planet with the same people that wanted it saved.” It seemed that Alex wasn’t a sympathizer with the Na’vi as he had first thought. But then why had she tried to sabotage the Avatar program? He mulled it over in his head for some time. But was unable to find an explanation. So instead he sat and watched his cell mate.
   Alex paced around the room like a caged animal, angry and volatile. Stopping every once in a while to peer through the slot in the cell door.
   Drake found her pacing to be irritating, and he still had no answer to why she had tried to sabotage the Avatar program, so he decided to ask her. “Why were you assigned to Pandora? I get the feeling you weren’t part of the scientists.”
   She laughed in disdain, “No. I was not assigned as a scientist. I’m a pilot. Class three scorpion. Top of my class.”
   “Then why were you anywhere near the Avatar program? I would think you wouldn’t even have access to any of the major data?”
   “I got the data myself; I didn’t trust a single thing the program did. Diplomacy with the Na’vi? Ha! I figured out the first day I was here that was a joke.” She paced even faster, her boots echoing in the small room. “The program was an idiots dream, an idea drempt up by weak men in lab coats, who didn’t have a f*** clue what was out in the field. What happened every day out there. But no! Selfridge just had to believe them, the man was an idiot. He understood even less what was going on out there. So I took matters into my own hands…” She seemed lost in the memory, now almost jogging from wall to wall. Drake stood and stepped away from his chair, getting nervous at her almost animal like movement. “I obtained the main codes and during the night I planned on planting some high explosive charges at the main link station and the Avatar shack. I would blow all notion of peace from these people’s minds, the Na’vi deserve to be blown to hell and gone for what they did. I almost succeeded too. But I got caught and I was placed in that cryo chamber. At the time I was almost happy. At least I was getting off this god-damn planet.” She whirled around, suddenly focusing on Drake. “But you had to go and bring me right back here!”
 Suddenly she snarled in anger and threw herself at him, and he wasn’t ready for it. The first blow hit him in the gut, follow quickly by the second to his head. He reeled back, barely keeping his feet. But now he was able to fight back. Pushing aside another blow as it came toward his face, he threw her backwards, trying to distance himself from this snarling beast. Suddenly the cell door swung open. Two burly men came in, knight sticks ready. Suddenly alex had a blade of some kind, and the first man barely managed to raise his stick before his throat was slashed open. He fell to the floor clutching his neck. But Drakes eyes were fixed on Alex, who had thrown the second man out into the hallway, her strength was amazing. Drake ran after her, stepping over the second man’s body in the hallway, the same fate at the hands of Alex applied to him. He saw her standing a stones throw down the hall, and he barely had time to duck as the knife flew past his face so close he could feel the wind it made. He heard it clang on the hall at the other end of the hall, and as he turned he saw five more security guards turn the corner. For a moment they stood in awe, staring at the man that lay dying on the ground. Then their gaze turned to Drake. “You bastard!” one of them shouted, and they began to run towards him. Drake instantly turned and began to run the way Alex went.
   Damn… he thought. This really isn’t what I was planning at all!
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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
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Chapter Ten: The path that lies ahead.
The sight of the inside of Hometree was a welcome one. But the faces of the Na’vi showed not welcome, but fear. The people murmured words that Raltaw couldn’t hear, except for one that stood out. “Palulukan Makto.” As Raltaw and Pxisre’ walked towards the middle of the tree, a path cleared itself through the crowd. It felt like a long time when Raltaw finally reached the center. Pxisre’ said nothing to Raltaw, but he didn’t need to. Pxisre’ was nervous. So many eyes watching him made him feel hunted. Some of the feeling transferred to Raltaw and he couldn’t help but know that if they decided he and the palulukan were a threat, they could kill them.
   Finally they reached the gathering room. Jake stood on the platform, his muscular Avatar body tense. His eyes were locked with Pxisre’s, and Raltaw knew he was thinking of his own encounter with the Palulukans. Raltaw suddenly felt exposed sitting on the Thanator’s back, so he climbed down. He took a step forward, using Pxisre’ as a crutch. “Oel ngati kameie, ma olo’eyktan.”
   Jake suddenly seemed to notice Raltaw, and his eyes widened. “Raltaw? Is that you?” He was startled enough that he had spoken in english.
   Raltaw answered in kind, “Yes, it’s me…”
   Suddenly Raltaw heard a cry from the crowd, then Tanhì suddenly burst out from the edge, running across the gab she threw her arms around him. Raltaw patted her on the back comfortingly, “it’s all right Tan, I’m okay. Tam tam.”
   She let go of him after a moment, suddenly embarrassed. He face violet, she said, “I… I thought you were dead…” Suddenly she seemed to notice Pxisre’ who had sat and waited patiently. She took a step back in fear, her eyes widening. Raltaw lay a hand on her shoulder, “It’s okay, he won’t hurt you.” She looked into his eyes, disbelieving. But she stood by his side again.
   Jake spoke out, “Well… It seems we have a lot to talk about.”
   Raltaw nodded, “I’m not sure how much I can answer…”   
   Jake beckoned him forward, “Please, let’s get that leg looked at first. Kä run Mo’at.” He said to a Na’vi near him, who nodded and moved off. “Please, sit.”
   Raltaw limped forward with Pxisre’ moving along beside him. “I feel I should answer the question you’re undoubtedly asking yourself. This is Pxisre’.” He gestured to the Thanator.
