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THe untold stories of the War on Pandora
« on: December 27, 2011, 08:36:02 am »
the untold stories of the War on Pandora
written by Txep swirä

the comments can be written here:
"You not be here. Go back!"

I survived Black Mesa, I went trough City 17, I fought trough Rapture and escaped....
So what can possible go wrong on Pandora?

The untold stories of the war on Pandora (written in Dutch)written in English

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Re: THe untold stories of the War on Pandora
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2011, 08:37:13 am »
Chapter 1, Contact

It was a bright day and the sky was almost cloudless.
The wind played with the grass, touching it, but it was getting bored and went further trough the fur of some Hexapedes.
The wind went trough the hair of a hunter, which was hiding at the edge of the glade in the forest.
This hunter was carefully hidden, the Hexapedes didn’t see him, only the wind  could found him.
He stretched the string of his bow and looked past the shaft of the arrow, letting the feathers tickling his cheek.
Time was on his side and he choose carefully a target.

But something happened when he wanted to release his arrow, the Hexapedes looked up in an other direction.
Something got their attention and he decided to wait, he was curious and watched every movement of the animals.
Suddenly they heard something and started to run, they escaped between the trees, but the hunter didn't bother it that they escaped
Something that made a lot of noise came in his direction.
Suddenly a soldier came out of the darkness between the trees, walking slowly to the middle of the glade and scanned the area.
He gave some signals with his hands and more soldiers, the hunter counted ten, walked to the first one.

The noise was getting louder and an AMP-Suit entered the glade.
It stopped and the driver opened the canopy and looked to the sergeant.
“We are going to make a stop here, Peterson, take some rest.” answered the sergeant and turned around “You two, check the area.” he shouted and two soldiers disappeared in the woods
After an short time they returned, they reported that it was safe and joined the others.
The hunter watched carefully and thought that if, these soldier, were going deeper into the forest, the will reach the Na’vi grounds.
He had to stop them, but there was no time to get the other hunters so he was thinking and suddenly he got an idea.
Behind him there is a Talioeng habitat and he thought of something great.
He didn’t make any sounds or showed himself while he sneaked away.

John, a former Marine, was laying down in the grass, and looked around.
He saw more soldiers sitting down in the grass, talking with each other or were cleaning their weapons.
He smiled and said “Will, this world is beautiful, its better then Earth. Don’t you think?”
Will stopped with cleaning his weapon and looked up “Yea, that’s true… until you see one of those Na’vi. Then you will have no more fun… Believe me.”   He said and continued with cleaning.

The na’vi hunter ran trough the trees, onto the glade, Suddenly he was between the soldiers.
The humans was cursing, grabbing their weapons and tried to aim but it was to late, the hunter disappeared between the trees at the other side.
“What was he doing here?” said John.
“I don’t know” the sergeant answered “But that doesn’t predict any good news”
“Wait, What is that sound?” said John and turned around,  to the direction where the hunter came from.
The sound was getting louder and louder.
“Peterson! Get in the AMP-Suit! Now!” the Sergeant screamed.
Something big rushed trough the woods, slamming against the trees and entered the glade.
It had some arrows sticking out of its skin and it was furious.
The massive beast charged trough the group of soldier, who were in absolute panic.
Soldiers, who were in the path of the massive animal, tried to get out of the path of the Hammerhead, three of them were to late.
They were smashed, crushed and one of them flew through the air for a few meters.
Peterson dropped his stuff on the ground and ran like a devil to get to his machine.
He climbed into the cabin when he saw an enormous beast running towards him.
He had trouble with the gloves but it was already to late, the Hammerhead smashed into the cabin.
The animal was raging and smashed his hammer several times into the AMP-suit before it fled for the soldiers.

After the attack, the bodies of the fallen were collected and the survivors were standing there for a several minutes.
The sergeant was the first who ended the silence and said “Can we make some contact with the base? They need to get the bodies.”
“I am sorry, sir. But the radio is dead. It’s crushed.”
He was standing there several seconds before he turned around and said   
“Make a grave for these soldiers. We are going back to the outpost.”

The soldiers were made four simple graves, with their weapons as a cross.
One of them painted the names of the fallen on their helmets, who were placed on the weapons.
"You not be here. Go back!"

