Mass Effect: Andromeda for PS4, Xbox One and PC[Q1 2017]

Started by Tsanten Eywa 'eveng, September 14, 2013, 11:37:31 AM

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Tsanten Eywa 'eveng

Bioware has confirmed they are making a new Mass Effect game. This will be the 4th game in the franchise. There are only 2 stories we know about, and one of them will be the story to Mass Effect 4. One is that it will be a prequel, before the story to the first Mass Effect game, or it will be a sequel, a new story after the destruction of the Reapers and the rest of the civilizations. That means a new leading character, and other new characters, no characters from the previous games. Maybe Joker and EDI, because they were presented in the end, crashlanded on an unknown world with Normany SR2.

A number of BioWare employees have mentioned on Twitter that the next Mass Effect game is being shown internally at BioWare, albeit without revealing much of anything about the game itself.

Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson said on September 10, "In a milestone review for next Mass Effect game. Team is doing outstanding work. Looks beautiful, fun, ambitious, and Mass Effect-y!" Following that was another enthusiastic tweet, this one from BioWare community manager Jessica Merizan: "Watching absolutely stunning work from @masseffect team. Goosebumps. Such a passionate, talented group of devs! Can't wait to say more."

A pair of tweets from Yanick Roy, the studio director of BioWare's Montreal studio, which is developing the next Mass Effect game, were the only ones to give us any semblance of information about the game, and it won't come as welcome news. After stating, "Yesterday, the rest of BioWare finally got to get a first look at the next Mass Effect. Their reaction tells me we're on the right track!" Roy was asked when we'd be hearing more. To that, he responded, "Sadly, it probably will still be a while before we show anything publicly. Sorry!"

Back in June, Roy offered some hope to fans worried the game is particularly far from release. He said, "Don't worry: we have a large and talented team, we started a while ago, and we are 'borrowing' a lot of game systems from [Dragon Age: Inquisition]." He clarified that this means "since we share engine, we can start from some of [Inquisition]'s core systems instead of from scratch."

Whenever we do start to learn about the next Mass Effect, don't count on it being called Mass Effect 4. BioWare said earlier this year it would be doing the game a "disservice" to call it Mass Effect 4, in part because it's been made abundantly clear that Commander Shepard's story came to an end with Mass Effect 3.

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Would love to see a new Mass Effect trilogy.... Maybe not a trilogy, but atleast another series.
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Tsanten Eywa 'eveng

More news about ME4, and it is in progress. You can check some new images on this link below:

Mass Effect 4 also has tests

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng

At this year's E3, BioWare will show us of what will be in the next Mass Effect game, ME4. New characters, new story, new locations, new gaming software and more.
BioWare E3 Official Trailer - Mass Effect and New Title Update

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng

So excited for this new Mass Effect :D

Pre-alpha gameplay footage. No release date is yet set, but it is for Q1 2017(January-March 2017)



If only you could change the way your character looks...