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Kiyevame Ikran:
I scored 43680 points in my first attempt

Can somebody tell me how to post picture?

I take screenshots by <print button> on my PC.

Ma Kifkeyä Nari,

Taronyu Leleioae:
The game has an error.  It's forcing me to "like" the page before I can even try to play it.  The language icons are shaded and cannot be selected.

Tsawl Layon:
er.. The Na'vi have 4 fingers each hand that makes 8 not 10 at last question :D

Avatar vs Na'vi! Be careful. ;)
But I can't remember that question, with the costs of unobtanium, I'm pretty sure it must be 20 Million per kilogram, and I don't know what I've chose... :-[


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