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Ikranä mokri:
K well seeming as we got our own board i thought I would take the time to post up the story- differing between reasonably detailed and vauge- that I have been working on for the past few days.

If you have been on skype then you know that we (Tawtewng, Eana, sam, mel and me) have decided to call it Fwela Tukru: The Forgotten Lands.  

(this is my own story- if you dont like it then its changeable- I have changed some of the original ideas to add a depth and a bit of a  back-story to the whole thing- sorry if i have taken liberties but unfortunately its what i do as a writer.

Fwela Tukru:The Forgotten Lands
RDA plan

Just Stuff- 6 Years before the events of Avatar- 12 in reality (6years of Cryo)

Throughout- Major Choices effect the story+ traits (If there are going to be traits) Effect interaction with NPCs

Venezuela- 6 man Squad in Jungle/City/Mountain/Coast- Looking for terrorists who bombed NY/Chicago/Washington (Major city in any country), ambushed by foot soldiers- win/lose?, message passed onto others-Other Force(protagonist + Squad originally briefed with mass force then split up to attack terrorists) destroyed, squad continue- singular attacks from enemies, get to "road" move down-tank- squad leader killed- tank destroyed?- 4 men left- helicopter + scorpion MK1 (MK2 in Avatar)- find base (1 of many)- 4 men assault- find local terrorist boss- can capture or kill (1st choice)-Taken back to camp bastion- RDA operatives talk to protagonist (speech effected by 1st choice) sent back to major city-with space elevator/ shuttle- Board Interstellar vehicle Destiny- sleep- wake up over pandora + 6 years

ISV Destiny- (split in story- full bred marine or science lacky)-(split in story depends on who you talk to- marines or scientist)- float to locker get basics- threads/exopack etc- float through airlocks and onto dropship- (spilt) asked by marine/ scientist to sit next to- head down to incomplete hells gate (many mobile sites things, few incomplete buildings, few complete buildings + tower)

Hells Gate (1st Time)- Marine Storyline
Marines head straight indoors and meet brigadier (need name), basic Brief of what, when, where,who and why marines are on pandora- taken by staff sergeant to quaters-(this could be where equip/save etc)- leave quaters onto tarmac few sampson+ scorpion + half finished dragon- hells gate is attacked - have to kill dof like things + palulukan (dont kill just majory piss off)- thanked by brigadier - in sec office/ armoury- have to see overseer- he hates animals- thinks its a good thing you killed them - free to explore hells gate (take on a few minor misions)

Kerame Pxel Nume:
A comment from a developer:

I never liked intro videos. Let the player play the intro, that's far more immersive.

So far I outlined the engine as a sandbox containing a huge world in which you can load certain "game modes". I always intended to implement it in a way, that you can have not only one, but as many planets/moons as you like (alone for the fact that there's more to the Polyphemus system than Pandora), but having a little bit of the story playing on Earth, this just reinforces this requirement, as well. The Venezuela terrain could be easily imported from SRTM data.

ISVs are environments better described by classical maps. Now the engine I has in minds wouldn't be split up into maps, but be one huge world. Of course with buildings and all this stuff, but so far in the context of a planetary terrain. Putting objects into orbit will shift that a little bit.

Anyway, my development plan was, that the first thing to get to work is the planetary terrain system (with a rudimentary renderer), then implement a atmospheric scattering and illumination model (before you start implementing shaders for earth, rock, stuff like that you need the illumination working). After that add support for objects and characters (no AI yet), as well as the foilage (grass, bushes, stuff like that) system, that will procedurally add vegetation based on a set of rules, where under which condition what can grow.

Since you want to have major choices change the story (I like that very much), in my engine design every story arc would be a own game (sub-)mode (game modes can inherit from other modes, so you'd have a major mode, where each objective would be a descendant submode).

I think, what you intended is mostly a cooperative multiplayer game. Can be nice (and be done with the engine once ready), but I always thought into the direction of MMORPG and the dynamics evolving of the unforseeable behaviour of actual players - especially if they compete for limited resources, like unique items or such.

Ikranä mokri:
i thought this was Eana TawAtsawls' project ??? cause hes the guy i orignianlly spoke to about being a story writer

also tis not a movie- tis the storyline the gameplay follows- even RPGS have em

i would like to take everythign you have said into account but atm i cba (at least until i have spoken to Eana)

EDIT after speaking to Eana maybe i should clarify a few things for you- This games isnt a MMORPG, its and RPG like oblivion or just cause 2. Also i would like to say that you are being very overbearing, you seem to think that this is your project- this is a joint operation- yes you have good ideas and you know stuff that half of us dont know anything about, but you have to remember that this is a community and this project is supposed to involve everyone.

you cant just appear and take over someone elses idea- not trying to be a dick here but maybe the creator of the idea should be the Mod- anyway this is what i take offence at...

--- Quote ---Anyway, my development plan was
--- End quote ---

like i said this isnt Your idea or game- its Eana idea and a communtiy game.

im sorry that i have to do all this but you have got the totally wrong end of the proverbial stick, and please stop trying to impose what you want on all of us

and on a brighter note btw thanks for saying you liked some of my work

sorry Ikranä Mokrì

Kerame Pxel Nume:

--- Quote from: Ikranä mokri on June 07, 2010, 06:50:58 am ---i thought this was Eana TawAtsawls' project ??? cause hes the guy i orignianlly spoke to about being a story writer

--- End quote ---
I'm mostly the technology developer, I just wanted to give feedback how this would turn out. And yes MMORPGs have story, but they don't work the same way like a single player, or small group coop game.

Ikranä mokri:
please read above edited post


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