   Jake raised an eyebrow, “How did you find him? And dare I ask how you managed to bond with him.”
   Raltaw smiled, “He found me. I thought he was going to kill me in the first while… but he didn’t, and really, he bonded with me, not the other way around.”
   Raltaw was about to continue, but then Mo’at stepped out from the crowd. Walking forward quickly, she showed no fear to the Palulukan sitting next to Raltaw, and approached right up to Raltaw. “sit” she said. So Raltaw sat down and laid his leg out for her to examine. Slowly she removed the improvised splint he had made, and Mo’at began placing pressure with two fingers all along his leg, “let me know when it hurts.” As she pressed, he winced in several places but only in one spot did it actually hurt enough for him to cry out.
   Mo’at smiled, “this is good, you only have a minor break, a fracture.”
   Raltaw frowned, “what? A fracture? That’s not possible it wasn’t lined up right when I put the splint on! I know what a fracture feels like and that was not a fracture!”
   Mo’at looked confusedly up at him, “yet what you have now is only a small break”
   Raltaw twisted to look at his leg, now it dawned on him, only two gashes ran across his leg, when he first woke he had known there were more. “how?” he said to himself. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder, Pxisre’ gestured with his antenna and made a barking sound. Raltaw reached back and grabbed his queue, connecting with Pxisre’ was strange, it was like a flow of intelligible thoughts that passed through both of their minds in the blink of an eye before it cleared and resolved into the steady connection of Tsaheylu.
   Pxisre’ spoke in Raltaw’s head, Raltaw, I may be able to explain to you what is happening, but I think it should be said to everyone here, I’m going to ask something of you. I want you to give me control.
   Raltaw looked up into Pxisre’s eyes questioningly, Give you control? How?
   Pxisre’ lay down, saying, Clear your mind, think of the colour black. Let your thoughts go free.
   Raltaw was a little worried, but he did as asked. Sitting quietly, he closed his eyes, then suddenly something happened. His heartbeat fluttered for a second, then suddenly his eyes opened without his thoughts. For a second he resisted the strange sensation of movement without control, but he trusted Pxisre’ and tried to not move. Thank you, Pxisre’ said.
   Then suddenly Raltaw’s mouth opened and a voice that was not his own spoke from it, deeper and more assertive, it sounded like the voice inside Raltaws head. Yet the Na’vi that came from it was halting and strange. Like a language that someone had learned but never spoken. “People of the Na’vi, I must ask you to shed the fear that lies within your hearts. My name is Pxisre’ and I mean you no harm.” There was a gasp from the crowd, and even Mo’at who had just before been unafraid took a step back in fright. “Please understand, what I have to say may be hard for you to believe, but the Palulukan have watched you for longer than you could know, and we have stood in the shadows for too long. I am here to tell you that the time has come to reveal ourselves. We are not the beasts you see us as. We, are sentient.” Again the people gasped in fear.
   Jake took a step forward, his eyes narrowing, “Where is Raltaw? What have you done with him.”
   Pxisre’ nodded, which was strange because not just his head nodded but also Raltaw’s. “He is still here; he has simply given me control. Please let me speak.”
   He went silent for a moment, “I know that the Na’vi see my people as… beasts… and it has always pained me that we could not reveal ourselves. Never before have we had a… Speaker. Yet today, Raltaw stands before you as my rider, and my… duty… is to protect him.”
   Suddenly another person appeared from the crowd, her bright eyes narrowed in thought. Neytiri strode forward, “You say you have never had a speaker before, I have ridden a Palulukan, and I felt no such sentience.”
   Pxisre’ bowed his head as Neytiri approached. “Neytiri, it is… difficult, to answer your question. But the duty of the Palulukan you rode was not to reveal us, he knew that he would die in that battle, and the time it would have taken to explain would have killed Jake. You know this to be true.”
   Neytiri nodded, but her eyes remained suspicious.
   Then Jake spoke, “If your people are so sentient, then why was I attacked the first day I was here?”
   Pxisre’ chuckled. “If that Palulukan had wanted you dead, you would be dead. Realise that if he had not chased you, you would never have found Neytiri, and you would never have become a part of the people. A Palulukan’s duty can be interpreted in many ways; my clan brother simply chose the way he thought best.”
   Jake didn’t seem to like this answer, but he fell silent again.
   Suddenly a thought occurred to Raltaw, You keep speaking of “duty.” What do you mean?
   That is a talk for another time, I will answer it later. Pxisre’ seemed to be concentrating.
   Mo’at spoke again, “This is… unexpected. I suggest that you sleep here for the night. In the morning, we will speak of this again in private. Tanhì! I will require your help, please come with me.”
   Tanhì looked conflicted for a moment, since Neytiri had turned down the prospect of Tsahìk, Mo’at had chosen an apprentice, and Tanhì was that person. Raltaw knew that she wanted to stay with him, but she could not leave her duties. Raltaw pushed through Pxisre’s thoughts gently, and took control of his body again. “Go ahead Tan, I’ll be fine.”
   Smiling, she glanced up at Pxisre’, she bowed to him, then turned and ran after Mo’at.
Pxisre’ sighed, retreating within his mind, he shut out Raltaw’s thoughts. Such a life that the boy has lived, such a life he could still have. Does it truly need to end?
Her voice answered him, Yes, all life must end eventually. And with the power we have given him, he can save all others.
Pxisre’ sighed again, only if he lives long enough to do it. He thought to himself.


