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We have an official [email protected] team :)
The team number is 198857

First, what is [email protected]?
[email protected] is a distributed computing project which simulates protein folding in order to understand (and possibly cure) diseases like Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's disease and many types of cancer. Distributed computing means that there is no central super computer at some university but people around the world are offering their computing power to the project. You have to download and run a special client software which will use unused ressources on your computer to do its computations. For more information on what [email protected] is, research results, etc. have a look at the official website (see the link above).

Here is a good video on what protein folding and [email protected] is:
How can I contribute to the project?
SpoilerThat is fairly simple. Just go to the [email protected] website and download a client. The download page contains some FAQs that will answer many of the most common questions new users might have so be sure to have a look at it before downloading any client software. With the introduction of the new v7 client everyhting has become much easier. The new installer will automatically configure the client if you like, therefore it is easier to start folding than ever before. You will probably need these information: your unique user name, your passkey and the team number (if you like to fold for the [email protected] team this should be 198857).

How does it work in detail?
SpoilerEvery client downloads a work packet that is called "work unit" (WU) on which it will do its computations. After finishing those computations the result is uploaded to the corresponding project server and you will earn a certain amount of points. The exact amount of points is largely dependant on what client you use, the project and sometimes even on when you have uploaded the WU. Each project has a certain deadline until the results have to be uploaded in order to receive points. The high performance clients (SMP, GPU) have rather short deadlines while the other clients have much longer ones.

Your name will appear on the team page as soon as you have completed a WU for the team and the stats database has been updated.

Help, I'm stuck!
SpoilerIf you experience any problems with setting up the client, have general questions regarding [email protected] or want to optimize your folding, feel free to ask!

Happy folding, ma eylan!

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