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Kifkeyä Nari:
How much of the film Avatar do you remember?
Get to know it now! And if you liked the game, don't forget to recommend it to your friends too!

Avatar The Big Quiz


Can't get it to play.

 :'( >:(

Not bad! I have play the game, and yes i think this is a good thing! 3 questions false but so 25000 points or so  ;)

Sunu oer tsauvan! :D

But there are some mistakes:
The 15th question is in hungarian: Ki írta és rendezte az Avatar-t?ENG (I understood it, lol^^)

Um, yeah:

Ok I'm happy anyway:  ;) :D :D :)

Kifkeyä Nari:
Thank you so much for telling me about the mistakes! They are now fixed. Those who missed scores because of the "2154 question" got their scores back to their credits.

Thank you all in advance for pointing to the mistakes, errors, typos or false information... if there are any left.  :)


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