I survived Black Mesa, I went trough City 17, I fought trough Rapture and escaped....
So what can possible go wrong on Pandora?

The untold stories of the war on Pandora (written in Dutch)written in English

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Re: THe untold stories of the War on Pandora
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2011, 08:37:43 am »
Chapter 2, A cat and mouse hunt

The soldiers walked quietly but fast trough the forest, everyone was caring about his thoughts and the area around them.
Thinking about what was happened that day, how their fellows died.
Thinking about how that Na´vi could surprise them.
The group walked through the most beautiful locations with amazing wildlife and flowers, but they didn’t saw it.
They saw danger in every shadow, every sound was a sound made by an enemy.

John broke through the silence and said “Seargeant, do you think that the Na’vi would have seen the Hammerhead smashing the AMP-suit?”
 “Yes, I think he did” the Sergeant answered, it was clear that he didn´t want to talk.
“And would he follow us?”
“Yes, he would” was the only response.
John didn’t liked that answer but he couldn’t do anything.

The group took a rest after many hours of walking, a short rest.
Will turned around and searched in the trees for any movement and suddenly he spotted something blue in the corners of his eyes.
His mind was empty, he didn’t thought about what he did in the next seconds.
He grabbed his rifle really fast and fired some bullets.
He saw the victim falling to the ground and he wanted to run to the body  but the sergeant stopped him.
Will turned around and saw the angry face of his commander, he whispered “Soldier! What on earth are you doing! We can simply shout for more Na’vi!”
“I saw him! And I shot it down!” he said and he released himself from the sergeant.
Running quickly the the location but then he saw what he shot, it was  a blue feathered bird, not the enemy.
Disappointed as he was, he wanted to return to the group but something went terribly wrong.
At the same moment he wanted to turn around, he got hit by an arrow.
He flew through the air by the force of the impact of the arrow, smashed against the ground.
Death took him before he even could hit the ground.
The rest of the group were in blind panic, the searched for cover behind the trees but they didn´t knew were the shot was from.
Suddenly a soldier shouted “There! There he go”  and started to run to that location.
The hunter took cover when bullets hit the surrounding trees and he shot back, two times, two hits, there were only four Skypeople left.
When he saw that they took cover, he flet and ran like the wind, jumping over bushes and other obstacles.
The soldiers lost a few times out of sight but they had trouble with a lot of obstacles, slowing them down and eventually the lost the Na’vi.

It was getting dark, there were a few hours left until night.
they saw the outpost, they could see it, the buildings were high above the trees.
There were only three soldiers left, John, the Sergeant and an another soldier.
They saw that the finally reached the end of the forest and they ran, running if like the devil was on their heels.
The hunter was within a bow shot so he released an arrow, it flew above the heads of the sergeant and John screamed “Incoming! Take cover!”, but it was already to late, he couldn´t react so he was shot in the back.
The soldier went down to the ground, and the last two survivors jumped over the body, running into a grassland.
Running to safety. What safety?
The Hunter stood still at the edge of the forest, taking his time to shoot an arrow.
He released the arrow with a massive power, taking a shot that was almost impossible to make.
He thought that it was impossible, but it was an hit, he saw the last soldier going down to the ground.

Alarms were getting off and the gates of the base opened, a group of soldiers went through.

John was kneeling by the Sergeant, who was lying into the grass.
“Sir” he said “medics are coming, don’t worry. You are going to make it!”
Soldiers passed the survivors, hunting a shadow, who was disappeared into the forest.
John saw some Avatars running into the forest, shooting their massive guns and giving others signals.
An armored vehicle stopped,  some medics jumped out and gave first aid to the Sergeant.
They passed him onto a stretcher and moved him to the base.
They were safe now, in the hands of guards and medical troops.
"You not be here. Go back!"

I survived Black Mesa, I went trough City 17, I fought trough Rapture and escaped....
So what can possible go wrong on Pandora?

