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Ark: Survival Evolved


Eana Unil:
DayZ meets Minecraft meets Dinosaurs! Dinos!!!!  :o ;D You can kill 'em, you can tame 'em, you can ride 'em!

Watched some streams the past few days and finally got early access myself (about 23 Euros) on Steam. This game is so much fun, lol... but sooo time consuming xD
Ever heard of it? Or are you playing already? Maybe we can join up on a server together :)

I saw some videos too and it looks very nice.
23 Euros is good price but not now. This two weeks are steam moster sales and it can be under 15 euros or less .
I think if you want better price , you should wait and check steam every 12 or 24 hours for purpose catch better cost  ;).

Eana Unil:
Well, you're paying for early access, sure, the game is still in development and it may be cheaper in some days/weeks, but remember that the release version will highly likely cost much more. It will be released for nextgen consoles, too (late spring / summer 2016), and we all know, how expensive PS4/Xbox1 games are. Just sayin' :P


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