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Which devices do you use for [email protected]? If you like you can also post your PPD and pictures!

My PC:
AMD Phenom II 965 BE 3.4 GHz (SMP 4 threads)
16 GB DDR3 1333 MHz
Geforce GTX 260 (GPU client)
Windows 7 Professional x64
(folds only during weekends / holidays)

Server 1:
Intel Atom D510 1.66 GHz (SMP 4 threads)
2 GB DDR2 800 MHz
Ubuntu Server x64
(runs 24/7)

Server 2:
Dual Xeon 3.2 GHz (SMP 4 threads)
4 GB DDR2 ECC Registered
Ubuntu Server x64
(not used much during the last time)

And I'm folding on my Playstation 3 from time to time too :)

Swoka Ikran:
I have several as well. These are all the PCs I have that have at least one client on them. All of them run 24/7.

My main PC (custom built, 2009):

* Phenom II X4 940 3.0GHz (SMP client running on all 4 cores)
* nVidia GTS450 (GPU client running)
* Windows XP SP3
Server #1 (an old Gateway PC from 2002):

* Pentium 4 2.0GHz, non-hyperthreading (uniprocessor client running)
* Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
* File server
Server #2 (an eMachines PC from 2006):

* Athlon 64 3.0GHz, single core (uniprocessor client running)
* Windows Home Server (a prettified Windows Server 2003)
* DHCP, DNS, and PXE server, plus system backup server
Extra PC (a Dell Dimension E520):

* Pentium D dual-core, 2.8GHz (SMP client running)
* Windows XP SP3
Server #1 and the extra PC both have wimpy Intel video cards, and Server #2 is headless.

I should be receiving a second Dell E520 in the near future. Owner said it "didn't work" ::) and is throwing it away. I'll probably run SMP on it assuming it has the Pentium D processor and isn't actually broken (which is typical for scrap PCs in my area).

Txantslusam Skxawng:
Playstation 3 Slim with a 320GB HDD and a 26'' Samsung plasma TV screen.

So let's put some light on those WUs I started contribute with ;)
I never participated before on any distributed computing project, but as I am virtually surrounded by computers, I was able to offer lot of CPU time from the moment I noticed the existence of FAH and LN team.

AMD FX-60 @ 2.8GHz
My oldest machine (in terms of both folding time and age) is good old dualcore Athlon64 representing socket939 in the best possible way. This little beast is dedicated to FAH, running SMP 24/7 and being like a living museum of computer history.

Intel i7-860 @ 3,4GHz, Radeon 5770
This machine is dedicated mostly to video recording and processing, it is scheduled to wake/sleep often thus I can let it fold only few days per week, but with full power of 8thread SMP + GPU. Also it serves to me as a gateway to Pandora and entire world of Na’vi.

Intel i7-2600K @ 4GHz, GeForce GTX560ti
Most powerful machine I have, whose awesome CPU I use often but only in short spikes, otherwise it happily folds 8thread SMP + GPU, almost 24/7. Although I am not a gamer, I bought that powerful Fermi GPU with FAH on my mind, like a some sort of "virtual gift" to the Stanford.

Intel C2D-E8400 @ 3,6GHz, GeForce 8800GTX
Last but not least, as a backup/occasional-gaming/data-recovery/anything-you-throw-on-it box, otherwise it folds SMP + GPU.

All those beasts are loaded with fastest RAM that I could find for the appropriate platform, running Windows XP 32bit (stuck with them for compatibility and many other reasons), air-cooled, with high efficiency PSUs, thus giving me the best combination of reliability and performace I can have.

Swoka Ikran:

--- Quote from: Tanri on January 13, 2012, 05:35:47 pm ---running Windows XP 32bit (stuck with them for compatibility and many other reasons)

--- End quote ---
I'm in the same boat with this. I have too much stuff that doesn't work right in 7...I'd be spending much of my time in a VM if I upgraded.


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