The untold stories of the war on Pandora (written in Dutch)written in English

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Re: THe untold stories of the War on Pandora
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2012, 02:36:43 pm »
Chapter 3, Welkom back

He was tired, hungry but he was happy to see that he was actually back in the Na’vi village.
The soldiers and Avatars tried to hunt him down, what almost happened.
He was fallowed for many hours, almost a day before they lost his track.
But he was cautious and toke an other way, a way that was much more longer.
He was tired to be constantly on his guard, not only for the Aliens but also for the many dangerous animals.
Because he was tired he made some critical mistakes, resulting a charge from a Talioang.
Luckily he didn’t broke anything, only bruised on some places.

Someone shouted his name and there was a woman running towards him, It was Kahlan, and she shouted it again.
He stood there, watching her, looking at her face, to her beautiful eyes and looked at her from toes to head.
They were having a relationship for almost a few years, that was a time of  memories he wouldn’t forget for his whole life.
“Eytukan, Where were you?” she whispered when she looked at his face.
He smiled but had to stifle a groan when she hit her arms around his neck.
He took a breath and decided that she smelled really good.
Kahlan released him and looked him in his eyes, they were standing there for a time before she hugged him again.
This time he smiled again but he couldn't  suppress a groan.
Shocked as she was, she released him quick from her arms and saw the pain in his eyes “What's wrong? Did I hurt you?”
He shaked his head “No you didn't, don't worry, it's nothing serious.”
“What happened there in the forests?” she asked before she looked in his eyes again, “That’s a long story” he answered “I will tell you, but please let me take some rest now. I am tired and need something to eat.”
They walked away, holding the hands of the other, but something came to his mind and said “Oh, and bring to children with you, the love the tales of a hunter”
She nod but secretly she wanted to be with him alone, taking care of him and pamper him.

They were sitting at one of the many cooking fires around when someone shouted the name of the hunter.
There were some village elders walking towards them and one of them started to talk.
“We were worried, you were never that long away. That's not a habit of you.”
he nod, “It's a long story, elder. I was in a fight with some skypeople. I will tell you the whole story tonight. But for now, for now I want to take a rest because I am really tired”
“See you tonight then” the Elder said “Shall I bring the children? They always love a good hunter story”
He saw that Kahlan was looking disappointed and said to her “You have him for the rest of you're life, Treat him now, I will take care of the children.”
He winked and smiled before he turned around and walked away.

“And then when I left the bushes, I was standing there, eye in eye with a Talioang.” at that point he stopped with talking and looked to every child.
Sometimes the children had very big eyes and he liked it to build some tension.
One of them looked at Eytukan and said “And then? What happened then? Was it big? And mean?”
Eytukan Smiled “You will hear it when I continu, I am getting thirsty from a lot of speaking. But if it was big and mean, I wouldn't be sitting here right?”
After he drank some water, he continued “There was I, standing to defend myself against a Talioang. I was lucky, it wasn't fully grown yet. It was basically still a child, like you” and looked at the children.
“And then it charged” he said “It was quicker then I thought so it slammed at full speed in my stomach. I flew in trough the air and hit the ground a couple of feet further. Then I fled, running to a safer place.”
“why should I did this? Do you guys have an answer to that?” he said.
One of the child’s stood op and answered “If there is a little one, a baby, fleeing is the only option. Because the mother can't be far away.”
Eytukan pointed his finger to the child “And that, children, is the only good answer. Good job.”
The child was proud that he got complimented that he know the answer.
“When I was trying to get out of that place, the mother saw me me and charged into me. I had to enter the trees and continue that way to get rid of it. After then, nothing really happened when I came here. That's the story children, any questions?”
“Yes, I have one.” a little girl said “How do those demons look like? Do they look like us?”
“Yes, but the only difference is that the wear stuff, something like these hides, around their body” he said, he didn't know a lot of these skypeople “And the use these weapons that fires invisible arrows, very dangerous.”
“But how do those skypeople look like”
“Umh..” and looked for something that could help him, and he saw a small flower that had almost the same color as the skin color that the skypeople have..
“Can you see this flower?” and showed them the flower “The have almost the same color for their skin. And they are not really tall, there are taller then you but the are smaller then me. They have five fingers instead of four, like us.”
The children were very tall for their age, to the standards of the skypeople but to Na'vi standards still small.
“But children, it's time, time for you to go to bed.”
They didn't want to, but eventually they were gone.

