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Pangea - A new (virtual) 3D world rises...


´eveng te atan:
Kaltxì ma frapo (Hello all together),

Some of you, maybe, know about Second Life, which is a virtual 3D world where
you can build nearly all what youo want. There are some pandora like worlds and
there we have a sim since the last two years where we´re playing (german)
roleplay games.

Since the last two weeks, we are bulding a new virtual 3D world, but not in SL.
We jumped to "hypergrid", which is an open source project like SL.
But it is cheaper than the rent in SL - And you get much more space to build.

In SL, we have one sim, which has a size of 256 x 256 meters. We can build
(only) 3750 Objects there. In our photo album, you can see screenshots of our
In the hypergrid ( we have a sim, which is 1024 x 1024 meters
big and there we can build about 50.000 Objects. A "little bit" more ;)

Now, I´ve created a new photo album about the "making of" our new pandora
like world called "Pangea".
It´s very, very much (and sometimes hard) work to do, but we have fun while
we´re designing, building, scripting and much more.

Maybe if the one or the other would like to see some of our new creations, just
take a look in our photo album, which you can find here.

Enjoy ;)

'ivong kifkey amip ayoeyä (may our new world unfold).

'evang te atan.

Blue Elf:
Nice images! Is it possible to join this world (just as visitor, I can't offer any graphic abilities, unfortunately...)?

´eveng te atan:
Yes, it is possible, if you create a free account at Metropolis.

Everybody is very welcome to have a look ;)

Please contact me via PM for further information.

'eveng te atan.


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