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Na'vi text based game.


As per title, something i've been working on in the sidelines of another project. I hope to have it up and running ready for beta testing next week.

The synopsis of this game follows on something like so, hopefully I can put together something in detail ready for official Launch.

--- Quote ---Following the departure of the RDA from Pandora peace seemed to return and life apeared to go on as it should be. However the evil involved in the Na'vi massacres had tainted the lands, this evil spread throughout the living network on the planet, touching every living thing. Eventually groups split off from their clans, and formed new clans of their own. With the sudden emergence of many clans hunting the land, war between the Na'vi people broke out.
Following a raid on your clan, only a few members remained and declared you their new leader. You must lead them.
--- End quote ---

This is a domination style game, the idea will be to grow your clan, build structures and strongholds, find ways to improve your clans equipment, claim new land, and go to war.

Now you might think this would suit better to take on the form of the RDA, however in the future I plan on adding these in as a second selection (eg you can choose to play as Na'vi or RDA) but for now, they will take the back seat.

So when it does go live, I will be looking for beta testers to try and break things. Please note, this is a beta for a reason, things will be missing, pictures, styles, theme bits will be missing ect.

I will also be after some help if people want to pitch in, mostly with creating images for the game, but hopefully later on, create a completely Na'vi version.

If you are interested, leave a message here with why you think you would be good to take part or what you think you can bring to the table.



Kerame Pxel Nume:
Ah, it's good that people think about making fan games.

Well have had 0 feedback on this, and everything is pretty much ready to go... so i guess nobody is interested.

Dude, I'll give it a shot. :D

Depending on how this is played out, it sounds like an RP like the ones in the Role-Play section...


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