After the last one was gone, the elder came towards him
“Eytukan, Do you think that you have acted properly?”
“Yes, I do” he answered simply.
“Eytukan, do think that you acted to the best you could think of?”
“Yes, I do” he answered again.
“Eytukan, you did a good job. You showed them that we don't allow any strangers in our forests and certainly no aliens. You acted like a true Na'vi and did you job.”
The elder placed his hand on the shoulder of the Hunter.
“But I can't approve what you did with those two soldiers, even they are aliens. We are no animals, remind that, They will react on this.”
“Are you going to sue me for that? Elder?”
“No, you kept the Home Tree secret against the Skypeople. That's what matters the most.”
“Thank you elder.” Eytukan said.
“Have a good night you two” he wanted to walk away but remembered something “Kahlan, do you remember what I said to you earlier this day?”
Kahlan started to blush “Yes, I remember.”
The elder smiled, said goodnight and walked away.
"You not be here. Go back!"

I survived Black Mesa, I went trough City 17, I fought trough Rapture and escaped....
So what can possible go wrong on Pandora?

The untold stories of the war on Pandora (written in Dutch)written in English

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Re: THe untold stories of the War on Pandora
« Reply #4 on: January 09, 2012, 04:39:44 pm »
Chapter 4 Debriefing

The survivors were immediately treated by medical troops after reaching the outpost.
Days of recovery turned into weeks before the sergeant was strong enough.
But he paid a high price, the sergeant couldn’t walk any more, the last arrow was a hit in his spine and it was untreatable.
They were moved to Hell's gates where they were having a debriefing after the incident.

“Good day Sir. Good day John, good to see you guys alive” a voice said when they left the chopper.
John saw who it was, it was an old friend of him, Wilson.
“Wilson, good to see you too” he said.
“What happened there in the forests guys?” Wilson asked.
“A lot. But we need to go to the meeting room, so we won't can't tell you the whole story.”
“Where do I need to start?” the sergeant said “Ah, after the second day there was just one AMP-suit left, but that thing got destroyed by a single Na'vi.”
“One?” Wilson said “Rumors says that you were overrun by tens of Na'vi!”
“Nope, just one.”the sergeant replied. “One was enough to get our tail between the legs and run back to base.” he looked to Wilson when he said it.
“He took us by surprise, it was a hunter with some nerves of steel” John said.
“Why? What did he then?” Wilson asked.

They’ve entered the base and were walking through the some corridors
“Why? You say?” answered John “He had the courage to act as living bait and led a Taloaing to us.”
“That son of a b****, looks like he knew what he did.” Wilson said, there was some angry tones in his voice “But there is the meeting room, good luck friends.”
“Thanks” the survivors said and the two soldiers went trough the door.

John took some time to observe the meeting room, there was a big oval shaped table with chairs around it.
The army staff was already sitting at one side of the table, and there was an officer that John didn't knew.
At the other side there were already three soldiers, John knew them, they were send back after the first attack on the first day.
John closed the door and took a chair at the side of the Sergeant.

“Welcome Sergeant, welcome soldier John.” said a officer “My name is Lieutenant
General  Donald Speirs and I will speak on behalf of the army staff.”
“What we want to know is what happened there in the forest.”he said and pointed to the three soldiers “These three came back in the evening. And one of them was wounded.”
“We want you to give us a detailed report of your scouting mission.”
“Do I have permission to speak, Sir?” the sergeant asked.
“Go ahead.” was the answer
“Some hours after noon, we were attack by a Hammerhead. It destroyed our AMP-suit and we decided to send the wounded driver back to base, with these two to take care of him.”
“That evening, we reached the outpost, but when it was getter darker we had some trouble with a lot of... what do you call them? They look like a little black dogs.” the Sergeant was having some trouble.
“We were attacked by Viperwolfs that evening, Sir” John assisted.
“Thank you, a Viperwolf. That was what I tried to say.” the Sergeant said “Anyway, somehow they found a way into the base and they were a trouble for the rest of the night. When the sun came op, they were or gone or dead. They killed a lot of men, I don't really know how many of them died that night.”
Speirs interrupted him “thirty man died that night. The soldiers who saved you were reinforcements. Those guys were send to help that outpost. But go on with the story Sergeant.”
The Sergeant continued “A few hours after we left the outpost we've had again some trouble. One of the AMP-Suits felt from a cliff. The driver could be rescued and we decided to continue but we had almost no protection. That afternoon we were exhausted from still the previous night and I gave the soldiers some rest. But we made a big mistake, we didn't paid enough attention to the surrounding area. And we were to late when it happened, we were caught in surprise and couldn't react that fast. The Taloaing destroyed our last AMP-Suit. ”

