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Has Anyone Here Played "Watch Dogs"?


I have been hearing about "Watch Dogs" and read some reviews. It looks good, but I am very picky about which games I will plunk down money for. I got a PS4 from my wife and I really enjoy it, but I only have three games for it, and two of them were gifts!  ;D She got me Call of Duty/Black Ops III and the Nathan Drake Collection. I bought Tomb Raider for myself. Of them all, I think I like Tomb Raider the most. Nathan Drake is my second choice, even though it's a bit more "puzzle-solving" in nature it is a slower pace than Call of Duty. 

So, what do people think? If you've played "Watch Dogs" is it interesting & worth the money? How it is on the PS4?

I've played computer games for years (I got one of the first free "DOOM" demo games in the 90's) and have played PC games exclusively-- this is my first console ever and I'm still getting used to it. So far I'm finding "Call of Duty" to be interesting but a bit overwhelming due to the detail and unfamiliarity with both the game and console. I played "Tomb Raider" from when it first came out on PC, and find the familiar setting & expectations more comfortable-- I just have to get used to the console and how it works, instead of learning both console and setting at the same time; once I get comfortable with ow the controls work I'll go back and do more "Call of Duty" since I love first-person shooters.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Firstly, Wash dogs was trash, total trash. Second biggest f*ck up to gamers from Ubisoft. (first was release of AC Unity) The game used to looks very good as for 2014 but it was compely downgrade just because they wanted to milk more money from consol players.

Secondly, PS4 was not worth it in past and it is not worth even now because it has very underpowered components which make it useless. Even nowadays, when you can get twice better PC with same money. In addition, Game on consol usually cost more then on PC and you cannot use consol for better thing than just playing. So PC master reace is always best because consol exclusives will be on PC in near or further future.(btw You can emulate consol on PC)

Conclusion: Not buy Watch Dogs, it's a big trash even on consol.


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