   It was a good thing that they didn’t blindfold me… Drake thought as he ran down the twisting passages of the facility. Otherwise I’d never get out of here.
   He turned a corner and found himself at the edge of the Armory, rushing forward he hit a series of buttons on the keypad, hoping that the code would work. Again he found himself happy that they hadn’t blindfolded him, as the code he had seen and memorized still worked.
   Flinging the door open, he threw on a mask and grabbed two more, he would need them later if he ever planned on leaving the suit. Not waiting for the airlock to pressurize he flung open the outer door, releasing a loud hiss of air mingling. He ran quickly across the bay, but what he saw blew the air out of his lungs. The suit was surrounded by four AMP suits, powered up and ready to go. There was no way he was getting past those.
   Suddenly the sound of a GAU-90 cannon firing made Drake hit the ground. Looking up he saw another AMP suit firing while running at the guards. He was surprised to see Alex in the suit, firing wildly. A few seconds later she smashed open the large aluminum door and was out into the compounds grounds. Drake almost laughed with joy when he saw the AMP suits set pursuit. Quickly as he could, he ran across the short distance to Amie. He hit the series of buttons and the suit opened up. Ripping his mask off he hooked in and the other two to a clip on the side of the suit, and climbed inside. Instantly the suit closed up again, and he found himself looking out of the red tinted visor again.
   Amie spoke out,  I was wondering when you’d get back. Engaging primary systems… Primary systems online, hit it Drake!
   Running as fast as he could, he grabbed one of the GAU-90 cannons from one of the AMP suits and made his way into the open air. Immediately he set running for the fence. While running he raised the cannon and fired off a few shots to where he knew the huge fifty-five millimeter cannons were on one of the two main guard towers. He felt a rush of adrenaline as the tower’s cannon exploded in a ball of fire. As soon as he reached it he leaped the tall fence as he heard and felt the remaining flame cannons try to harm him. But the suit was almost impenetrable to fire, and Drake barely noticed. And before he knew it, he was into the forest again. After quite some time, he stopped and rested. Far off in the distance, he heard alarms echoing across the forest.
   Amie seemed amused, well, now what?
   Drake shook his head, “well, every other plan I’ve had today didn’t work. So I’m not planning. What do you suggest?”
   Amie thought for a moment, he knew she was weighing thousands of possibilities all at once. Hmm, according to the records from the shuttle, we passed over a large abandoned mining facility. Perhaps we can use some of the machinery there to obtain parts and some Unobtainium for the suit, if we could get some of our secondary functions online, I might be able to figure out what to do next.
   Drake pushed himself away from the tree he had been leaning on, “Sounds like a plan, and it’s not mine, so it might work.”
   Amie chuckled, Head east.

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Re: The Journey of Raltaw. {story}
« Reply #10 on: August 05, 2011, 10:58:59 pm »
As you may have noticed my writing this has stopped, this is because of several personal issues that need remedying before I can continue... they are... getting close to resolution, and I would be more inclined to continue writing if I knew I had an audience. As in truth, this is for you, not me.

If I get some more comments, I would be happy to continue writing this. However, if not, I will go back to my other literary endeavours.

Irayo, ulte Eywa ayngahu.


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