Speirs interrupted him again and he whispered some things to the others before he spoke to the Sergeant again.
“Where was the sentry at the time when it happened? I believe you know that you must have always a sentry when you take a rest.”
“I know that, Sir” said the Sergeant to defend him self “We were surrounded by a hostile area, the sentry was walking around us. He was on the other side when it happened.”
“We tried to hunt down that Na'vi for several hours but without any success, he escaped and we decided to go back to the outpost. That's when he was going to hunt us down, one by one he killed our men.”
The sergeant stopped and searched for the good words.
“When we almost reached safety, he... he shot me in the back. The arrow damaged my spine and because of that I... Will never be able to walk again. That's... That is the whole story, Sir.”
“Thank you, Sergeant” Speirs Said “We are going to discuss this story and then you will hear what we are going to do with you. Please stay here, we will bring some food.”

The army staff left the room and it was deadly quiet, the tree soldiers understood now what fate they’ve escaped.
The door opened and some one brought the lunch inside, there were delicious sandwiches and plates with fruits
When the started to eat, one of the three soldiers started to speak “Sergeant, I am sorry what happened to you and after I heard this story, I only can thank you for saving me from this fate.”
The sergeant smiled and said “No need to worry, I will learn to live with it. And I still hear you struggling with with my order. No, you don't need to thank me. It was fate who you need to thank.”
He grabbed a sandwich while he said that to let the rest know he didn't wanted to talk.
The rest didn't made any sounds, they were just thinking about the whole mission.
The only sounds you could hear was the ticking of the clock and the breathing of the persons in the room, everyone was busy with their own thoughts.

Suddenly the doors opened and the staff entered the room, the soldiers were startled and jumped into position.
The staff took their places and Speirs started to talk.
“We've made our decisions. Sergeant, we will dismiss you from your current position.” he continued “But, we can offer you a different job on the base. We can still use you're experience here.”
“Thank you, Sir.” the Sergeant said

“Soldier John, you are now without a platoon leader” Speirs said and pointed to the unknown officer “This is captain Winters. He is you're new platoon leader.”
Winters nodded “I want to make a new group with you and the Sergeant. I want to start tomorrow morning and we have a lot to do. John, you are longer in the same team with those three right?”
John nodded “Yes, Sir”
“Then they will be in our team too.” he said “Who are those three? What are their names?”
“My name is Petrov, Sir, I am a scout.” the first said
“And my name is Vladimir, Sir, I am a scout too. Petrov and me are friends in our whole life, that’s our key to survival.”
“And my name is Anderson, Sir. I am a AMP-Suit driver.” the last one said.
Winters nodded “Tomorrow 08:00 hours are you ready for further orders in the armory. You are dismissed.”
the soldiers saluted and left the room.
Winters, John and the Sergeant saluted too before the left the room.
Winters closed the door behind him “We have an meeting room at 12.00 hours. We will decide who we want to have into the team. I want to hear the opinions that you two have, so think carefully.”
He turned around and left the corridor where they were standing.

“John, how did the meeting go?” some one asked
John turned around and saw that it was Wilson“Better than expected, my friend. We will make a new team. But now captain winters will lead us.”
“That's good news I think” Wilson said “But, I want to hear the whole story. Come, lets go to the canteen.”
“Ok, Where do I need to start? Ah, the story started a few hours after we left the base.” the Sergeant said and they went into the direction of the canteen.
"You not be here. Go back!"

I survived Black Mesa, I went trough City 17, I fought trough Rapture and escaped....
So what can possible go wrong on Pandora?

The untold stories of the war on Pandora (written in Dutch)written in English


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