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Werewolf on Pandora


BC Mike, Blue Collar Mike, Fluffy Mike, who cares. That's my fursona, and he have a stories behind. Feel free to read and point any mistakes.

Fur story (back story) of:
Blue (collar) werewolf
aka BC Mike

Earth, year 2050
This was the year of atomic accident in Asia and the end of werewolf era on earth. How? It's all about air pollution. Minor atomic incident wake up nearest vulcano. Volcanic dust mixed with industrial fumes creates dark clouds, that covers entire sky for decades. Without light, especially moonlight, werewolfs dissapeard from earths surface.
However that's not the end of werewolfs. Werewolf in human form can't infect another humans but still can infect his/her children and spread the disease unnoticed.

Earth, 60 years later. (2110)
Mike (human) started his career in RDA as project manager, one of many white collars. After years of perfect yet boring work, he found opportunity and take leadership in newly launched avatar program.
Things changed after DNA tests. Results shows that Mike is perfect candidate for an avatar driver. He didn't miss that opportunity and take place between scientists, who keep calling him white collar.
Years later, first batch of successful avatars was made. Mike, Grace and few other lucky members of avatar program have they avatars ready to send to Pandora.

Mike's avatar reflects himself, however his avatar is 3m (9'10 feet) tall, much stronger than humans, can breath atmospheric air on moon called Pandora, have a long and thin tail, smooth blue skin covered with zebra-like lighter and darker stripes and a bunch of white, glowing in dark freckles. By design, avatars doesn't have soul. Driver have to send his consciousness to his avatar to wake it up and control like own body. At this moment Mike's avatar is called Blue Collar thanks to it's blue skin color and his previous jobs as a white collar in the office.

Pandora, 10 years later.
Mike wasn't part of scientific research team on Pandora. Instead he's the first avatar in maintenance team. His strong avatar helps smaller and weaker humans maintain equipment at RDA base on Pandora.
Everything works well to time. Just one year later, new group of soldiers arrive on Pandora. Among them was Lucas, first werewolf on Pandora.
Werewolves disappears form earth's surface by the last moon beam but werewolf disease still exist and spreads from parents to child among years. Light condition on Pandora matches moonlight on earth and this was enough to transform Lucas into werewolf form.

Next events happened very fast. Lucas in werewolf form run away from the column. He bites and infected 3 other soldiers then tries to escape from base. Blue collar spot and capture Lucas but also was bitten. Minutes later, all 4 humans (werewolves) was captured and killed by security guards to prevent spreading disease.
So what happened with Blue collar? Nobody wanted to lose useful and expensive avatar so scientists close him in lab room and observe what will happen. And that was the worse decision this day...
Na'vi can't be transformed into werewolf. Avatars is a different story. Human part of Blue Collar was transformed into wolf creating wolf-na'vi hybrid, a furry version of na'vi.

Transformation makes Mike hairy, also gives him a lot more strength, few extra agility points and improves all senses but preserves the feline nature of na'vi specie.
Sadly, this this process also changes his DNA code. This was enough to break the bond between the human and his avatar body. By this accident, soul and consciousness of Mike is now trapped inside his avatar body, with no way back.

Welcome Fluffy Mike. The blue, fluffy, feline creature. Many calls him blue tiger, but only few coworkers knows the truth.
Right now Mike lives inside lab, but have to leave Pandora and hopefully find new home. Who knows what will happen on earth. Maybe he'll return his original avatar shape, maybe stays fluffy forever.

It sounds interesting, good work! And also good image :)


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