Pandora is now open to the public in Resonite!

Started by Txäruyu, November 14, 2023, 05:14:07 PM

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Kaltxì ma frapo! This is a very exciting time!

I have been planning to do this for somewhere around three years now and have been slowly building this idea into something solid. With Resonite's release back in the beginning of October I have been hard at work trying to bring Pandora into it. Best part, Resonite is free on Steam and works fine on both desktop and VR. In fact, I built 99% of this world while on desktop and am on desktop far less than I am in VR.

I plan on hosting classes in this world and my home world upon request. If you want to contact me, make sure to add "Spinfoil Hat" because I accidentally started with spinfoilhat and it messed my migration. Just to make extra sure this is clear, add Spinfoil Hat with the space or I will not see your messages. I've had about three friends add spinfoilhat instead of my actual account so that's why I am emphasizing so hard. spinfoilhat is a dud account and not manned by anyone.

Here are some pictures:

Communal fire with plenty of seats and a few edible items out for people to snack on, more to come once I figure out how to transfer the code to other items or build it myself. There is also a shootable bow with some cloth targets scattered around (I may add more), some fidget toys and a mirror just off screen to the left.

My favorite area; a Tree of Voices (that I will eventually make interactable and will play community messages of encouragement once I gather some recordings) that sits beneath floating mountains and has a pond with swimmable water that you can jump off the ledge to the left into. It's also fun to climb the rocks and jump from very high up on desktop but I don't suggest this in VR.

If you go into a cave that you notice once you get to the water's edge you will see this within

I am still working on some bugs here and there that have been found but as long as I am logged in, the world should be open to the public. Once the world is settled into a more solid state and I am no longer seeing bugs, it will be made permanently accessible with a headless client so you can visit any time.

What's really neat is that all of this was built inside Resonite and placed on the spot by hand. There is certainly a learning curve for the more complicated stuff the dev tools open up but I went into this without any real knowledge of game development outside of texturing, so I think that's entirely possible for anyone reading this to make whatever you can dream up. The question isn't if you can, but how, and who can teach you. (There is a functional Hammond organ created by someone in memory of a partner who passed that I saw the creation of before they decided to release it to the public, as a small taste of what can be done in this game)

Siva ko ma frapo! I would love to see more people from our community come in with their own creations! Come join me on Pandora!
Txo nga ke livu ngaru yawne, pefya ngaru slayu yawne tuteo alahe.



Irayo nìtxan ma 'eylan! I'd be happy to show more if you want to see it, feel free to hit me up  ;)

There's a few easter eggs that I have scattered around, and I'd be happy to add more if you (or anyone else) can think of something funny to add to the world.
Txo nga ke livu ngaru yawne, pefya ngaru slayu yawne tuteo alahe.


Kea tìkin  :)

Quote from: Txäruyu on November 14, 2023, 06:15:43 PMIrayo nìtxan ma 'eylan! I'd be happy to show more if you want to see it, feel free to hit me up  ;)
Yeah, I want :)